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  1. O

    What method do you use for fitting consumer units

    I was just googling for skeleton boards after reading the last thread and various pictures of consumer units popped up, some wired terribly and others that look like a work of art. But for me to get it looking even half neat I have to strip everything out of it so its just an empty box, strip...
  2. B

    Potential house purchase - current electrics setup and future plans

    Hi, I'm interested in a house built around the 1980's in Northern Ireland. I took a few photos of the consumer unit etc. which is situated in the garage. The house has a a double electric oven, 2 electric showers, an immersion water heater as well as all our usual electrical sockets spread...
  3. P

    Diversity and multiple consumer units

    Hi everyone, A diversity question concerning 2 consumer units fed from 100amp DNO supply Background, So I have an 18th Ed compliant consumer unit (DB1) fed by a 25m 2 core SWA into a IP rated box, the SWA is then split into 2*25mm tails feeding DB1 and a small 3 module enclosure incorporating...
  4. W

    Consumer unit upgrade

    Just looking to see if anyone’s had a similar job or has any other ideas. Got a consumer unit to upgrade, the current one is fitted inside an enclosure that houses the meter head. It’s on old Mem DB, the cables are wired in conduits which are all terminated onto the the inside of the enclosure...
  5. D

    EICR Wil my consumer unit need replacing?

    I've booked in an electrician to run an EICR, I have an old unit here, whilst searching for quotes one guy said it looks ok and may not need replacing. The guy I've booked in says it likely will. My question is Is there a way I can witness the unit failing tests? How do I know it will fail or is...
  6. C

    Spds - multiple consumer units

    Hi all, what is the best way to configure surge protection in domestic dwellings when you have multiple consumer units? Does each consumer unit need it's own spd, or can I fit one in parallel with all consumer units? I have a 20m run from meter cabinet to two consumer units in house, then...
  7. R

    Adding a Fuse Spur on to a Consumer Unit Circuit

    I’ve had a disagreement with one of the Engineers in work. So we are doing an install. Installing an Intruder Alarm. Rather than go with my suggestion of coming off a Socket and adding in the Fuse Spur as he’s been doing it 15 years it’s now going next to the Consumer Unit. Which at a guess is...
  8. B

    Wood Cabin Consumer Unit

    Currently I have a Henley block which has 2 consumer units. 1 of these CU feeds a garden supply and garage. Out in the garden which is fed by a 16mm 3 core swa and is fused at 63amps with rcbo feeding sockets lights etc. I have now built a cabin further down the garden and want to provide...
  9. U

    UK New consumer unit required for updated kitchen

    Hello all, I'm in the process of having my kitchen refurbished and I'm looking for advice on my current setup as I have been told that I will require a new consumer unit in order to connect the new induction hob and oven. The oven requires 16a and the hob is 7.2kw It looks like he intends put...
  10. P

    power a second consumer unit in the garage from our main consumer unit.

    Hi can you power a second consumer unit in the garage from our main consumer unit. We have a big armed cable from the main consumer unit into the garage and can we connect this to a second consumer unit? The armed cable current runs our solor and comes from the fuse in the picture attached.
  11. M

    Making up a consumer unit

    Hi all, First time post to the forums, I hope you all go easy on me! We are undertaking an electrical install as apart of a solar PV installation. We have a very small electric meter cupboard on the front external wall of the clients house and they're not keen on an external enclosure on show...
  12. O

    different make SPD in consumer unit

    Is there a reg anywhere that states that you have to use the same make SPD inside a consumer unit. I know there are with MCB's as they obviously have to sit on the same bus bar but an SPD just slots in and has flexible cables wiring it up.
  13. F

    Consumer unit change

    Hi everyone. I currently have a level 2 diploma, Part P and 18th edition. Can I carry out a consumer unit change if I work for myself privately?
  14. timhoward

    SBS Trade consumer units

    Thought I'd give one of these a go. Very easy to order and they build the board for you in the order you want. Next day delivery was free. First impression is that it's very solid and the front comes on and off easily. (So much space!) When I fit it, if it doesn't look too rough I'll post some...
  15. S

    Moving Consumer Units

    Generally, we would use the Wiska box. A couple of times apprentices have asked whether it would be OK to run a 6mm cable and join to the original ring mains in the Wiska. If the Wiska box is accessible for future R1+R2 testing, is there any reason this can't be done? My instinct is to say...
  16. LEighLeigh

    C2 issues? Consumer Unit & Circuit forms a Figure of 8 Rather than a complete RFC?

    Please help, just had a domestic EICR undertaken, a C2 issue: Consumer Unit does not meet minimum I.P rating, what does this mean and how do I check this out? how expensive to rectify? thanks!
  17. H

    Old black box near consumer unit

    Hi, My electrics keep tripping.. this black box in the picture seems to be the culprit. Slight touch of it and it trips. The electrician suggested removing this and connecting two main cables from main switch to the consumer unit with connectors. He said this black box is very old and not...
  18. V

    Protecting a 2nd consumer unit

    Done this loads of times before, but this situation is quite unique so bare with me. I've been asked to cable up an out building at a country park which is about 30m from another out building which has mains supply already installed from a main building some distance away via a 10mm SWA buried...
  19. Binda69

    Consumer Change - Should I be Concerned?

    Greetings all, just had a consumer unit upgraded and wanted your opinion before I have words with the electrician. Some stuff is obvious like the gland strip not fitted properly, you can’t just about make it ou, but others not sure off ie should the the meter tails have been fed separately from...
  20. E

    Dated Consumer unit whats the fuse for

    I saw this dated Wylex CU the other day and not sure what this separate fuseway was for; does anyone know I've never see one like this before !
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