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  1. P

    Metrel MI3155

    Hi Guys Anyone had any experience with the metrel mi3155 looking at changing my old fluke 1654b that ive had for a while. It seems to tick a lot of boxes and i basically want to future proof myself, ive watched a few vids of it online but none in English , so wanted to get some real world...
  2. G

    Metrel mi3000

    Hi all still learning and getting my head around testing, I've got a metrel mft and don't seem to be able to work out if possible to do a ramp test with this particular one. Anyone else got same mft and can confirm if it's a function on this model ?? Thank in advance
  3. gazdkw82

    RCD testing - metrel MI3000

    Been noticing that when I run an auto RCD test I sometimes get a failure on the x1 and sometimes x1/2. However when performing the tests individually everything is fine. Has anyone had these issues?
  4. O

    Metrel UK ........... 5 star service

    About 10 days ago, my trusty Metrel MFT stopped working. A few calls later established that Metrel UK in Epsom, could not only fix and calibrate my tester in 1 week, they would also loan me an MFT whilst they had mine free of charge. They also updated the firmware at the same time. Thanks...
  5. gazdkw82

    Metrel MI3000 Zs(rcd) tripping

    Anyone had any experience of metrel testers tripping an RCD when doing a Zs when you have the rcd no trip function on? It happened the other day on my 2391 assessment but the college tester did the same so I assumed it was the college rig. Just wired up a cooker for my niece, can't do a Zs...
  6. Greg84

    Metrel MI2120 rcd line loop tester

    Have just come across my metrel mi2120 tester totally unused from new as has other instruments open to offers if any use to anyone
  7. matt1386

    Metrel MI3125BT ( Bluetooth model )

    morning all, For sale I have my Metrel MI3125BT including the A1401 tip commander. Everything in the pics is included The tester is in immaculate condition and has calibration until November £500 Cash on collection or bank transfer preffered Any questions please private message me Photos...
  8. TonyJohnson

    Can Metrel EasiTest carry out Earth Rod resistance test on TT System?

    Hi, I have a truck container cafe with a floating generator for power. I am fitting an earth spike to the generator and also an earth spike to the steel container. I then need to measure the TT system i have created but i only have a Metrel easitest.. Will the tester do the job and if so how do...
  9. D

    Metrel Easitest MI 2087 AL2 for sale

    I have for sale, this multi function tester. It`s in great condition, as you can see in the pictures as it has quite literally only been used a handful of times. It is calibrated until Nov 2018 I would like 80 pounds for it and you can either collect in person or I can post it at your expense.
  10. gazdkw82

    Metrel update gone wrong??

    Anyone had any issues updating a metrel MFT?? I've tried updating the firmware and now it's not doing anything. I just get a blank screen. In fact I left it a few hours turned it on and it beeped loud and then all the relays/contacts started going crazy and screen flashing. Help needed :-/
  11. oxford 12

    Metrel multi tester problem

    Has anyone had any problems with the metrel mi3125?. Mine today suddenly would not turn on ,unless the charge lead is plug in. Which makes it unusable. Is the meter broke or fixible. Have tried new batteries in it,make no difference. Has anyone had this problem.
  12. oxford 12

    Metrel multi tester problem

    Has anyone had any problems with the metrel mi3125?. Mine today suddenly would not turn on ,unless the charge lead is plug in. Which makes it unusable. Is the meter broke or fixible. Have tried new batteries in it,make no difference. Has anyone had this problem.
  13. T

    Newly Qualified to domestic level

    Hi am Tony newly qualified Domestic installer just thought i would say hello really.
  14. eckardt

    Show Your Test & Measurement Instruments

    Metrel MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6410 Metrel MW9600 Metrel Eurotest 61557 - MI 2086 Metrel Test Leads
  15. Keith@SparksFly

    Martindale ET4500

    Hi Guys I am just about to buy a MFT and I have run across the Martindale ET4500. It is about £350 cheaper than the comparable Megger or Fluke. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion as to whether it is worth getting the more expensive or if the Martindale does the job. Thanks
  16. R

    Metrel LAN350

    Metrel LAN350 FOR SALE RRP £2500 WILL SELL FOR £1000 OVNO 07588901810
  17. R

    METREL LAN 350

  18. joel89

    Testing ze at the origin

    Hi all I'm an industrial sparky on maintenance doing my eal initial verification exam tomorrow was just wondering when doing ZE at the origin, do you do Neutral L1,L2,L3 and then Earth L1,L2,L3 and N+E ? Or is there between phases too? And is this the same for The PFC?
  19. P

    Metrel 3002 battery charger

    Does anyone know where you can purchase a Metrel charger for the 3002 model. Some doughnut on site decided to throw mine away. I have seen one online but I'm not too sure it's a metrel version and I am a little anal about using third party products on just about anything I own.
  20. G

    DECENT socket tester

    had a metrel and a kewtech kewtech now doesnt work atall completley dead metrel neons work but no audio , pretty new aswell :( any good makes out ?
  21. N

    r2 wander lead wanted.

    Looking for an r2 wander test lead. I'm in Essex if anyone has one going. thanks.
  22. zap

    Faulty Metrel MI 3125B or dangerous thumb!

    I have an MI 3125B. When testing for Zs at a socket I touched the test button with my thumb, the tester buzzed and displayed the 'dangerous voltage on PE' symbol. So I de-energized the system to look for the fault. There was no fault and insulation resistance at 500V DC was >999 MOhms. I...
  23. R

    socket and see part p kit

    Ok guys I've been offered a socket and see part p kit for 150 quid I need it to gain registration to stroma are they useful or not worth it? Appreciate your thoughts
  24. L

    metrel euro test battery problem?

    has any one had any problems with their metrel test instruments eating batteries? my euro test only lasts five mins when fully charged and then tells me it needs recharging. has anyone else experienced any battery charge problems and if so is there a fix?
  25. L

    Metrel MI3100 or Fluke 1651B

    Use Metrel at college they seem fine, but quite like build quality of Fluke gear. Can't use the testmeter comparison chart as they don't seem to do Fluke but wondered what features I'd be losing in buying one over the other?? Advice would be great. Thanks
  26. A

    alphatek mertel instaltest manual

    hi can you send me manual for alphatek mertel instaltest 61557 , the best regards
  27. T

    voltage between live and earth

    hi all im currently doing some testing on a university the install is metal trunking and metal conduit used as the earth for the whole installation. when we disconect neutral and carry out isulation resistance test we are getting a 12v between live and the earth bar, and our metrel tester wont...
  28. A

    MFT Metrel MI3100 tester for sale

    Hi, I`m looking to sale my old Metrel MI3100 tester. It`s come with leads and charger. Needs calibration. East London. Regards
  29. G

    touch voltage

    Hi all, went out today for new leads for my mft and came back with a new Metrel,3002dl bargain however when reading the manual you can select the touch voltage for RCD tests,my old tester didn,t have this feature can anyone advise best touch voltage to set it at please?
  30. 5

    megger 1552 earth bonding test.

    ok, please be gentle! i have been given a megger 1552, and it comes with a eath bonding test lead 6231 - 586. can someone remind me how to use it with this piece of kit. i was told once that there was no such thing as a stupid question!
  31. E

    fluke 1653B or metrel MI3102 ?

    i'm going ato buy a new installation tester and i want a little help. I am among fluke 1653 and metrel 3102. both of them are good testers i wish could buy them but this is not applicable. So, i like fluke's appearence, quality and functionality but metrel comes in a lower price and also it is...
  32. K

    metrel mi3000 testing for ze

    evening everyone Iam doing some testing and ive done my IR test, continuity of protective conductors, continuity of rfc and a earth fault loop impedance no problems but my metrel mi3000 wont allow me to test for Ze anybody know what settings it should be, am testing a domestic split load...
  33. C

    Got my C&G in Portable Appliance testing today... Info and advice on testers please

    Hi folks, I passed my C&G Portable Appliance testing today. Another string to the bow so to speak. I Have only ever done appliance testing as an employee when I used to work for people, so this is my first step into the PAT world alone. Im looking at PAT equipment now, trying to decide the...
  34. G

    Metrel TEK118 Earth Bonded Metalwork Lead

    Hello everyone, I'm after some help. I have a Metrel MFT which I bought second hand & has a number of extra bits & pieces with it. One of these extras is a TEK118 Earth Bonded Metalwork Lead. It's a 4 pole plug which plugs into the MFT, and has 2 leads coming out of it. One lead has a standard...
  35. H

    Rcd tripping on no trip Eli test

    Hi using a megger 1552 to do a few earth loops in a house. It's on the no trip function but still the rcd trips. Never had this before as usually the rcd holds out long enough to get the required reading for the earth loop imp. It's a tt system and the rcd ( 30 ma) is relatively new. Any thoughts?
  36. W

    installation testers

    which is the best easy to use installation tester
  37. S

    Metrel easitest handbook

    does anybody know where i can get hold of the user manual for the easitest meter, I have just started a new job and they gave me this tester, but with no information for it, I have never used this model before..only used the megger mft thanks, Spidergaz (Gary for short)
  38. P

    MFT adaptors for PV panel checks

    Hi I am looking at equipment at the moment. The metrel MI3125B looks like a great bit of kit, apart from one issue. The leads are connected via a non standard plug. Test meter sell a set of leads that have mc4 connectors on them for about £20, but these have standard 4mm plugs, so will fit...
  39. M

    metrel mi3100 SF fault

    Hello, Anybody got a metrel mi 3100 tester ? My one was doing strange things today, like being unable to do a Zs rcd no trip test,and I wasn't able to select rcd no trip function. I'm now at home, and every function has an SF fault indication coming up, though I was still able to do a Zs rcd no...
  40. B

    Metrel Instaltest 61557 Results Download Software

    Hi All I'm new to this site and just starting my electricians course. I've aquired a Metrel Instaltest 61557 meter and when I tried to install the software on my computer to download the results from the meter, it would not install. The software is designed for 32 bit machines and mine is a...
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