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  1. J

    Fuse blown and neutral wire sheathing melted.

    Hi guys, hope you can try to shed some light on what might be the problem. Basically nothing is new, all been the same for 3 years since we moved in but over the past few days when the dishwasher was on (or anything plugged into a socket in the kitchen) I noticed a burning plastic smell...
  2. T

    Tumble dryer plug melted

    My tumble dryer has been in the same position and worked for years today no power when I check plug hard to remove. Which I discovered was because melted, dryer was plugged into extension lead. What would have caused this? Do I need new dryer or can I just fit new plug? Thx
  3. B

    Clips melted in domestic 60’s 3 bed

    Evening all, found a strange one today, pulled a few ceilings down in a property and found that the clips had melted! Not just on one circuit, it’s on 2 Different lighting circuits, a radial and the gf ring! Going to do an ir tomorrow morning just ran out of time today. Any thoughts or seen it...
  4. Jberry

    2 electric showers and melted live wire from relay

    This unit is running two showers. Unit was smoking while one shower was running, never tripped the safety switch. Power to one shower is cut off while the other is in use. Is it ok just to change out the relay that had burned? I'm not an electrician but one will be doing the work. The house is...
  5. M

    Melted motor terminal post?

    Customer has this 110KW (converted to 55KW) motor powered via a generator. They had a problem with the generator cutting out on startup showing overload fault. Having investigated this issue, along with the motor overload having been bypassed!! (will be rectifying this!) when I took the...
  6. R

    Domestic Tumble dryer extension plug melted.

    Six years ago, I had a double socket installed in my store room. This was placed next to the fuse box and its purpose was so I could connect my tumble dryer. The socket was too far away from the dryer, so I bought some 1.5mm flex and wired in an extension from the newly installed double...
  7. H

    Domestic Lighting problem Melted Cable

    Hello, Called out to look at lighting problem in a house, found a section of cable in loft looking melted, see photos. Anyone know what's caused the cable to melt, don't think its over loaded as its only got 7 lights on it, doesn't look burnt to me. Was thinking it may have come into contact...
  8. strength_10

    Melted socket, plug and wiring

    Hello. Long time reader but not many posts. After more of a bit of insight than anything else as I have asked for a local electrician to come and have a look next week (unless anyone reading is near BS39 in Bristol/Bath and wants to have a look). I have a washing machine (couple of weeks old...
  9. S

    Oven cable melted cable and casing - can't work out why

    Good Morning, Recently got a new oven - hooked it up the same as every other oven I've had. However the live wire seems to have melted, melted the plastic casing and blown the fuse. Any thoughts?
  10. S

    Melted cable spiral wrap

    Haven't seen anything like this before. Star-delta starter for a 30 kW motor has been entirely wired up using conductors (looks like 2.5-4 mm2, 3.5 mm external diameter) cut out from sy cable and the like and wrapped with spiral wrap which has melted. Motor current mostly stays around 20 to 30...
  11. S

    Plug melted to dishwasher

    Evening folks, I hope someone here can help me? I recently found on removal of my knackered integral dishwasher the plug that had evidently been pressed against the back of the dishwasher has melted and fused with the dishwashers insulation. I have lived in this house since brand new and moved...
  12. D

    Help - melted plug - why?

    Hi - hope someone can help. First, quick bit of background. I clean ovens for a living and have a tank in the van for cleaning oven parts. It has a regular 240v imersion element in it which I heat up each morning. It's connected to an 13a extension cable which is plugged into an outdoor...
  13. L

    Melted plug pins - slight brown mark on socket!

    Good morning, I am a complete electrical novice - recently bought a Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, I live in a rented stone cottage half-way up a mountain & my aga broke down, ill-health & cold led me to the Dyson, however just unplugged it & one of the plug pins has melted plastic(?) at the...
  14. S

    Domestic 8.5 kw shower on old red/blue 6mm

    Coming across a few of these. Very small run of cable as cu is in kitchen just below bathroom but should be 10mm cable. Did the old cable used to be slightly bigger than the new stuff?
  15. D

    fused spur

    Morning chaps Im going to look at a job tonight on my way home where a guy says he has a garage fed from a 13 amp unswitched fused spur in his kitchen. { theres no rcd protection in this house } He tells me the spur is red hot to touch and also a few months back a socket melted in his garage...
  16. S

    Shower supplied via 2.5 T&E

    Unbelievable!!! Last week, bathroom refurb, the shower was removed an 8.5kw mira, it had been supplied from the pullcord in 2.5mm t&e, there was no thermal damage to the cable. The customer says it was there when they moved in, 8 years ago. I cannot believe it has not caught fire & there was no...
  17. E

    10.5kw shower

    Yesterday smelt a weird smell of burning/melted plastic in my bathroom after some looking about realised was the shower pull cord opened it to the the incoming live insulation completely melted an charred and the pull cord terminal melted shower was installed about 3/4 years ago but recent board...
  18. S

    Shower lash up

    I was called into a property where I was told that the shower fuse had blown. On investigation it turned out that a 9.8 KW shower was connected with 10mm T+E but only as far as the nearest fused spur on the upstairs ring main. They'd used a 45A cooker switch to terminate the 10mm then switched...
  19. scotsparky

    Why leads should be unravelled.

    Just had to strip this out. it was plugged into a 13a socket and supplying a chip pan fryer which was rated at 2Kw Unfortunatly it was nicly rolled onto the spool and the magnetic effects built up a lot of heat.
  20. C

    Melted plugs and sockets...

    Hi all, Had two occurrences of 13A socket outlets and plugs melting after being overloaded by multi-sockets, one catching fire, the other having the live pin from the plug melted nicely into the socket. Chief Big Spark and underling - me - thought the 13A fuse in the plug should have blown...
  21. L

    Melted 13amp Spur switch

    Feed a storage heater on economy 7. The 13amp spur switch for it is to the side of it wasn't working properly and the phase input looked a bit melted. I have tested all the wiring IR is fine and so is continuity and Zs thats without the melted broken switch as it fell apart in my hands. It...
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