1. D

    SEG Export/Qualification

    Client asked today, seeing this on Octopus website, what the minimum you need to export to qualify for SEG? Cant find answer myself on their website, anyone in the know?
  2. kurenai1129

    Qualification for a electrician

    Hi Everyone, I just move to UK and I'm a qualified electrician in Hong Kong. I tried ENIC to certificate my qualification which I have and ENIC certificated my framework level and UK Qualification as following: Framework Level: RQF L3 / SCQF L6 / CQFW L3 Comparable UK qualifications: BTEC...
  3. A

    What’s the best way to finish my qualification?

    I am currently employed as an Electricians mate but am looking to finally get my certs. I quit my apprenticeship 3 years ago, only being an exam and NVQ away from being able to sit the AM2. I’m attempting to get my previous exam results from my old college and wanting to continue from where I...
  4. S

    What electrical qualification would be most appropriate to wire caravans/mobile homes?

    We have started a business building garden rooms/caravans/mobile homes under the caravan act. We have only done one so far and I got an electrician in to wire it out and certificate it. Effectively it was a small house, plumbed bathroom, mains gas boiler to feed rads and shower, and electrics...
  5. R

    Best solar qualification?

    I'm considering doing a solar pv and battery storage course in the new year. Having done some research I've found several different awarding bodies, course providers etc. Just wondering which courses people have done? EAL, BPEC, LCL? Any recommendations for places to take the course...
  6. J

    Training route for Instrumentation & Control Technicians/ Engineers?

    Hi, Any C&I technicians/ engineers out there who can offer some advice on their training path/ the required training path for this industry? I currently hold a HNC in Instrumentation & Control Engineering and i've completed my Level 2 and 3 C&G 2365 qualifications. I initially wanted to go...
  7. ThatCompexDude

    MCS qualification or not?

    Hi folks. Just got a quick question about the MCS. Is it a necessity that people registering with the MCS need a solar specific qualification? Or do our other qualifications deem you as competent? Their website isn’t very clear and I’m reading mixed things. As someone who’s installed solar...
  8. D

    Why so difficult to navigate the City and Guilds qualification jungle

    Returning to the trade and just done my 18th Edition update last week. Trying to make head or tail of new C+G qualifications and cross-ref to my old qual's is a nightmare though this forum has come up with the best info I could find online and this problem obviously affects loads of other...
  9. O

    Seeking advice on qualification for experienced electrician

    Hello, I am a qualified Electrical Engineer from outside UK who has a lot of experience working in domestic and industrial electrical projects as well as manufacturing based. I am 65 years old and nearing retirement age, I live in London and need to find a course or qualification which would...
  10. Simon-0116

    Stroma Certification Scheme Eic not recognised- qualification

    Carried out a db replacement and obliviousy tested house, sockets off lights down etc a proper test. Issued a Eic but estate agent want a eicr to rent property. So I'm registed with stroma as domestic / industrial etc . But not to do eicr. As never took 2391. I've got c+g 2360 level 3...
  11. lmi-pa

    Is C&G 2396 Electrical Design qualification worth anything in the real world?

    Passed my C&G 2396: Electrical design and verification course recently and loved every minute of it, however I am wondering if it was actually worth doing. I haven’t seen any adverts with it listed as a requirement or even as preferred. It’s a level 4 course so a bit surprising. Has anyone done...
  12. lmi-pa

    Is City and Guilds 2396 Electrical Design qualification worth anything the real world?

    Passed my C&G 2396: Electrical design and verification course recently and loved every minute of it, however I am wondering if it was actually worth doing. I haven’t seen any adverts with it listed as a requirement or even as preferred. It’s a level 4 course so a bit surprising. Has anyone done...
  13. F

    Qualification Route

    Hi, I am not an electrcian, but am competant and have carried out my own electrics/family/friends for years safely. I am now looking to gain these qualifications that I saw in a recent post about EICR: QCF Level 3 18th Edition Qualification plus a QCF level 3 Qualification in Periodic...
  14. B

    What is the difference between the LCL and C&G Part P qualification?

    hi studying for Part P and the exam board from my course is LCL, is this a problem?
  15. J

    What qualification is actually needed for EICR on private rented? Race to bottom.

    When we consider EICR reports for the Private Rented Sector, we usually think an electrician completing any EICR should be qualified and experienced (L3 electrical, plus 18th edition, plus Test and Inspection, plus experience) and a member of a competence scheme (NICEIC, NAPIT etc) but is the...
  16. C

    Fast track electrician qualification for someone with a Masters in electronic & electrical engineering and 12 years experience

    I hope everyone is well. I know fast track courses are frowned upon but it would be great to have people's constructive thoughts/recommendations on a fast track electricians course for someone who has a masters in Electronic and electrical engineering and 12 years electronic design experience...
  17. A

    Is there a bridging qualification for Marine electrical installation?

    Hi All, Forgive me if this has been asked before. I am interested in looking into getting into electrical installation on the marine side of things. I did a City & Guilds 2357 NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation (Buildings and Structures) some years back in order to become a qualified...
  18. A

    Fire alarm qualification

    Hi guys, I am a fully qualified electrician nvq 3 gold card blah blah boring. I was looking at doing the tavcom practical fire alarm installation btec level 3 qual. Its very in depth etc but a bit expensive. Do any of you reccomend a particular course that's recognised? I just like the fact...
  19. P

    qualification help,

    HI All, Sorry if this has been asked before, ive has a look and cant seem to find my answer. I am 37 and ive been made redundant, i have had a nice settlement which will enable me to retrain in another field and i want to go self employed. initially i am going to work with another electrician...
  20. J

    I have the 2394 Qualification but then it changed to the 2391

    Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on whether i am exempt from going through all the motions of initial verification again when i take my 2391 course and exams? Basically bagged the 2394 course for free just before it changed back to the combined 2391 and can't do the previous 2395...


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