1. Lister1987

    Best place for test lead flex? Double insulated silicone I think they are

    As above, making some adapters for my MFT but seems a shame to butcher a set of leads - Ok you'll cut them in half and reuse both parts (banana plug section into a C15 and lead and probe section into a C16 (Male to Female). Trying to figure if I should just buy a off the shelf 3 phase, 5 pin R2...
  2. C

    Megger mft 1553, continuity all over the place.

    Dear all. Does anyone know who can repair my MFT, continuity not stabilising and fluctuates. I know it's the banana connection for the leads as this is a known fault, mine has been replaced / repaired every calibration. No longer supported so parts not available. Cant bear to part with it.
  3. Doomed

    Interesting place for a room stat

    In a cupboard in the corner of a bedroom I find this
  4. G

    Can you use a 20volt in place of a broken 18volt lithium-ion

    Hi Everyone, I have a 18volt 1.5 lithium-ion cordless drill that I can no longer get parts for and the batteries are now dead, so I recently found a really reasonably priced brand new 2.0 lithium-ion with the same connections and polarity etc and although I have not attempted to put a 18volt...
  5. mattg4321

    Sockets in a public place inside locked steel cabinet

    Been asked to supply 13a sockets to 2 positions round a sports facility. The expected load is small, but the length of cable run is fairly long. I’ll probably be using 10mm2 2core with the swa as cpc. They have had problems with kids etc gaining access after hours and fiddling with things etc...
  6. N

    GFI Plug / Place Wire in Hole or Wrap Around Screw ??

    Replacing GFI Plug.. Plug has the option of either sticking bared wire into corresponding hole or wrap around screw.. Which is Better ??
  7. Leeroy

    Best place to purchase Ryfield board

    Hi Guys Hope you're keeping busy and safe . Could anyone please recommend the best place to purchase a TPN 12 way ryfield board ? Cheers
  8. J

    Zs values and 50v

    Hi all I’m doing some work on my NVQ and came across this on the internet. Can someone explain this picture to me and if it is correct.
  9. D

    Multiple cables in place of one

    Under what (if any!) circumstances is it permitted to run two separate cables to make up the conductor surface area of a larger cable (which, in this case is impossible to install... Need to change 2 6mm radials for a single 10mm, but it's going to be near enough impossible to draw through a...
  10. Cableguy337

    Best place to get materials to practice at home?

    Hi I have recently decided to change careers and want to get some practice wiring and terminating at home, I currently wish to practice terminating SWA cables, I was wondering is there anywhere or anyone I am able to get just like 1M of cable or any scraps? Can't justify buying a reel at this...
  11. B

    Best place for Test and Inspection course near Glasgowlokkinh

    Looking to book a course to get up to date on Test and Inspection. Can anyone recommend where's best to book Thanks
  12. S

    IET 18th Edition Regs Book - Best Place to Buy (price-wise)

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any decent places to buy the IEC 18th Edition Regs book online? There's the usual places like Waterstones, but its pretty pricey. Has anyone found any 'gems' out there to purchase the book from for a reasonable price? Thanks!
  13. RutlandFox

    Best place to advertise for help on a job

    Hi all. I have a couple of jobs coming up that I will need a helper to help out with - general electrical stuff like pulling cables, cutting channels, drilling holes, stuff like that. Where is a good place to advertise? And what is the going rate for a jobbing sparky (eg NVQ level 2) or similar...
  14. buzzlightyear

    nice place to go ,not now

    I love Barbados might go back when the storms finish a round that area .
  15. Dan

    New search engine is in place

    So a couple of people have mentioned to me before now that the standard MySQL search system we have on the forum isn't up to much. It's partly due to the size of the content it's searching, and partly just due to it being a basic search system. Now we are running Elasticsearch which is the...
  16. K

    Hello there I'm New to the place

    Hi everyone I'm Karen and new to the forum. I work in metering and I've just started to do three phase meters. Just looking for extra info and have already managed to get the answers, so thank you.
  17. S

    Best place for batteries?!

    Hi everyone, With the security industry becoming more and more wireless, can anyone recommend the best place to get CR123A batteries from? Think I’m overpaying at the minute, would happily buy a shed load in bulk! Thanks
  18. Leesparkykent

    Best place to buy PV gear....

    Just wondering where others are purchasing their solar PV gear...panels, inverters, mounting kits etc? I’ve got a run of it coming up and looking to supply the gear as I’ve been having dramas with stock and deliveries atm. TIA Lee
  19. buzzlightyear

    this place is a dream .

    just to say me love is place ,I start drawling so has I go in .looking at the tools .so where is it .
  20. M

    Best place to get a copy of BS 5839 part 1 2017 please?

    Best place to get a copy of BS 5839 part 1 2017 please? TIA
  21. B

    Best place to find work in the midlands/ south Birmingham area?

    as above, I’ve got loads of contacts over the years but all London based and none have any connection with the Midlands, getting a bit long in the tooth for working away now and change of circumstances mean I’ve got a chance to come back to south brum, as I’ve always worked by word of mouth I...
  22. buzzlightyear

    why bother in the first place

    this was fitted by a traveling circus ,fitted by two clowns .was fitted around December , call out to a fault on the ground floor ring .no test cert .nothing .and a new alarm fitted by a electrical firm .love the way the tails have been put in by both parties.
  23. J

    Fire place down lighting

    I’ve been asked to install downlights each side of a log burner on a new build but need advice as to how to go about this. This is the first time I’ve been asked to do this The flu installed is insulated using some sort of white pellets, unsure of correct term. Am I right in thinking I need to...
  24. C

    Rather High Ze with all the bonding in place

    Carrying out an EICR on a property in london, the supply is a TN-S supply with an incorrect tenby earth clamped around the PILC Sub mains cable. Long lead tested all the main bonds and i am very surprised to still get such a high reading with these parallel paths in place. 3.25ohms With the...
  25. J

    cheapest place for van insurance

    wheres the cheapest place to go for van insurance
  26. K

    A rock and a hard place, how to train later in life?

    Hi I have a load of questions about training, this seemed like a good place to ask. I'm thinking of dumping my current career. Having completed a house renovation it turns out I quite like electrics. The problem is as far as I can tell if you want a proper career as an electrician you have...
  27. A

    My head is all over the place.

    4 years ago I got laid off as a JIB apprentice. I had completed all stages of my AM2 apart from my fault finding which I failed. I wish I had of just rebooked it and finished my apprenticeship. I am 26 years of age, and i'm wanting to possibly redo my NVQ LEVEL 3. Will I have to start from the...
  28. M

    Din rail connectors - Best place to purchase? & Hager Invicta

    Hi all, I'm wondering where people purchase their din rail terminal connectors from for extending consumer unit cables? Also, has anybody had any experience with the hager invicta for commercial premises and if so, what did you think of it? Thanks, Mike
  29. L

    Hey guys I am new t o this forum, its great place well done Admins!

    Hey guys this is a great plae to be, its awesome to be part of this comunity, where everyone is helping each other, this is what the world needs. A bit about myself, I am soon to be Electrician, just finishing my NVQ, I care about my work, tryng to do my best delivering hight quality of work...
  30. C

    Main gas bond connected in the wrong place

    hello guys I need some advice on and EICR job. On the MET we have two main bonding conductors 10mm each. Water is fine however I cannot find the gas bond connection on the pipe. I know it is connected to the pipe as a long lead test gives me 0.02. The pipes resistance rises as I disconnect...
  31. A

    best place to buy lamps & fittings

    I'm wanting to buy some 100W equivalent LED GL/BC lamps and also LED down lights and wondering where is a good place to look? cheers
  32. TopDMC

    Newbie from Berkshire

    Greetings from Wokingham, apparently the 9th best place to live in the UK :) Love DIY at home and try my hands at most things as long as the power at the mains is off. Loads of satisfaction when it goes right. Local electrician who enjoys coming in to rectify everything when it doesn't quite go...
  33. S


    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a contact / number to arrange to do an Am2 somehow? Got my level 2/ 3 but never finished portfolio on nvq due to my company going bust so had to sort college out myself, I've got 5 years experience being qualified just never needed my gold card because of...
  34. happyhippydad

    Thought I would say a Happy new year to everyone!

    Happy New year everyone. I do hope you have all had a good Christmas. I personally am happy that all the mayhem has died down and things are getting back to normal! I must say I have not spent as much time on the site since it has changed. I can't put my finger on why not. It just doesn't seem...
  35. D

    advice on building control

    My current predicament ATM. recently went self employed after being laid off. Not yet registered with anyone but looking into it. Mean while been asked for registration details by building control for a cert i issued!! Not sure how to get round it ATM other then tail between my legs and try and...
  36. mrloy99

    know it alls

    I havn't had much time for electricians forum lately ,due mainly to the attitudes of certain members who, when reply to sometimes simply queries, demand that a full test report be given and continue to berate the posters with the usual are you an electrician at all --------,sometimes over a...
  37. egg67

    Things That Go Missing

    :gru2::mkungfu::mtongue::mdancing::bananas:Once I was just a member, then I had a nice thing by my name which said Alarm, cctv member , one day I asked if I could have one for the pub and got it, still got the pub one but lost the alarm one, is it because I smell or ugly? Or is it just because...
  38. GMES

    Where In The World

    Well I have done the oldest install thread and also the what electrical job thread so thought I would finish it with this one. Is there anywhere in the world that you would like to work. Ie if you could go on a 6 or 12 month contract to work in any country where would it be, I had the chance...
  39. J

    Voltage indicators

    Who uses and what are your main causes for false reading? I find they don't pick up voltage when cables are in cold conditions, any ideas why?
  40. M

    Screwfix live

    Just heard about screwfix live from ck tools and said it was in farmbourugh and thought oh I'll go down their see if I can win some gear I'm feeling lucky as if already won some gear from ck tools. So farnbourgh is about 30 minutes from me next to Orpington look up the address and it turns out...