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  1. The_apprentice2.0

    Electrician They're actually paying an 'electrician' for this

    Got sent this from a mate of mine working on the job concerned that the electricians first fix on a kitchen was a bit rough. Never seen anything like it me! thought it was a Pi$$ take at first :eek::eek:... (using the term electrician very loosely o_O) Thought I'd share with you all :)
  2. Bob Geldoff1234

    Paying January's tax bill

    Are any other sparks on here feeling fed up after having to part with January 31st tax bill?:mad: To add insult to injury I have also had to pay the accountants bill and the wholesalers bills. To top if all off,most of my jobs are ongoing so haven't received any money for a couple of weeks. The...
  3. O

    Paying in cheques using your smart phone ....

    Anyone tried this? What a great invention! My business account is with Lloyds FWIW
  4. O

    Children paying "keep" when earning ...

    So this isn't us............. just a scenario close to us Mum earns £15K 18 year old son about to start work earning £20K Should the parent charge "keep" to live at home? I'm off to the pub shortly, so will update you with what the mum plans to do tomorrow
  5. S

    Agencies not paying please add

    Hi guys There's a page been setups on Facebook to share names of agencie that don't pay Se connecter à Facebook | Facebook - https://www.------------/groups/132250190680832/
  6. buzzlightyear

    bad customers

    any body had bad customers not paying .
  7. akwoody2

    Sub contractors

    Hello caps, A little advice please. I'm a sole trader and work has picked up and I'm in need of subbing some of it out. Am I right in saying I'll have to register and pay CIS? When they test and inspect do they do it under their company name or mine? Thanks in advance
  8. E

    Testing for Landlords in Scotland

    After the recent law change, are you guys operating in Scotland now having to provide PAT testing with your EICR? Having just completed 2394/7/27 I'm looking at PAT testing the cooker hood, extract fan, washing machine etc. I can't see how it can be feasible to provide an EICR and then...
  9. spud1

    Can anyone recommend a good certification software?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good certification software? I have used Amtech for Donkeys years but am getting hacked off with paying the pricey monthly tech support/update premium. Mainly because I know the software (And all its glitches) pretty well inside out so don't really need tech very...
  10. L

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB rules - 'stand down' please help asap!

    Hi I started for a JIB company about 3 and a half months ago. Thier office is in birmingham and i work in oxford. Now they have put me on 'stand down' which means i have to go sit in the office for 7 and a half hours doing practically nothing. Thing is I dont only have to pay the 20 odd pound...
  11. J

    Hager sollysta feedback

    Hi all anyone using the new sollysta range and has some feedback, been using volex till now but they have changed the twin socket and the terminals are crap
  12. D

    new megger tester

    looking to get a new megger. only do domestic. was looking at getting the mft1710. Looks a very good price. Do you guys think its worth paying more for the 1720 or 1730? & why?
  13. E

    Fluke 1651B

    Fluke 1651B, 5 months old with calibration. In excellent condition with no marks or scratches. Still has protective cover on screen. Selling for a friend who bought it for a 2391 course but never did it. Only used a few times (most recently by me to confirm it reads the same as my meter, which...
  14. S

    Alarm Companies

    Hi all, In these hard times I have been looking at alternative sources of business One such potential avenue is burglar/smoke alarms I would like to ask those that have experience of these fields is it one that you can enter independently or do you have to join one of the main companies ? Has...
  15. J

    Is the JIB becoming irrelevant?

    Got told today that the 2 main electrical contractors on the olympic site are pulling oyt of the JIB.Anyone else heard this? If this is indeed true then that would mean they can set their own rates,no lodge or travel,im really becoming fearful about the future of this game.Mate of mine was in...
  16. R

    Anyone had a phonecall from BT?

    I had a phonecall today from BT saying they were looking for electricians to advertise, through searches on google, 118-500, and local directories Has anyone else had this call? Anyone done this and got much work out of it? She said it would be £160 sign up, then £39 a month for a year
  17. Z

    RatedPeople.co.uk - is it ok?

    I am thinking of taking on some work other than my main job. Is that website a good place to start?
  18. S


    Hi guys Just looking to see how much you guys charge for a PIR. Do you have a standard charge or per a circuit :o.
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