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  1. Dan

    Who wanted to remove the 'Install to Homepage' notification?

    I was in a thread the other day and somebody showed me a screen shot of a, what I think if I remember rightly was, the "install EF to homepage" on mobile devices. I had the notification and just swiped it away. However, just in case it wont move on your device, you can now edit your forum...
  2. homebuyer2023

    Buying flat, Consumer Unit replaced but no notification

    Hi All, I am in the middle of purchasing a small 1 bed flat in England, and have been sent a Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate by the seller (horizontal red form with 6 pages). The certificate states work was done 4 years ago including new sockets, downlights and a 'new consumer...
  3. S

    Electric boilers and DNO notification

    My company has recently done some air source heatpumps which require DNO notification and EV chargers which also require DNO notification. On an EICR today came across a 14.4kW electric boiler on a 60A supply (installed last year by others). Apart from the obvious issues I looked into whether...
  4. KevinH

    Notification Required?

    I have just completed a (large) new build timber lodge in a customers (large) rear garden and today given it a full test and produced an EIC for it. The owner says he has not needed building control/planning consent as it is just within the criteria to not need it, even though it is a 4 bed...
  5. Aaron b

    Part F building control notification

    Hello, I understand that from the 15th of June testing and commissioning of vents and fans is now compulsory and that also since last year any works regarding fans needs to be notified to building control under part F. I assume that this can be done as a NAPIT contractor registered with EAS...
  6. banny07

    UK Building control notification

    Hi Guys. I just joined niceic domestic Installer scheme. Now I want to notify building control about the job I did few weeks ago. I used elecraform's certification software to creat my first EIC. My question is; do I need to do another certificate using NICEIC software to notify building...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    New DNO notification form for EV and Heat Pumps etc

    There is a new form on the horizon for EV charge points. Some interesting criteria now apply, If you are not sure what the fuse is then you must submit the form in advance of install regardless of max demand. At present if the MD is <60 amps you can notify once installed. Most of mine are done...
  8. P

    Electrical danger notification and non paying customer

    OK so I have a customer who won't pay ( claim not to have the money). Its a shop due to open tommrow and its not finished, there are bits missing all over and only a couple of circits temp connected. Should I do a EDN to cover my arse as its not finished or tested.
  9. Mike Bingham

    Removal of old bathroom circuit.

    Do you have to provide part p notification for removal of a circuit in a bathroom ?
  10. S

    G83 DNO Notification for DIY Install

    Hi, We're getting an extension with flat roof soon, and I can squeeze 3kw of PV onto it so I was going to DIY the install, considering no FIT meaning a proper installation isn't cost effective. It certainly doesn't look out of the reach of a sparky without PV training so happy to give it a go...
  11. M

    First NICEIC notification. What do i enter for relevant certificate number?

    Afternoon all I'm a new member to NIC and I need to notify 2 jobs done this week. A DB change and a minor works for bathroom extractor installed. I use easy cert software which generates own cert numbers. When going to NIC site to notify is asking for relevant certificate number and says enter...
  12. N

    When to issue a danger notification?

    When working on a site if you see a c1 or c2 condition, can you issue a danger notification? Or is it only for c1 situations? Reason i'm asking is if you spot something whilst working on site and point it out to the customer, and they don't want to pay to get it fixed, you'd obviously want to...
  13. Bob Geldoff1234

    Part 'P' notification question?

    If notification under Part 'P' is a legal requirement for a consumer unit change, then if a person changed the unit,issued a non scheme EIC and didn't notify Building control then would the installation be deemed illegal? I thought Part 'P' was to make sure that the installation was done to a...
  14. M

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Digital EIC & Notification of Works certificates

    Had an electrician completed re-wire on my property but sent me a scanned copy of EIC. I was hoping I would receive a digital one via E-Cert with his details, etc. Can that be not done – he completes on e-Cert and I receive a copy as well to my email? Also, I was on the impression that...
  15. Gavin John Hyde

    What do people make of this ventilation notification lark?

    Keep hearing more and more about notifying ventilation systems in properties and have now had an email from NICEIC telling me i can save 50 quid of the ventilation scheme if i do there course! this of course in addition to the money i already pay them. it seems every thing is becoming part of a...
  16. Wez

    Electrical safety concern notification for dummies

    Hi guys. I've recently purchased a new property and the following notice was left for me. Does anyone have the right lexicon to explain this to a complete novice? As a side note, My oven always trips the fuse box and doesn't work, yet all the other electrical circuits are fine - could this be...
  17. Sintra

    Electrical Danger Notification

    Sintra submitted a new resource: Electrical Danger Notification - Editable pdf Electrical Danger Notification document Read more about this resource...
  18. Clinton Weedon

    Hi all, question about notfiable work as I'm qualified but not registered yet?

    Hi guys, so any (quick) advise on this will be appreciated, I've got my part P, 17th and 94/95 qualifications however I'm not registered yet. So how do I go about issuing Certs and who should I contact to notify my work? I'm in London..
  19. Skimpy Wan

    Nest Protect Notification alerts

    PLEASE READ THE POST ATTACHED AND COMMENT / FORWARD TO ANYBODY WHO COULD BENEFIT OR ASSIST IN REACHING AN OUTCOME! I will be adding a link to the Nest community so they can also see your responses. Thanks in advance! Kim https://community.nest.com/message/59544
  20. M

    Charging for testing, certs and notification etc...

    Hello all, just a thought... Could i ask if anyone ever charges for testing, certs and notification on top of general electrical install or do you allways include the above within the contract price for sockets, downlights, cu change etc... Just wondered because sometimes that call all take up...
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