1. newfutile

    operational limitation on EIC

    after changing a consumer unit I have a high level flood light and photocell that can’t be reached. on the EICR I can LIM these due to height . the photocell is a NEMA plastic double insulated type the floodlight however is a SON-T and I suspect its a metal case !
  2. S

    EICR Remedial Works

    Hi guys, need a bit of advice, EICR was completed on the property which needed a new consumer unit and a few other bits like broken sockets and damage pendants. What’s the best way to address this with a certificate? Is it an eic stating the consumer unit has been changed and other work...
  3. B

    Electrical installation certificate

    Is it acceptable to lim on eic for supply characteristics? I had a job in a hospital today and I couldnt gain access to the Switch room and the engineer couldn't give me the information I was looking for. My understanding is, as long as bonding is in place and verified, I can put this as a...
  4. R

    Eic form filling

    Hi all I have been pulled up by Napit, not by my regular inspector. Used rcbo's on a rewire (usually do). Filled out cert to reflect this, with rcbos listed as overcurrent protection, with type, rating etc listed and 30ma noted in the rcd column. Its been rejected as i haven't listed the rcd...
  5. lozarus

    IR Testing & EIC

    In my line of work it's very rare that I ever have to change a DB. I'm largely in maintenance; occasionally have to add new circuits etc. so in respect to Testing this is all fairly straightforward to me. I was thinking about DB changes earlier and started to stumble when it came to IR Testing...
  6. B

    Icertifi EIC cert changes

    Hi, just a quick question, to anybody using the ICertifi software, has anybody else noticed that the EIC certificates have now changed? They now give a section on results page for “overcurrent protective device” and a seperate section for RCD this not allowing Rcbos to be recorded??? Also all...
  7. E

    EIC additional circuit main switch/switch-fuse/circuit breaker/RCD

    When doing an EIC for an additional circuit (which only covers that circuit), does the 'main switch/switch-fuse/circuit-breaker/RCD' section refer to: a) the MCB you're adding for the new circuit b) the existing main switch (whatever it is) for that board c) [if the DB the circuit is added to is...
  8. Highspark24/7

    Nic eic assessment tips

    Hi everyone I have my nic assessment on the 27th of this month its been a few years since we have had one due to covid and being to busy and our location any tips on what criteria they will be after I have a commercial ev job to show A domestic rewire what includes a eV And possibly a...
  9. J

    New Consumer Unit - Electrician issued an EICR not EIC?

    Hi, new member here! Thanks for any advice in advance. This week I got a new consumer unit installed. The electrician has just sent me through an EICR certificate. From what I had read I was under the impression that I needed an EIC form rather than an EICR. Is this the case? Is an EICR form...
  10. lozarus

    Melted my brain thinking about EIC for a circuit on a submain...

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section - appreciate it's more of an educational question. That said I have 2391 - but the classroom environment is very different to out there in the field and I'm only really starting out in my inspection & testing journey - so please understand if this seems...
  11. J

    Electrical Installation Certificate Template

    Hi everyone, does anyone have a link for a free EIC template? I work for a solar company working on solar farms, I had to install a new DB today as a transformer blow up and destroyed the substation. Long story short, my company won't pay for the EIR software and said to just fill in a minor...
  12. L

    EIC for change of swtich after a EICR

    HI Guys and Girls, Sorry been out the game for a while so a bit behind on the regs etc and changes with rental properties on a rental property i own, we had a EICR had 1x c2 (burn damage on a 20a switch) which was replaced the letting agency is requesting a EIC for the updated work of...
  13. O

    Who to send the EIC to?

    Hi everyone I work for an electrical company, mainly kitchens, CU changes, rewires etc. I test and write the NICEIC certs, the office QS's them and I have no further involvement or knowledge of what happens after. I've just changed my own CU at my house, my office is happy to QS, but I've...
  14. happysteve

    EIC - Electrical Installation Certificate - BS7671 2018 + A2:2022 2022-07-22

    EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate) based on the IET Model Forms, for BS7671:2018 + A2:2022 (18th Edition, Amendment 2). Fill out the form using (the free) Adobe Acrobat Reader, then sign digitally and print/send off. Created from scratch by happysteve, using OpenOffice Provided "as is"...
  15. F

    3 weeks later and the electrician still hasn't given me the EIC

    Hi, I would like some advice. I had a full rewire done 3 weeks ago and I am still chasing the electrician to issue the EIC. The electrician is registered with Napit and he is also on the Competent Person register. I have emailed + called him up multiple times, but he keeps making excuses. What...
  16. gmdaly

    distribution circuit from house CU to adjoining Garage DB2 EIC details?

    Hi, I have completed a EIC for a garage DB2 with five final circuits (no problem there i think). But for the distribution circuit from house DB1 to Garage DB2 I have completed a second EIC for this alone. The questions I have for the distribution circuit alone are: 1) For the EIC 'particulars...
  17. M

    Amended to date on EIC

    Maybe a simple answer to a stupid question but now that amendment 2 is here, am I to put the 'amended to' date as 2022? Others have told me to put 2018? Cheers
  18. K

    C2 rating on EICR test report

    Hello Everyone, We are looking to buy this house but the EICR report have a couple of C2's. Any help advice on these is much appreciated. 5.11 - Provision of additional protection by RCD not exceeding 30mA For mobile equipment not exceeding a rating of 32 A for outdoor use only 8.0...
  19. cliffed

    Rcd tripping times on EIC

    Testing Rcd trip times would you write down 28.4ms or 28ms If say 28.6 would you write down 29ms.
  20. B

    EIC vs EICR advice please...

    Hello, I have a question regarding certification if anyone can constructively help please... I am a registered domestic installer (looking to go AC very soon).. I've been asked by a landlord to install a new CU in one of his properties connecting to existing cables (tested of course)... I've...


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