1. happyhippydad

    Which parts of a consumer unit are copper?

    I am getting into the habit of stripping fuse boxes and consumer units when I replace them. However I was wondering which parts of the CU are copper. Neutral and earth bars? The screws in the neutral and earth bars? The bit that the old BS3036 fuses push into? I enjoy pottering for a few...
  2. M

    Consumer unit Cable entry advice ??

    Hi all, I am installing an additional consumer unit in a garage to supply a pool pump, pool lights and garage sockets. Customer wants cables to be clipped direct. Could I use a 25mm Rubber packed gland at each board for a 10mm T&E? Would rather use trunking but customer does not want.
  3. T

    BG Consumer Unit

    Hi, Tomorrow I'll be working on a board which my boss needs a 50 amp RCBO for. Is a BG unit and he can't find one or at least we can't get one for tomorrow. Are there any other breakers that will fit a BG board? Apologies for the lack of information, I'm not sure on the details as of yet I...
  4. D

    Full Rewire Consumer Unit Height

    Hi all. I am not an electrician but greatly really appreciate some advice if possible. I am in the process of getting a full house rewire and the consumer unit is currently under the stairs. The electrician is saying that to get the work signed off by building regulations the consumer unit has...
  5. A

    New Consumer Unit

    Hi. I'm new on here. I'm not an electrician. I'm just seeking some advice. I hope this is the correct section. My parents have just had a new consumer unit fitted. The electrician is NAPIT registered. He didn't leave an installation certificate. When I phoned him and asked about this he...
  6. M

    Should a consumer unit be fitted 2 inches from a boiler?

    Hi my daughters rented home set on fire. The consumer unit was making a massive popping noise which shook the house. The boiler is in the same cupboard under the stairs and is 2 inches away from consumer. Is that normal practise? Plus a chappie came to fit a smart meter and told my daughter that...
  7. M

    Regulations: Distance between central heating Pipe and Consumer unit

    Hello Guys Hope you are all keeping well and safe in this unprecedented times. Just wanted some advise please. So Yesterday i had a new radiator installed but the installation required extending pipe work under the stairs near the consumer unit and where the main electric feed into the house...
  8. J

    15cm high consumer unit

    A client of mine wants a board change but it's in a really tight spot! The exising board in 25cm wide and 15cm tall with 5 circuits. So 5 rcbos + mains witch will suffice. Anyone know a brand that would fit? 18cm tall is probably the largest it can go thanks v much
  9. M

    Lowering Consumer Unit & Extending Cables

    I want to replace my consumer unit and move it down the wall so don't need a chair to get at it. However the wires leading to the Consumer Unit are not long enough and would need extending I gather that compliant way to extend is to use a suitably encased DIN rail with DIN terminal connectors...
  10. D

    Consumer unit installed on it's side.

    Hi All..thoughts on this please, is it acceptable or failed 'as not installed to manufactures instructions'? Thanks in advance
  11. P

    Consumer Units under stairs

    On a new build can you still fit a CU under the stairs.
  12. S

    Consumer Unit I would be interested in your sage comments

    Hi, a quote I just sent out to a customer. Have I interpreted the regs correctly ? You're welcome to use it if you think it's ok.'s meant to get the point across in laymans terms.
  13. H

    Short circuit bypasses mcb and trips submain mcb

    Good evening A cable was loose in a ceiling void causing a short circuit this didn't trip the 10 amp 6ka type b mcb but tripped the 50 amp type b 6ka mcb that supplied that board back at the mains. I am wondering why this occurred other than me thinking the local protection isn't very...
  14. F

    Domestic Have to move consumer unit when move meter?

    Looking for advice on what is probably a very basic question. We will NOT being doing any of the work mentioned ourselves! Our mains supply is via underground cable to the back of the house, with meter on back external wall. Then comes into the house through the wall to the consumer unit. We...
  15. H

    Which consumer unit

    Hello I'm new here! My house built 1993 has an original plastic 10 way Tenby Electrical CU.(see photos) I want to replace it with an 18th Edition compliant CU. This should ensure there will be no problems when selling the property which we hope to do within the next 5 years. I plan to...
  16. E

    MK K7666sMET consumer units, Ansell downlights and other unneeded stock for sale

    8 MK metal dual RCD consumer units. All come fully loaded with 100A main switch, 2 x 63A RCDs, and 10 MCBs (1 x B40, 4 x B32, 2 x B16, 3 x B6). 1 is missing the busbar (I used it for a job) but I have an MK replacement. A couple of the cardboard boxes are not perfect but the CUs are untouched...
  17. B

    UK New Consumer Unit

    For my extension build the electrical supply meter was moved to a box outside. Rather than moving the old consumer unit I opted to have a new one fitted. The electrician who came to look at the job told me I could provide the cu. When I rang him to ask which one to buy he said it now has to have...
  18. M

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the current go after the consumer unit?

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the Current go after the consumer Unit? I assume it goes back to the Sub-Station where it is earthed but i'm trying to find this written in a official book etc but finding nothing. Thanks
  19. J

    Hager Consumer Unit - Fire retardant grommets?

    When working on Wylex consumer units I always opted to use semi-blind fire retardant grommets. (British General Fire Retardant Semi-Blind Grommets 13 Pcs - These ensure that any internal fire is starved...
  20. Iain Stewart

    How to plan a rewire and new consumer unit. How many circuits, what cost?

    Hi, we need some advice on our scenario with regards to our rewire plan. I will get this out of the way first... We are planning to put the house up for sale. I know people will say let the new buyer do the stuff but in our area there are a few houses for sale and they are all fairly up to...
  21. Y

    UK Working out Consumer Unit

    Hi All, first time poster here in a muddle. I've got a mobile unit that's currently being wired up and I'm struggling to work out which consumer unit to use. Ideally the smaller the better as it's technically mobile, I would like to be able to use an industrial 3 pin plugin on it. I believe...
  22. J

    Safety - does switching off at consumer unit isolate the circuit switched?

    I am not an electrician (as you will see from the question!) and I am not planning on doing any electrical alterations. My question is one of safety. I wanted to move a couple of sockets on a kitchen ring main. So I switched off that circuit on the RCD board and all the sockets were then dead. I...
  23. D

    Shed consumer unit

    Hi guys and girls, I'm newly qualified and want to confirm my method is sound before I commence any work. I'm registered with my CPS so can notify new circuits in domestic. I have a new customer that has asked for lighting and power to the garden shed (wood construction). The existing...
  24. B

    Cable entry regs for Consumer Unit (18th edition)?

    We are about to install a Hager VML114 (14way, 100A switch disconnector incomer) and intend to populate with RCBOs. My understanding under 18th edition regs is that we need IP2X rating on the bottom of the Consumer Unit (prevent touch by fingers i.e. no gaps more than 1.25cm). We had been...
  25. L

    Consumer unit tails

    When did 16mm tails stop being used by DNO
  26. OnlQQker

    Predicting The Future Of Consumer Units Etc...

    I think they will become computerised to a degree, either like a mechanic connects his laptop to the cars computer or a digital read out giving all the information you need regarding diagnostics etc! Everything is changing at a great rate of knots! Happy new year to everybody by the way. 🍺
  27. OnlQQker

    UK Why Are Incoming Live/Neutral 16mm and Tails From Consumer Unit 25mm

    I just can't seem to understand this and can't find a clear reason behind it either. I asked a chap on the DNO once and he didn't know either. Anyone?
  28. A

    Consumer unit above boiler

    Hi all, I want to move a consumer unit and the best place is above a combi boiler. It is 200mm above and will be incorporated into a cupboard with the combi. It seems like it would get hot but I cant see any heat whatsoever coming from the top of the combi so assume this all flues out the wall...
  29. B

    UK Consumer board location next to a garage door

    Hi all I’m a self builder here looking for some technical details.... I’m fitting a consumer board next to my garage door and need to know if there is a minimum distance that the board needs to be fitted to the wall in relation to door opening???
  30. F

    What kind of Electric Shower install is possible with my existing consumer unit?

    Hi I am moving into a ground floor flat and would like to have a new electric shower installed above an existing bath tub, unfortunately due to low pressure from the hot water tank a plumber has advised a mixer shower is not an option and neither is a pump. I am rather new to all this sort of...
  31. L

    shower not working

    Shower not working after new consumer unit fitted. It's not the shower or isolator switch that is at fault. Source URL: DIY Electrical Forum -
  32. 4

    Split Consumer Board - R side RCD switching off L side cicuits

    Hi folks, Would appreciate some thoughts. Called to a friend's house earlier in week. No cooker or sockets. She said that the cooker had tripped a couple of times when she tried to set up the electronic timer either before or during use. Timer needs to be live to allow electric oven to...
  33. L

    Metal consumer only option now?

    Following on from this saga: SWA questions, doubting electrician - I had an electrician out to quote to rectify the problems yesterday after dealing with the tripping issue myself. I have now been told...
  34. J

    HELP, lights not functioning properly after consumer unit change

    I changed an old fuse board for a new consumer unit and the lighting for this house was connected in two separate fuses. So I swapped one for one and put them into two 6 amp breakers. Now the light at the bottom of the stairs is permanently on and the light at the top is off. Light at top...
  35. S

    UK Adding RCD spur doesn't set but consumer RCD is fine

    Hi all, I have ran added a fused RCD spur off a socket to feed some electric gates. I figured as it was going outside I would put an RCD on the spur on it as I had one kicking around I believe it's probably unnecessary but when I connect it to the supply it will never set and constantly trips...
  36. G

    16-Module Split Load Main Switch Consumer Unit issue

    I have an issue with finding out which of the ring circuits is causing the breaker to trip when any appliance is switched on it, can anyone tell me how to find out? I believe one part of a ring circuits is on one side and the other is on the other side of the split and I believe this is...
  37. D

    SWA sheath, earthing and empty consumer unit space

    Hi all I had some house rewiring undertaken on my house and have come across a few issues since painting. First thing was damage to the rubber outer sheath of the SWA cable on the outer wall which I've rapped electrical tape around temporarily as the metal rods were visible and we had a lot of...
  38. Q

    2 Consumer Units or 1?

    Hi All I need some advice please. I am getting my house rewired and have asked for each room to be rewired on a separate circuit so if 1 room has any problems and trips it does not affect the lighting/sockets in any other room. its a 5 bedroom house and kitchen diner and living room (total 7...
  39. C

    18th edition surgeprotection consumer unit

    I have recently been told that on new builds you must put in a surge protected consumer unit? How is this achieved? also has anyone put one in before?
  40. S

    Are 30mA split load consumer units non compliant under 18th edition

    Hi All, Just wanted to see what peoples opinion is is installing a 30ma Split load board compliant/ non compliant under the 18th Edition or you have to use RCBO's for each final circuit? BS7671:2018, Page 155 regulation 531.3.5.2 is a note which says on TN systems which states " Exept where...
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