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  1. T

    Removal of a g9 halogen 25w osram capsule

    Hi, I'm trying to remove a lightbulb from a fitting that was in place when we moved here. The bulb is deep into the shade around it and the gap around the bulb is not wide enough to grab by hand. I feel like I'm missing a trick! I've attached some pictures which might help explain my...
  2. Vortigern

    Street light removal, any tips?

    So I have a brief to sort out the removal and re-instatement of a lamp post in the street. It is for a new build and the new house will get in the way of the street lamp. I am thinking Highways and streets department for this. I know DNO WPD will do the work but they say permission must be...
  3. T

    COAX cable removal ?

    Hi all just wondering if can shed some light on best way to get rid of TV point. The tv point is going under floor and the floor has been laminated flooring all on the ground level so unable to get under floor to gain access to amplifier, that the TV coax cables terminate to. Now the cable is in...
  4. C

    USA Fluorescent to LED conversion tombstone removal

    I have about 30 4 bulb 4ft shop lights that I want to convert from fluorescent to LED. I need to swap the tombstones from shunted to unshunted on one side to do this. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the metal tab that the tombstones anchor in to. There are no tabs on it to...
  5. J

    LED Downlight Removal

    Hi all, I have 15 downlights in the kitchen but need to remove one due to getting rid of an aga and needing to install a new cooker and extractor hood - the hood is going where one of the downlights is located. I've replaced plenty of these over the years, but wanted to check the best way of...
  6. G

    Domestic Removal of a security

    I bought my ageing Ford F150 with an aftermarket security device, a relic called AVITAL 2100. It has given me exceptional grief and I decided that it is best simply removed. I located the main module under the dash and removed it by unplugging all the wires that went into it. Now I'm left with...
  7. Davehaywire

    PFC removal industrial unit

    Hi Been asked to remove a pfc unit in an industrial unit Has any1 had any experience in removal of a pfc unit and if so is there a safety procedure to follow and a way of discharging the unit correctly Any advice would be great
  8. jonoaskew

    Domestic Air Vent Removal (Electrical wires removed or capped?)

    Hi folks, First post here and needing some help if that's ok? I'm looking to remove an electric air vent from our downstairs toilet. The previous owners stated they used to have a shower in there, but this was removed by them and we have no need for one. We are looking to renovate it though...
  9. John oakley

    Removal of PIR from circuit

    so I have an porch wall light that is switched inside the house which has a separate PIR outside the porch. I am removing the PIR completely (as it no longer was switching the porch light on so assumed the pir was defective as the external floodlight on the same pir wiring (next paragraph) is...
  10. KeenPensioner

    Domestic DNO fuse - who can remove it?

    Hi, as my profile says I'm not a sparky but I've wired up the odd light switch and socket! I know my limitations and take safety very seriously but I like learning. I have no intention of ever doing this but can someone explain who can remove the 100 amp fuse to a domestic CU. What is a...
  11. S

    Electric cooker removal

    Hi sorry to bother you just need a bit of advice. Do i need to get an electrician to take out an electric Cooker? Or am I able to do it my self. My ex landlady is wanting to cooker removed we left and wants us to pay to get it removed. My husband is quite capable of taking it out himself but...
  12. S

    Removal of emergency lighting

    Hi there I’m after some advice if possible. I currently have a non-maintained emergency light fitting wired to an emergency fish tail switch in my home. I am looking to remove these and replace with a normal light fitting. Whilst I am quite happy to tackle most things I wanted to get some advice...
  13. J

    Domestic Fuse box removal questions

    Hello, this is (hopefully) a very simple question. As a general background we have been living in an apartment for 3 days with an incredibly noisy ventilator that has been driving us up the wall. There is no off switch for it, just a switch to heat the incoming air. Today i noticed that it also...
  14. L

    Asbestos removal

    Hi Guys, Has anyone ever witnessed asbestos removal from a textured (artex) ceiling. Currently installing extract fans in social housing where the ceilings are known to have asbestos present in the artex (Chrysotile). An asbestos removal crew come and scrape the ceilings where we...
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