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  1. D

    Continuity testing with Fluke 1663

    Hi all, I was testing a domestic premises In Ireland during the week for Continuity, pre-connection. usong the Fluke 1663 megger, I had a small issue during the day related to the mA setting on f4. During continuity testing you can set to 10mA or 250mA. My question is which is the correct...
  2. A

    FLUKE MFT wanted.

    Hi looking for a fluke multifunction tester must be in excellent condition and fully functional. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
  3. E

    Fluke 2042 or?

    Hi I have been working for a company for a few months, which only runs iecr and remidial after iecr, I often do 4 iecr a day or 2 large remidials. I often have problems locating cables for bonding, dead cables, broken cables and walled junction boxes, they make me waste a lot of time and often...
  4. O

    fluke 1651 upgrades/repairs

    Hi guys. I am just wondering if anyone knows if the old meters can still be repaired and who does them? I know it is possible but I cannot find anyone to do it anymore. Happy to ship across the planet as long as there is someone who can fix it. I have a 1651 origional series. Cheers.
  5. P

    Fluke 1664FC for sale

    Fluke 1664fc not been overly used (only used by me) and in excellent condition. £625 collection from West London (near Uxbridge)
  6. A

    Fluke 6500-2 Surge Extension test

    Hello all, I am new to PAT testing and have a Fluke 6500-2. I am having an issue whereby I cannot seem to drop the voltage down to 250V when testing a surge protected extension lead. I have read in a couple of places that without a means of lowering it from 500V simply hit the IEC test button...
  7. Mike Johnson

    Fluke DMS Software

    Anyone using the above, I have posted elsewhere with no response, I seem to be having difficulty populating the results from my MFT, any hints.
  8. F

    Fluke 199C

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with my FLUKE 199C oscilloscope battery which becomes dead very often and the oscilloscope will not turn on anymore even when the power adapter is connected. Is there any way to make it run on the power adapter regardless of the battery condition.
  9. Mike Johnson

    Fluke DMS Software

    Any of you guys or gals use the Fluke DMS software and can give me a few tips on how to get the screen populated with my results, able to download from my 1663 OK, but only some of the results show up, at a bit of a loss to get all the results to show.
  10. Mike Johnson

    Fluke DMS Software

    Anyone successfully using this software, I don't seem to be able to see the results of any tests on my laptop, plus I have a lot of extraneous data from years ago that have nothing to do with me, only been installed for a couple of months, so the data from 1979 is irrelevant, anyone know why...
  11. R

    Currently looking for a Fluke Link Runner or similar.

    I’m currently looking for a Fluke Link Runner to test my Cat5e to see when fault finding if any of the cores etc are damaged. Or something similar.
  12. dnjr

    Fluke 1663 multifunction tester error code 4

    Dear all Testing Zs on fluke 1663 returned an error code 4 I thought this was an earth fault but another spark said it’s a voltage on the line. Anyone have the correct answer ? Cheers
  13. G

    Fluke 1664 and EV test kit

    I'm looking to complete the EV charger point installation, I know I need the IET book for it, but I'm looking for a tester too and I'm not sure if my current model is compatible (megger mft1711) Does anyone use the fluke, how does it compare? Does anyone use the same MFT with an adaptor? Thanks
  14. S

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying
  15. dmitry1

    USA has anyone used Fluke model-41 power harmonics analyzer

    if anyone has had any experience with fluke-41 analyzer, please let me know. i am thinking of acquiring this lower cost ac line analyzer to check power quality in residential environment (research power trips, power spikes, breaker tripping....etc, and most importantly to log all that)
  16. Lister1987

    Fluke C1600 Case - Replacement Tray?

    I've got hold of a Fluke C1600 carry case for my testing gubbins but it appears to be missing the tray insert that should come with it, any ideas where one can get a replacement?
  17. C

    Fluke T5-1000 or T6?

    Recently I lost my Fluke T5-1000 tester and rather just replace it with the same I was wondering if it is worth paying the extra for the T6-1000? Anyone used the T6?
  18. D

    Certsure testing type a rcd

    fluke 1653b tester. carrying earth loop test on type a rcd tripping
  19. M

    Fluke hand tools

    Hiya Guys Has anyone bought any of the Fluke side cutters, pliers or screwdrivers yet as I have seen them on YouTube and wonder if they are any good also been tying to find a uk supplier on line but no joy yet. Unfortunately I am a total tool tart if it looks new and shiny I want them so if...
  20. Mike Johnson

    Fluke 1633 alternative mains cord

    I have been asked by a good friend to check out the electrical installation in their French holiday home, whilst I am there (free use for test) what is so special about the Fluke mains lead that they want £40.00 for the EU version? I know it has a special plug into the unit, but c'mon £40.00 for...