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  1. A

    Led batten wiring

    Hi, what type/size of wire will I need for 6 36W led batten lights in my garage? Would 2 core 0.75mm round flex wire be ok?
  2. suffolkspark

    Rcd Board with round knockouts

    Hi all, im having a mare trying to find a board that suits my requirements. Can anybody reccomend a sensibly priced off the shelf solution. I sinlmply want a 100A 30mA upfront type A rcd. 10 usable ways (no size constraint so can be bigger) ROUND KNOCKOUTS So many now seem to have square...
  3. W

    Gold card help. Is there a way around this?

    Is there any other way I can get my hands on a gold card? All I have left to do is the portfolio of pictures and its become a right pain to do since I am self-employed. I've done my college, City & Guilds 2330 Level 2 & Level 3, and then I worked with my Dad for a few years, then I left my Dad...
  4. S

    solar work round

    Just a thought, and idea. suppose I charge up 10 car batteries during the day from my solar power (grid connected), then using an AC inverter pure sine wave, connected to a separate extension lead NOT connected to the mains supply to power my fridge freezer and TV. any ideas
  5. W

    I want to join an 8mm flat twin cable to a 6mm round twin.

    I am looking to join 2 cables for an outside security light. The mains cable on the existing light is 8mm flat twin. But the new light is a 6mm round twin. I can't rewire as it goes into the wall to the socket. So was looking at an ip66 connection. But can't find one that does both sizes. Any...
  6. buzzlightyear

    any body seen those fitting on the rounds

    those where fitted by a another spark and did not tell the customer where he got them from .any body got any idea .
  7. R

    Domestic Double dimmer switch - swapping round switches

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to light switches but managed to wire a single normal switch a few years back so thought I'd be okay with tackling this job but in truth I can't work out where to start! The issue is that in our living room we have a double dimmer switch but the...
  8. buzzlightyear

    it comes round again like xmas.

    you know what it like the dreaded mot ,need to take the van in for the mot . I need to strip the thing ,just in case you dont pass ,one hour to strip ,throw every thing in the garage just in case the van does not come back on the same day ,I has taken me 3 hours just to put all the gear back...
  9. 123

    Domestic - What do you normally use?

    If doing a domestic rewire, refurb or additions - what do you normally use to protect the cable?
  10. happyhippydad

    How to fit a junction box to a round metal pole?

    Evening all. I may have to fit a weatherproof junction box to a hollow, round metal pole. The junction box will be around 20-30cm from the ground and 2 x SWA will enter from the bottom (CW20). 1 x rubber flex will leave through the back of the JB into the pole and up to the top where the light...
  11. Pete999

    Why are the Planets almost round?

    Go on take the Mick not bothered, I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and started watching some NASA documentary's, one described how some Scientists reasoned that the Earth and the Moon, along with other planets within our Solar System, were created by giant collisions millenniums ago, so...
  12. marconi

    Why does 13A plug and socket system have flat pins when most others are round?

    (A sad admission: as a lad I collected plugs by make and colour and displayed them on a shelf in my bedroom - I liked for example the style of the 'Rock' make. I had therapy and am now recovered but some interest remains. Who remembers makes such as Rock, WG, Nettle, Wylex, Empire...
  13. C

    Traying a swa round a corner

    Thoughts on this,it’s a 70mm 4 core swa.
  14. Marti

    Sparks in Bournemouth, Poole & round to Southampton and Portsmouth

    Hi There, This is a bit of a big "ask"but the only way I can gather what I need to make a big decision. We're considering moving to Bournemouth but there appears to be limited work compared to Essex and, as expected, lower rates as well. All of which is a price well worth paying for such a...
  15. Michaelwgroves

    Square peg round hole.......

    I'm looking at running 25mm SWA to supply secondary CU to future proof HMO design. See my previous threads for details House of Multiple Occupancy Design - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/house-of-multiple-occupancy-design.124817/ My issue is a 100A CU and SP Distribution boards...
  16. Pete999

    Old Fashioned round light switches

    Asking for help in locating wooden blocks, the type that were used to mount old fashioned round lighting switches. I know how to fit them, and the switches that go with them, just having difficulty in locating a supply of the blocks, they were about 3 inches square, with an OG type finish to the...
  17. G

    On-site temporary electrics - H&S at it's best!

    Colleague just popped to site to check on progress before we start out install in a few weeks. Got him to send me through a snap of the temporary electrics on-site. Your thoughts?
  18. GMES

    Sunday night Pics of my best mate

    Just thought I would share a few of my Favourite shots of my Best mate Jack, I have thousands of em lol.
  19. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Clever or what??

  20. stitch

    Fuse Replacement

    I came across this while browsing. It may come in useful if you need a quick solution. :D
  21. 123

    So I have been doing it wrong all these years

    A how to video on installing an external socket:astonished: Get's bizarre around the 2 minute mark :grimacing:
  22. B

    Volex cu rcd

    My mum has a Volex CU which has been nuisance tripping last few months, tried disconnecting, switching off various things but found nothing that causes it. After a while it will come back on, but it has gone now and will not switch back on feels as no tension in RCD switch. Problem is cannot...
  23. J

    Domestic cable ducting without pulling rope installed

    Hi, Just wandering what to use to get an armoured through a new duct which has been installed prior to me being on site without a pull rope. Longest run is about 30 meters with probably 2 bends and is about 3 inch diameter but is the flexible type with ridges. Will rods go that far and round...
  24. Peter Monfort

    Ring final circuit question

    When you do the continuity test on a ring final circuit and you have to connect L1 to N2 and vice versa, this assumes you know which L cable is the incoming or outgoing. I understand that if you connect L1 to N1 and vice versa the ohm readings rise then fall as you go round the ring circuit...
  25. W

    Switch Polarity Question.

    During fault finding I came across a switch wire and a perm wire connected the wrong way would this still be known as reversed polarity ? As the connections are reversed?
  26. Hilldog

    AM2 help

    I've sat my am2 today and got to finish it off tomorrow morning. There's a couple of things niggling me so i was hoping someone might be able to help. 1) 2 way and intermediate lighting: I've put brown tape round the strappers (black & grey) but do I need to put brown tape round the common...
  27. H

    Customers not paying in full!!!

    I've had some trouble receiving full payment from a customer. I'm guessing many of you may have had issues like this before, if so, what's the best way to approach the situation? Feel like going round there and removing cables! Any help would be appreciated.
  28. F

    Unable to access any (but can see) of the round type screw terminal joint boxes EICR

    Unable to access any(but can see most) of the round type screw terminal joint boxes. Hello, I carried out anEICR last week, and the entire house is filled with SELV recessed downlighting. All of the (78fittings) have been skimmed around/over at some point, and the(dangeling) round type...
  29. D

    Garage installation

    Hi I was
  30. L

    Whtie Round Pin 5A Trailing Sockets - do they exist?!?!

    Afternoon Folks, I wonder If somebody could help me trace a product I had assumed would have been easy enough to source.... As the title suggests, it is basically a white version of this -...
  31. sythai

    LED lighting layout... colour varaitions

    Evening All.... Just planning the next stage on a job I have on the go at present. Bungalow with a lot of the internal walls being removed to open plan it all. The area I'm getting my head round at the mo is the downlight plan.... they want the bliming things everywhere :sad_smile: Will be...
  32. M

    PVC Conduit-Sealant Lubricant for expansion Joints

    Does anybody know or recommend an easily obtainable product that would be suitable for the expansion side of a pvc expansion coupler. Normally I have installed conduit with bends which have accommodated expansion but I have two long straight runs on my next install and although it is suggested...
  33. G

    Tool and Plant Hire discount

    Hi, does anybody have experience of dealing with tool hire companies in the North West, in particular what levels of discount can be achieved for 'regular' customers. Apologies for some laziness (I should be ringing round) but I thought I'd get some views from this forum first. Thanks
  34. D Skelton

    Forged quals, dangerous work!!! Long story but worth the read!

    So about two months ago now, I got a call from a customer asking if I could do a few bits, "of course" I said. She asked for a rough price to change one pendant for two and install a new socket. I said roughly £100 depending on RCD, Bonding, blah blah blah... and we arranged a date (about a week...
  35. R

    5A wall mounting sockets

    I look after a venerable lighting installation consisting of a large number of 5A circuits from a patch panel to various positions on the walls. There is a need to add another position (10 circuits). I'm finding it very difficult to lay my hands on 5A sockets (apart from the Hager one which I...
  36. D

    Remote controled lighting

    Any body come accross remote controled ( internet) lighting ? Was working in area today where i was asked to remove a single lighting point, could not locate control for light , ... Found two timeclocks for lights, none of which operated the light in q, After further investigation ...
  37. imago

    DNO earth.

    So, big Victorian house, rewired in '95 or '96. Looking round it seems a tidy installation, then I go down into the cellar. Never mind your spring clamps and such like, or contacting the DNO. This is how you sort a DNO earth connection. Separate the wires and twist them round the lead sheath...
  38. E

    wylex rcbos??? am i going loopy

    can some one confirm which terminal is live and which is neutral. Looking at photos on line am i correct in assuming the rear terminal is the live and front neutral. Got a call from a fellow sparks saying i had done it backwards

    Landlords dodgy dis board

    Went to look at a ropey socket and a sticky pullswitch this aft. Went to isolate the supply and found a small cu with no front on and 1 of the breakers hotwired off 1 of the others to feed kitchen sockets! No rcd protection here either so when i asked the tennant about this he said he had rang...
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