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  1. E

    Pat testing business setup

    Hi i been looking at starting a pat test business, there is a course i can do that follows the iet 4th edition and certificate test at completion , if i want to do tests in places such as care homes and other businesses , will these ask for a qualified electrician or a city of guilds qualified...
  2. IKETBeD

    Can't setup generator in close proximity to service panel.

    How many feet can 10-gauge Romex run (inlet box to service panel) and still properly support 30-amp inverter generator? Do I also take into account the 25-ft of 30-amp wire (3-pronged locking) that connects the generator to the inlet box?
  3. T

    Texecom Prem Elite 48 setup

    Hi Guys, anybody in the bacup area willing to give me a price for setup of texecom premier elite 48, 2 expanders full and 1 expander with 2 periphials, I have Wintex software on my desktop. struggling to understand the terminology, also there are no EOL resistors as I have linked out tamps where...
  4. Jimjamyaha

    Domestic Bathroom light setup

    Hi, Thanks in advance for some extra eyes.... In our house the bathroom ceiling height has been reduced to fit in some spots. We've recently moved in and during replacing the GU10s with LED bulbs discovered this state of affairs. They've extended the feeds from the old ceiling rose and switch...
  5. S

    Australia Motorhome setup

    Converting a Toyota coaster bus to a motorhome DIY Bus runs on 24v. Has 2x12v batteries on a 24v configuration for starting the engine, radio, etc. I bough two 12v 130ah lithium ion batteries that claim to have a built in battery management system and would like to charge them as the bus...
  6. Y

    Commercial The right way to setup electrics at an event?

    Hi all, I've recently ventured into hiring products and providing services for events/weddings etc. We've been at it for a couple of years now and it's going well. I currently just use a MASTERPLUG LDCT2513BQ/4-XD 13A 4-GANG 25M CABLE REEL 240V extension cable to plug in 2 x 1000w 13amp coil...
  7. T

    Optimum setup of 2 strings on Solis RHI hybrid inverter

    Hi, We have a setup of 2 strings in series of Viridian panels, at present these go to the inverter which has dual mppt inputs so the strings are independent. The strings are slightly different, 7 x 250w clearline mono and 7 x 270w clearline poly. I have been looking at the settings in the Solis...
  8. D

    Trainee Pir and switch setup

    Hi I have 6 lights running of a pir currently but Want 3 of them to be able to run off a switch as well. Can any one advise on the best way to do so?? Thanks
  9. D

    110v power qualified to setup

    hello, I am new here. Please can anyone advise me, can anybody rig up 110v power from a generator supply to a portacabin or should the person be trained, 17th edition or NIC registration or similar. I am leaning towards a quLifed tradesman. Thanks in advance.
  10. A

    Sma installer 7000hv setup to offgrid mode

    Hello, i have a sunny mini central 7000hv and i would like to use it in offgrid mode. I live on a boat not connected to grid and i'm not an installer, so i would like to ask for some sunny solar installer here, even a outdated sma grid code, (as i will not connect anything to my inverter, it...
  11. leep82

    Advice/opinions on this setup

    Not posted for a while so thought id pop on and see what opinions/advice people had the following situation. Ive recently taken on a quite a large two storey extension consisting of kitche/diner and utility room downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. The existing setup is a 100a TT...
  12. Lenny

    Limited Company Setup Advice.

    Hi all. I'm about to start proceedings for creating a limited company. I've not had any real experience nor have any real knowledge of this area and have a couple of questions. 1. When invoicing another company for work carried out, would you deduct say 20% of the total amount and place it in...
  13. D

    Advice for out-of-ordinary battery charging setup

    Hi all, I'm setting up a split dual-battery charging system that appears sound to me, but i haven't seen it done before, and my main concern is how the alternator will react, and thus whether the source of the S wire should be changed.... The original vehicle is a Toyota LandCruiser, 1HZ motor...
  14. M

    Off grid solar shed setup by a non electrician

    I'll set the scene. I'm not an electrician, I have no relevant qualifications but I do have experience with Solar PV (loosely) having had a system installed for some year and various other PV related items. So I'm in the process of setting up my shed with some off grid power, for no reason...
  15. J

    3phase dis inb domestic setup

    looked at a rewire of a 4storey property today (lower,ground,1st,2nd) they is a 100a 3ph head on lower floor- and there is 2x seperate SP c/u (think there use to be 2x flats) but is now going to be one house best option?... to install something like a 8way 3ph amd3 dis board by the head on...
  16. E

    Wifi switch in need of neutral wire - advice on current setup

    Hi. In my lounge, I have 3 single gang switches which control a ring of GU10 downlights. I would like to substitute one the switches for a smart home switch, so that I can turn the lights on and off using a phone app. The model I am interested in is the wifiplug glass +. The literature states...
  17. M

    What is the best way to wire this bench testing setup?

    Hi, When we were in College we setup up a lab using a Bench PSU, a Mini Consumer Unit and some lights etc... It wasn't the best setup but it gave us an idea into the principles of wiring up circuits etc... From the picture here you can see that the leads they gave us were not the best but it...
  18. S

    Advice needed to earthing POE radios Ethernet setup

    Hi, Apologise if this is not the right board to post about this subject and please be patient as I am not a qualified electrician. I am extending internet access between two buildings about 30 meters apart via two Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-16 NanoBeam AC 5GHz 16dBi radios which I prefer them to be...
  19. A

    Current Frequency Counter - Wiring and Setup

    The current frequency counter we ordered on Amazon has just arrived, with a vague and minimal setup manual
  20. M

    Best Meter Setup For Multiple Use Building

    Hi some advice needed please. I am working on a commercial property, originally all one building (Machine Shop) with a 100A 3 phase TT supply incoming. The property is now being split up into multiple units mainly office space with one beauty salon all to be leased out by the landlord. The...
  21. Dan

    What's Your Speaker / Amp Setup?

    I have an Onkyo SR606 with 4 bookshelf speakers (no bass or centre). Just seen this though...
  22. S

    Generator setup and earthing

    Hi all new to the forum and electrican. Working on a plant at the moment where the client is wanting to have two 480volt 60hz three phases motors installed inside there workshop. These motors are going to be fed from a generator as they do not have enough power to feed them off the workshop...
  23. S

    Electrical help needed, DIY, dimmaer wicthes blowing relays on my solar setup.

    Hi All, I wonder if you can help me.... I've been designing my own solar solution recently and built a small example that worked really well. I've taken it into production and working with an electrician friend of mine, here is what we setup: I have a solar panel connected (through a DC...
  24. D

    Urgent Advice please on connection of AC from inverter to quad CSU setup

    Hi All, Many thanks in advance for any advice, I know this is the place to ask:blush5: Basically I am a 'consumer' who's having a pv array fitted and I want to check what the contractor's intending to do. I built my current house so I don't want it going up in flames! Unlikely but I'd rather...
  25. F

    Problem With 2-Way Heater Switch Setup

    Hello everyone! Need as much advice as I can get. This issue has stumbled a few certified electricians. Hopefully, with the wealth of knowledge here, a solution to this can be found. I'm a homeowner and a fairly competent DIYer. My home was meant to be set up to have 2 points of 2-way...
  26. M

    Mi-led controllers

    Hi I am struggling with a 4 zone mi-light controls setup. I have email them but they are useless. Has anyone managed to get one of there colour led wifi controllers working. If no I am will to cut my losses and get another setup. Can anyone recommend a good make Thanks
  27. P

    Upgrade of current setup SouthWest

    Upgrade of current setup. The current setup on my house is 14 Upsolar up240p polycrystalline panels at 105 degrees, feeding into a Fronius igtl3.0 inverter. It is ok but the power drops off after midday so I'd like to expand it. It was put in, in February 2012 so has the higher rate of FIT...
  28. E

    Domestic Trying to setup 21 Computer Fans each rated 12 Volts, is this correct setup?

    Hi all, I’m completely new to any kind of electrical work and would be grateful if you guys could confirm my setup to be correct. I’ll try to be as clear as I can: I have 220V coming from my Wall Socket, so I assume I have 220V to use. What I’d like to do is, use the...
  29. E

    Pics of Sonos wall mount setups

    Hi all, After some guidance with a Sonos setup. Looked for a few decent multi room media setups for our home and the Sonos products look right up my street. My question really is how have people run the supplies to the units. I want to give the impression that the units are completely wireless...
  30. S

    What software setup are people using on there testing?

    Hi guys just wondered what you guys are using setup wise for testing, i have been using easycert but not sure I'm that keen on it to be honest, had a play with Certifi and i like the EICR layout and the fact you can add in images to reports? Thoughts? Cheers
  31. J

    Adding to current garage setup via fused spurs

    Hi guys, I'm trying to extend what lighting/sockets I have in my garage. Currently I have a 2.5 t&e coming through the brick to what feeds 1 double socket and 3 tubelights. I'm not sure wether this is spurred off a ring main or is part of a radial circuit from the house. Anyway I want to...
  32. C

    Commercial Trouble-Shooting 2x18W Flourescent setup

    I agreed to take a look at shop sign for a shopkeeper friend. The fitting apparently stopped working form one day to the next. I have checked the following. 1) 240V getting to the fitting. 2) Both starters work fine in another fitting 3) Buzzed all the way round wiring loop with tubes/starters...
  33. C

    caravan park distribution setup

    I've been asked to wire a caravan park up so far the system consists of: connection boxes with each socket on a 16 a trip 30mA rcd SWA to each conn box buried to 600mm+ Incoming supply is t.n.s But....The main distribution board is 3phase so do I have to have the distribution cct on mcbs alone...
  34. M

    Cable TV Setup

    Hi Guys Living in rural Lincolnshire i've not come across Cable TV before, and i'm looking for the full gen on it. So what cable do i need? is it distributed centrally? is it internet and TV? I'm a full scope NICEIC registered contractor and I've got a rewire to do in a town with CATV and the...
  35. M

    SolarEdge Communication Setup

    Guys, Does anyone have experience of setting up communication on SolarEdge inverters? We have just finished our first SolarEdge installation, the inverter and optimisers are generating perfectly but we can't get the inverter to communicate with the online portal. We connected the inverter to...
  36. F

    Industrial LS industrial Systems IE-5 VSD Setup

    Hallo Everyone. I don't work with VSD's everyday. I typed this up as I was struggling with the setup. Hope it can help someone. Its just for starting and stopping with a signal. Drive not setup at all for run. Signal wire from key switch must be in terminal P1 and Com to receive signal...
  37. V

    TorqueLeader Torque Limiting Screwdrivers, SETUP for DB USE

    Purchased these around 2 years ago for a particular contract where it was required, then didnt win the contract so have been sat in my garage ever since They are made by Torque Leader, which is a world leading manufacturer in torque tools, the design and finish is second to none, both...
  38. M

    Domestic Can someone explain this meter setup

    Hi, I moved into my flat today and discovered this meter setup , not had anything like this before, In the flat there are 2 storage heaters and the rest are convectors, these are all wired into the bottom panel and work off the right hand meter along with the shower and the emmersion. The...
  39. N

    Outdoor Lights & Water Feature Setup

    Gents, just want some advice on the domestic side as I'm more an industrial engineer. I have 4 lights and a small water feature going to be remotely switched in my new landscaping project (joys of working shifts time for home improvements instead of tinkering with my track car!). I can get easy...
  40. H

    TV Aerial Setup Advice?

    Hey, I'm looking for some help and advice on our aerial setup across the house as we've got some problems as of today. As far as I can tell our setup looks like this: htt p://i.Upload the image directly to the thread.c om/5ev7tzB.gif (remove the two spaces to see the image, sorry mods but it's the easiest way to explain.)...
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