1. J

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please
  2. N

    A bit of advice (12 years since doing level 2 course)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe? I'm after a bit of advice. I carried out my level 1 and then Level 2 qualifications and passed 12 years ago now!! Unfortunately (And my biggest regret) is that I took a job on and never finished my level 3. I would love to gain a full...
  3. B

    Is it possible to sit C&G exams without doing courses?

    For example, in the UK i know you can eg do an A Level at home (if for example you're homeschooled) and then simply sit the exam at a recognised examination centre, paying a small fee. Is this possible with the C&G?
  4. G

    Electrical system design 615 level 3 help!!!

    Hello everyone I am doing my level 3 electrical system design project 615 and I need some help with design current etc. at the moment all the colleges are closed so i am unable to find any help from teachers. i would really appreciate if someone show me the right path how to calculate it.
  5. James

    Covid-19 How are we doing?

    How are we all doing? Stay safe guys and girls
  6. Markyd

    So are electricians classed as key workers or as doing essential work? (Domestic)

    Half way through a kitchen refurb,clients are moving back in at weekend because of lockdown and i need to get some sockets and the oven working for them is this classed as essential work
  7. E

    Insulation resistance check on LED fittings

    Hi, Do I need to disconnect LED fluorescent fittings when doing an insulation resistance check? Thanks
  8. Cableguy337

    Wasted thousands doing level 2/3 can't find work

    Hi All this is not a sob story, but I am becoming very frustrated that I have spent so much time and money training to get my qualifications. And now that I am applying for work, no one is willing to give me a chance. After following the advice from more experienced sparks on here. I have...
  9. ipf

    One way of doing it...

    Well..... they told me using fag paper on a duff fuse wouldn't comply!!!
  10. C

    Pvc not allowed externally...been doing it for decades

    Couple of pics t&e clipped externally no signs of damage,just growing moss.
  11. K

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?
  12. P

    Electrician Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.

    Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.
  13. G

    Under ground service to weather head or service head.

    What is common practice when hooking Armoured cable to a weather head. Do I need a aluminum weather head or is a threaded PVC one ok? Do I use a weather head with threads so my teck connector can screw straight I need ground bushings at both ends? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  14. H

    Plumbers doing electrical

    plumbing city & guilds to carry out basic electrical work. Is agency liability insurance valid for plumbers doing electrical work?
  15. Loki

    Been doing a rewire.......

    Hi, Been doing a full rewire on a social housing 2 bedroom house. Lifted the floorboards to find that the house has been rewired in the past. The sockets were really low maybe 75mm off the floor, also the original cables to the sockets had be cut with about 3 foot left connected to the old...
  16. j1mbodrea

    Doing 2391-52 atm, does anyone need any help completing EICs and EICRs

    Hi there, I'm doing the 2391-52 atm Live in west London area, is anyone looking for an electrician? Level 2-3 diploma along with 18th Editon Regs. Looking for permanent work Thanks Jimbo
  17. Z

    Questions about "price per point" for domestic

    I've been working for a firm for a number of years now with jobs on the side, recently gone full time solo. Everything I've done up until now has been either day rate, or price work. I'm based in Surrey / Middlesex by the way, most of my work is in the areas surrounding Heathrow airport and...
  18. Automation ATO

    Guess what I'm doing

    I'm going to make a video about how to use AC contactor with a relay at safe voltage. Cheer up! We are all worthy of respect and my posts do not welcome evil people.
  19. Cupa

    Domestic Wiring up an induction hob - wanted to sense check if what I'm doing is correct

    Hi guys, I have a new induction hob which I'd like to wire in. I have already wired in the oven and grill into the kitchen using a length of 4mm 3 core heat resistant flex and that is working fine. Back of the hob shows the following diagram: Based on the above schematic, I plan to wire in...
  20. Phil Thompson

    Had a call from a guy who was doing a bit of diy.

    Just had a call and text from a new customer. Was putting up a mirror and there was a double socket below.
  21. B

    16th edition electrian doing a re-wire but need to get it passed off would anyone do this?

    We have a friend who is a 16th edition qualified electrician who will rewire a house for us but need to get it passed off - can anyone help?
  22. D

    Electrics came back on without doing anything

    All electrics in the garage went out. It was caused by a heater fan I had one for a hour or so. It is a very very old heater fan. I presume it's got a fault. Anyhow there is a board in the garage and also a board in the house. The house lights were fine and nothing tripped out. The garage...
  23. C

    Access training Cardiff electrical course, is it worth doing?

    Hi I was hoping someone people on here could give me some advice on a electrical course with access training. I’ve seen mixed reviews but would like to hear from someone who has done the course. Has anyone done this course or know if it’s any good? And I’ve been told by them that after...
  24. Marc Lajevardi

    Trainee About 3 years ago I finished college doing my level 3 NVQ electrical...

    I didn't fail any exams or anything but when I've looked over my certs I can't see my 17th edition. Does anyone know if I would have got this in with the 2 years I done at college or is it seperate? I've tried calling the college numerous times but it just keeps ringing out. If anyone can give...
  25. M

    Boiler timer doing my head in

    Hi is anybody willing to talk me through wireing up my boiler controller ...
  26. buzzlightyear

    why do i bother doing jobs for people

    my neighbour ring me up and asks me to go and sort her electrics has she said that the fuse has gone .telling me the over the sink the cabinet lights stopped working so I tuned up after making appointment with her now the house she has been in, approx. 20year a new house when she moved in . now...
  27. Spoon

    Doing a "Search" on the foum and what I put down in the search.... Tell me now my title is too short

    Very silly question. I want to search for a whole phrase.... e.g. Welcome to the forum When typing that into the search it searches for each individual word. I have tried putting the search in speech marks "Welcome to the forum". but with still the same result. What am I doing wrong...
  28. happyhippydad

    Unable to find earth rod when doing EICR

    Evening chaps and SC... I was carrying out an EICR today. I could not find the earth rod anywhere. I could see a 10mm leaving the CU and going down the wall of the porch then it goes at an angle through the wall (towards the outside) and then I cannot see anything else. Following the angle...
  29. Simonslimline

    I must be doing it wrong.

    93000 + views! What a muppet.
  30. T

    Just doing a little refurb on a commercial unit. This is what we are starting with /sigh

    Yeh so bit of a rewire in order. You may spot 25mm four core swa zipping across the vista, piggy backed onto with the fire cable. Not long been done the fire alarm stuff. So will be interesting sorting it out. I do love a challenge. Lovely!
  31. j1mbodrea

    Anyone else doing level 3 ? Assignment 615 ???

    Just was handed an this assigment two days ago. Anyone else had the same ??? Should have been handed out in the beginning of term.
  32. Adil

    Electrician New build property, need a few things doing by an electrician

    I've purchased a new build property in Manchester (M29 - Tyldesley). I need a sparky to sort out the following for me: 1) installation of 3 external lights with seperate switches (front, rear and side of property). 1st fix wiring is already done. 2) installation of a hard wired alarm system...
  33. Bob Geldoff1234

    Cloud flare not doing anything.

    Can we get rid of Cloud Flare because it ain't working against the Chinese posters.Having to wait 5 seconds every time to access the site is getting a bit much and seeing as it's not working I cannot see the point of having it. Get rid I say.
  34. C

    Doing larger testing jobs

    Hello guys Been using the free NICEIC online system for my certs however with larger testing jobs coming up i find the software to be a pain. Moving forward what are some of the best certification softwares... any recommendations as someone has suggested Tysoft Easycert?
  35. P

    EICR on non logo forms?

    I get that you don't need to be part P regeistered to do an EICR, but has anyone ever had their EICRs questioned because they aren't completed on Elecsa/Niceic logo forms (I am referring to those part P only not full scope schemes that don't allow use of their logo on EICRs)?
  36. Gavin John Hyde

    Beware another scam outfit doing the rounds?

    Just had this message come through via my website. they actually took the effort to fill the form in rather than email direct! they want me to pay £150 to be added to a list on there website and i also note they spell domestic with 2 m's!!! not sure what a roof survey will generate for an...
  37. Dannyg8810

    anyone Doing there 2391 look here!

    time to give some thing back to the forum after the great advise and interesting reads Iv been having a clear out and come across a 2391-10 exam guide book which would be a good read for someone revising to do there 2391-52 or the separate 2. If this will help someone DM me and il post out be...
  38. T

    What we are doing ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been on here for a few years now and have enjoyed the banter along the way I get an idea what a few of you do day to day and what some of you professional backgrounds eg maintenance, commercial, domestic (new build /rewires/additional works. As we approach the end of the year has it been...
  39. T

    Just doing an EICR today and in a quandary...

    So there is no earth to the light fitting, well there is it's terminated in the black terminal box above it. However there is no connection of earth to the light. It's a JCC I think circa 10 years old or maybe less. Also the supply to the lamp holder is in singles from the termination box. There...
  40. D

    New member . Hoping to gain knowledge

    Just saying hello. I've joined this group to seek advice as I am new to this lark. I'm doing bookkeeping for an electrician
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