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  1. J

    I have the 2394 Qualification but then it changed to the 2391

    Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on whether i am exempt from going through all the motions of initial verification again when i take my 2391 course and exams? Basically bagged the 2394 course for free just before it changed back to the combined 2391 and can't do the previous 2395...
  2. J

    Unsure of qualification from provider

    hi everyone, I’m currently a heating/gas engineer. I did Part P about 4 years ago and am thinking of becoming a fully qualified electrician, however I’m not interested in commercial work. I’ve found a training provider and I’m not sure if what they’re telling me is correct. A Domestic...
  3. D

    Trainee Just Passed! Next Qualification ???

    Just Passed! Next Qualification ??? So last month i passed my Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) with N.E.T I work in a commercial / industrial background mainly maintenance but some installation now i'm wondering what to do next, I really want to go down the high voltage / substations route...
  4. SJM1995

    Trainee Access Training Center

    Hi, Has anyone used or gone through training/ qualification with Access Training Centers? They appear to offer condensed courses (8-12 Weeks) that can get you certified as a domestic/ commercial electrician. On their website they mention City and Guild certifications, but don’t list the...
  5. D

    What qualification? Home work only.

    Hi All, This has probably been answered on here at some point but I cannot see anything. I was just wondering what qualification is needed to be able to do any electrical work at home only? Is it a domestic installer qualification or something less? I don't want to get paid or work on anything...
  6. TechnicianSK

    CCTV & Alarm Installation Qualification?

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum so will post something in the new members section in a moment but I was just looking for some advice in regards to CCTV & Alarm Installation qualifications. To cut a long story shortISH ;) me old man has ran an Electrical firm for the last 20 years which does well...
  7. bigspark17

    Electric vehicle charging qualification

    Looking to get trained/qualified on the EV charging point installations. To those of you who have gone down this route which way did you go about it, is it worth getting training by one of the manufacturers or the training centres like nic?
  8. A

    Career and qualification advice

    Hi I've competed an level 2 and 3 in electrical installations ran by city and guilds I'm a mature student and looking to get the right path into the industry. If I complete an Am2 course will this get me my jib card I've looked it up and basically the am2 covers everything that would be...
  9. anthonyleeds

    Quickest way to gain qualification after lots of experience

    Hello, I worked as an electrical apprentice from age 16 - 23. I feel I'm very competent when it comes to domestic installations. Unfortunately, through my own fault, I never gained all my qualifications at college (I only completed part one of my course). I am now 33 and after a number of...
  10. Pasi

    Looking for advice on qualification requirements, courses, timespans

    Good evening all I am posting here, feel a bit out of place as currently I have no electrical qualifications. I am looking for advice on courses to advance my career within the company I work for. I have been given a list of acceptable qualifications to achieve my goal and get the job role I...
  11. L

    Apprentice who’s on the verge of completing C&G level 3 qualification.

    Hi guys. I go by the name links. I’m Currently studying c&g level 3 and hoping complete by early next year! All being well after my next two practical sessions in college (electrical design and inspection and testing) I’ll be heading for my am2. However, if there’s anyone can give me a little...
  12. S

    Best qualification to have

    Hello, my name is Silviu and I am looking for some advice. I came from Romania about half a year ago. I have worked as an electrician for over 5 years, I worked on automated panel building for ships (Alewijnse) for 2-3 years, then work shifted to electrical instalation in factories and farms...
  13. oracle

    Why should a two day Pat course be a Level 3 qualification?

    When you consider the route that an Electrician has to take to achieve a full level 2 and 3 including an NVQ over several years, how can a one or two days course with a short multi choice exam and a practice assessment testing a class 1 appliance also be considered a level 3 qualification?
  14. mjtefc9

    Electrical Estimating Qualification or Course

    Hi all, As part of my job I am involved in Electrical estimating, I understand there are a few one day courses out there but I wondered if anybody knew of any courses that would lead to a qual ? Thanks
  15. P

    Need help for achieving a fully qualified electrical qualification

    Good afternoon, My name is Patrik I am 26 and I live in London and I am an EU citizen. I have enquiries regarding qualifications that I would need to work as an electrician. I have been looking for employment as an electrician for the past 2 years and I have been struggling, I gathered that I...
  16. G

    maintenance qualification

    hi,i have finished a degree and already i have equalised it with uk naric and says mechanical engineer RQF level 6 bachelor degree.in my country i have worked as a maintenance engineer in Del Monte food industry.Here in UK ,i went to two interviews for a job and they asked me about a...
  17. W

    2330 Qualification Advice

    Hi guys, Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section. I did my Level 2 2330 7 years ago and been working in electrical wholesaling since with little bits of site work in between. I'm looking at going back to doing electrics full time and I'm having difficulty working out the best...
  18. aBanga

    Looking for UK qualification

    Hi everybody, My name is Andrew I work as an electrician in the UK for over 5 years, including industrial and commercial installations and currently am interested in gaining UK full qualification, I am a non-UK qualified, have finished Power engineering bachelor degree back in Latvia where I am...
  19. G

    Part P training . It must be stopped

    As most of you are aware part p was introduced in 2005. This has lead to a huge surge in people becoming part p registered installers. This is not the issue although anyone who works on electrical installations should have "sufficient" knowledge and training as to minimise risk. The approved...
  20. Gakure

    Qualification Vs Career guidance

    Hi all, a few months ago, I asked on advice on the best route for a career change from Electrical Engineer to an Electrician. I was advised to take some course and since then I have achieved the following certificates (see below) but I have little practical experience. However, I am lucky to...
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