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  1. M

    First NICEIC notification. What do i enter for relevant certificate number?

    Afternoon all I'm a new member to NIC and I need to notify 2 jobs done this week. A DB change and a minor works for bathroom extractor installed. I use easy cert software which generates own cert numbers. When going to NIC site to notify is asking for relevant certificate number and says enter...
  2. The_apprentice2.0

    Are my qualifications relevant??

    Hi, Served as an industrial maintenance spark and really want to get into domestic sparking full time, I've put the feelers out to a few electricians for some experience and would like to put myself through the relevant quals or see if any of my existing quals can be transferred (night school...
  3. C

    Which Order to Do the Relevant Courses

    Evening guys Plan on doing my 17th (possibly 18th) edition, building regs and inspection and testing courses. I have basic electrical knowledge as i currently work in appliance repair, and have experience with cooker installs and perform checks on customers electrical systems. (Checking...
  4. Sonia Norman

    2394 exam

    i took my 2394 exam tonight like a numpty I drew a tnc-s when they asked for a tN-s I did describe that it was terra neutral separate earth and still drew the wrong one! Anyone know if that's a definite fail for the whole exam. It was a 15 point question so I'm thinking I'm screwed!
  5. N

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma want a CV?

    I called stroma and they were fine with me joining their scheme with my experience and were helpful. I however, received a list of things I need to send them and all was as expected, except for a CV. I never had to supply a CV when I was a member of NICEIC and haven't even got a CV and have no...
  6. S

    Netherlands \ Amsterdam work

    ive been desperate to leave the UK for a while now, I felt at home on my holiday to Amsterdam, loved the people and the electrical systems from what ive seen seem quite similar. Does anybody have relevant experience of moving and working there? Im primarily fire\security\life safety systems but...
  7. R

    Certifying mobile container install

    Hi guys, I've completed a new install on a container That's to be sent off to unknown site? 63A commando skt (single phase). I am to fill in an electrical installation certificate (which I am only able to input dead testing results). Is this correct if I was to EICR a container the same would...
  8. infinity

    Works Contarcts

    I require a works contract for some jobs coming up where we will be carrying out electrical installs for a main contractor. I want to make sure i have covered my back and have some comeback when it comes to payment terms etc. Someone has mentioned JCT minor works but I'm not sure its relevant...
  9. mwigham85

    URGENT 2394 in 2 hours time!!!!!

    Hi I've got my 2394 in a couple of hours and a practise question was write a list of consumer units and protective devices cheapest to most expensive good and bad points for each. Plus if anyone knows of random stuff they might ask cheers
  10. N

    The elusive Job

    the hunt for the lesser spotted electricial job continues..... Im 23,from glasgow, just got ma papers,got paid off, dont have a big network. Would any old horses care to divulge secrets of landing a job if there is any. Ive joined an agency and i fire out CV's all the time. Been out of work...
  11. D

    underpinning knowledge questions... help please!

    hi all, just need a bit of help doing the last few upk questions that need to be done before i can sit my am2. Q1 what are the main requirements and procedures for inspecting and testing electrotechnical systems and installed equipment after fault rectification? Q2 what are the organisational...
  12. D

    Cable downsizing - lighting circuit

    Hi guys,Got a kitchen on the end of a downstairs radial. 6A MCB, all in 1.5mm.Adding 3 further points on the end of the circuit (main ceiling light + undercupboard lights). Can I downsize the cable to 1mm?Current capacity is still fine (method c).Excuse the stupid question, but I can't find...
  13. R

    Recording RCD test results

    Please confirm.. On the test sheet, it is the x1 worst result that gets put on the sheet?:confused: thanks
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