1. D

    Certsure testing type a rcd

    fluke 1653b tester. carrying earth loop test on type a rcd tripping
  2. M

    Fluke hand tools

    Hiya Guys Has anyone bought any of the Fluke side cutters, pliers or screwdrivers yet as I have seen them on YouTube and wonder if they are any good also been tying to find a uk supplier on line but no joy yet. Unfortunately I am a total tool tart if it looks new and shiny I want them so if...
  3. Mike Johnson

    Fluke 1633 alternative mains cord

    I have been asked by a good friend to check out the electrical installation in their French holiday home, whilst I am there (free use for test) what is so special about the Fluke mains lead that they want £40.00 for the EU version? I know it has a special plug into the unit, but c'mon £40.00 for...
  4. P

    Fluke 6500 problems with keyboard

    Hello to all from germany, i have here a Fluke 6500 appliance tester. Most of the keys don't work. As i opened the case there was a smd diode D8 on the logic board clearly defective. Perhaps there is a service manual or some circuit diagrams for this tester out there where i can see what type...
  5. Michaelp

    Fluke voltage tester cable

    I have 2 Fluke T150 and the cable broke on both and need to be changed.Is being 2 years now with heavy use so is not a surprise. Dont want to use a normal flexible cable. I have seen on Fluke website that is suppose to be a special cable to withstand the pulling, bending as much as possible.It...
  6. M

    Fluke 1664FC issues - Null - Low Batt - Err 5

    Hi There, Just invested in a Fluke 1664FC multifunction tester in the hope of gaining accurate - repeatable results but unfortunately it's not proving very accurate at all... Basic issue: New Energizer alkaline batteries in meter Meter in continuity mode Neutral & Earth non-fused probes...
  7. J

    Fluke 1653 err 1 (error 1) repair options?

    any know who can repair fluke 1653 err 1
  8. Diver233

    Fluke T150 any one got one any good

    i sean to be in a minority on this site for using Fluke meters, but has anyone got/ used the Fluke T150?. What they like good and bad especially in comparison to others
  9. D

    Fluke 322 Clamp Meter - near mint

    I have a Fluke 322 clamp meter for sale. It was my spare so it's unused and in near-mint condition. Comes with Fluke case and leads. Might have the instructions somewhere. Located west London, can post for a few pounds. Looking for £60, offers accepted for quick sale.
  10. M

    fluke software anyone help

    One of my colleagues has just given me his old fluke 6500 (looks like decent bit of equipment ) can anyone advise on software as all the ones I see online don't work with iOS and don't work with windows 10 can anyone give guidance. cheers
  11. P

    Fluke t6 tester, non contact voltage reading?

    Anyone got one of these yet? I’ve got the older t5 version and the fingers on the end are really handy with ac current detection. The new one supposedly gives you non contact voltage reading as well. Was in eddies and there was one in a stand on the counter to try out, it wouldn’t work when I...
  12. J

    Can a fluke T90 continuity tester be capable of confirming a new light fixture is good to go or not?

    Hi guys, I have wired light fixtures and hard wired a lot of cookers in the past, been all fine. I'm now training to be an electrician, the course itself is level 1 electrical installation. I have just bought my first continuity tester which is a fluke T90 and wondering if this is good enough...
  13. K

    Wanted Fluke 83 LCD & any broken Fluke multimeters

    Hi I'm looking for an LCD screen for an early Fluke 83 but interested in any Flukes for spares or repair
  14. haptism

    Fluke T110 continuity sounds

    Can someone tell me what the audible continuity sound a T110 makes ? I recently bought one and sent it to the Netherlands for the recall; a replacement was issued but the continuity sound is more like a warble than a continuous tone, which im sure the original had. Anyone know ??
  15. oracle

    Challenging Fluke on calibration issue

    I once (in another country) sent a Fluke thermometer to them for calibration. It came back with a Calibration certificate which showed 96 degrees at boiling point, ie 4 degrees out, and - 4 degrees freezing point also 4 degrees out. I boiled my kettle with the thermometer aimed at the water and...
  16. Greg84

    Fluke 1652c multifunction tester

    Fluke 1652c multifunction tester In very good used condition with 13a plug lead 2 battery packs and case Calibration ended 3 months ago Selling due to having newer model £120
  17. R

    Fluke two probe testers

    PRODUCT RECALL NOTICE FLUKE 110V VOLTAGE TESTER T110 We have been made aware of some isolated incidents with this product where the voltage tester could display a false negative result, which can put the end user at risk of electric shock. The product affected is: Code Product Description...
  18. Baddegg

    Fluke product recall.......

    Anyone know what the turn around time is for the fluke voltage tester recall?
  19. oracle

    Fluke are recalling two pole testers

    Fluke Corporation has identified a safety issue affecting certain Fluke T110, T130, and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers (“T-Pole Testers”). As a precautionary measure, Fluke has decided to voluntarily recall all of these products and provide affected customers with new and improved equivalent...
  20. SparkyChick

    Fluke Product Recall affecting T1xx series voltage testers

    Please refer to this link for more information:- Important Voluntary Recall Information Regarding Fluke T110, T130 and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers - https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/support/safety-notices/tpt-recall Thanks to @Andy78 for the heads up on this.
  21. SparkyChick

    Fluke Product Recall affecting T1xx series voltage testers

    Please refer to this link for more information:- Important Voluntary Recall Information Regarding Fluke T110, T130 and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers - https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/support/safety-notices/tpt-recall Thanks to @Andy78 for the heads up on this.
  22. A

    ! * Fluke Product Recall * !

    Firstly all the usual guff about sorry for posting this in the wrong section; I tried posting it in the general section but I just couldn't find it amongst the swathes of different categories. Mods feel free to move it or delete it or whatever. I tried to buy a Fluke T150 today but was told...
  23. Andy5678

    1651b fluke for sale. Give me an offer

    Would like to test the water, see if I can get a good price, or will just hold on to it. I currently use an issued one from my work. Bought it new in 2016 for a couple of jobs and haven’t used it since. Calibration will be out of date. This is still like new and has been stored in the house.
  24. joel89

    Fluke 1507 Insulation Tester

    in a used condition, used about 5 times in total no longer needed as I have an MFT. Paid £450 about 2 years ago! Comes with carry case, croc clips, leads, user manual. I will post via tracked courier I think its around £9 tracked. Offers please
  25. joel89

    Fluke T5-600 Clamp/Multimeter

    Hi for sale is a Fluke T5-600 clamp, Continuity, Voltage, Current never used bought 2 months ago then my company bought me a new test kit. So no longer needed, comes with a case Pickup Barnsley or can be posted. Full spec here; Fluke T5-600 Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester -...
  26. Last plumber

    Fluke 1652 Error 1 code, any ideas what to look for?

    As above really. My tester is showing an Error 1 code right from switching it on. New batteries, battery terminals all clean, voltage is good at the two terminals on the battery box/holder. All internal fuses are good too. Is this the end?
  27. Zdb

    Strange EFLI message on Fluke MFT

  28. Mr Midlife

    Fluke 6500-2 Pat Tester

    Hello, im using this tester at work, and im testing a medical fridge that i have modified (in accordance to local procedures) its been a while since i used any form of tester, but today i came across an oddity. i did the earth bond test, and it passed, i did the insulation test (500V) and it...
  29. R

    Somewhere in South wales to calibrate my fluke in a day.

    Hi, Does anyone from the South Wales area know somewhere I can get my Fluke MFT calibrated while you wait. Around by me the only place I can get it done is where they send it off for a week! Perhaps somewhere in Swansea Bridgend or Cardiff? Thanks in advance for any help.
  30. T

    KT65DL voltage test compared to Fluke T130 double pole voltage tester voltage test

    So Put a couple of LED panels in new fabricated unit finished install and tested Zs, as you do. Fine on L-N not fine on L-PE, KT65 DL says voltage on earth 79v to be precise(ish?) Ok so just double check with Fluke T130 get 44v. This is present no matter what the state of the lights are i.e...
  31. S

    Fluke SM100, SM200 & SM300 Socket Testers Voluntary Recall

    I know this is a little old but just in case you did not know. Fluke Electrical Socket Testers Voluntary Recall Information - http://www.fluke.com/fluke/nlnl/support/safety-notices/Fluke-Socket-Recall I'm keeping mine just in case it gets stolen...that'll teach them.;)
  32. P

    Anyone with a fluke 1664fc?

    These look like the dogs dangling bits, does anyone have one and whats you opinion, I'm also assuming you can do a zs at a light switch if you need to (older models you couldn't as it would trip the rcd)?
  33. Mark.W

    Megger 1735 for sale or swap for Fluke 1664FC

    Hi, As above I have a megger 1735 mft bought in August last year which I just do not get on with. It cost me £1200 but I am looking for £1000 ono for it. I would also be willing to swap it for a Fluke 1664FC if anybody was interested. PM me if interested, Cheers Mark
  34. charlie76

    Fluke 1662 multifunction tester for sale

    Fluke 1662 MFT for sale. Immaculate, unused. All leads, software, manuals present. Fused and infused leads. Remote test probe. Google the 1662 to have a read up and that's what's on offer here. I'll take £550 but no offers as it's a brand spanker. Postage extra, probably £10 to £15 to uk...
  35. O

    Measuring Direct Current with Fluke Multimeter?

    I've been told I need to wire the multimeter in series with the LED I'm trying to measure. I tried doing that and now the COB won't power on. I made a diagram for the wiring when I initially successfully wired up the LED so I'll post a picture of that below along with pictures of my wiring...
  36. UKMeterman

    Fluke non contact volt meter

    Fluke have brought out a non contact volt meter, looks quite usefull, anyone tried one in the field? T6-1000 | Fluke T6-1000 Handheld Electrometer, 200A ac 1000V ac 1000V dc | Fluke - http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/digital-multimeters/1462605/
  37. telectrix

    FLUKE T5-1000 For Sale. MINT.

    As title, This is in as new condition. Still got the protector film on the screen. Best Price I seen on internet is £97 + VAT. Will let this go for £60 Posted.
  38. Mav_2014

    Fluke 1651, 1652 upgraded and repairs

    Hi all, new to the forum. For anyone with a Fluke 1651 or 1652 I offer an upgrade service to 1653 specifications, also repairs of Fluke 165x testers and err1 repairs, all at fixed prices. To find out more just message me. Repairs and upgrades include b&c series also.
  39. 8

    Where can i repair Fluke 1652b

    My fluke 1652b has stopped working , nothing happens at all when I turn it on .. can anyone recommend the best place to repair .. fluke in Norwich, want £107 just to investigate or £212.50 to repair, with a warning that major parts aren't included, which is as much use as a chocolate teapot...
  40. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Issue with my Fluke 115 Meter...

    Hi guys and girls, I am having a slight issue with my multi meter, its display has randomly flickered whilst on voltage then the continuity buzzer just went off.. and the screen crashed. I have a feeling it's shorted internally due to the strange behaviour, when I use the rotary to turn it...
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