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  1. D

    Blue yellow red and blank wire

    Hi, I’m trying to install a new extractor fan in my bathroom. the existing fan had three wires going to it which were red yellow and blue (There is a blank wire but this was not connected to nothing) but I don’t know what ones are live earth neutral etc to wire up the new fan. the old fan...
  2. D

    Why are most insulated grips red / yellow or orange in colour ?

    CK Wiha Wera Draper Stanley all mostly red and yellow Bahco Irazola Klein all mostly a funny orange colour why not grey , green or blue or even black ??
  3. H

    Bonding gas/water yellow and blue

    Hi I am recently qualified and still have a lot of learning/reading to do but Blue plastic waterpipe incoming, seems to always be a grey area with electricians I work with, me personally wouldn’t bond it..... Although we have to prove that in the plumbers install their is no copper going to...
  4. B

    Dimmer switch - can anyone tell me which wires does what??

    Hi, looking for some expert help here to know if this is something I can fix myself or if I need an expert in :-) In my living/dining room I have a 3 way dimmer switch which controls 3 sets of 2 wall lights. I recently had the room replastered and I accidently shorted one of the live wires to...
  5. S

    Domestic Has wire marking changed - or what do you use.

    When I was an apprentice sparky back in the 1970's and we were rewiring houses or first fixing new houses/flats, I was taught a marking method for T&E that seemed to be common but undocumented throughout the industry. I'm talking specifically about lighting circuits and the loop-in system. At...
  6. S

    TRAINEE QUESTION: Three phase motor system, non-standard wiring colours in flex?

    Hi. Just a question from a slightly confused trainee about core colours on a three phase appliance. I was diagnosing a fault on a three-phase saw today (found it - dead isolating transformer) and found that the incoming cable (4 cores) were coloured and connected as such: L1 Brown L2 Black...
  7. J

    Faulty wiring on Bathroom Extractor ?

    Hi all I am replacing the bathroom extractor fan. It had been replaced within the last couple of years but died a couple of weeks back, tripping the switch for the circuit. When the switch was reset the fan was dead. I bought a replacement fan (OK for zone 1) and isolated the circuit today...
  8. Y

    Security light.

    Hi all, I've just fitted a basic security light on my house wall with a automatic sensor. The problem that I've got is fitting the wires. I have connected the live neutral & earth as in the diagram. The problem I've got is that there is one more wire left which is yellow but not sure where this...
  9. D

    Guidance Note Books

    How much of the Guidance Note Books have Changes from Red-Yellow (2008-2015) and Green-Yellow (2011-2015) With every Book needing to be YELLOW is there any CHEAP deals to be made
  10. J

    Yellow 240v extension reel??

    Hi all, Today I was given a yellow 240v extension reel to use. Now if I'm not mistaken yellow flex indicates 110v. So how does this comply? If I was to use this on a construction site everybody would assume it is 110v whereas in reality it's not it's 240v! Thoughts please :)
  11. J

    Terminating unused blue wire at the thermostat

    Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section! I hope to replace an old broken analog central heating thermostat with a digital one. Background: There are 4 wires coming into the box: yellow/green, blue, red and yellow. The yellow/green is tucked away, physically floating about. The other...
  12. E

    Study books

    I'm going to do my testing and inspecting courses in the new year. I'm going to buy Gn3, I've already got the Bgb. What else is it worth buying?
  13. S

    security light wiring help

    Hi everyone. I'm new and after some advise please I am putting security lights up at my house. They are the sensor type. They didn't come with the cable so I went to my diy store and asked for the right cable to use. I have wired up the light as per instructions. The other end I...
  14. E

    Domestic Security Light Help

    Hi I'm Evan, new to the forum. Today I was going to replace my security light at the rear of the house, due to the PIR not working. I believe it feeds off a socket in the kitchen, done by an electrician a number of years back. It also has a switch for it on the kitchen wall, so it can be...
  15. M

    Light switch wiring

    I have a confusing wiring. It's a 70s council house. Hall way has two switches one single , one double. The double and single switch the hallway light, however in both switches there are three wires red yellow blue. This two way switching works fine. The double switch in hallway also...
  16. A

    Wiring a pull cord switch

    Hi, My friend broke my bathroom pull cord switch and whilst fixing it, some of the wiring came out. I can't remember which way they go in. I have a yellow wire, 2 reds and a pinkish red wire. I have a black box into which the wires fit labelled L1, L2 and comm. I'd be very grateful for any...
  17. S

    Wiring ceiling rose help

    Hi guys ive just removed a ceiling fan and light fitting any I wanted to put back a ceiling rose back on, I can't seem to wire it back correctly. There's 4 wires sticking out (please see pic) the ceiling rose has the following labels your help would be very much appreiated earth neutral...
  18. jon jordan

    3 phase question

    hi guys can someone explain to me this a 3 phase supply to bungalow ok one phase to house ok live neutral& earth in henley blocks in meter box neutral to 3phase meter from henley block we have l1 l2 l3 lives to tpn 100amp switch fuse ( no neutral ) earth connection via earth block from there...
  19. F

    3 Phase connection

    Hello there, I am designing a commercial PV system of around 12kwp. My design so far has lead me to use a Powerone TL 12.5 inverter 3 phase. The factory has a 3 phase 4 wire (delta ?) supply. The inverter has the following connections R-S-T-N-PE Could anyone with 3 phase experience decipher...
  20. N

    Two Way Switch

    Is there a correct way to wire a two way light switch, I have one where the two sets of cables are wired Red - Common L1 Black (switched live and Yellow. L2 Red and Blue, another is Red Common, L1 Red and Yellow, L2 Black switched live and Blue.
  21. i=p/u

    Faulty ps3

    Not sure if anyone has had problems with ps3 but il ask anyway , turns green, yellow and then flashes red... Anyone any experience or know of symptoms like this....
  22. D

    High current CEE form plugs/sockets.

    Hi chaps, Can someone enlighten me as to what the fourth pin is for in a single phase CEE-form plug? I've noticed that some 63A+ plugs have them and some don't... Don't know why I've never wondered about this before... Was just faffing with some the other day and it got the grey matter working!
  23. Toby Kuhnert

    2 phases in domestic bungalow??

    Hi Guys, Popped over to a bungalow yesterday that a mate of mine has bought to renovate, asked me to have a look at electrics/what might need doing and I found this... 2 phases (red and yellow) in a bungalow with 2 bedrooms?? bit ott i'm thinking? lol. Although the DNO have only supplied a meter...
  24. J

    telephone wiring help

    I have a joined extention cable running around the house for Sky. The connection has come apart. Can anyone tell me which wires to join to which please. 4 wire cable from main box Red Yellow Green Black 2 wire going to Sky Box Yellow(ish) Blue Any help would be appreciated as I have tried...
  25. D

    Removing 3W switch

    Hi all, looking to clarify my thoughts on removing a 3W light switch with a 2W. Wires within are yellow,2 twisted red and blue. red into common, blue L1 and L2 is yellow. In the new switch I have inserted red back into common, blue into L1 and terminated yellow in block and tucked away. In...
  26. M

    110v transformers

    again would sincerely appreciate a bitof help have a client who wants a mix of stuff doing all in small numbers not really my normal work but have splashed out on a seward 250 to accomadate him and having a few issues on a coulpe of things namely 110 v transformers could some one please...
  27. R

    Changing old honeywell rooms stat

    replacing old honeywell room stat to a new white one three wires at honeywell(not incl earth which is to back box) wires are red blue and yellow red was in terminal 1, blue in 2 and yellow in 3 on putting these cables in the same numbered terminals on the new room stat the rcd is tripping...
  28. T

    lighting circuit pre 1966 warning labels

    Can anyone help me on this? I have just replaced a consumer unit on a property that has no cpc on the lighting circuit (pre 1966). All class 2 equipment is fitted and NICEIC technical have been consulted along the way for my peace of mind. I need to apply the black on yellow warning sticker...
  29. A

    accenta alarms

    hi there need some help or adivise, i have installed at home an old accenta alarm what version it is i dont no there no marking on it, what i am asking if possible the keypad has never worked, i taken all 6 wires when out of the blue the alarm went of, can i replace first the keypad with a...
  30. G

    3 Phase or Single Phase?

    Just wondered for the purpose of form filling: I went to a farm property today to verify supply data and had to mark whether it is 1 or 3 Phase. It has a 3 Phase Supply to the property although only the Yellow Phase is being used to supply the whole installation. This is done in the form of a...
  31. S

    Ballast wiring scheme

    Hi, I'm new here, with a question regarding installing a new instant start ballast. I live in the US. and I have fluorescent lights in my kitchen (4 tubes). The kitchen light stopped working, so I replaced the four burned-out tubes, but the light still didn't work. Someone recommended I replace...
  32. A

    3 phase dol starter help

    Hi, hope someone can help with this, i just bought a new dol starter from my air compressor its a 16 amp starter just need to know what colour wires go where? it has three top connections l1, l2, l3, three lower for supply t1, t2, t3 with a separate pe for yellow/green i take it, so the wires i...
  33. S

    Evil c50 board, kA rating

    Can any one help? Iv been sent to do some test and inspections and have come across our arch enemy the c50 board!!! It's due to be replaced but it's got to be condemned first. Dose any one know the kA rating of the c50 breakers bs no: 3871, I ask because the customer is requesting all breakers...
  34. P

    Domestic Missing neutral for the Bathroom Fan Installation

    Hi, I am newly qualified and would very much appreciate some advice on this. I few days ago I've purchased one of those low noise bathroom extractor fans with a timer and humidity sensor and run a three core cable from it to the loft which I was planning to connect to the 3 pole isolator. Once...
  35. B

    Wiring a remote light switch to a wall switch advice.

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and will like some advice in installing a remote switch to a standard one gang wall switch. I cannot seem to get it to work and is getting a bit uneasy about trial and error. I have attached 2 pictures. I have tried to insert the red wires in the in and...
  36. S

    2gang 2 way switches

    can anyone please help me i have in my living room 2 2 gang 2 way switches to operate my 2 living room lights and my missus wants 2 brass 2 gang switches fitted and on temoving them the wires came out of the switches. the set up in the back box is 2 3cores in each switch with the yellow and blue...
  37. A

    Thermostat replacement

    Hi, I need to fit a replacement thermostat and I'll confess now... I'm not an electrician The new thermostat has a neutral, live & switched live connection (please see attachment 'wire.jpg') for the wiring diagram. The old thermostat has 4 wired connections: red, blue, yellow and...
  38. U

    Wiring two way switch

    Hello electrically minded forummers! I foolishly today decided to replace an old plastic two way light switch downstairs with a metal flush fitting two way plate and I'm buggered. The two way switch at the bottom of the stairs controls via the left switch the downstairs light and via the right...
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