1. N

    UK How useful is a level 2 in electrical installations going to be in my situation?

    So I've been wanting to enter the electrical trade for quite some time, I'll try and keep my query as brief and as straightforward as possible : I'm 32 years old with no formal electrical qualifications, or industry experience. I'm essentially from an academic background, I've previously been...
  2. N

    EICR in this situation?

    Did a CU change and a partial rewire (domestic) about a year ago. I gave the EIC for the works I did. Now he's had his builders' "electrician" install a couple more circuits, but wants me to the cert. Builders have disappeared. New circuits have not been notified. Well, I aint doing an...
  3. R

    Am i entering the industry with the right mindset?

    Good day Lads & Ladies. I fled to this forum not too long ago just in the hope for some advice and in the typical manner of internet research I received controversial results. So I took a bigger dive into research and I think I may be on the right path to make some steps into this industry but...
  4. S

    Trainee What should I do in this situation of poor and incorrect wiring?

    A friend of mine is having some building work done by some incompetent tradespeople and the wiring in their bathroom was done by a plumber who is not a qualified electrician my friend was having problems so I agreed to have a look at it (I am not a qualified electrician I should point out). The...
  5. littlespark

    WWYDITS..... What Would You Do In This Situation

    To cut a long story short... Would you warn a customer that someone they were about to get to do some work was a little bit "dodgy"? To cut a short story very long... Over 2 years ago I did a little job for a couple, lets call them Mr Crook and Miss Demeanor, in their house that they were...
  6. Barnaby Stedman

    Wall light situation........

  7. D

    ... advice on this situation please

    Evening, Im working for a builder on a kitchen extension.. Now the usual procedure with this building contractor is do the essential checks (bonding, Ze ect) make sure its up to scratch and fit a separate board to feed my new circuits... nice and simple However im just finishing the first fix...
  8. L

    Running a 240v fridge in a vehicle, unusual situation

    Hello Folks, I have a query regarding running a 240v fridge in vehicle. Any advice would be welcome. I have a catering business and I'm fitting out my vehicle. It is a single cab chassis with a large square steel canopy. I want to be able to carry hot and cold food, so getting a standard...
  9. D

    Hypothetical situation

    Hi guys Hypothetical question here What are the symptoms (if any) of a ring within a ring main? Is there anything to look out for physically or symptomatically or are they just sonething you stumble across? Thanks D
  10. T

    Are emergency lights required in this situation???

    Attending a job the other day in a shop. The shop is 20m long and 10m wide. There is an office/store/kitchen at the back leading to a communal store and passageway for four shops. Each unit locks its own door to this communal area. The fire officer has told the owner there is no need for any...
  11. charlie76

    No CPC in lighting circuit

    Evening all. I have been asked to quote a landlord for a replacement bathroom light as the old ones bayonet fitting was broken, new pull cord as it was one from 1702 which had finally given up and replace the hallway light fitting as it was hanging off the ceiling. On inspection there are no...
  12. H

    Customers not paying in full!!!

    I've had some trouble receiving full payment from a customer. I'm guessing many of you may have had issues like this before, if so, what's the best way to approach the situation? Feel like going round there and removing cables! Any help would be appreciated.
  13. cprfenom

    socket on 6.0mm T&E

    A circuit wired in 6.0/2.5 with a 32amp MCB feeding a double socket for a gas hob and gas oven. Now I know that the protective device is for the cable, but I am concerned that the socket can only take 13+7. Should I down rate the protective device for the socket and not the cable in this...
  14. D

    Hypothetical EICR

    If you were asked to carry out an EICR on an socket outlet circuit installed post 2008, not directly intended for outdoor use, but not given any form of RCD protection, then what code could/would you attribute to this situation? Domestic situation
  15. ipf

    mobile library

    Hi folks, Need to test someone's brain, I feel. I've been asked today to test and certificate a new mobile library vehicle. I don't know too much about the job yet as I've not seen it, but have been told that it involves 230v for supplying socket outlets for pc's and will incorporate a...
  16. A

    voltage optimiser

    Hi all I have been asked to fit a voltage optimizer to a house with a rewirable fuse board. I am aware that the manufacturers reccomend not fitting to these but the customer doesnt want a cu upgrade. What are the issues in this situation and is there circumstances were they can be fit with this...
  17. D

    main switch

    is it ok to use a rcd as a main switch
  18. S

    Job interview advice

    Hi i'm just after some advice for an interview i have coming up. I have been for many interviews since i have been in and out of work as electrician since i completed my apprenticeship and most recently because of the recession. The role is as an installation electrician for a local council of...
  19. D

    Domestic Switch spur behind fridge what can you do

    I installed a switch spur behind fridge customer was not impressed, but what can you do in this situation I assured him it was perfectly fine, no cupboards next to fridge only way round it to make the fridge sit flush anyone else had a situation like this.
  20. M


    I am currently looking at going down the solar pv road and looking for the most cost effective but detailed course to be able to install from scratch. If anyone can give my a heads up on one thats worth spending the money on and the cost and duration of the course. Also I could do with it...
  21. Dic Penderyn

    Segregation of circuits

    Hi All!:D I’m carrying out a PIR on a three storey house (sheltered accommodation) with one lighting circuit for the whole property. For the purpose of safety and convenience it should have two lighting circuits and/or have emergency light. Would this warrant a code 4 or just a...
  22. P

    single phase or 3 phase supply??

    I am currently doing some periodic inspecting to domestic properties and have gone into 2 properties which seem to have an overload problem. The both have 28 way split load boards supplied via a single phase supply and protected by 100a main BS1361 fuses. On the boards are approx 6 lighting...
  23. L

    Tripped Breaker (Saw mill)

    Hey, I'm a student going into electrical in BC, Canada.The mill I'm at has me looking at a problem. The situation is that when a log goes into the canter, and it gets jammed, the breaker trips and the PLC goes too. At the moment I do not have much information on anything else. I was...
  24. S

    Main Fuse

    Hi people, I recently issued a cert with a maximum demand calculation of around 80A for a 60A main fuse. Although the fuse will last well over 10'000 hours at 80A, according to regs, at what point do you decide on upgrading the fuse? I also assume the elec board would have to be notified to...
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