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  1. E

    Crimping tool

    Can I use this crimping tool for spade insulated and non-insulated terminals? https://ibb.co/bdRxvTm
  2. gazdkw82

    Crimping woes

    Nearly Everytime iv tried crimping I have really struggled and its really starting to frustrate me. Today I was trying to crimp a ring crimp to a 2.5mm solid conductor for attaching to a piranha earth ring on a SWA gland. Tried 3 times and it just wasnt a good connection. Tried different...
  3. l4urence

    Ferrule crimping tool

    I need a recommendation for a decent ferrule crimping tool, particularly for shortening RCBO neural and earthing wires for connection into the bars. Thanks.
  4. G

    Cable termination and inspection day course - Dunstable LU55 Postcode

    Is anybody interested in joining me on a manufacturers one day course in Dunstable for cable crimping, termination and inspection? This is with a well known cable and connection specialist manufacturing company that makes connectors and cable jointing kits and tools and is a one day training...
  5. Andy C

    Crimping to extend cable length.

    Hi all and thanks for the help so far. Re crimping, I have read posts regarding this before. I have just seen those heat shrink solder connections. I was going to use normal red and blue crimps then heat shrink each individual core then heat shrink over the whole T&E. What are peoples...
  6. D

    Crimping Tool & Ferrel Kit

    Evening all, Ive got a 16way board to change next week and ill be fitting a new CU with all circuits on RCBO protection. Im expecting it to get very busy in there so I want to shorten the flying neutrals rather than leaving them bunched up. Do you guys have any recommendations on a crimping...
  7. G

    Decent crimping tool?

    im after a good crimping tool preferably with insulated crimp dies and un-insulated dies up to 10mm2. Seen these: Kennedy Industrial - RATCHET CRIMPING TOOL C/WINTERCHANGEABLE JAWS 8PC - Cromwell Tools -...
  8. B

    Milwaukee Crimp Dies

    Hi, does anyone use a Milwaukee crimping tool? I am having trouble getting the dies for this tool thank you.
  9. charlie76

    Crimping 10mm2 Cable

    I need to extend a supply to and oven and the customer has had all the kitchen tiled recently so I didnt really want to suggest chopping it all out and running in new. I feel a little bit uncomfortable about crimping it but i don't see much other option. Looking at using through crimp lugs and...
  10. S

    What do people us now for switch box lighting connections?

    Hi all Joining a looped neutral in a plaster mounted lighting switch box. Back in my sad old day... we used plastic connector blocks, which I seem to remember were binned a while back. What are people using these days? I watched the sparky on a site the other week crimping all his connections...
  11. S

    Extending cables for assessment.

    Hi all. got my first elecsa assessment in a few weeks. doing a cu change for it, but was wondering what the best way to extend some of the cable going into the board would be, I was going to thru crimp inside the cu, would that be ok for the assessment. thanks
  12. S

    Domestic Snapped Live Wire when changing sockets

    Hi All, when changing a socket front, the red live wire snapped (old twin 2.5mm and earth)looks like there was a nick in the insulation so I have lost about 30mm of the end of the wire and now the live wont stretch to the live terminal on the socket front. Is there a way of extending the red...
  13. T

    Industrial lug crimp tool??

    Well.... I'm after one but struggling to find one that's not in the £££ hundreds... Are they generally this expensive? I want something that will crimp 25mm and upwards.. Anyone recommend anything?
  14. F

    Klein Pliers / Connector Crimpers Model 12098

    I'm looking for a set of Klein pliers / connector crimpers model 12098. The Klein universal pliers / connector crimpers have a crimping die behind the hinge for superior leverage while crimping.Does anyone know where I can find a pair of these pliers,tryed ordering from USA but they want min...
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