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  1. garaoke

    Fusing of fans to comply with manufacturers recommended instructions

    Manufacturers want there fans fused to 3a on the permanent feed but the switch wire is still on the 6a MCB doing an eicr is a c2 if there is no RCD protection
  2. T

    Installation is in fair condition and to comply to current Regs would require a rewire/upgrade.

    The above statement was made in an EICR which I was asked to look at. In my opinion they are on the wrong side of Trading Standards to suggest that an installation should be re-wired because it is not up to current regulations. If it is safe then I would not suggest to a client they must have a...
  3. S

    EICR codes when RECENT works don't comply!?

    Just carried out an EICR on a standard semi which has had some work done in 2015-16. The works included connecting an outbuilding to the rear of the house to create a hall, WC and utility room. The Kitchen was also replaced, new cooker and shower circuits installed. The 1 sockets circuit does...
  4. O

    New house - does the CU comply to the current regs

    So I was in a new build today - signed off 3 months ago... No surface trunking, all cables in walls and ceilings ..... the OCPD's for circuits 1 to 3 look wrong to me Discuss!
  5. O

    Does this comply with 314?

    Been at a place today.......... brand new loft conversion.......... so an additional CU has been fitted for the lights and sockets ...................... Thinking specifically about 314.2 : I would say that it doesn't............ Opinions please and more to the point, this conversion...
  6. M

    Regulation 434.2.1- would this comply?

    People, First post as new to the industry and the forum. Would like thoughts on wether members would consider the following scenario would comply with regs, particularly 434.2.1. Bathroom in a 2 story detached house is being renovated. An electric shower is being removed from the bathroom which...
  7. A

    Question on mcbs to fit old board

    Hi, just a quick question, does anybody know if they manufacture an mcb that will fit this board ?? Thanks in advance.
  8. N

    Domestic cu change

    Hi Guys I'm sure this has been brought up before but I'm unable to find the answer I need. I was to believe ammendmant 3 regarding metal consumer units kicks in on the 1st of July, I have a board change lined up in July and someone told me today that they have extended this date until December...
  9. beatboaby924y

    61009 rcbo max zs 1667ohms?

    Doing some testing today and came across something I was hoping to get cleared up. The maz zs of a c type 16amp 61009 is 1.44 ohms on table 41.3 however on table 41.5 it states that a 30ma 61009 under 32amp can have max zs of 1667ohms. Would you write on test sheet maz zs 1667 ohms and...
  10. Pete999

    Klein (again)

    During a moments reflection after last weeks visit to CEF to have a look at the Klein stand. They had several multimeters on show, not MFTs just the normal type Volts, Ohms etc, and before you have a go, yes I forgot to ask the Klein Rep, mind you he probably wouldn't know what I should have...
  11. E

    Domestic Please settle an argument at work

    We went to do a kitchen rewire in old council flat. Rewireable board, instead of putting in new board to provide RCD protection for my work i decided to run 6mm 'clipped direct' from unused 45a fuse in existing board to submain just below the existing board. This submain has RCD and 32a mcb for...
  12. D

    Shaver socket compliance

    Hi. Does any body have any knowledge of a shaver supply unit made by Chilton (model SS4019). main question did it comply to BS3535 for shaver transformers and shaver supply units, thank you for any advice.
  13. W

    Socket and FCU spurred from ring..

    Hi all I am changing a consumer unit and noticed that a FCU for the boiler and a double socket have been spurred from the same socket. As its was previously installed by someone else, do I record it as a recommendation? Not too keen on leaving it, although its been there years. Just more...
  14. H

    VC99+ 6999 auto range multimeter tester Amp C Tcompared FLUKE analog bar

    I am a trainee electrician, can any one tell me if i buy a second hand VC99+ 6999 auto range multimeter tester Amp C Tcompared FLUKE analog bar does this comply with the uk regs?
  15. T

    Bakelite switches

    Hello all, Might be a silly question. But i had to give a quote for a re-wire. The owner wants to keep the original bakelite switches and i can't find any where (bs 7671 or part 'P' doc's) if i can re-wire the switches and re use them. If any one has come across this before the help would be...
  16. W

    Unusual location of pull cord shower isolator - code?

    I'm doing an EICR at the moment for a family member, so most of the remedials are being done as the defects are discovered. As such, it's gone up to 100% sampling because of what's been found. The bathroom is upstairs, but the pull cord isolator for the shower is mounted on the WALL.... in the...
  17. S

    MCS012 Draft

    Have I missed this - has it been finalised???
  18. E

    adding new socket

    can someone tell me if it's still obligatory to install an rcd when adding a socket outlet if there's not one already. I know the 17th says yes but at a seminar i attended in Dec '10 it was said to be imminent that that rule was being changed. for me, it makes no sense when adding a socket on a...
  19. J

    Double Insulation on low voltage (ELV) downlighters

    Replaced a load of downlighters today with the the lamp holder cable being connected to the tranny with a choc block but no choc box, ie not double insulated. Am I right in thinking this does not comply or is it ok as theyre low voltage?
  20. S

    PIR codes, help please

    Hi guys. Just wanted to ask what code you would give an old wylex fuse board with wooden enclosure. It does have the plastic (plexolin I think it's called) plate at the back. Also 2.5 T+E with 1.0mm CPC used for a ring main on a 3036 fuse. Thanks in advance. Steve
  21. D

    "Protection settings have been set to comply with Engineering Recommendation G83/1"

    Hi all, In our DNO notification form it asks for confirmation that, for the inverter: "Protection settings have been set to comply with Engineering Recommendation G83/1." & "The protection settings are protected from alteration.(except by prior written agreement between the DNO and the...
  22. S

    PIR code question

    I need to ask a question of the forum experts having not been doing pir's for long. A house did today has a hagar board with NO rcd protection, code 4 maybe? Also only has 16mm tails, tns system not sure what to give this if any. yours in anticipation Carl
  23. R

    Periodic Inspection

    Hi, I hope someone can help me a query I have with Periodic Inspection. Our contracted electricians are currently carrying out Inspections on a number of our properties,that were installed to the 16th Edition. However due to the changes from the 16th Edition to the 17th, do we now have to...
  24. M

    interview question-no rcd in a bathroom

    Had a job interview today where the guy asked me if you went into an empty property to do an inspection and found out the bathroom circuits were not protected by an RCD, what code would it warrant...I answered a code 4 as although it did not comply with BS7671, it did comply with the regulations...
  25. L

    Minor works and bonding

    when you do a job which is say a spur off the ring in the living room but the customer wont have there earth bonding upgraded what do yous do? cheers
  26. S

    Minor works and earth??

    Hi i have just installed a new fan off the lighting circuit in a bathroom but upon testing i realised that there was no earth in the distribution board. I know you can't fail lights with no earth aslong as they are class 2 plastic fittings. So is this ok or will i have to run a seperate aerth to...
  27. K

    100ma RCD

    If a building has a 100ma RCD unit as a main switch would you insist on a 30ma one also to protect socket outlets on a PIR main switch as an rcd doesnt comply anyway. im thinking code 3 Also a spur taken of a spur ive coded as 1 as its a fire risk imo, would you agree?? no main water bond...
  28. S

    Unusual DIY 2-way switch wiring

    Hi, recently did a CU replacement. Tested before the change and circuits all good, but one odd thing I found is that the previous owner had installed his own version of a two-way switch for the hall light. However, rather than using 3-core in a traditional arrangement so that either switch can...
  29. T

    The use of RCD FCU's?

    Just after your thoughts really and do many of you use them alot as a cheaper option for the customer to comply with the 17th regs. I've seen a number of them used on lighting and power circuits, Also used when installing an extractor fan. If these are used then you will only be making the...
  30. K

    periodic inspection.

    hi guys, done a periodic inspection today, obv you reccomend 17th edtion items to them change of db etc etc, but they will never change it. todays inspection was tt system, with no time delay rcd, the only thing they had was a 30 ma rcd as main switch which controlled all 16 ways. so...
  31. S

    building control?

    Hi all and happy new year! Who's responsibility is it to notify building control of notifiable work, the customer ordering the work or the electrician carying out the work? and where does it officially state this? I am confused:confused: A customer has asked me to carry out work that is...
  32. E

    No earth in lighting circuit

    HI Guys Hope Santa was good to you all :D Something I have not come across before and was hoping someone could point me n the right direction. My mother inlaw wants me to put up a light in her Kitchen. The fitting needs to be earthed but there is no main earth in the light circuit. How do I do...
  33. 1

    crab tree cu with merlin breaker?

    I friend of mine just phoned me to tell me that his lighting in his shop keeps tripping, after a few qustions i concluded he had a faulty fitting but in my questioning i asked him to look at his cu and he told me that his last breaker in his crabtree unit was a merlin one - i was just wondering...
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