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  1. S

    New Zealand Fuses replaced with higher amperage. Thoughts?

    Background: House was built early 1980s, fuse board is mostly the old school ceramic fuses. The wiring is said to be of modern design with 'tough plastic sheathing' according to a pre-purchase inspection. The previous owner has replaced a 5 amp fuse for the lights with an 8 amp circuit...
  2. J

    Other electrician replaced RCBO with MCB

    Was called out to a car park where they had the lighting circuit tripping out. Fixed the issue by putting damaged cables in an IP rated box. However just realised that the electrician who came out before myself took out the RCBO and replaced it with an MCB in hope that it would stop tripping...
  3. M

    Does entire panel need to be replaced?

    was told the entire panel would need to be replaced because that part that is circled is loose. Wondering if that is in fact the case or if it could be repaired?
  4. Smart sparks

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas
  5. F

    UK I replaced the light and now my heater switch won't switch on.

    Hi I replaced few of the lights 4 to be precise 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs and now my heater won't turn on. Is it just the coincidence? Did I make a mistake? All the other socket is working but the switch next to the heater won't turn on. I replaced the fuse.. also, if I am correct, light and...
  6. Q

    Domestic Can connection plate be replaced by plug socket

    Hi, I’ve been living in a “new built” house for the last five years and the time to replace some of the built-in appliances has come. My dishwasher and washing mashine are connected to the grid via connection plates similar to those, although I’m not aware of their exact technical parameters...
  7. S

    18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced

    Good morning does anyone know about anything in the 18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced? i had a customer ask me about it this morning. Many thanks Simon
  8. D

    Someone replaced a light switch with a timer..

    Bit of a first for me. Looking around a house to tidy up as a buy to let and couldn't find the light switch in one of the bedrooms. Some searching later revealed the previous owners had replaced the switch with an analogue timer o_O It was the front bedroom so best guess is they had it to give...
  9. Cupa

    RCD in consumer unit keeps popping, replaced with new one, still same issue

    Morning guys! Over the weekend I noticed that the 80a RCD in my consumer unit kept tripping. The house doesn't have anything particularly power hungry - no air con, no DIY tools. It even trips in the middle of the night sometimes (I know so because the house alarm has a little fit when it...
  10. C

    Consumer unit upgraded - no earth continuity question?

    hi all, I had my consumer unit upgraded by an eletrician and the test on the main socket circuit revealed their is a break somewhere on the earth wire so no continuity. The eletrician had a quick look around and roughly located where it could be (somewhere under the floorboards between certain...
  11. T

    Triple light switch makes ticking noise - even after I replaced it. What's going on here?

    Hi all I'm just a DIYer, not a trained sparky. The triple light switch in my kitchen was making a ticking noise. By elimination, I found it was the middle switch. I didn't like a switch making a noise, so I just replaced it, only to find that the new switch also makes a ticking noise and again...
  12. O

    Replaced an integrated oven, advice please

    Hi, Our old oven was plugged into a standard socket behind the adjoining unit with a 13amp fuse standard plug, the hob has it's own isolator box connected to the consumer unit - I'm presuming the socket the oven was plugged into is the down ring but I'm not certain (chef not electrician here!)...
  13. Jim90

    Awful DB replaced 6 months ago!

  14. B

    City and Guilds have replaced 2365 unit 304 with 614...

    Hi there, I'm currently doing the 2365 level 3 diploma. City and guilds have apparently changed the 304 unit to a new number - 614. We've been told this is now a closed book exam, and we've been guided on what to read up on. Has anyone else heard of this change? I get the feeling my place of...
  15. B

    Light blew, flipped switch, replaced switch/fuse but still no lights... help!

    Hello friends, I own a shop in Wimbledon and upon entering the shop I turned on the light switches when one of the bulbs blew out and shorted all of the wall and ceiling lights of the shop. Electrical wall plugs still working but all lights are not working even after flipping the switch that...
  16. TopDMC

    4 blown LED GU10s

    My daughter switched her bathroom lights on yesterday and the bathroom remained in darkness. I went over to have a look just now, assuming a fuse; but not the case. All four had blown together! Fittings are 4 x Aurora GU10 IP65 Fire Rated Bathroom LED Downlights Bulbs are FEIT...
  17. charlie76

    Domestic RCD Random Tripping

    Evening all. Just after a bit of advice. Just been out on a job where they have had Random tripping of one of the RCD's on a split load board. They were told by a previous electrician it was the shower so that got replaced, problem continued. Another electrician said they had a cracked shower...
  18. P

    Trying To Work Out Price For Doing Wiring In Kitchen

    Hello, I have carried out electrical wiring in a kitchen. I have never priced a job before and don't want to overprice or shortchange myself any help would be much appreciated. I fitted: 16 down lights 2 double socket moves Moved all isolator off walls and relocated to central location (10...
  19. S

    Intermittent beep on heat alarm

    Hi everyone. This is my first time on here so please be kind :hurray: I have a problem with a new house I wired last summer. The first 6 months all was fine, then all of a sudden the heat alarm in the kitchen started to beep intermittently. I have replaced the alarm twice and both smoke heads...
  20. L

    Price To Replace Board And Rewire

    Hi, How much would an electrician charge for the following work please? It's for a 3 bed terraced house in Romford. Old fuse box changed to a new 12 way one. Earth bonding done throughout All new sockets in the house And an outside light installed in the garden. Any help would be greatly...
  21. B

    Fuse keeps tripping

    This is a commercial residence with flat upstairs. The problem started two days ago at about 11pm the power to all the sockets downstairs and exhaust hood stopped working. We hadn't done anything unusual as we were using computer, when all the sockets stopped working. So we then went to the fuse...
  22. Q

    BS1361 fuses

    I'm doing some past papers for my 17th exam this week and have found 2 questions about bs1361 fuses - their operating times and max zs. I can't find any data in the regs about them. Am I being blind or are these questions pertaining to old regs that have been removed from the current edition...
  23. A

    Domestic Can towel radiator be upgraded just by switching element?

    A client has a Dimplex TRS120 oil-filled 120W electrical towel rail. The element has packed up and before it's replaced I wanted to check whether the 120W element could simply be replaced with a higher wattage one, e.g. 175W (TR8404), as listed in the Dimplex spares brochure, a couple of lines...
  24. M

    RCD Tripping

    9 LED outside garden lights protected by RCD. Originally the client asked me to investigate outside lights as when he switched them on RCD tripped immediately . On investigation found previous Halogen fitting past sell by date most full of water and corroded. Client agreed to have all replaced...
  25. S

    Domestic Dimmers for L.E.Ds

    Hi Just replaced 6 GU1O (incandescent) lamps with 4.5 watt L.E.Ds and replaced Dimmer for Aurora dimmer (L.E.D compatible) does not seem to be as liquid as GU10s used to be although ok. My next customer is an anal mother and wanted to know if anyone knows of better (dimmer)product for 8 x 6 watt...
  26. A

    Domestic tripping RCD when I use motors

    Hi, I cannot use any motor in my house, vacuum cleaner etc. the RCD trips all the time. I have had 3 electricians in, one replaced my whole board, still no difference. they have tested all plugs, everything seems to be in order. no problems with the lights I do have 1 plug in the house that I...
  27. B

    Blown dimmer

    Hi guys, New to this posting lark (not good at typing either) but to get up & running I got called to a house a few weeks ago, the dimmer on a cieling candalabra had blown. replaced it with 2g alto 250w dimmer . Got call today to say lamp in mathing wall light had gone,they replaced it but now...
  28. A

    minor works or eic

    Hi All When renewing an existing shower circuit, will the test cert be a minor works as it is an existing circuit or an electrical installation cetificate. thanks
  29. S

    Domestic MEM RCD failure?

    I have a split MEM2000 board (15+ years old) with four circuits each with MCBs protected by a single 100A 30ma RCD. The RCD has been tripping out over the last 4 days at increasingly more frequent intervals (initially evry 6-8 hrs now it holds for about 30mins) It trips with the mcbs on the...
  30. stidge


    Hi all just replaced oven and cooker hood new for old , replaced hood noticed metal capping run at angle that had been nicked with old screw ? Anyway did IR test etc everything fine, switched both on just to make sure I put my testers from cooker to hood and got 3/4 or 5 volts varying ???? Any...
  31. D

    Test certificate for new installation of SWA

    I recently installed a length of SWA. When testing and certifying, do I simply use a domestic electrical installation certificate and test at the start of the cable (at main CU) with the sub CU isolator off? Would I need to do each circuit on the sub CU also, or just one set of tests for the...
  32. L

    Lighting fault which I cant explain!

    Fellas Had a call out to a tripping MCB, 6A Starbreaker, the kitchen lights trip the breaker intermit idly. The lighting arrangement is 5 X 35w LV Halogens on a wire rail, voltage is stepped down via one 210VA transformer, I tested the cable from the switch (looped N) to the transformer L-N...
  33. richardg

    Supplier service head and cut out fuse needs replacing?

    Hi all I completed my first EICR a couple of days ago and some of you have helped with the codes, a major concern I had was the age and condition of the service supply head. As you can see from the photos the wiring looks 30+years old with a tangle of wires going everywhere. Do I call out SSE to...
  34. K

    calculating csa of earthing conductor with BS1361 fuse

    Maybe I'm overlooking the obvious but how would you calculate the min. csa of an earthing conductor of say a tn-s system when there is no time/current graph for a 1361 fuse in the BGB? Do you just obtain If from Uo/Ze and then use this in the adiabetic equation. Ta
  35. H

    Does anyone Know of a silent thermostat?

    I am off up north at the start of July to do a Buddhist monastery's PAT testing. The abbot has a heating thermostat in his room that makes too much noise, humming etc and it is disturbing his meditation and he wants me to change it. Does anyone know of a thermostat that is quiet when installed...
  36. A

    Cooker cable - blowing fuse!

    Hello all, I have changed the cable on my Smeg SUK91MFA cooker as the old one was damaged. The cable terminates into a standard 13A plug and had been fine for years. I replaced the cable like for like and replaced the original plug back on. I wired the cooker end of the cable L-N-E from left to...
  37. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Technician Grade

    Hi Guys, Ive been looking at the JIB technician grade, it says the 'City & Guilds of London Institute Electrical Installation Work Part III Course Certificate (or approved equivalent)' is required I cant seem to find any details/info on this course anywhere. Does anyone know if it has been...
  38. Z


    My dimmer switch servicing six 12volt MR16 went. Pushed it in and nothing happened, no click. Replaced it with new component. Stil did not work. Replaced the two transformers. Still does not work. Any advice/tips before I call in an electrician?
  39. J

    How old does a cutout need to be to get the DNO to replace?

    How old does a cutout need to be to get the DNO to replace? Midlands (ex central networks) I have a old metal box (see pic) that I would like to get replaced?
  40. M

    Commercial Crabtree C50 breakers.

    HI all, what BS number is the crabtree c50, if there is one? are thay acceptable as PIR reports, say a sub main 16 amp feeding a caravan ( fixed static ) with an old ELCB? any thoughts regards P.:crazy:
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