1. naylorpd

    Domestic Finding replacement LED driver

    I have in LED light which has stopped working. It's well-travelled, made in China, bought in Azerbaijan and installed in the UK. I assume the problem is with the LED driver, picture included. Made by Guo Xin, model GX-F36x1W for which an internet search reveals...nothing! So how do I find a...

    12v drill driver

    Looking to buy a small 12v compact drill driver for light work Any recommendations?
  3. Marti

    Using an impact driver - rattler - to tighten MCBs!

    Noticed one of the old hands doing this recently; using an impact driver (rattler) to to tighten the slotted PZ2 screws in a newly installed board. Never occurred to me that you could but when I (very discreetly) checked them with a conventional screw driver they were all spot on. Does / has...
  4. captaincaveman

    Do MR16 Led bulbs require a LED driver or a transformer?

    Hi guys, Quick question regarding 5x MR16 (Gu5.3) Led bulbs in downlighters. The customer used to use halogen but has moved over to LED. They had stopped working due to a faulty 12v transformer I've just replaced the transformer with a constant voltage driver (1-25w) but with any more than 3...
  5. D

    Bosch Professional impact driver

    My Bosch 18v GSR Professional impact driver started smoking and stopped after 9 years of hard work this week. The Combi that came with it got mistreated and lasted 4 hard years. An independent tools repairer had told me the Combi's motor was no longer obtainable. Anyone out there happy...
  6. Dustydazzler

    Torque screw driver anyone bother ?

    Ok tin hat on for a minute... I have never ever bothered to acquire or use a torque rated screw driver I have been offered a second hand wiha one by a mate for £20 as he is buggering off to Spain to work Are they worth using ?
  7. S

    Led driver installation

    I want three halogen downlights in my bathroom moved and replaced by four led downlights. Please can anyone tell me if installing led drivers involves much more work than installing halogen lights? In terms of bathroom lighting, are cool or warm white bulbs preferred? Thanks for any help
  8. happyhippydad

    Which LED driver and how many?

    I have a customer who wishes to have LED tape under the wall cabinets. I always fit 230V strip lights rather than tape as there is less to go wrong as no LED drivers involved. he would actually be ok with strip lights but has specified 2700K and I can only find tape in this rather than 230V...
  9. N

    Domestic Led driver Amps question

    hello im beginer, learner actualy! i have got 150 w (24 v) led driver to feed up 10m led strip (10 w/m) my question is ; how many amps will flow in the conductor after the driver? i know this formula : 150/24=6.25 amp will flow between led strip and driver!BUT wil it same amps after the led...
  10. J

    LED's - Selecting the correct driver for lamp

    Hi, Could someone please tell me what has happened and please advise: I recently modified a large 5x halogen bulb lamp bought from 'Next' to take G4 LED's. I selected appropriate 3W LED SMD bulbs and got a 20W LED driver to run the 5 bulbs. There is no dimmer, its just on a foot on/off switch...
  11. R

    using inline dimmer with pwm driver

    Hi everyone , i am trying to use inline dimmer to dim several 1w high power leds , connected in parallel .i purchased this dimmer (see below, the smaller one) , but it didn't work , the store support told me it's not for pwm, which is what i need.(i swear it worked fine when i did the same...
  12. Wayne nightingale

    LED Downlight Driver

    Hi everyone, I’m Wayne, this is my first post so i hope someone can help me with my problem, before my head explodes. Ive recently bought some cheap and cheerful LED downlight and the drivers last a couple of weeks then burn out. I’m wanting to do away with the individual drivers and use 1...
  13. B


    Hi Diginet, I am wondering If someone can help me with the DGLC650C18PD driver. Sapphire Diginet 18W 650mA Phase Control LED Driver - We have a project here where we are installing the following: - 168...
  14. E

    Domestic GU4 LED downlights not working (LED Driver fine, can't find cables, connectors or housing)

    Hi all, any help much appreciated here... I've two LED downlights in the kitchen and can't get them working. They work using a 2-pin plug like this ...and at the other end of the cable, the bulb connects to this... ... this bit sits in the below housing... I know my LED driver is...
  15. D

    Dealing with Inrush current from ded driver

    Hi, Newbie here so please bear with me if I haven't provided all the details. I am not an electrician but my dad was and my cousin are so I know a few things. My dad has retired now but my cousin is qualified and will do the work for me when he eventually comes round. I need to have everything...
  16. B

    Led dimmer panel driver wiring

    Hi aver1 Need help pls I'm trying to wire led dimmer light 600x200 with a led driver and led dimmer switch Do I need permanently supply and separate switch wire to the led driver Pls help
  17. Dean Theobald

    Dimmable Driver With 240v Output!!!

    Hi everyone!!! I need some help. I’m looking for a dimmable 1-10v driver with a 240v input and 240v output. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Many Thanks
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Long screw driver fittings for impact driver

    Im looking for a decent but not over priced set of the extra long impact driver bits, have had 2 sets now and both been a pile of s**t.. 1st lot arrived in small plastic bag and the metal was brittle and rough as hell... one snapped during use! the second set were so soft after just a dozen...
  19. happyhippydad

    Which LED driver would I require for downlights?

    Hello everyone.. I have a customer who has 5 x 12v downlight fittings that they want installing. I have explained that 230V GU10's would be much better but they are adamant they want these specific MR16 holders. I have replaced LED drivers before but never actually installed from scratch...
  20. M

    LED driver replacement advice

    Morning! Im wondering if anyone can offer me some advice relating to a John Lewis Cormack light fitting with a faulty Hytec LED driver (pic attached). I've tried replacing with a similar 24v 24w LED driver...
  21. telectrix

    LED Driver. unusual output voltage.

    as pic. anyone know where I can source this? 60 -90V output.
  22. curly

    Wiha driver set down to £15

    Hi guys I was in Screwfix this morning and they had a sign up for a set of wiha drivers that were going down to £15 tomorrow, I believe it is the set I am posting linking to below but it may be a different one. Anyway it's a good brand at a decent price Wiha SoftFinish VDE Screwdriver Set 7...
  23. J

    LED Driver Replacement Problem

    Hi Guys. After a bit of advise. My Costco outdoor led tree power supply went in to kill mode and was out putting around 100 vac instead of the designed 24vdc. The original was a 600mA 25 volt 36watt transformer -well that's what was on the label- Anyway I ordered a replacement driver - a...
  24. V

    Adopting PWM driver to microstep the motor for Raspberry Pi

    I have a project that uses a stepper motor (200 steps/rev, bipolar, 2A/phase). Right now I am using a chopper driver (that uses PWM as I understand it) to limit the current to 2A using 12VDC as the supply. However the motor is being controlled by the pi, with a python script sequencing the...
  25. Dannyg8810

    Torque VDE driver sets.........

    Going to treat myself tomorrow to torque interchangeable blade set tomorrow Anyone used any and recommend a certain brand?? Been looking at this Armeg 5 Piece VDE Torque Screwdriver Set | Armeg Screwdriver Set -...
  26. Soulsurfer

    Small LED driver to find ?

    Long story short, builder I do a fair bit for, in a rush tried fitting some customers light fittings ! Prob caused a dead short and has said breaker tripped but also a pop from luminaire ! Sent me a pic of LED driver that he said had back blown off it ! It seems lower rating than most and I...
  27. J

    Would you give up being a train driver to be an electrician?

    As title says, what's the life of an electrician like, money, work load etc
  28. D

    Which driver for this downlight?

    Hi all, I hope you're well! I managed to get the attached downlight cheap from IKEA. I didn't realise the led transformer and leads were so expensive as I only need one of these lights. I've taken a picture of the label showing the specs. Is there a simple LED driver I can safely connect this...
  29. J

    LED Strip lighting behind bed frame.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to put some LED strip lighting behind my bed (after redecorating). I have installed some warm white downlights in ceiling but want a small amount of mood lighting. The strip light is coming from a fused spur, into the driver and then to the strip light. The only...
  30. Meg464

    Transformer in LED light fitting not working

    Someone is asked me to have a look at a transformer in an LED fitting they have checked that it is not the fitting itself but they think it's definitely the Transformer inside it, does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about the best thing to do or how to fix the transformer or would it be best...
  31. M

    impact drill

    looking to buy an impact drill, whats the best make/model ? and does anybody know any places doing good deals on them
  32. J

    Converting Floor Lamp Halogen to LED - Advice

    Hi, Could someone please be able to give me some advice and electrical theory about converting a light from halogen to LED. The current circuit has 5 20W halogen bulbs running off a dimmer: Buy Bella 5 Light Floor Lamp from the Next UK online shop - I have read...
  33. Dan

    Free Festool Battery!

    Festool 574759 T18+3 Li 5,2 Set Gb 18v Drill Driver 2 X 5.2ah Airstream Li-ion Batteries Supplied In T-loc Case - But then...
  34. billyblade

    Impact driver accessories

    Hi fellas, I work for a leading power tool accessory manufacturer who specialise in accessories for electrical installation. We are looking at expanding our range of impact driver accessories and wondered if there was anything you guys would be really interested in? We already market...
  35. D

    LED problem

    Recently fitted a Saxby dimmable driver and a GE brand dimmable 7watt LED lamp. When I turn the switch on, the lamp does not illuminate, but if I remove the lamp and re-insert it into the lamp holder It illuminates. When I try to dim it, the dimmable lamp just goes out and will not switch back...
  36. Michaelwgroves

    Wera Rubbish Quality

    I was looking to treat myself to a new VDE screw driver set. I saw another thread on this forum put Wera at 30% of market. So I treated myself to the 16 Piece Kraftform Kompakt VDE Interchangeable Driver Set. I loved it. But then I started to use it, I don't do much electrical work, so I save my...
  37. O

    Nico Rosbourg has retired....

    Must admit I didn't see that coming and I bet that every driver on the grid is desperately seeking the seat and a way out of their existing contract! Button for Mercedes for 1 year? Alonso for Mercedes? Vettel for Mercedes? and I thought that the F1 musical chairs had finished for this year...
  38. B

    extreme road rage on m62

    A driver and passenger in a lorry had a slight accident and hit a pickup they stopped to exchange details with the other driver and a fight broke out. The lorry driver and the passenger returned to the lorry and locked themselves in but the other driver came with a spade and smashed the window...
  39. B

    Dimmer switch

    Can anyone recommend a dimmer switch compatible with a light fitting which has a transformer and led G4 lamps The light fitting is from next Cheers
  40. A

    Led downlighters flickering

    Hi guys, Had a little job today where some led downlighters were flickering it was 3 out of about 15. I checked the voltages on the 3 which told me the transformers for each one are broken. Confirmed this by testing a working one which was a getting a steady 11.5 to 12v ac. I was just wondering...
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