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  1. G

    To Notify or Not to Notify, To Bond or Not to Bond clarification

    Hi all, Hope you are all well and all is good! I am looking for some guidance as per the title please. I really would appreciate some guidance on what is notifiable in a bathroom and what is not and under what circumstances do you have to upgrade / install bonding? For example if replacing...
  2. N

    Notify building control

    Hi guys,, basically I work for a firm and we specialise in care homes so there not part p registered,there a member of eca though. I'm fully qualified with 2391 also. My uncles having a house built and wants me to wire it,, as I'm not part of a scheme do I need to tell building control. I asked...
  3. B

    Who to choose

    any advice on what would be best for my starting company as in who to register with as in niceic, napit, elecsa or the benefits of Eca. I am looking to do domestic work aswell as commercial jobs. Are they all the same or are more beneficial than others. Thanks
  4. nicnic66

    Part-P Subby

    I am new sole trader and have started to subby to a building firm which carry out insurance claim flood repairs to properties. My work involves EICR's, rewires, new socket installs etc. I am waiting until I have my 2x commercial ccts. Under my belt for stroma assessment. So technically I am an...
  5. M

    Charging for testing, certs and notification etc...

    Hello all, just a thought... Could i ask if anyone ever charges for testing, certs and notification on top of general electrical install or do you allways include the above within the contract price for sockets, downlights, cu change etc... Just wondered because sometimes that call all take up...
  6. H

    building control certification

    new build domestic and residential I use electronic certs to register my works using click software and buy certs on the niceic website, do I still have to register this work with building control? thought this was covered, and it was only alterations to existing I had to register, please tell...
  7. A

    Want to get ELECSA but.......

    Hi all. Ive recently gone self employed and looking to get ELECSA but looking on website i need a site visit. Obviously as ive only just gone self employed i havent got many jobs at the moment. Do i really need to go ELECSA before doing any work in a bathroom, kitchen or outside? As this is...
  8. Sonia Norman

    Signing off my work

    Hi guys I cannot get a straight answer from anywhere so I'm hoping you can help. I am fully qualified C & G 2320 and 2330, 17th Edition. I'm a single mum and I am planning to go self employed, that way I can be there for the kids and get off benefits. What I am struggling with is info on sign...
  9. F

    circuit for pv install

    Am part p electrician been asked to do some installs for pv am i correct that as a registered part p sparks we can install new circuiys for pv and do eic for job and notify job as new cicuit Am bit mistified as new circuit would become a load circuit from pv
  10. G

    Domestic Job Notifications

    Hi all, just wondered if anybody can give me with a bit of advice, i registered last year with a scheme provider and my re assesment is due in the next few months, having checked all my paperwork is up to scratch as you do, i have realised i have forgotten to notify a job i completed in...
  11. M

    Advice on Registering with ELECSA

    Hi everyone, this is my first posting on this forum. I hope there is someone out there who can advise me please. I am a recently qualified electrician. I am setting up my own business as a sole trader domestic electrician. I do not work for an electrical company. I want to complete my...
  12. Rob Smith 643

    Notification of a disconnected circuit

    Do I need to notify the disconnection of a shower circuit? I have disconnected and made safe at the consumer unit and confirmed at the business end that the circuit is de-energised. If I do need to notify, on what basis am I doing so? Alteration in a special location? Sage advice/experience...
  13. U

    board change prerequisite

    Hi all, Basically, someone in my family needs a new board ideally and I was wondering, as im not registered with nic, nappit etc am I in a position to change this board and sign it without having to pay a crap load of money to labc. or would to change it and test it but not sign it be a...
  14. B

    Part P/ building control question

    "anyone carrying out work on a domestic property that would be subject to Part P regs has to notify Building Control by some means. A contractor registered with one of the government-approved schemes can issue a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate to both the householder and Building...
  15. S

    Really I am 'now required to register on a competent persons scheme' ??

    check this link out Electrical Installation - Burnley College Adult Courses Didn't realise that I had to register LOL
  16. N

    niceic registration

    Hi everybody I want to register with niceic domestic installer scheme. They advised me to do two jobs (fully installed, inspected tested and certified) under the name of my business. I am fully qualified to do insp/testing (2391) but for certification i have to go through council. When i...
  17. C

    Signing off a job grey area

    I am a competent electrician and have all of my certificates, nvq3 etc I have also passed my 2391, can I sign off domestic jobs or do I need to do part p etc?? I am not with the nic eic or a governing body either, some people say I can and some say I can't
  18. F

    Niceic notification

    Hi people, When notifying work on the niceic website I pay £1.50 to notify it then £1.50 for a guarantee. My question is can you get rid of the guarantee payment and how? Im doing a lot of single circuits for a new contract so although it doesn't seem a lot it will quickly add up over time...
  19. D

    building control certificate

    Is there a way to find out if a job has been notified/pending to building control eg.online or is the only way to wait for the actual certificate to be posted to the customer cheers
  20. S

    Post napit assesment

    Am I doing right by issuing and EIC before my assessment with napit and being able to notify it if and went I pass. I've heard this is true but doesnt seem right
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