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  1. C

    Rewire not certified.. Eicr

    Hi, I have been asked to carry out an eicr and issue cert on a property, the owner is looking to sell and he is getting some grief from the buyers as he had his property rewired 4 years ago but wasnt issued a certificate. He has said he needs a certificate to prove the work has been done, as i...
  2. J

    Route to becoming certified electrification.

    HI All, I am planning a career change and wanted some advice. I want to work my way to become a fully certified domestic and commercial installer. My practical experience is minimal as in I have helped electricians on jobs, this was ad hoc and not regular. I am confident at general DIY and...
  3. seedelectrical

    Electrician Looking for a certified electrician in north west.

    Evening Ladies and Gents, We are looking for an electrician who has the criteria to help grow our company: • BS7671 17th Edition Approved Electrician. • C&G 2391 Testing/Inspection. • ECS Card. • JIB rates paid. • Clean drivers license. • Experiance with intercom systems. • Commercial and...
  4. 2

    24-7 Electrical Services Leeds

    24-7 Electrical Services are a fully insured, NICEIC certified Leeds Electrician based in Morley,and serving the surrounding areas. Our work is fully certified and guaranteed and in line with IEE wiring regulations. Our staff are fully trained and experienced electricians with over 20 years of...
  5. Dan

    MCS Companies List

    Can you reply with all the MCS companies you know of and I'll update this first thread periodically.
  6. A

    Fuse breaking capacity

    where do you look to find the breaking capacity of fuses?
  7. stef

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Renewal

    Evening girls and guys, My quesion is when you get your card renewed, do you send certified ceritificate copies or just standard photo copies. I had this three times that JIB insisted on certified copies. This meant going to a solicitor who charged £15.- per copy. So, threecertificates, the...
  8. The Solar King

    MCS 001 Clause 8

    This looks fun. It comes into effect on December 1st: To Quote: "A contract for the sale and installation of a system shall be entered into only between an MCS certified Company and a Customer. An MCS certified Company may carry out work under subcontract to another MCS certified Company in...
  9. D

    DNO or NOT for a 4kw system

    Guys - I am sure this has been answered but I am not clear. I have been advised by two installers that if I have a 4kw system ie 16x250w panels I don't need a DNO providing the inverter is not capable of or is limited to 3.5kw as can be done on the SunnyBoy. He said he installs all systems...
  10. SolarCity

    Panel recommendation for sea mist

    Hi fellas. I'm pricing a job in deepest Cornwall which is around 100 metres from the sea. Obviously sea mist will be an issue and I wondered what panels you were using to negate this issue. I am looking at Day 4 panels but these seem a little overpriced. Any advice is welcome.
  11. G

    Sub contracting work

    I know a roofer that has a spark and a labourer and are keen to install solar PV. He has requested that he subcontracts my services as an MCS installer out to allow them to get certified. Does anyone know how I can do this within the scope of the scheme and what paper work I need to generate...
  12. W

    Domestic Are you missing out by not being MCS certified.

    Many electricians are missing out on the PV industry because they are not MCS certified. It is expensive and there is a lot of red tape. H2 Solar Shop have teamed up with a certified installer who has agreed to inspect and certify installations across the country. This will be at a discounted...
  13. H

    My Customer said, "For goodness sake stop dithering and go get yourself certified!"

    So I did and yesterday I became 'officially' competent ...... life is good :D
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