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  1. M

    12v conversion of 230v light fitting.

    Hello, I am wondering if this is allowed, I dont have a big need to do such a thing, just would like to know how it would stand up with the law and regs etc If you have a class 1 (or class 2 for that matter) light fitting and you wanted to convert it to 12v to make it PELV, for use in an old...
  2. C

    TNS - to TT conversion

    EDF have requested a building be converted to a TT system. Currently a TNS 2x100a head supplies a shop then a flat respectively. The are x2 fuse boards supplying the two areas each having 30ma RCD protection on all final circuits. Am I correct in saying in simple terms X1 earth spike Into...
  3. T

    (Wrong category I know) Need advice on plumbing my own house?

    Firstly I know I’ve posted this in the wrong category, I couldn’t find the right one for some reason. I’m a industrial/domestic electrician, I’m doing a rear extension and loft conversion on my bungalow myself. I’m of course doing the electrics myself and I’m looking at plumbing the CH and...
  4. I

    UK Sign off

    I have been asked to get my attic conversion electric tested as a pat tester am I allowed to test and sign off.?
  5. R

    LED don’t work

    Trying to replace 12v halogen downlighter with led but the replacements don’t work.
  6. D

    LED conversion '99 Lincoln

    I am not a professional...I am a DIY senior. I want to convert my '99 Lincoln Continental from the OEM halogens to LEDs. I previously converted my '05 Ford van by swapping out the flasher control relay and all LEDs worked perfectly. Since the Lincoln flasher unit is buried under the dash, I am...
  7. C

    USA Fluorescent to LED conversion tombstone removal

    I have about 30 4 bulb 4ft shop lights that I want to convert from fluorescent to LED. I need to swap the tombstones from shunted to unshunted on one side to do this. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the metal tab that the tombstones anchor in to. There are no tabs on it to...
  8. P

    Single ph to 3 ph Ramp conversion.

    I am about to link an inverter to a ramp I bought from a 240/230v supply. In the control box which was wired for 415v , the transformer within has 400v 24v on a label can this be operated at a lower voltage to produce the same 24v system. I will post a pic if I can.
  9. G

    Trainee Loft conversion wiring

    Hi there I’m working on a loft conversion, just adding two small bedrooms in existing space. Would it be ok adding a radial circuit off a 16 amp MCB ? And how many sockets could I have? Thanks
  10. A

    Garage Conversion Certification Advice

    Good afternoon, I am a time served domestic electrician but have been factory based for the last 8 years meaning my SJIB card has lapsed. I am currently converting an internal garage at my house and am doing the electrical work myself. I am installing 2 new sockets on an existing circuit and...
  11. V

    Help regarding three-phase upgrade for flat conversion

    Hello all, I am about to receive planning permission for 6 one bed flats conversion from an existing family home. The current single phase 100A supply will not be sufficient so I have applied for a 3-phase upgrade. My question is on maximum electrical load per flat. I have done a similar...
  12. B

    Trainee City and Guilds 2357 NVQ conversion

    Hi all, I have my 2365-03 and the company I work for would like to put me through the 2357 NVQ conversion. I am a project manager for said company and we are mostly a data company wanting to grow the electrical side. I am at the centre of this growth having recently completed my 2396 level 4...
  13. F

    Conversion of phone box for defibrillator

    Has anyone undertaken the conversion of an adopted phone box to house a defib? Our village has adopted the phone box and if we apply through Community Heart Trust, we can continue to use the electrical supply. This is purely for a light and small fan/heater to keep the AED at an ambient...
  14. G

    Domestic Garage conversion to habitable space

    Hi I have a garage that I'm converting in to habitable space I will have electric shower, oven and hob, 2 x electric heaters, microwave, kettle, tv and lights The cable run from the consumer unit (C/U) is 13-15 meters What size armoured cable should I use? and what size mcb rating at the C/U
  15. C

    Domestic Earthing required? MR16 halogen to GU10 LED conversion

    Hello, I am converting my ceiling downlighters to LED. The old MR16 50W halogen bulbs come with a 12v transformer. I plan to cut the LV cable just before the transformer, then strip it and wire it into the new GU10 LED lamp holder. This means the new GU10 lamp holder will not be earthed. Looking...
  16. T

    Power Gain & Decibels Conversion Help.

    Hello Gents, I'm new to the site after a recommendation from a friend, I'm in no way shape or form an Electrician. But you'll probably see a few questions from me now an again. I understand that this is more so a communications question but please bear with me as I am about as useful as a...
  17. G

    Loft conversion sub main & diversity

    Hi all, I am currently having a loft conversion completed and want to put in its own board in the loft. The main reason for this is if in the future, I want to let it out as a self contained unit, it will be much easier. The conversion will initially have a ring main 32 amp and a lighting...
  18. K

    Halogen to LED conversion

    I need to replace Sylvania Halogen bulbs, hi spot 63 ,50w, 240V flood, 25 degree,with a cool white LED conversion. Any help gratefully accepted.
  19. G

    Sky in loft conversion best way

    Hi all i have a job coming up soon and the customer has sky around the house and he's now going up in the loft and wants sky in the 2 rooms what is the best way to go about this the shotgun cable runs through the loft to the dish out side. Thanks.


    I often work alongside a small team of other trades on flats and house refurbishments for private owners, however on a slightly bigger project than usual, I've been asked to provide a temporary builders board in a large house that is to be converted into four flats. The existing supply into the...
  21. T

    Conversion of 3 ph. to single phase lesson

    Thought you might like to know how to convert 3 phase to single phase in case you need to in the future. Please follow illustrations below. I can accept no liability for following these instructions.
  22. T

    Voltage and frequency conversion question

    Hi guys! I recently bought a record player from the US (its not available here). The model is the Pyle PNGTT12RBT It says its designed to run at 120 V 60Hz. I was a little confused on what the best approach would be to use it here without damaging it. I've seen plenty of voltage...
  23. T

    Interesting three way conversion to two way and swap for time lag.

    If your bored or like a challenge I thought (maybe wrongly) this might be interesting to trainees and maybe others. As the title convert three way switching to two way (Sw 2 + 3) danlers time lag (Master and slave) using switch 2 and 3. Assume you cannot find the junction box. Can it be done...
  24. T

    Calculation of capacitor value for conversion from star to delta

    Hi does anyone have a notion of how to calculate the capacitance value for the above?
  25. J

    Hive conversion on Potterton oil boiler - heating only

    Hi Gents, after some advice on what should have been a relatively simple conversion, but I am hesitant due to lack of boiler experience. Have a Potterton floor standing oil boiler - supplying heating only, currently has Smiths controller, frost stat (possibly) house stat, pump feed and wired as...
  26. D

    Uk to US conversion for hot tub

    Good afternoon! Looking for some help if anyone has come across something like this before. I have a friend in America who has bought a hot tub from the uk (originally China). It has a 3 phase breaker however can be wired as a single phase with the wire just looped in and out at the top of...
  27. Soulsurfer

    Conversion to LED, etc..

    Hey all, I have a decent client wanting to change all fittings and accessories in a large house to something like Schneider Ultimate screwless flat plate in polished chrome and has existing halogen white open ring old style downlights, in your opinions would you go mains GU10 into new open...
  28. T

    Thinking of a shell conversion of my loft.

    Hi just thought I would throw this out here into the forum. I am going to convert my loft and wonder if anyone has any tips, expertise or resources that may help. You never know who can do what on this forum. I live in a 30s' terraced house with a 38 degree pitch and 3m at the ridge so plenty of...
  29. J

    virgin media- flat conversion

    Doing a conversion at the mo consiting of 4 flats The devoloper wants virgin media capability- although surely it would be better to offer flexibilty for future buyers (they might want sky etc) Each flat has a kitchen/dinning TV/phone point then a TV point in the bedroom(s) If I run a twin...
  30. D

    Advice needed on my qualifications

    Hi guys, I'm confused and could use some advice, I've look around a lot online and can't seem to find any straight forward answers. So I decided I wanted to be an electrician in school and went to college straight from school in 2010, I completed Level 2 City & Guilds 2330 Electrotechnical...
  31. E

    Minor Works - Extent

    Hi, I got geared up for testing and inspection via my owm limited company last year but haven't got it up and going (and doubt that I will to be honest). I've just been round to sign off a mates garage conversion on pretty much a favour basis and so have a couple of questions: The extent of...
  32. S

    Conversion Efficiency Of 18.2% Achieved Using Perovskite Solar Cells

    A research group in Japan achieved energy conversion efficiency exceeding 18% using standard size perovskite solar cells. A research group led by Liyuan Han, a leader of the Photovoltaic Materials Group, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan, achieved energy conversion...
  33. W

    After 2365

    Hi I've completed my C&G level 2 and 3 diplomas,but I'm wandering what the next step is. I can't get employed as an electrician so is it then normal to get an electrical mate job for 2 or so years until I can do my nvq and am2. Is there many employers out there that employ electric mates for...
  34. A

    voltage drop

    If im running an armoured cable to a garage that is to be converted to living accomadation, i was thinking of running a 6mm armoured cable out of the original house clip along the wall outside and into the garage conversion to a small 2 way sub board. do i simply work out the VD of the 6mm cable...
  35. M

    double socket "surround"

    hi i have a customer who has the following situation . wood paneling above worktops in kitchen where a single socket has been modifed to a surface mount 3 gang conversion thing with 13a fuse. i have been asked to remove this and caerfully chase out a double. i did this and the existing single...
  36. D

    PIR for loft conversion only?

    Can I perform a periodic inspection report for a dodgy looking loft conversion only or does it need to be the entire property?
  37. J

    Conversion Method of switching

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. I have to do a report on how to convert a single way lighting within a bedroom of a normal terrace house to two way lighting using the conversion method of switching, but me and my friend are a bit confused as to what is the difference between...
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