1. happyhippydad

    A close shave!

    Today I was at a customers house (domestic) to do a simple light change. I turned the existing light on, went down stairs and turned what I thought would be the correct breaker off. I went back up the stairs and the light was off. I never take it for granted that that is the correct breaker so...
  2. O

    Code for gas too close to CU

    Hi Guys, About to start an EICR on a property but I already know the CU is about 50mm away from the gas meter, massive garage wall and they put them that close!! I know part-p talks about them needing to be 150mm away but can't find mention of it in the regs. No mention of this in code breakers...
  3. B

    EICR CODE too close to pipes

    What is the right code for: a) central heating pipes running directly below a socket (left to right). Could heat from the pipes slightly warm the socket and possibly warm a flex cord of a plugged in appliance if it touches the pipe? Would lagging the pipes solve this? b) electric cable...
  4. Moley

    Close enough to Xmas for this video

    Well, now that we are well into December it's time to play this video. Does contain some naughty words :eek::D:D
  5. R

    How close to being an electrician am I?

    Hey everyone, slightly controversial thread title to get attention! I've emailed niceic in addition to asking on here. I'm hoping to get officially registered to design/build/test installations. I've got an apprenticeship in an engineering subject which included LV control panel wiring. I've...


    Hi all, I visited a property yesterday which consists of two shops with a flat above each shop. This was a preliminary visit on behalf of the new owners who are looking to refurbish and rent out. I went to check out the supply, bonding etc. and found a single phase supply feeding both shops and...
  7. Spoon

    Motorists could face £100 fine for driving too close to cyclists

    Just seen this. Motorists could face £100 fine for driving too close to cyclists - I see this as a good thing and also a bag thing. The problem we have is, we have...
  8. J

    ct clamps too close together?

    Hi, I have a 16kW array fed to my cu via 3 - 5kW solis inverters. I have a 4kW export limit so each inverter has a ct clamp. The 3 clamps are together on my main incoming cable. Is it ok to have these 3 clamps touching each other? How is it decided which inverter to shut down? We have a lot...
  9. Strima

    Close Call for mum with a kite

    Looks like someone left her brains at home again... Kite and cables warning after boy, 10, has lucky escape - BBC News -
  10. I

    Fire/heatproof sockets.

    Hello all. At my workbench at work I have a MIG. It is next to a wall where there are sockets and I was wondering if there are any kind of fireproof sockets available cheap as I am on a budget. It needs to withstand temperatures ranging from 100-1000 degrees C as I do weld very close. I can't be...
  11. L

    Schneider ZBE 101 is not working

    Hi guys, I would to say hello to everyone and hope I will be comfortable in this forum!! I am a mechanical engineer and I am in a certain way "forced" to learn also electrical stuffs. At the moment I am trying to understand why my RESET button (ZBE 101) on my machine does not work. I...
  12. O

    Amazon, the EU and Corporation Tax

    Read this and make up your own minds: BBC News - Amazon faces European Union tax avoidance investigation This bit caught my eye: "Most of Amazon's European profits are "are recorded in Luxembourg but are not taxed in Luxembourg", said EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia." Lets...
  13. S

    6KW Sauna tripping main breaker in house! - HELP?

    OK guys, I will give you as much info as poss so that you can offer advice: I brought a second hand sauna, re-assembled it at home and wired the heater into 13a just to test it worked, which it did. Ran a 6mm cable into a seperate RCD in our consumer unit - the heater kept tripping the GFI as...
  14. W

    Panel/Convector heater?

    Have a customer with no heating at all in 2 of her bedrooms ( No gas supply also ) both rooms are around 6 x 3 meters .. Any suggestions for a decent panel/convector heater that will heat these rooms adequately?
  15. vxwestie

    Converting Double socket to a spur socket, how?

    A bit of a dilema guys, I have a customer who has fitted a sink directly in front of a dual socket,... well the drainer is, and within 300mm of the bowl edge. This is now used to feed a wall hung instant water boiler (kettle thingy) so I need to keep the supply there.... BUT .... The splash back...
  16. S

    Shower Basin

    ok guys page 202 in BGB illustration (c), if there was a fixed shower head close to the 2.25m zone limit whats the score with a recessed ceiling light? how close can you have the shower head to luminaire? only ask as i saw this round a friends house recently. cheers
  17. D

    Domestic IR testing . . .

    Hi Guy's totally new to website. Quick question. Doing a new install and the IR for N-E is 87.6 M ohms for first half of the split board. L-E & N-L are both >500 and the complete second half of the board is >500 for all results. Could it possibly be how close the wires are in the CU giving a...
  18. A

    Fire panel supply

    Hi all. Doing a PIR on a 2 story house converted to offices. The fire panel is fed direct from cu which is very close ,( no fused spur). If it is wired in FP and on its own unprotected mcb is this ok. Would the mcb need to be locked on? Thanks
  19. DaveyD

    Part P :: Cooker switch, Distance from Cooker Hob

    Hi Looking at IEE's guide to building regs in 5.2 Kitchens: I understand that sockets should be > 300mm from a sink (5.2.2 iv) and cooker switches should not be over the hob (5.2.2 ii) but only the illustration shows 300mm for the cooker switch nothing in the text. Would you think a Napit...
  20. gr7

    Calculate distance between rows of panels on flat roof

    Does anyone know how to calculate the required distance between rows of modules to avoid any shading issues? I may need to mount the panels at less than 30° to avoid the need for planning permission and would rather not use mounts such as the Solion model as these waste valuable roof space...
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