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  1. john waters

    Electrician 1st fix

    looking for some help on 1st fix large new build house in watford please pm me for details
  2. JayKay70

    Dimmers keep failing after 4-5 weeks

    Hi all, The dimmer push button still works but the dimmer stopped working when i turn the button, i heard a pop noise and it was then when it stopped working. This is the second dimmer now and it has happened to both of them, not straight away, each one lasted about 4-5 weeks. I wonder if...
  3. Dan

    Upgrading the forum in a couple of weeks guys and gals

    I'll be upgrading the forum in a few weeks. Giving you a heads up now so by the time I do it, most regulars should know about it. Comes with the ability to uploads videos directly into threads and posts. My server guy isn't too happy about that. Bandwidth will skyrocket. Ha Due to the lack...
  4. T

    Retail Therapy during a long weeks work bought a new laser level

    Been humming and hawing about this new laser as my dewalt SW80 sometimes does not switch on and getting unreliable (justification justification) so got this. Bosch GCL2-50CG Cross Line Laser Green Line Laser - Just did a...
  5. telectrix

    5 weeks preggers. 4 - 5 babies

    as title. young pup ( 18 months ) now well up the duff. due mid october. scan shows 4 maybe 5 babies.
  6. T

    Air con blowing 20a MCB a few weeks into box change in shop/commercial

    Strange day, changed DB in shop couple of weeks ago from old wylex with cooked neutrals and burnt out neutral bus. Wiring was the usual sargasso sea of cables above suspended ceiling, old circuits, redundant circuits and really bad light switch arrangement. Pulled out the switch wires (six) and...
  7. MDJ

    2 Weeks to go until the big one

    Until we meet the Green men in the six nations that is, time to start some humour and banter
  8. Leesparkykent

    This weeks rewire/challenge

    This is going to be a challenge....floor boards on top of other floor boards, bare brick walls that are being white washed, exposed beams, bang and oulfson AV system= nightmare :eek:
  9. K

    C&G Level 3 2365 Help

    Hi, I am currently doing the City & Guilds 2365 level 3 course and am looking for someone in Leicester that is in the same situation as I think it would be beneficial to be able to go through some of the material with a fellow student. My email is [email protected] if you're interested...
  10. KennyKen

    Started NightShift

    Agh I forgot how long it takes for my body to get used to my normal routine being changed. Anyways I shouldn't complain 30% loading on my hourly rate.. anyone else doing nights?
  11. S

    weeks lying time.

    hello, just curious as to how much a weeks lye time is. do you get paid a weeks wages on your current rate or at a rate when you started with a company.
  12. UKMeterman

    Domestic Dno Hv Autorecloser Events Permitted Frequency

    Hi, I live out in the sticks, two independent HV Feeds from two separate primary substations with a pair of auto switches that control the single HV feed into the village. I have had 7 auto recloser events in the last 6 weeks, 3 of which in the last two weeks. At what point should UKPN get...
  13. Phil Thompson

    Best books for 2395/94

    I am contemplating doing the 2395 at my local college starting in August, just missed the 94 but hopefully they will be running it again in November. I've seen a few books online, but was looking any recommendations from guys who have done the courses recently. Or any other advice.
  14. H

    Hi all, mature trainee here...

    Hi Lads, Glad to have found this site could definately do with the experienced sparkys in here... Just let you know currently coming to the end of the c&g 2365 level 2 fast track running approx a year.... hoping to do the level 3 2365 @ optima. ect in west bromich, anyone had...
  15. R


    I have recently decided that I want to become an Electrician. There is a big company called TradeSkills4U that offer a 16 Week course that will enable me at the end to be a fully qualified domestic, commercial and industrial electrician. It is a paid course where I would invest a lot of money...
  16. M

    2394 2395 4 day intensive.

    Good evening everyone. I finally convinced my company to put me through my 2394 2395. I wanted to take this as an evening course over 6 months however the provider messed me around and the course fell through. I've had to commit to a 4 day intensive with the written exams 8 weeks later and...
  17. S

    Hows work load

    How you finding things a the minute work wise? Busy? Just ticking over here, lost out on 3 quotes this week for CU changes to the local cheapo doing them for £200 all in. Looking forward to the Xmas break mind you :)
  18. S

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme SJIB grade card renewal

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get a SJIB grade card. I sent my forms off over a week ago and hoped it would be here by now as i am finding it difficult to get onto sites without it. Its not a regrade just a like for like
  19. P

    Adult apprenticeship?? So confused

    Morning guys, I'm 29 and have just paid for my level 2 college course (2365) but I can't find work in London anywhere to start as a trainee. Would it be too late to get an apprenticeship somewhere? I've been unemployed for the past month since leaving my office job that I've been in ever...
  20. P

    Domestic Training I no nought! and want advice about the fast track courses please.

    Hi there, This is kinda scary writing this but here goes!! The fast Track Training i.e 3-4week electrical courses which say you can become qualified are they any good? Im not looking to do this full-time, just for my own home and family (long story why!!) Ive done short courses in the past...
  21. D

    Starting my 2365 at able skills, what are there courses like

    Hi all, I'm booking my 2365 tomorrow with Not A Chance, I was just wondering have any of you done it there? Will I get all the proper certification that you'd get at collage. I only ask as I have seen on watchdog etc in the past that people have spent thousands on qualifications that aren't worth...
  22. P

    Leaving the trade

    I don't know if any of you are in the same boat. I'm seriously considering leaving the trade all together, everybody wants to cut costs and its killing me! I don't even work for myself, I really feel for those of you fighting to win work. After being made to carry out a 4hr unpaid round trip...
  23. R

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB gold card

    morning lads just a quick question. I sent off my ECS forms last week and was wondering if any of you that have done it received any confirmation of the forms being correct or if it just took around 4-6 weeks to process and you heard no more? I guess im being a bit impatient but i like to know...
  24. I

    City & Guilds 2394/2395 - 2nd and 3rd year apprentices

    Hi So our company is sending the second and third year maintenance electrical apprentices on a weeks course to do the 2394 initial verification and 2395 periodic testing city and guilds qualifications. I always thought that these qualifications were ones you do after you finish your...
  25. A

    Domestic Advice on certifying a new elecrtical installation

    Hi guys newbie here :) I recently qualified and have been working as a sub-contractor for the past few years. Ive recently been offered some work by a local builder to install a new ring main and lighting circuit in an extension in a customers house. the work is to be carried out in 4 weeks. It...
  26. J

    Domestic Installer earnings

    Hi, I have been thinking for a while now to do the 17th edition course and start working as a DI. My family business (brother and father) have a gas and heating company with a rather large customer base, and the plan was to put my name out there and start working on domestic electrical jobs...
  27. J

    aurora led

    Hi, anyone had any problems with aurora i 10 led non dimmable downlights ? Fitted 3 on a job 4 weeks ago and have now had 5 pack-up within the last 3 weeks. Fitted loads of the i10 dimmable ones and had no problems, supplier swaps them no problem but becoming a problem for customer and me :( Jay
  28. i=p/u

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Sjib/jib

    How quick can I get one of these cards. Do you know anyone who has got one fast from applying.
  29. J

    Pricing ?

    Hello, how much do yous all charge in a domestic property from changing a fitting to a full rewire ? i know prices change depending on the job I am just asking for a rough estimates as I feel as I am newly qualified when I do jobs for people my prices are all over the place. thanks
  30. N

    after 2365 L2 ?

    what can I do after 2365 L2, as L3 is going to cost £3,500 way too much any advice many thanks
  31. T

    Solar Energy - Free Distance Learning Course

    Starting in September 2013 and free - - based on 8 hours a week for 8 weeks commitment. (There are lots of other interesting free distance learning courses at from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, etc)
  32. G

    not heard from ELECSA

    I booked and paid for my elecsa assessment last thursday but have still received no response. Do you think i should contact them ?
  33. J

    Solar PV

    Hi just been told I might have afew weeks work doing solar pv installs. I have never done these before. Just looked at the course and its £1500. Haven't had any work for afew weeks so am tempted. However I think it might be better as much as I need the work to pass it on. Is there anyone who...
  34. W

    Megger repair?

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a company that repairs megger multi testers in dorset.? Would be good if they are cheap and don't keep my tester for 4 weeks!
  35. L

    Stroma Certification Scheme stroma

    Are any of you guys with stroma? Got my assessment on Thursday just wondered if they was any good? I was with napit but this year couldn't afford the fees with these Electrical Trainee taking all work can't seem to beat there quotes. Been sat at home for the past 3 weeks
  36. S

    No work

    So finally after 4 years ive been hit with a serious lack of work these last 2 months or so. I keep having a run of good jobs for maybe 3 weeks then 2-3 weeks with barely a peep. After moving from the midlands to surrey it has not helped trying to establish a new client base all over again. How...
  37. happyhippydad

    Domestic Installers course at Stroud College

    Hello all, I have recently completed my Domestic Installers (DI) course at Stroud College. Unlike the other intensive 2-3 week DI courses, this course ran for 17 weeks, it was one evening a week for 3.5 hrs. I think this is much better than the intensive 2-3 weeks as it gave me time to take in...
  38. a12jpm

    Domestic Anyone in the Epsom area - board change to price for sister in law.

    Looking for someone in the Epsom area to do a board change and a couple of remedial's on a lighting circuit and ring. I'm about 500 miles away so a bit of a drive for me to do it so get in touch if your interested.
  39. N

    Builders vans

    I keep seeing builders with 24hr callout on the van. Do people really wake up at 3am and decide they need an urgent extension.
  40. L

    12 week shutdown london

    hi, all anyone else bothered by the 12 week shutdown of all underground and overground stations during which all trades will be out of work as the olympics gang do not want any VIP to see any orange ppe going about their work. total disgrace me thinks.
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