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  1. Soulsurfer

    Weird callout for later on Gremlins abound !

    Just had a text from a regular client but is a weird one and nothing I've heard before, just wondering if anyone has heard anything like this ? Kitchen weirdness: Last night extractor was very hot to touch so I turned all the sockets off overnight. Now the big oven won't work. The microwave has...
  2. Pete999

    Garage Electrics

    For all those DIYers who want to add some sockets in your Garage (I know it's American) but its still funny
  3. S

    Tester wanted

    Anyone selling a tester in good condition and calibrated many thanks
  4. C

    Renault laguna abs/ecu fault

    Hi all, hoping somebody could possibly help me on this one. I am going to buy a second hand abs unit with same model no for car etc but will I have to get Renault to re programme the module to the car?? Renault abs units are £1200 with programming!! Many good one's one e-bay for £45 ish. Have a...
  5. the pict

    Board change and PV

    Changing a board later this week that has PV any thing I should be aware of other than isolation of both supplies Pict
  6. F

    Irritating Customers

    So I got called to look at installing an electrical cooker and hob to replace the gas one that had been taken out. I went and told the customer it will have to be on its own circuit and wired in 6 mm and it was easy to hide the cables under the floor and you will never tell. But no the customer...
  7. S

    4kW now- addtional 4kw when approved by DNO

    Really quick one- If I install 4kW for a customer now but have a DNO request in for 8kW, can I install the 4kW under 15.44 and later on the additional 4kW under 13.99p?
  8. M

    megger 1552 sine wave symbol

    Don't know if any one can help here. Today whilst doing a Zs test my megger produced a weird symbol that looked a bit like a sine wave with a vertical line dissecting it at the top. It have the correct Zs result at the same time. But id never seen the symbol before Can't find anything about it...
  9. Top Cat

    Wylex old style breakers

    Anyone know what the breaking capacity of an old style plug in MCB on a Wylex board. The breakers are 6 and 16 Amp. Am i right in putting them down as BS3871? Cheers.
  10. S

    Date of original installation

    Can anyone help with estimating a dates of original installations. It needs recording on the certificates but can't come up with a date. What are the signs to look for to estimate a date. Other than rubber cables and old wooden backed wylex boards.
  11. W

    help with solaredge se4000

    Hi folks, Ok ignore the fit senario issue. Would the solar edge SE4000-er-01-gbr work initially with 8x240 or 250 watt panels. I understand that it would not be as efficient as matching then later add an additional 8 panels (same type) regards wiggly
  12. D

    Back Pain but starting new job very soon OMG!!

    Okay guys back in November I had the feeling like you do that your backs gonna play up....a few days later yep I was crippled....I gave it a couple of weeks and still no better infact it got worse I was aslo gettin Sciatica pains down my leg and was unable to sit or lie down in any...
  13. S

    underfloor heating! enigma

    hey ... i have a dilemma! recently installed new kitchen ring on new mini c/u as no rcd protection... all good! wired a fused spur to accomodate underfloor heating which was later installed by myself ... tested prior .. all good ... laid .. tested .. all good .. was working...
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