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  1. J

    30W LED Flood Light with PIR & Manual Override

    Gents Having a lot of trouble sourcing a 30W led flood with pir that I can reflex with an additional core to bi-pass the pir. Ideally it would be great if the flood came with this "bi-pass wire" but cant source anything that isn't sealed. Has anybody been down this road? Can anybody...
  2. B

    Manual override and PIR on lights

    Hi what’s difference between 1 way and 2 Way Switch please on manual override of pir 1 Way, Switch up is PIR and Switch down is perm on Can someone explain how would the 2 way would work and is the drawings correct the load cable for the lights is from PIR as easier than wiring from switch thanks
  3. Pip

    Domestic Manual switching to over ride PIR Flood

    Hi Guys, Have a client who has a light unit with a built in PIR at the entrance to his property, Electric gates, Cameras etc. PIR has packed up so light now useless. The unit has a switched live to the lamps so bypassing the PIR, panic mode really as there are other floods on the same circuit...
  4. A

    anyone got a manual for one of these?

    hi all Im working on an AHU and trying to do a bit of fault finding just wondering if anyone has a manual for a Staefa Control System RDK9G Controller - Staefa Control System - Buy now at - PLC Warehouse - Cheers
  5. rolyberkin

    Anyone got a sample O&M manual please?

    Hi all, has anyone got a sample O&M manual I could have a look at for a simple commercial electrical installation. I need to produce one for a small job I have undertaken, sub main to small office and external garden power so fairly small and straightforward. What headings do I need and how...
  6. H

    Intercom wiring help

    Got an intercom to sort, the pictures speak for themselves I think. What happened was a dog chewed through the cables and some Jack the lad tried to fix it. The ones with orange conductors haven't been touched. The one with a yellow conductor to the terminal has been touched - that is how it is...
  7. A

    External Lighting controls. Manual on, photocell off

    A client wants some external lights to illuminate a pathway around a building at night to access the electrical switchroom, which is accessed via an external door. (The building is a 24hr building) One thought was to install a switch inside the building and then if the lights are accidentally...
  8. I

    Electric digital radiator doesn't heat up

    Hi, I bought new radiator form Bestelectricradiators - Slimline Digital 1250. I installed it on the wall, plug in the socket, set up the time and date, also I choose the temperature to be 21 degree on the manual mode, but it doesn't heat up. Am I doing something wrong or this radiator is...
  9. S

    Old unidare storage heater

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place but I followed a link here from google I have a bit of a problem working out how to use this storage heater, I'm stumped for a model number but I have included pictures to maybe help?
  10. L

    Robin IR80 PAT Tester

    Hi Guys Got my ticket last year so can now PAT Test, so have purchased of eBay a Robin IR80 PAT Tester Trouble is it doesn't have an instruction manual with it. Looked round on Google Search but nothing found except others wanting a manual also. Is there somone out there who can help me...
  11. 123

    All Timeguard Product Manuals

    123 submitted a new resource: All Timeguard Manuals - All Manuals for TImeguard Read more about this resource...
  12. 123

    Centaurplus Hortsmann C11 & C17 Programmers Series 2 Manual

    123 submitted a new resource: Hortsmann C11 & C17 Programmers - Hortsmann C11 & C17 Programmers Read more about this resource...
  13. 123

    Eph 2 Channel Programmer T27 Installation Manual

    123 submitted a new resource: EPH 2 Channel Programmer T27 Installation Manual - EPH 2 Channel Programmer T27 Installation Manual Read more about this resource...
  14. 123

    Eph 1 Channel Programmer T17 Installation Manual

    123 submitted a new resource: EPH 1 Channel Programmer T17 Installation Manual - EPH 1 Channel Programmer T17 Installation Manual Read more about this resource...
  15. 123

    Eph 1 Channel Programmer R17 Installation Manual

    123 submitted a new resource: EPH 1 Channel Programmer R17 Installation Manual - EPH 1 Channel Programmer R17 Installation Manual Read more about this resource...
  16. Dan

    User Manuals And Things

    Okay, so I've added a resources section which allows you to upload user manuals and that sort of stuff. I've created a category for the user manuals. What other categories do we need? What kind of things do you download and save or would be handy saving on the forum in a nice categorised area so...
  17. Dan

    Testing Manual [deleted]

    Dan submitted a new resource: Testing Manual - Testing the new resources system, come check it out! Read more about this resource...
  18. T

    Commercial Elster Power Master Unit Meter Manual

    Hi all Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the user manual for the Elster Power Master Unit PMU meter programming software. I use the software every day but need to know how to use the Live Link application. If anyone can help please let me know Thanks in advance TC
  19. D

    Megger Pat3 manual. HELP PLEASE!!!

    Hi everyone I hope that you are all well and enjoying your weekend. I have a Megger Pat3 tester which I inherited from my dad. I now want to get it calibrated and start using it! The problem is, I don't have the user manual for it. The basic instructions are printed under the lid but I would...
  20. L

    Manual fan switch off battery to inside of car

    I want to run a switch from my fan to the inside of my car. The fan works when I connect both wires to the battery but some of the wiring is missing because an engine conversion. Do I need a relay between the fan and battery or fuse or what?
  21. amlu

    help needed - hive thermostat + vailant boiler connection

    Hello, boilers and thermostats are not my strong point. Can do following the manual, but unfortunately Hive model is not mentioned in the boiler manual... Been doing new electrics for a kitchen refurb, customer brought this new thing and I got a bit stuck on it. Got some pictures from both...
  22. R

    Anyone got a Fluke 101

    If so, does it have a backlight?
  23. K

    HONEYWELL ACCENTA MINI 8SP399A Remote keypad problem

    My first post so I hope I get this right! i have just fitted a Honeywell Accenta mini gen4 with lcd remote keypad for my dad. All seemed to go fine until I tested the system. The initial power up was as the manual suggests and the LCD keypad read "system unset". I then entered P and the...
  24. B

    Domestic Outside lights with PIR and manual overide

    Hi , I am a newbie trainee and would like to understand something please. I am working with someone else, replacing outside pir lighting. The property has 3 outside lights front, and 3 at the rear. They are currently the half lantern style PIR slave units. the front ones have a manual...
  25. E

    Pir wall lantern with manual override function

    Hi I need to get some wall lanterns but the only one I've been able to find with a built in manual override function is this one...
  26. G

    Gemini Advanced Microprocessor Control home alarm

    Hi, I've just moved into a 1900 house with an existing home alarm. It says on the box that it's a Gemini Advanced Microprocessor Control. I don't have the manual but would like to change the code. The previous owners didn't know the code either. Is there an online manual or a way of changing...
  27. J

    Where can I get wiring diagrams for vans/cars?

    Apologies if this has been asked before (I'm sure it has - I just can't find the answers). I would like a complete wiring diagram for a Ford Transit 2005 - model 85 T260 (SWB, 2L diesel). I have been Googling but got nowhere. Cheers!
  28. W

    Wavin TP-83 room thermostat?

    I've just popped over from the other side, ( plumbers forum ), to ask if the above mentioned room stat is a type of intelligent stat, in other words can it be taught to know how long the system it's controlling takes to reach its preset temp, and to come on before it gets too low, ( hopefully...
  29. Rockingit

    Mitsubishi Ecodan fault code

    Have a M-Ecodan ASHP system installed by a firm that's now parted company from the builders, so no warranty backup, and the ball's landed in my court to pick up the mess (six installs, btw). I've just done a callout to a non-working system which is flashing up an E9 code both at the tank end...
  30. keniff

    Texecom alarm

    Hi guys I have a texecom veritas alarm I installed about a year ago, I'm wanting to move the bell box outside to a different wall but Im not sure how to bypass the tamper on the bell box so it doesn't bell up when I take the lid off, any ideas or help would be great!
  31. S

    Problems with veritas 8 alarm

    Hi, Could you please give me some advice - I have the veritas 8 alarm with keypad and today I had to turn the mains off to do some diy work. When I turned it off within 2 minutes the alarm started beeping and the alarm went off inside and outside the house. I tried to reset it but it wasn’t...
  32. B

    A2 and A3 radial circuits

    Where some information regarding the above circuits, a more detailed version. My manual only gives a brief outline.:sorcerer:
  33. M

    Fluke 1652

    Hey Guys, I purchased a fluke 1652 and am waiting on delivery, I need it for a lot of things but one feature I need and am not sure if it has it is the volt drop feature on some flukes. When you test a battery on start up or a generator for example some flukes will let you hold a V min (too...
  34. sparky3366

    veritas engineer manuals

    Hi all...been away for some time and now medically retired due to 2 strokes and losing my sight :-( Can anyone supply a li to avers install manual? ts for my father inlaw who needs to reboot hi panel and I cant find one anywhere... Thaks guys... :-)
  35. R

    Domestic Honeywell / ADE - Optima and Remote KeyPad

    Hi I have just installed a Optima G4 panel and connected up to a remote Keypad. The alarm works ok however the RKP is displaying the "System Optima G4, Software installed and Build number". I guess l have to activate this. How do you enable the Remote key pad (RKP) from the panel or get this...
  36. A

    PAT software for manual testers

    Does anyone know of any good software for android devices? Need to be able to input details of company and logos etc. Either free or as cheap as poss. Also I've had a look on eBay for barcode scanners, they are pretty expensive in comparison to USB and wireless barcode scanners. Does anyone...
  37. sibbits

    old pat test manual

    anyone got a copy of the manual for a robin ir 80 pat tester????
  38. I

    Megger 1553 Lead Configuration

    Good Evening Lads Been out of the game for a while, I have a 1553, can someone please explain the lead positions and the correct test procedures. Many Thanks Chris
  39. A

    Anyone have an electratech manual ?

    As above does anybody have a copy of a manual for an Electra tech control panel? If you have and you would be willing to email me a copy it would be greatly appreciated :)
  40. D

    Fluke 1654B

    Hi Does any on use one of these, Bought on but and down loaded the manual but there more whistle and bells than need. lol cheers Dave
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