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  1. C

    Advice on schemes? And Sole trader advice

    Sorry to be asking this... Just set up on my own. commercial and domestic so wanting to apply for approved contactor. So its the Napit or niceic question??? Has anyone been with both and know the actual costs? I seen on the nic website additional visit costs etc when would you incur this, if at...
  2. gazdkw82

    Becoming fully compliant/joining schemes

    I'm coming towards a crossroads. I have 1 last hurdle to get over in the new year and that's AM2. After that I will have my full level 3 NVQ, 2391 test and inspect, pasma and IPAF. Once I overcome this last hurdle I'm unsure on what I should do. Currrently I am stable in a maintenance role...
  3. markythesparky

    Idiotic Schemes and members

    Went to a job the other day and found that an NICEIC approved domestic installer employed by a conservatory company had installed a small CU and run a 4mm 3 Core SWA to run some sockets and lighting in the conservatory. On closer inspection he’d split the tails with Henley block to feed to new...
  4. Pete999

    Electrician registered with the Schemes

    Went around to an old ladies house this morning to do one of my volunteer jobs, put up a new shower head and associated bits and bobs, couldnt help but notice whilst I was drinking a well earned cuppa, that she had a new switch and a circular florrie tube, don't suppose you could put this new...
  5. widdler

    I'm collecting stats for a govt report - Competent person schemes

    Hi all. I am collecting evidence for a report on the current 'strategy' and trust given to the competent person schemes by the Communities and Local Government Committee (CLGC). I am not sure if you are aware, but the committee reviewed it a couple of years ago, and the conclusion from the...
  6. Ginner

    Domestic electrician & data network engineer.

    Currently I'm a qualified City & Guilds domestic electrician registered with Stroma CPS and hold a current CSCS card. I also offer the following services: Data network design & installation. IP CCTV. SoHo design & installation. Multi-room audio systems. Wired & wireless security systems. Retro...
  7. Clinton Weedon

    Hi all, question about notfiable work as I'm qualified but not registered yet?

    Hi guys, so any (quick) advise on this will be appreciated, I've got my part P, 17th and 94/95 qualifications however I'm not registered yet. So how do I go about issuing Certs and who should I contact to notify my work? I'm in London..
  8. H

    ECS Part P

    With my NICEIC welcome letter there's a form in there for an ECS Part P application - doesn't have much information so wondering if anyone here can tell me what it means etc and whether they applied for it?
  9. T

    Advice Regarding Part P And Becoming A Domestic Installer

    I currently have city and guilds level 2/3 2330. And I understand t that I'm not fully qualified yet for my gold card till I get my full nvq! Also I'm about to do my 17th edition and have been working as an improver/Mate for the last year. I'm pretty comfortable regarding 1st and 2nd fix of...
  10. Pete999

    Cps &iet

    Don't know if I'm being over critical, with the onset of the 17th IET Regulations the term Competent Person (CP), has been dropped in favour of Skilled Person (SP), yet we still call the schemes NICEIC etc CP Schemes. Should it not be SP Schemes?
  11. L

    Thinking About Starting A Testing Company

    I'm thinking about starting off doing testing and fault finding I've done testing for a local council and I'm confident and qualified to test I just have a few questions Would there be much work if I'm not registered with nic How would I register with them if all I do is testing? And what...
  12. M

    Installing new circuits and cu's for myself and family

    Hi, let me begin by apologising for my negligence but a clear answer cannot be found and I thought some kind fellow would help me. i am a hnc electrical engineer with nvq's up to level 4 in mechanical and electrical but focussing on industrial work as it is my job. I recently passed my 17th...
  13. B

    Scheme providers cash cow vs must have.

    Often wonder what many electricians commercial or domestic really think of being a member of one of the scheme providers. Are they really there to help provide a valuable service to practicing electricians ? Or are they just a pain in the backside that are always trying to find new ways to...
  14. S

    Looking to get into contracting, domestic or otherwise.

    Hi All, long time member but short on posts :) First of all, my current qualifications. C&G 236 part 1,2 and C, 2391,2382,2377. my training was back in the good ole days from 1987 onwards. I'm looking to enrole with one of the cash generator schemes to allow me to do domestic work outside...
  15. A

    Within Competent Person Schemes

    Hi, I would appreciate answers from those who have worked within a CPS. From the 'Practical Solutions' thread some will have seen that I raised that it might be possible to effect change from within the schemes. However, this is from the slightly naive vantage point of little...
  16. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic

    Would you say that niceic is the most recognized and acceptable scheme in the industry? Why is it that some corporate companies specify, that work be carried out by niceic registered firms?
  17. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Blackmail

    I'm getting really fed up hearing from councils/customers/builders etc that they are unwilling to use me as I am not NICEIC registers. These people don't even know what it means to be NIC registered they all seem to be under the impression that if you are not registered you should not be...
  18. A

    To rival the scams

    Forum spawns electrical contractors register and self cert scheme membership. 42,000 members (and assuming most are sparks). Knowledeable and well respected senior members. Some retired and able/willing to provide a technical helpline. Low membership fees. Maybe operate as a cooperative...
  19. M

    Domestic competent schemes

    please can anyone tell me which is the best competent person schemes for electricians to join with reasonable annual fees thanx guys
  20. D

    MPs gorging on "schemes on toast"

    Player Above is a link found on the IET forum,its one mighty savaging of not only Nicy but the whole gang of them If you have the perseverance to watch it till the end ( I know,its mind numbing)the conclusion of the MPs was akin to a Parent scolding a very naughty child and threatening to take...
  21. H

    How to get work

    Can anyone advice me on how to get work being 17th and part p full certified I am also working towards pat testing,2394,2395 and NVQ level..I Dnt know where to turn every employer seems to be asking for experience ..fedup.com
  22. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme thinking of jacking in the niceic

    my notifable work is getting less and less, even more so with latest changes, so i am thinking i would be better off just jacking the nic and getting another spark to sign off work that needs part P its not just the money, it would save the hassle of yearly assesments, etc i am going to start...
  23. M

    Which competant person scheme is easiest/cheapest to join?

    I am just starting out on my own and was wondering which scheme was best to join?
  24. M

    Stroma Certification Scheme joing Stroma

    Thinking of joining stroma as they seam so much better priced Has any one gone with them any feedback.
  25. trev

    DI Schemes And How To Go About Getting On To One.

    Don't know about the rest of you guys but I'm a bit fed up with having the same old questions repeated week after week after week on how to register with a DI scheme so I'm posting up a few links which hopefully will enable a prospective DI to go straight to. NICEIC...
  26. C


    Can someone tell me what I have to do to be able to sign of periodic tests, who is the best body to go with and how much will it cost me.
  27. La Poste

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma, what do you think?

    I will be booking an initial assessment this month to become a member of the part P brigade. I work part time as an electrician in my holidays and weekends etc and often get asked to do jobs for friends or family. Stroma is half the price of the other schemes and this is what attracts me...
  28. C

    Without Part P Scheme?

    I have seen people on this forum say thay are not with a scheme and still carry out domestic work. Now as I am new to this I was under the impression that you had to be with one of the bodys to carry out domestic work? So I have a couple of questions, 1. Do you need to be with one of the...
  29. B

    JIB Spark self employment guidance

    Hi to all on Electriciansforum Im new to the site and just looking for some guidance on going self employed. Im a JIB Approved electrician and am currently working for one of the companies that are about to leave the JIB to form this new building services aggreement. Im pretty sick of the us...
  30. P

    PIR Question

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to know if you needed to be part of a part P scheme or even get LABC approval prior to conducting a PIR? I'm not part of a scheme but otherwise qualified, thanks in advance:confused:
  31. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic part p submission costs

    when i submit a test cert to building control via niceic they charge me £1.50 to submit then they charge me £1.50 for insurance. Why are they tcharging me for insurance? thanks guys matt
  32. R

    Best Part P Scheme

    Hi Guys im currently working as a commercial contract electrician. I am a JIB approved electrician with my 2391 and 17th edition. I am considering setting up my own company working on domestic properties for landlords. I just after some advise regardind compantancy schemes i.e. NIC EIC and...
  33. W

    Competent Persons Scheme

    I am looking to join one of the competent person enteprises but not sure what the advantages and disadvantages of the different schemes are. Would be looking to carry out work within domestic,commercial and industrial premises. Qualified to current regulations including test and...
  34. S

    Competent Person Schemes & Part P

    As requested a thread specifically dedicated to PART P and the schemes. Here are the scheme providers that you can enroll on so that you can self certify your own work. In no particular order of preference, however, the first three are the most popular: NAPIT UK ELECSA NICEIC...
  35. B

    Domestic Installer?

    I did the Disq with Niceic in 2005, my main business is plumbing/bathroom refits and the above qualification expires next year, I am just wondering instead of doing this course again would it be better to do something such as 2391, at present I am defined scope which is ok, if I come across...
  36. M

    Building Control Route for notifiable?

    Okay. Deep breath. Qualified electrician (C&G2381,2391), not a member of any competent person schemes because I only do one or two jobs per year (my day job isn't as an electrician) I would like to use the local building control route for Part P work. As I am doing the work, only I can...
  37. S

    PartP Scheme

    Is anyone Part P registerd with these guys: PARTP.CO.UK - Welcome Was wondering how they compare to the other schemes. Cheers Si.
  38. C

    which competant scheme???

    hi, just done my 17th and reluctantly part poo / eal< im ol skool 236 two year not two feckin weeks {oooh dont get me started on that subject}lol > wondering any feedback from you peeps on your experiances on which schemes you have gone with and why, how long the registration took to come...
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