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  1. I

    ICertifi software problems

    Hello does anyone use the iCertifi software When I enter the type of mcb for example Type b 60898 32a it automatically comes up with 1.40 Max ZS I know it only slightly out but if bs7671 says its 1.37 that’s what it is And you can’t manually change it . I’ve got a assessment soon and don’t...
  2. Dannyg8810

    Icertifi app for company use

    Good Evening For those who have used the icertfi cert app, How suitable would this be for multiple users? Looking at the best option to do away with duplicate pads! All commercial work.
  3. D

    Icertifi data missing when i download it

    Does anyone on here use Icertifi? I have tried their free trial for an domestic electrical installation certificate, but I am having real problems with it. I enter my data into the schedule of test results and then try downloading it, but every time I do this there is loads of data missing. Can...
  4. rolyberkin

    Icertifi Cloud Software

    Has anyone tried/using Icertifi cloud? Just trying to work out if I am thick or this is possibly the worst bit of software I have ever used. So bad I have resorted to using the Stroma free edition as it is less glitchy!? I am on the verge of just designing my own solution on an excel...
  5. rolyberkin

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma E Cert Software

    Does anyone here use E Cert? This is the free cert software you get with Stroma membership, it is an okay bit of software but I keep having re inputting postcodes and other info into the cert, need to know if it is just crap software or I am doing something wrong?
  6. D

    App for testing

    Hi, Iv got an android smart phone and am after an app to input periodic inspection reports for elecsa. Can anyone recommend some proffesional looking software that would do this on an android system. Cheers Dan
  7. lurch

    what testing package?

    Hi All I am looking at various testing certificate packages - PIRform, Castlime, Amtech and iCertifi. I am beginning to err iCertifi but would appreciate any feedback on any of the packages pro's and cons. Thx in advance. Ton
  8. M

    i phone apps

    Hi Guys Anybody know of any useful i phone apps for electricians.................Thanks in advance
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