1. K

    City and guilds unit 204 practical exam

    I am due to take the following unit 204 exam city and guilds in a month and I’m wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for the exam, I’ve attached the image off the exam piece, I just need the wiring diagram, thanks
  2. J

    Which course to refresh for 16th Edition City and Guilds 236 parts i and ii

    I originally passed my City and Guilds 236 Electrical Installations parts i and ii courses, along with working 4 years for an NICEIC registered company back in 1994. In 2000 I started to work in the Fire and Security Industry, and since 2013 I have been in Rail and Telecoms, as a design /systems...
  3. M

    Newbie course nvqlvl2 or city and guilds??

    Hi everyone, I'm looking in to start of domestic electrician course, i have rang up few places including college and came across courses with cuity and guilds and separetly nvq lvl 2 . Wich one is the one to go for? Im in full employement (self employed hgv) and need to be at work to cope with...
  4. G

    City and guilds unit 308 electrical and electronic engineering sample paper

    Hello. I have an exam coming up shortly. Would anyone have a sample paper. It's the electrical and electronic diploma, unit 308. It's a written exam The course id is 2850-30 I can't seem to find any examples anywhere Thank you very much
  5. S

    City & Guilds 2365 Level 2&3 Diploma for a career changer

    Hi everyone I know that numerous people have probably asked this sort of question, but I just need some clarification for my circumstance. I’m looking at a career change into becoming an electrician down the line.. I’m 27 years old with no electrical work experience background. The only...
  6. M

    City and guilds 2339-17 help

    Morning. I am currently in the process of doing my city and guilds 2339-17 and was wounded if anyone had past papers or revision notes etc. Thanks
  7. C

    city and guilds level 2 2365 book

    A friend has joined the same course i am starting on thursday but has just been emailed to say his c and g book order has been cancelled due to no stock. Is there anywhere he can order it from with next day delivery,had a quick search but cant find any.
  8. Sparksaflyin

    City and guilds are useless!

    Does anyone know how to go about complaining to city and guilds? Anyone had terrible service from them like myself??
  9. AJshep

    IET & City & Guilds 18th edition Webinar

    Saw this the other day and thought I'd post here as it may be of use to some of the people here. Just need to pop your name in and you can view the webinar, or you can download it if you prefer.
  10. James bishop

    302 written exam on the city and guilds 2365

    Took my Lvl 3 electrical installation, 302 science exam paper A and failed it. I get a resit and it's going to be on Paper B. Does anyone have any info on what type of questions to expect on the 302 written exam please? many thanks
  11. R

    City & Guilds 9848-51 Certificate in High Voltage Operational Safety

    Hi, has any one done the City & Guilds 9848-51 Certificate in High Voltage Operational Safety my boss wants me to be the site SAP, is this the course for it?
  12. N

    City & Guilds Qualifications in the 80's

    Does anyone know what C & G qualifications where around approx. 1984 - 1985? Thanks in advance.
  13. M

    Assignment help - City and guilds

    Hello, could someone guide me with a task on my assignment. I will upload photo of my work and the question. It is D which I am stuck with. I do not understand what is meant by show how it is arranged.
  14. M

    City and guilds assignment HELP

    Hello, Please could someone help me with an assignment. It is due for submission in 13 days. Would really appreciate if someone could take the time to assist. I will attach image of the first task on the assignment. Thank you
  15. S

    City & Guilds 2396 Exam

    Hi all Do we have anyone on here doing the C&G 2396 at the moment?
  16. AyresomeBoro

    City and Guilds Design, Erection and Verification (2396)

    Looking to do this course in the new year. Absolutely no-where in the North East delivers the course so looks like I'll have to take a week off work and stay over somewhere that does! Can anyone recommend a decent place to attend? The closer to the North East the better as I assume I will need...
  17. Dark horse Pete

    Bpec or city and guilds, which is best??

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site and I'm just about to set off on doing an intensive course with a training academy. I'm 37, just been made redundant and I've decided to go in a new direction after working in the automotive industry for 15 years. I know there are a lot of you that are against...
  18. Loki

    City & Guilds 2391-52 replaces 2394/5

    Just seen on that they no longer doing the 2394/5 As it's been replaced by City & Guilds 2391-52? Electrical Courses | C&G 2391-52 L3 Test & Inspect | DCET Training -
  19. D

    Advice needed on my qualifications

    Hi guys, I'm confused and could use some advice, I've look around a lot online and can't seem to find any straight forward answers. So I decided I wanted to be an electrician in school and went to college straight from school in 2010, I completed Level 2 City & Guilds 2330 Electrotechnical...
  20. D

    Training Inspection and testing

    Hi All I have been asked if I would like to do City & Guilds 2394 / 2395 inspection and testing I have not done any testing since I passed my C&G back in '98 I have done my C&G 2382 in 2005 but that does not help me a lot with the testing I would like to do some sort of hands on training...
  21. Joshua

    5 day EAL 4337/4338 Course

    Hi I've been looking at doing a 5 day Inspection and Testing course with The Building Training Centre in Croydon. I was wondering if anyone has heard of it or trained there? I was a bit sceptical of doing a 5 day course but the hours I'll end up studying equal the amount I'd do with 3 hours a...
  22. Jamchiv01

    Finishing Apprenticeship, what next?

    Hello, over the past few years I have been doing electrical courses in college and now I'm completing my apprenticeship I am wondering what I can do next. I have: City and guilds 2357 NVQ Level 3 Apprenticeship City and guilds 2397 Initial verification City and guilds 2382 17th Edition NET AM2...
  23. codger

    2392 Past Multiple Choice Exam Papers?

    Hello. Been asked to run a 2392 for a local company. Was wondering if anybody had any multiple choice questions they can expect in their exam, and/or some sample questions? It's at Level 2 so hoping it's not so tricky. Thanks in advance.
  24. K

    Electrician Renewable Solutions Team - Electrician wanted to cover wales and north, s and y plan heating systems

    Electrician Salary :£27,000 Work Based: Cover areas in the North east, North West, Midlands and Wales. Your appointments are based in one area per day. Days of work: Monday to Friday 8-5 with optional overtime to increase your wage Role : A strong back ground in wiring a variety of heating...
  25. J

    Electricians Mate Apprentice mate/improver

    Looking for experience having recently passed the following qualifications City and Guilds 2393 – Part P City and Guilds 2392 – Inspection and Testing City and Guilds 2382 – 17th Edition ECS card holder, based in southend, essex... full driving license, own tools
  26. Lou

    The City & Guilds Textbook: Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures)

    This new textbook, written in conjunction with City & guilds has been designed to be a complete companion for learners taking this course giving them all the information they need at this level in a step by step accesible way. BUY THIS BOOK FROM eBay USING THE FOLLOWING LINK AND THE FORUM WILL...
  27. G

    Newbie - am I still a Trainee ?

    Hello, I've recently completed a set of C&G courses at Not A Chance, but I'm a little unsure of my status on this Forum - am I a Trainee or a New Electrician ? City & Guilds 2393, Building Regs (Domestic Electrical Installer) City & Guilds 2382, Wiring Regs (17th Edn) City & Guilds 2377...
  28. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Another JIB question

    Hi, could someone advise me if I can apply for JIB card having the following certs. I did send JIB an email over a month ago and tried to get in touch over the phone. No luck. basically I try to find out if I can apply for JIB card and if I can - which card / level. NVQ3 - CG2356 City &...
  29. S

    Help! Do i do the 2397 Domestic Course or the 2357 Apprenticeship?

    Basically i have just finished Level 2 and Level 3 2365 City and Guilds courses and i am not sure where my future lies in either Domestic or Industrial and Commercial. I am here for a bit of advice if anyone has taken the 2397 or 2357. I have done a bit of Domestic work but not really enjoying...
  30. D

    Initial Verification & Periodics 2394 and 2395

    This was City and Guilds 2391 (Closed Book Course, impressive to all the persons who have done and passed it) this changed to 2394 Initial Verification and 2395 for Periodics Most places do it at the same time as they are basically the same course but with two different tests and paper work. So...
  31. D

    City and Guilds 4141-01/02

    I keep reading about people wanting advice on courses, and this one keeps coming up. Mainly with Trade Skills 4U But I've tried to Google it (all roads seem to lead back to TradeSkills4U) and City and Guilds dosnt seem to come up at all ! what i find strange. Even Tried to look it up on...
  32. M

    Trades Gateway

    Hi Everyone I'm thinking of enrolling on Electrical course with the above mentioned, is this a wise decision or not? I had a "sales person" come round yesterday to give it all the patter saying its better than an apprenticeship & night school doing their 2/3 year course. Domestic Electrical...
  33. X

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic entry requirements - Help please

    hi new this would like some help would these qualifications allow entry to niceic, and allow you to sign of your own work. any help would be great. Domestic Installer Course - Logic Domestic installer certificate - City and Guilds 17th Edition Wiring...
  34. D

    City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Electro technical course

    Hi all, just after a little bit of advice, I am due to start the city & guilds 2365 electro technical course level 2 in May, my aim is to progress through all necessary courses to become a fully qualified electrician. I am a total beginner, having a career change, something I've been wanting to...
  35. S

    2394-95 information

    i vent to local college to ask for this course but the business agent who care for recruit students for this course didn't have clue if this course have writing exam or just on-line exam.. please can any one who past this course explain what kind of exams we have to do on this course..did they...
  36. D

    Help to get back in the trade

    hi all ,this is the first post on here so i appreciate your time looking at it. back in 1999 i started a jtl aprenticship but due to personal reasons i only done 2 out of the 3 years im pretty sure i done the city and guilds 2351 course and had 2 or 3 certs but cant be sure ive contacted city...
  37. H


    I am new to PAT and would like to start myself off in this field, I have a full time job but work shifts so could build up a trade/client base over time. I was wondering what's the best qualification to get or is there a company people would recommend to be trained by. I live in Kent but work in...
  38. A

    2394 revision notes

    Hey people Starting my 2394 soon and was wondering if anyone here had some good revision notes so I can be slightly ahead before even starting the course. Thanks in advance Ant
  39. S

    City and Guilds Level 4 where next?

    Hi gents, Hoping you can help have passed my 2396 and wondering where do I go next? Am a install spark with all the quals and some working in maintenance (so easy!!) but have opportunity to progress any ideas? I would love to be a ops manager or similar but obviously require a HVAC qual...
  40. T

    Domestic Do I join a competent person scheme?

    Hi guys, this is my first post. I have recently completed C&G 2393, and was hoping to build experience before I considered joining any Competent person scheme. I have however been told that City and Guilds will be changing the course, and if I don't join up to a scheme by April then I...
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