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  1. O

    EIC as EICR

    Hi all, My friend has rented a property and I assume a spark has been called by the estate agents to do an EICR, my mate noticed that none of the sockets have come off the wall as they have been painted over. He just sent me the paperwork he got when he rented the property and he has issued an...
  2. EastCoastPete

    Lead sheathed 2 core lighting circuits /EIC

    Evening All, I'm changing a CU from rewirable to 6 x RCBO in a Victorian flat. The two lighting circuits are lead sheathed 2 core, they appear physically undamaged though I've yet to test them but is this an automatic EIC fail? The switches and pendants are all plastic. Thanks for any pointers, Pete
  3. R

    Nic Eic assessment

    I’ve got my First Nic assessment coming up, the installation I’m proposing is an outside socket radial on 20 amp breaker and an outside light, my worry is the c/u is a plastic Crabtree about 10 yrs old, will this be ok ?
  4. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Can i issue an EIC?!

    Hi lads, Im new to the forum but have a question I think i already know the answer to. Ive been a qualified electrician for 10 years now, work as a sole trader for a few different people every year, ranging from new build housing to shop fitting ect. My question is... My sister needs her...
  5. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Terminate NIC EIC membership

    HI - I am currently registered with the NIC EIC - Domestic installer, which also includes the Part P certification. I am muling over the idea of terminating the membership, but I wish to remain Part P registered in order to still practice legally. Is this possible and how do i go about it...
  6. D

    EIC price?

    Hello, Was just wondering how much shall I charge for EIC. Double rcd board 18 circuits. Some other sparky did 1st fix and 70% of 2nd fix then he disappeared. Also there is some remedial works to be done: Gas bonding, fussd switch to be installed. How much shall I charge for all above...
  7. oracle

    ECR and EIC

    I have a Periodic Inspection coming up on a small workshop and the customer has advised me that he has converted the storeroom into an office with new lighting and sockets that have not been tested. It seems unsuitable to issue an EICR on the whole installation without any previous paperwork or...
  8. M

    EIC commercial property

    Hi, I’m researching a small building project. The building is an artist studio block, tenant requires cladding one wall and moving two fluorescent fittings to a higher position on the wall. Landlord is requesting EIC for the electrical work. I understand Part P would consider this minor and...
  9. PJH2903

    Domestic Recording SPD install on EIC

    Going to be doing my first SPD board next week, single module SPD and 32 amp MCB before the RCD protected circuits. Can I ask how and where you are recording these on the EIC? I would probably record the mcb as a circuit as usual labeled spd but unsure what I need to record about the actual spd...
  10. R

    EIC for partial rewire

    Hi guys, What is the type of EIC for a partial rewire.I am rewiring just 2 final circuits .Is it an alteration?
  11. D


    Hi All Does anyone can give me few examples of risk assessment for Details of permitted exceptions Reg. 411.3.3 in EIC.
  12. Bobby34

    EIC Consumer unit change

    Hi guys and girls, Changed over my first CU today (didn't go bang so I'm classing it a success), with regards to the EIC do I list every circuit and fill it in as if they were new circuits, I've had a look at the best practice guide for CU's and the way i'm reading it it would suggest yes as...
  13. mhar

    TT system eic minor point

    New circuits. Ra of 229 Ohms therefore the rcds are for fault protection by design. Zdb of 0.29 (10mm gas bond) so are the rcds classed as additional protection?
  14. B

    EIC help what would you put

    what would you guys put; Part 7 ; supply and earthing arrangements I have EB incoming which is TNCS earthing but then is split to TT would you tick both? Part 8 ; says Maximum demand (load) what would you put I have 2X 160 amp BS 88 fuses
  15. Barnaby Stedman

    Electrician EIC issue................................

    Hello. Am a competent electrician - been taught by qualified electricians, but have no qualifications myself. I will be doing a complete rewire for a friend in Dunstable/Luton area and was wondering if it was more worthwhile to get a NICEIC/equivalent rated electrician in to produce an EIC or...
  16. Fitzy

    Domestic EIC completion on consumer unit upgrade

    Just want to pick your brains. When your completing the EIC on a consumer unit upgrade,what do you guys put on these parts of the schedule of inspections. Section 8.3, 8.7. My accessor said I should put “LIM”, but you can’t put “LIM” on a EIC! Obviously for section 8.7 you can’t possibly...
  17. L

    Electrician Electrician wanted for landlord EIC and EICR

    Just purchased a flat for letting out, If you can supply me with price to do these for a 3 bedroom flat, southside of glasgow, please reply to this thread with a price and contact details. Thank you.
  18. L

    Electrician Landlord needing Electrician to do landlord EIC and EICR in GLASGOW

    If you can supply me with price to do these for a 3 bedroom flat, southside of glasgow, please reply to this thread with a price and contact details. Thank you.
  19. Barnaby Stedman

    EIC issuing?........

    A question came up today - do you actually have to have any qualifications to issue an EIC? It would show conformity of the installation to BS 7671 so do you have to have taken the 18th regs exam or not? Obviously it is not a sensible idea but i was just wondering? I am reffering to it from...
  20. M

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Digital EIC & Notification of Works certificates

    Had an electrician completed re-wire on my property but sent me a scanned copy of EIC. I was hoping I would receive a digital one via E-Cert with his details, etc. Can that be not done – he completes on e-Cert and I receive a copy as well to my email? Also, I was on the impression that...
  21. happysteve

    Updates: new happysteve editable PDF forms (18th Edition)

    Happy New Year everyone! :) Not that I leave things to the last minute or anything, but... ;) For those like me who don't use software to fill out their EICs, EICRs and MEIWCs (or write them out by hand), I'm pleased to present updates to my fillable/editable PDF forms, now pretty much...
  22. D

    MW or EIC?...........

    Wired two RCD sockets on a radial today next to a sub-DB in a large factory unit. The new circuit was connected to an existing redundant 20a MCB which had served a control item which I'd disconnected a while back. Now based on the possibly iffy logic that because the protective device was...
  23. C

    EIC for submain db rewire

    Part Rewire to do, small shop on a large premesis 4 lights, 2 sockets, 2 spurs...The existing DB(DB4) which is staying, is fed via 32A mcb from a sub main DB3. Fed by 63 A mcb in another DB2 which then goes to DB1 which is connected to origin. Took a while to chase through as all DBs are in...
  24. A

    Is EIC required for this job (New CU & ring main) Electrician says no?

    Hi, I've contacted an electrician to install a new consumer unit, as well as a new ring main into the loft. I asked if his quote included the appropriate certification, I assume an EIC, he said "as far as certification is concerned you don't need any as it's straight replacements", I checked my...
  25. E

    CU change, submitted EIC but landlord wants eicr too?

    i was under the impression that a board change requires a eic as that is all that was altered and to be taken responsibility for? im thinking the landlord is trying for a free eicr out of my boss, i certainly dont want the liability of the existing installation.
  26. happysteve

    Editable IET model forms - full set **UPDATED 2019**

    I've done a full set of the IET model forms, as editable PDFs, now available in the Resources section: EIC (including schedule of inspections and one test results sheet): EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate): editable PDF based on IET Model form -...
  27. Lou

    Schedule of Test Results: editable PDF based on IET Model form 2019-07-31

    This is a standalone Generic Schedule of Test Results, that goes either with an EIC or an EICR, in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from, and pretty much identical to, the IET model forms, at...
  28. Lou

    EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate): editable PDF based on IET Model form 2019-01-01

    This is an EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate), complete with Schedule of Inspections and General Schedule of Test Results, in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from, and pretty much identical to, the IET model forms, at...
  29. Rocboni

    Filling out EIC tick sheet

    Query when filling out EIC for an additional circuit, When filling out an EIC for additional circuit, Is the tick sheet applicable to that circuit only or is is talking about the installation as a whole? For example where it states Cables correctly supported throughout their run obviously this...
  30. G

    Eic main fuse question

    doing a EIC for new installation on a flat fed by a 16mm t/e. Main fuse (100A) feeds fuse switch (63A) to cu in flat. My question is; Ze taken from main fuse, Zdb taken from cu. but when filling in main switch, tails and earthing conductor, do I record what runs from main fuse to fuse switch...
  31. happyhippydad

    Can anyone point me in the direction of an editable electronic EIC?

    Evening all.. I have an editable version of an EICR thanks to Murdoch and also a MWC thanks to Happysteve but I cannot find an EIC. I have looked at the Stroma ones and don't get on with them. Anyone? Cheers.
  32. W

    EICR or EIC Certification

    Hi, If you were to change a distribution board within an commercial environment, and you couldn't get access to circuits for R1R2/ Max Zs, previous test results saying unknown on circuits. Surely you cannot issue an EIC Cert as you cannot verify circuits are compliant as it is virtually...
  33. O

    Who do you give the EIC or MWC to?

    I'm coming across more and more clients who have Part P "certificate" but they haven't been given an EIC (or in some cases a MWC). Irrespective of who "orders" the work, I always give a copy to the home owner ..... What do others do? Just wondering................... if I am wasting my time...
  34. M

    Certification. Minor works and EIC or one or the other

    I was talking to a fellow spark today and he said I have gone about this wrong. But I disagree so I would like your opinions. Been out to a property with and old rewirable fuse board. (I don't know what that's defined as). They had a spur out the back feeding a disconnected 2.5mm T&E feed in...
  35. A

    Testing of a new circuit

    I know the logic in this doesn't make sense... But If you install a new circuit in a 17th edition plastic consumer unit, but changed the consumer unit to a metal one the following day... What certification would you need? Would you need an EIC for the new circuit? Or would you just include...
  36. D

    Installation certificate, but can't shut down.

    Ho w do you complete an electrical installation circuit when you cant shut down the plant that runs on the same board?