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  1. R

    test certificates

    can any one help find single signature 18th edition test certificates that i can edit
  2. T

    Does anyone use single circuit certificates?

    Hi all, just about to do the paperwork for a new RFC at an HMO. Its a while since I've done any paperwork as I've been doing a lot of subbying for the last 12 months. I use electraform and have just seen these single circuit certificates (SCC). Do any of you guys use these, or do you just fill...
  3. FatAlan

    Minor Works Certificates - Multiple Jobs?

    If you’re on a job which involves things like just replacing light fittings and odds and sods on different circuits for the same client, is there a MWC that can cater for more than one set of circuit tests rather than doing separate certs for each circuit?
  4. F

    Electrician won’t give certificates

    Hi all, At my wits end so I hope someone can offer some advice. Basically, over the past year I have been doing up my house and involved the help of an electrician who came excellently reviewed on multiple platforms, he won the job cause I liked him and he seemed like a decent guy (not even the...
  5. InconspicuousAC

    ECS Labourers Card, and 2635 L2 Certificates.

    Hi guys, You guys have been awesome with help before, so feel like the best place to ask. It may sound like a stupid question, but how many certificates are you supposed to receive for passing the 2365 level 2 course? I passed in June with Salford City College, and have received 3. One for...
  6. N

    Test Certificates

    Hi Guys/Gals Very new to this forum so please be gentle. ! I am looking for any free downloads regarding test certificates for PAT. Equipment Register, Test certification, Pass/Fail etc Hopefully to IET standards. Heres Hoping. Thanks N.
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Dangerous installation certificates

    Reading another thread a moment ago about EICRS and lack of CPC and whether you should disconnect the circuit. How many people actually issue dangerous installation certificates? an example of the 18th ed from NICEIC is below. I have issued a couple where i have attended and found things...
  8. M

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Digital EIC & Notification of Works certificates

    Had an electrician completed re-wire on my property but sent me a scanned copy of EIC. I was hoping I would receive a digital one via E-Cert with his details, etc. Can that be not done – he completes on e-Cert and I receive a copy as well to my email? Also, I was on the impression that...
  9. V

    Grade a ld1 commissioning certificates

    Hi all I'm after some advice regarding a fire alarm system we have recently fitted. The system is in a 4 storey building containing 7 flats from a single communal stair way. Each flat has an internal system with domestic type smokes and heats in every room apart from bathrooms .. plus an...
  10. H

    After having an electrical rewire - certificates?

    Hi, After having a partial electrical rewire of a domestic property and existing electrical installation tested which certificates should I receive from the electrician and should I receive something from the council, also are they uploaded somewhere so they can be downloaded in the future...
  11. C

    Moving to UK - Qualified - I think - but need assistance

    Hi guys, I need to help please, I studied in the UK approx 7 years ago. Right after writing my C&G 2391 Level 3 I moved back home to South Africa. A short while after I received the results and passed. I have been working in South Africa since. I have been doing domestic, industrial and mining...
  12. S

    What Qualifications do I need to issues the 3 main electrical certificates

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this site and is one I have been wondering for a while (sorry if this have been posted before) Do I need the inspection and testing qualification to carry out and then fill in and complete the 3 main tests / Certs : Minor works, electrical installation...
  13. C

    Looking for ATEX certificates

    Can anyone advise decent source/s for locating SIRA, BASSEFA, PTB, KEMA, IECE, ATEX equipment EC Type examination certificates
  14. 123

    Electraform for Certificates

    Has anyone tried it? Link is here. It looks like a decent enough product. I use Easycert at the minute which I like but to do a cert I need to use a Windoze PC [which I hate] (it has a mobile version which I find carp). Electraform is £1 a certificate, which looks cheap on the face of it but...
  15. andysparkfree

    Issuing certificates even if not paid

    Years ago i was told that the rule is to issue the electrical certificates for the work undertaken and completed even if you have not been paid anyone else agree with this?
  16. E

    Release electrical certificates

    Hello I am an Italian electrician who has worked in London for 3 years. I am a self-employed and I can not issue certificates, so for every job I commission an engineer who inspects my work constantly, do all the tests and then issue the certificate to my clients. not being able to issue the...
  17. P

    Electrical Certificates for Extension and Rewire

    I have had an extension and complete rewire of my house. Towards the end of the build the builder declared bankruptcy (long story). He has since disappeared and I have no communication with him. I am now trying gain building regulations completion but I don't have any electrical certificates...
  18. O

    Withholding certificates until you've been paid?

    I was asked today to review an EICR produced by another , a in Exeter to be precise, so far to far for me to be even vaguely interested in the job What caught my eye on their email was the following: Please note the process to certification is as follows: 1. Electrical testing carried out...
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    Are certificates worth the paper they are printed on?

    Talking to a property developer today, he is in the market for an electrician for hsi next new build. He recently built a building with 6 flats, the 3 on the left are identical layout and the 3 on the left are identical layouts. He has no confidence in the certificates he has been given by the...
  20. D

    Selling a home without electrical certificates

    A homeowner is planning on selling their home, but they have carried out electrical works without notifying building control. Is there a set procedure that they now must follow, i.e. do they now have to get in touch with building control and explain the situation to them and see what they say or...
  21. Pete999

    QS and electrical Installation certificates

    Here's a first, I have a question regarding Domestic 3 signature EICs, not having much to do with Domestic for a very long time way before the onset of the introduction of the QS, as I understand it the 3 signatures required are: the Installation designer, the Installer and the QS, before the QS...
  22. i=p/u

    testing certificates

    can anyone point me to the page which has testing certificates .thx
  23. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme protecting your NICEIC certificates

    just a quick question quite possibly a question for the NIC however i have been wondering what would stop someone simply copping my certificates and putting different client details on? i have managed to edit PDFs in the past so that wont stop anyone. essentially what would prevent someone...
  24. L

    Eicr + Eic sheets?

    Hi all, Would someone be able to help me and point me to a resource where I can download the current Green generic eic & eicr test sheets if such a source is available for download. I have searched and have not been succesfull in finding a resource. Many thanks in advance LH
  25. E

    Form filling on site And invoice software

    im looking at getting a tablet so I can fill out test certificates on site and maybe some invoicing software so I can also invoice at the end of the day. Also I find myself filling out certificates in my own time! When I'm starting to think I should be doing this in the customers time not mine...
  26. M

    Maintenance in industrial company

    Hi I have a small questions. I work in a small industrial company as a woodworker. I already have: - 17th Edition, City & Guilds 2382, - 2377-22 Award in the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, - 2377-32 Award in the Management Requirements for the Maintenance of...
  27. H

    Software for Certs

    So a little while ago I started a thread with a digitally fillable MIWC I created with a promise of creating an EIC and EICR too, however, I hit a stumbling block with the limitation of the Adobe Reader software and the needs of those forms. I'm in the process of creating an app - primarily...
  28. L

    Cerificate Software

    My company currently uses the NIC software to produce our electrical certificates. We have the Ipads and buy the e certificates and pay for the software etc which is all costly. The software is constantly running slow on the ipads, i dont like the way it verifies the information in the office...
  29. mhar


    Did a re install of operating system over weekend and have just tried to access pirform website using both firefox and ie and get stopped with warnings that the website is unsafe. Just tried to send an email to [email protected] and have had this returned with the message that the ip address...
  30. M

    MCS NCR's

    Hello all, I have been lurking here for a while and have found the forum amusing and informative but this is my first post. We recently had our MCS inspection for solar pv. The inspector gave us a few NCR's, mostly to do with the QMS and easily sorted - I showed him what he asked for and am...
  31. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIConline certification

    Hello all. Having now tried out the new niceic online certification over the past two weeks, I feel as though we are being used as ginnipigs to trial the system as there seems to be a lot of glitches that we are coming across that the helpline don't have answers for. We have spent a...
  32. G

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Snags and solutions - niceic advent calendar

    Hello guys, i missed out on the snags and solution bundle that niceic were doing... Is there anyway to get a similar deal? If you dont know about it, here is the advent calendar: NICEIC, ECA and ELECSA Advent Calendar Im pretty excited about some of the offers, brought a techtalk ticket and...
  33. rustynails

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Assesment

    Does anyone know if Elecsa are really strict on you not keeping copies of BS761 certificates? It'll be my second year with Elecsa in Jan and wanted to know what might happen if I don't have copies of every certificate I've given over the year, would it be a non-conformance and you get asked to...
  34. V

    Training info help required

    Hi all. I have searched all over the place and can't quite get any info to not contradict something else, so, i need advice on training to be a sparks. I worked as a maintenance engineer (electrical bias) for years with BT. I want to go back to part time (possibly leading to full time), self...
  35. A

    Can I use domestic part p certificates in Scotland?

    I was just wondering if these certificates were acceptable to use in Scotland. Cheers!
  36. B

    Anyone know of any council or Housing Association etc using Amtech or other software

    Hi all I'm trying to gather evidence of good practice by large social housing providers in using the likes of Amtech etc for recording either void tests or EICRs . So if anyone knows of examples where councils, Housing associations etc are insisting on certain software or have developed their...
  37. O

    PIRform News

    Just noticed this on the PIRform site: PIRform | Pirform certificates on your iPad, Android tablet and phone Itching to buy an Ipad now, but will wait until I can do certificates on it first!
  38. R

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Help! what Certs to send JIB?

    Hi, Just doing my JIB application do I send photocopies of all my certificates? I have only had the ones with the red stripe done. Cant be bothered to phone JIB they do my head In! Thanks!
  39. Goody

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Sample NICEIC Certificates (New)

    Hi, Where could I possibly download samples of New Amended NICEIC Certificates, the download page ( NICEIC | Contractor | Downloads) used have them but not anymore. Cheers.
  40. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Blank certificates for my NICEIC registration visit

    Hi Team, Ive got my inspection in a months time in which the NICEIC engineer comes to check my work. I understand that the certificates that I have to show him as to be unlogo'ed. Can I use the certificates from this site Forms for electrical contractors - IET Electrical or is there another...
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