1. P

    UK Fluke 1662 MFT with Calibration Certificate

    Fluke 1662 MFT with calibration until Jan 2025, brought from CEF October 2022, had very light use and kept in good condition as shown in photos. No longer required. Local pick up preferred. £400
  2. K

    For Sale Fluke 345 PQ Clamp Meter

    Selling my Fluke 345 PQ Clamp Meter New Entire Kit With Case, making it the perfect addition to any industrial or testing environment. Price: $2,000
  3. B

    Does anyone know why my Fluke Scopemeter 196C would be Flashing and Beeping?

    This Fluke Scopemeter 196C has sat in a barn for 20 years and I would like to get it working, the battery leaked and I replaced it and charged it. The screen keeps flashing and beeping after 1 click upon hitting the power button. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I

    Fluke 6500 PAT tester, error 77, 71

    Hi all, The electrical network in my house (Antwerp, BE) is quite old and consists of two phases of about 140 volts. This gives me approximately 240 volts at the socket. Earth cable connected. So the Fluke 6500 tester gives two errors: 77 that there is no ground. And I can see the second error...
  5. D

    For Sale Fluke T5-1000 tester

    For sale Fluke T5-1000 with original belt pouch and Fluke voltage tracer pen ( it was a set ) this has never left the house just been sitting in a desk drawer as I got it as a spare one donkeys years ago and forgot I had it looking for £125 to cover postage as well paypal money transfer only
  6. J

    Fluke 2062 Cable tracer

    I've got a Fluke 2062 cable tracer. Cracking bit of kit, but very expensive, and isn't getting used very much. I might be open to renting it out. If you need to trace a break or short, this could save you a lot of time. I traced a N E short to a pin in a picture rail that had been there about a...
  7. B

    UK Fluke 1664FC firmware

    Fluke 1664FC. Has anyone tried to upgrade the firmware to include the 6mA RDC-DD test?
  8. E

    Fluke 1664FC software

    What is the use of purchasing a MFT 1664FC if software is still on a cd rom Making the processing of test results a nightmare.
  9. E

    Fluke 1664fc or?

    Hi Still fluke 1664fc is a good tester or there is other new model on the market? Any brand and model will be appreciated, not the megger please.
  10. Moley

    Fluke 1653B question

    I saw a Fluke 1653B on Gumtree local to me being sold as faulty. Fault was stated as no continuity between 'N' and 'PE' ports on the resistance range. 'L' and 'PE' were fine. He said he'd been using it and the fault has just happened. He got in touch with Fluke and they gave a stupid price just...
  11. Simthespark

    3 lead low Err5 code Fluke 1664FC

    Hi All New to this forum, have read the posts on here from google but only recently signed up. I'm having some issues and some input would be very handy. Testing at my house. I have a TN-S supply. Cutout is circa 1980s, cable is circa 1940s. Lead PILC incomer encased in a 1-¼" (32mm ish) old...
  12. J

    Fluke tester doesn’t work odd??

    I’ve recently come into a people’s with my fluke T130 I’ve been proving it recently on my fluke proving unit and it shows 60v then ramps up to 90v and cuts out I then put it back on and it ramps up to 160v then cuts out I then do it again and it goes to 261v and cuts out! I’ve tested my proving...
  13. R

    Fluke 1651B Bargain Price

    A friend of mine is selling his Fluke 1651b for £80. Calibrated till Feb next year but needs new cables and probes. Any good?
  14. B

    Fluke 1662 live testing

    Morning everyone I’ve recently bought a fluke 1662 as my megger 1741 broke on a site last week. Does the fluke have the same capability as the megger or do you just have to take the lead resistance off after the test ?
  15. L

    What could cause a Fluke T2 volt tester to dance up and down 12-230v

    New batteries ... There is a dimmer attached to the light circuit . Full power its fine .turn down , light flashes , volt meter LEDS dance up and down. 2 x dimmers tried .
  16. I

    Any recommendations for reliable Fluke repair please1587.

    Am absolutely gutted, my Fluke 1587 insulation tester appears it's had an unknown fatal incident. I was doing some testing a few days ago and was fine. Yesterday I assumed the batteries were dead and replaced new ones. Then checked the fuse, dead. That did surprise me. At a loss what happened...
  17. J

    Should i buy Megger MFT-x1 or Fluke 1664fc

    Megger MFT X1 or Fluke 1664 FC Is there any difference? Which one will you go?
  18. M

    Fluke Networks TS 100 won't turn on

    I Left the batteries in for an extended time and they corroded the terminals. I tried sanding them clean but it still won't turn on. Any suggestions for troubleshooting it before I tear it apart? Thanks.
  19. sldz1200

    Insulation fluke 1663/1664

    Could someone tell me if it is possible in fluke 1663/1664 to activate the option to carry out an insulation test without having the finger fixed on the test button? I am not referring to the differential test, which I know can be done by detecting voltage and not pressing the "start". I only...
  20. sldz1200

    Differences between fluke 1663

    Hello, I don't know if I'm in the right place for this publication, I apologize first of all. I did a search, but I didn't find anything.... Does anyone know the difference between these two FLUKE 1663 models, where one comes with the RCD test selector in yellow and the other in white? What is...


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