1. camote

    Seeking contact for purchasing second-hand Baker EXP4000 in the United States

    Dear Forum Members, I hope this message finds you well. I am currently in search of a second-hand Baker EXP4000. If anyone has a contact or knows of a reliable source within the United States that sells used Baker EXP4000 equipment, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you in...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    Which van to buy? Downsizing from a renault trafic.

    My 08 Renault Trafic has now done 212,000 miles. I'm the second owner, the first being the AA. It's never let me down in the 10 years I've had it, but... I think it's time to get a new one. Electric isn't really an option as I would struggle to get the charging cable over 2 neighbours...
  3. Chambers3479

    Where can i buy a ESD simulator gun uk for a home project

    i am looking to do some ESD testing on some electronics at home, where can i pick up a ESD simulator gun without a company
  4. J

    Should i buy Megger MFT-x1 or Fluke 1664fc

    Megger MFT X1 or Fluke 1664 FC Is there any difference? Which one will you go?
  5. rfinch23

    Advice on what to buy

    Hi, I live in a rural location and so the TV signal is not great. I would like some advice on what equipment I should be looking at without spending to much. It needs to feed 8 TV’s. I believe the following will be required. Coax Small but good Aerial A Masthead Amplifier Remove indoor Splitter...
  6. L

    Online dealers : who do you tend to buy from ?

    Cannot ever seem to find better than "Powertoolmate". The cheapest and amazing courier .Today I was told delivery will be 12.45pm .This was at 8 am New Dewalt 18v grinder turns up at 12.46 !! .Only ordered Sunday so very happy I dont mind how the thread pans out .... :-) !!
  7. D

    I am looking to buy used and surplus MCCBs

    I am are looking to purchase used and surplus 3 Phase MCCBs and single Phase high amperage MCCBs. All brands considered as long as the MCCBs are in full working order. If you have any that fit that description that you would like sell, please drop me a DM. Thanks
  8. R

    Where to buy 120mm wall clip for fitting electric switch board

    I want to replace my current 6 gang switch board with a glass panel switch board. Bought it online. But when I got the board I realised it's bigger than my current board and it won't fit in the current hole. I can make a bigger hole but the current clip won't fit either. I tried Bunning they...
  9. dave_JL

    Which Oven To Buy With Current Wiring Set Up?

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice. We have this induction hob from IKEA SMAKLIG Induction hob - black - IKEA - and a hotpoint single oven which has given up the ghost and needs replacing. I'd like to buy a replacement oven I can...
  10. Leesparkykent

    Best place to buy PV gear....

    Just wondering where others are purchasing their solar PV gear...panels, inverters, mounting kits etc? I’ve got a run of it coming up and looking to supply the gear as I’ve been having dramas with stock and deliveries atm. TIA Lee
  11. Gaz92552

    Should I buy a van with VAT?

    Im working self employed on site but am looking to get my own work as well. I’m looking to get a van as a car just isn’t practical enough. Could anyone advise me if getting a van with vat rather than without would be better for tax purposes? I’m looking to spend about £3k in total. I don’t have...
  12. J

    PLEASE READ what size of earth wire do i buy?

    I want to change my plastic light switch faceplates with metal ones, what size of earth wire do I buy to connect to the faceplate? and is it measured by the voltage it carries or the thickness of the copper wire?
  13. R

    where to buy a sat dish?

    I thought this would be an easy task but can't seem to find anywhere near me (uxbridge w/London) that I can buy a zone 1 quad LNB off the shelf and don't have time to order 1 online. I have never fitted one before but hoping I can figure it out. Any advice on a wholesalers would be appreciated...
  14. D

    Buy Electric elements

    I need to buy some electrical appliances, so, please someone let me know where from I can buy these at low cost or at discount. zeek rewards passive income
  15. B

    Where can i buy spotlights?

    Hi, I have seen spotlights that will be going on my ceiling in the kitchen on cladding. I have seen these in stax in Kearsly. However each bulb was £12.72 excl VAT and i need 9 of them. The fitting would be separate and cost me an extra £75. I just wanted to know if there are any other places...
  16. E

    extractor fans with electronic shutters, where can i buy them?

    I am buliding a porch on my house and i'm going to make half of it into a drying room, so i want an extractor fan with a humidistat so when wet stuff in there drys and creates humidity inside the humid air is expelled via the fan. as it's a drying room heat loss is an issue, so when the fan...
  17. A

    Where's the best place to buy from

    Just wondered who buys from where?, I'm just trying an order from meteor next day delv free over £75 discount for forum as well and seem fair on price just wait to see quality. So just looking for other views ....
  18. S

    where to buy Rako???

    I am after a small rako order, 1 switch and 4 dimmer units. I went to my wholesalers and I was told that they hardly get any discount, so I will be paying top whack. I was wondering where people get their Rako stuff from. i used to install a lot of it when I was employed and I know my boss was...
  19. J

    where to buy 300ma rcd type s

    hello, Is there any where i can get a 300ma rcd time delayed for a reasonable price as wholesaler priced it at 97.12 many thanks
  20. P

    Tax relief to buy tools etc

    Hi, basically i started work as an apprentice in june, my firm supply testers and will pay half towards electric drills etc. but the main tools screwdrivers, snipps, etc i need to buy myself and if i leave then i take them with me. I have been told that i can get a tax relief, in order to...


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