1. L

    What could cause a Fluke T2 volt tester to dance up and down 12-230v

    New batteries ... There is a dimmer attached to the light circuit . Full power its fine .turn down , light flashes , volt meter LEDS dance up and down. 2 x dimmers tried .
  2. I

    Any recommendations for reliable Fluke repair please1587.

    Am absolutely gutted, my Fluke 1587 insulation tester appears it's had an unknown fatal incident. I was doing some testing a few days ago and was fine. Yesterday I assumed the batteries were dead and replaced new ones. Then checked the fuse, dead. That did surprise me. At a loss what happened...
  3. J

    Should i buy Megger MFT-x1 or Fluke 1664fc

    Megger MFT X1 or Fluke 1664 FC Is there any difference? Which one will you go?
  4. M

    Fluke Networks TS 100 won't turn on

    I Left the batteries in for an extended time and they corroded the terminals. I tried sanding them clean but it still won't turn on. Any suggestions for troubleshooting it before I tear it apart? Thanks.
  5. sldz1200

    Insulation fluke 1663/1664

    Could someone tell me if it is possible in fluke 1663/1664 to activate the option to carry out an insulation test without having the finger fixed on the test button? I am not referring to the differential test, which I know can be done by detecting voltage and not pressing the "start". I only...
  6. sldz1200

    Differences between fluke 1663

    Hello, I don't know if I'm in the right place for this publication, I apologize first of all. I did a search, but I didn't find anything.... Does anyone know the difference between these two FLUKE 1663 models, where one comes with the RCD test selector in yellow and the other in white? What is...
  7. w0z

    Fluke Multimeter Recall BEHA-AMPROBE AM 500 and AM 510 multimeters

    Saw this on Irish Consumer site (CPCC.ie) HERE Not sure about the rest of the UK but worth checking if you have one. Fluke Europe BV recalls to repair BEHA-AMPROBE AM 500 and AM 510 multimeters APRIL 6, 2023 Fluke Europe BV is carrying out a recall to repair on BEHA-AMPROBE AM 500 and AM 510...
  8. Moley

    Fluke 87v multimeter recall

    It looks like there's a safety issue with the Fluke 87v multimeter. You can read about it HERE and HERE
  9. melvinkoshy

    Fluke multimeter current

    When I use Fluke multimeter clamp-type [true RMS meter] to measure AC current in a 3.5C XLPE cable, does it give the value of leakage current or RMS value of current per phase through the cable?
  10. R

    Fluke Networks or Ideal Networks

    I’m looking to upgrade my Cat5e tester and buy a decent brand. The cheap ones are hopeless. You do get what you pay for unfortunately. I’ve seen a few people use these.. https://www.trend-networks.com/product/vdv-ii-pro-used/ Or a Fluke Microscanner2...
  11. S

    Fluke voltage testers turning noise off?

    After some scoundrels robbed all my stuff I have had to get a new voltage tester. Two in fact. A fluke t150 and a a fluke t110. But unlike the ones I had these don't seem to have the ability to turn off the annoying bleeper. I have tried holding the light button for two seconds but it's no good...
  12. Moley

    Fluke 83 87 & 88 DMM safety notice

    Don't think I've seen this on here already. If it is then sorry for the duplicate. Fluke have issued a safety notice on the 83, 87 and 88 series DMMs. A fault could result in a false no voltage reading. It was announced back in December but I've only just got to hear about it.
  13. E

    FLUKE 6500-2 PAT Tester ACCESS CODE

    Hi All. My company have a brand new and supposedly unused FLUKE 6500-2 appliance tester, which i am unable to get into the settings, due to the ACCESS CODE, not being 9999 as i assumed it would be. I have also tried reset code of 1785 which was also suggested. But this is also not working. I...
  14. R

    Fluke Networks Microscanner or Ideal Networks

    Is anyone selling a Fluke Microscanner2 or Idea Networks VDV? I’ve had the cheap testers but they are not that great. These are very expensive brand new.
  15. C

    Energy logging software Fluke 1735

    Evening Looking for software (or excel spreadsheet) to view data taken using Fluke 1735 power logger, Fluke software is ok but I'm wondering if there's anything else available?
  16. J

    UK Fluke 1664 MFT issues

    Hi. I have just purchased a fluke 1664fc MFT and it wont work. I can turn it on but that's it. It's completely unresponsive, I can't even turn it off. The only way to turn it off is to remove the batteries. I have tried replacing the batteries but this hasn't achieved anything. Is there a...
  17. C

    Fluke mft for sale

    I have a fluke 1652 c for sale if this is of interest for anyone?
  18. B

    Fluke 116 and 117 multimeter

    Hi all, got both a 116 and 117 fluke multimeter for sale. Looking for around £110 each or £200 for pair
  19. dlt27

    Fluke 43b help and logging max demand

    Hi all, I have brought a fluke 43b to log a local farm to see how many amps they are using at maximum demand. The meter gives 3 readings for each time interval. Min, max and average. I would understand if the readings were between 2 time periods, but don’t understand how you can have three...
  20. B

    Fluke 1653 fuse

    I have a fluke 1653 which gives me a fuse error, but only when voltage is present. Done some research but not found anyone with the same issue... just wondering if it’s time to retire the fluke as I know it’s getting on a bit now... just seeing if anyone’s had/ seen this before, I’ve tried a...
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