1. happysteve

    I know DNOs are not obliged to provide an earth, but...

    I know DNOs are not obliged to provide an earth, but the actions of WPD today really surprised me. Was asked to swap a socket-outlet, did the usual basic checks, no earth to the property. Suburban, underground supply, possibly former TN-S (vague suggestion of the stub of a clamp round the...
  2. Dave Jenkins

    Asked to provide an Electrical Installation Certificate after 2 years as a statement of safety

    Hi all, I've been asked to provide an EIC some two years after the work was completed. I did a cert at the time but the client claimed not to have received it. He now wants a guarantee of electrical safety. OK so no problem getting a copy of the cert. It was a paper version but even so, I did a...
  3. Lou

    G. Morley Electrical Services

    Whether you are in need of your new lighting system installing, or require a fuse box upgrade, you can count on G Morley Electrical Services. We specialize in domestic electrical services, and provide complete solutions for home interiors and exteriors. We offer friendly, impartial advice and...
  4. Lou

    Synergy Electrical

    Synergy Electrical Division employs a team of professional electricians who are fully approved and qualified to the highest standards. We can plan & design your space, offering rewiring, new build installation, project management, lighting install, home/office automation, security, testing and...
  5. haptism

    Install designs

    When you design an installation and install it, is it a requirement to forward a copy of all the calculations (for cable calcs for example) to the client ? If so, is there a generic name for such a document and should it include anything other than cable calcs? If so anyone have any templates ...
  6. P

    MCB then RCD

    Hi everyone, hope you can help Recently we've completed an EICR on a commercial property and it's thrown up some issues with the lighting. The installation method is rough as, T&E just chucked on top of the ceiling tiles as we've all seen a million times before so we'll be sorting this as part...
  7. Vortigern

    Does DNO have to maintain/provide earth?

    Now in TT cases obviously not. Example, attended 50's type house. TNS looped through to next door. Nothing unusual there. Next doors earth is on this house's MET in 4 mm² and not the sheath of the incoming cable. Told DNO they said "We have no responsibility to supply an earth" In any event this...
  8. Lou

    Roberts Electrical N.W Ltd

    Here at Roberts Electrical, our team of electricians take their work very seriously and as one of North Wales leading electrical contractors we are happy to provide a range of services, both domestic and commercial, including New installations, Rewires, Security systems, Home Alarms, Domestic &...
  9. Lou

    Paula Burns Electrical

    Welcome to Paula Burns Electrical, I am an Electrician in West Lothian and the surrounding areas. I pride myself on offering a professional and friendly service at competitive prices. I’m pleased to be able to offer NO call out CHARGE. I have qualifications in City & Guild and over 17 years...
  10. Lou

    Alistair Grant Electrical Contractors

    Our business was established in 1982 by Alistair Grant who has 40 years of experience in the Electrical trade. We have gained a first class reputation throughout the local area during our 30 year establishment, a fact of which we are very proud of but we still like to raise the bar to offer the...
  11. Lou

    J.E.T Electrical

    We carry out all domestic and commercial electrical work, from a new light in a house to a garage re-wire. There is no job too big or too small. We provide a friendly service with free quotation and a 24 hour service 7 days a week. We also provide: Installations Re-wires PAT testing Periodic...
  12. GMES

    Understanding Rcds 2016-08-28

    IN THIS ARTICLE we discuss Residual Current Device (RCD) operation, which can occur due to electrical faults both downstream and upstream of the device. An RCD, when correctly selected and installed, can provide protection against electric shock due to indirect contact. RCDs are also used to...
  13. G

    Domestic Cabling to mains water feature pump

    Hi All, Been asked to connect up a mains water feature which comes with a 10m rubber flex. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and how they protected the cable to the pump from mechanical damage. Thanks Geezza
  14. M

    Generator supply help please

    Morning! I've asked to sort out a generator to supply a occasionally used 'holiday home'. Apparently it's quite remote, and there have been some issues between the supply authority and the owner of the land they would need to access in order to provide / maintain a reliable supply. Their...
  15. B

    DNO earthing arrangement

    A big Hi to all on here, please be gentle with me it my fist time !! It's only a quick one but do the DNO have a legal requirement to supply suitable earthing at the point of origin of metered supply. many thanks advance
  16. M

    Dead socket

    Hi all, I've found a dead electrical socket behind units in my kitchen, which came about after removing the units for some recent plastering work. The socket is on a wall which happens to be the other side of the consumer unit. I'm hoping to get an electrician to make the socket live again, as I...
  17. B

    new supply been put today to new building ,NO EARTH

    Hi avery1 new supply to new 3bed house ,waited 3 months ,came to connect but no earth,what can i do:sad:
  18. nightlight14

    Use of RCD's

    Importance is now placed on the use of RCD's. both permanently fitted in consumer units or portable plug in types. Many of the appliances used in a domestic situation are type II, double insulated. Does the RCD provide and further protection than the double insulation affords, if so in what...
  19. S

    Relevant building or not?

    Hi, I have a 30kW project where panels are to be mounted on a warehouse style building that has no form of heating but has just had a 3 phase supply added to it for the purpose of running a large heat pump. The heat supplies two other buildings (main house and maids quarters) but they are on a...
  20. Eddiesparks

    Domestic Did EICR today... supp bonding or rcd on lighting circuits in bathrooms. C2 i said. According to esc pdf guide!! Easy fix, spare three ways in 16th ed hager board. Busbar is long enough. Install rcd. Wondering if i can get any hager one to replace pictured are sizes universal? I thought save money and...