1. EricMark

    Charging batteries and battery voltage?

    OK I was an auto electrician back in the 70's and 80's so under stand a lot about batteries, however at that time the sealed for life battery was rather new, and you may have had a VRLA in a fire alarm, but not in a vehicle, the AGM battery was unheard of. So did have stage battery chargers for...
  2. darkwood

    HMO car charging ports request.

    I will be upfront and honest I never really got involved or know too much about this so a few queries... -Do I need any paperwork, additional recognition to install several new charging points at an HMO -Are there still any grants available to the landlord to counter the costs -If I need to...
  3. T

    Charging an electric car

    Hello everyone. I am newly registered and I need some expert advice. I want to charge a 2014 Nissan Leaf overnight from my domestic supply. The charging cable supplied with the car will only reach a single socket 13 amp spur (wired with just one 2.5mm T&E cable) situated in the porch. Will a...
  4. happyhippydad

    Which RCD to use for EV charging point?

    I don't fit EV charging points as I am not OLEV registered. However, I am fitting a Tesla EV charger soon for a friend as I owe him a favour. The Tesla spec asks for a Type B RCD or Type A-EV RCD. Looking at Regulation 722.531.2.101 this sates the same as above. The regulation states a Type...
  5. C

    2919 EV Charging

    After spending most of my day researching this course and how to become approved with manufacturers and OLEV I have signed up onto the C&G course. Anyone who has done it got any tips? What’s the exam like? Decent enough course?
  6. Click Dual USB Sockets

    Click Dual USB Sockets

    Charge two devices simultaneously without fear of fluctuations within the power supply interfering! The load isn't split across both ports on our USB sockets, so you are guaranteed optimum charge every time! To find out more on this product visit:
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Using a priority unit in garage with ev charging

    I have an install coming up where there is a 40 amp supply to a garage via 2 core 4mm swa buried. due to a rather expensive patio and other works its not possible to run a new swa to garage. Customer wants ideally to keep the sockets/lights in garage and have an ev charger. Charger will be used...
  8. happyhippydad

    Implications of Amendment 1 for EV charging points?

    I am a bit unsure of what Amendment 1 is saying regarding EV charging points and PME. I understand the existing 3 methods in section 722.411.4.1 regarding the use of PME and EV charging points but I am not sure what the additional methods are? Is it now easier to use EV charging points with a...
  9. happyhippydad

    Implication of Amendment 1 for EV charging points?

    I am a bit unsure of what Amendment 1 is saying regarding EV charging points and PME. I understand the existing 3 methods in section 722.411.4.1 regarding the use of PME and EV charging points but I am not sure what the additional methods are? Is it now easier to use EV charging points with a...
  10. Matt

    Samsung charging slow... and then not

    Hello everyone, Posting my question here as I did not find a strictly electronics section. This is a question regarding charging a mobile phone. I have a Samsung phone (Galaxy A10) and it is acting in a peculiar fashion. It has a real hard time charging when using the original charger and...
  11. G

    Best EV charging testing unit?

    Hi Guys, Completed an EV charging course a few months back. Looking to explore that growing corner of the market. My Megger 1720 multi function tester packed up recently. Always pretty happy with my Megger, but I'm looking to get a tester that has integrated EV testing and comes with its own EV...
  12. Midwest

    EV charging points 2020

    I'm just interested in the technicalities of charging points, specifically with PME supplies, I know there's been a few threads on here, but I just wonder where we are with things currently. Someone posted this vid; View...
  13. A


    New to the forum, I’m looking at starting up on my own but I find it hard to price work as I don’t really know the going rates had a look online and the prices seem really high? I live and work in the north of England. what would be a average price per day and hour? and do people charge for...
  14. T

    Unidentified issue

    Hi Everyone, I am struggling with a problem for what i cannot find any solution. I have an Opel Astra H 1.3 CDTI form 2008 and started to have some issues for a while. The situation is the following: My battery died on a morning, it was strange since the battery is only 3 months old. I took it...
  15. D

    Storage heater not charging

    Hi all, hope someone can help or just shed some light. We recently moved into a property that uses storage heaters in the living room. Now it is getting cold we need to use them, however we discovered faults, electrician replaced a part and assured us everything was in order. Have serviced on...
  16. P

    Leisure battery charging problem

    What am i doing wrong??? i recently bought 2 new leisure batteries from Halfords, linked them together neg to neg, pos to pos to double my bank while working away off grid. i fitted a Cargo 12v 140A Split Charge Intelligent VSR Relay but for some reason it just keeps flicking on and off every...
  17. the pict

    Electric vehicles charging course

    Off on the above in early December, I suppose I will find this out on the course,but, is Metrel the only ones doing a testing adapter , or is there a workaround for all testers the 6mA limit I think is going to be the real hurdle , but it looks like between the course, another guide...
  18. spud1

    Electric Vehicle Charging training

    Hi there, I have been offered an opportunity to do some EVC training through my local wholesaler. They are putting on a course run by the NICEIC and Rolec. Its a one day course and although the cost is considerable, included in it is; the NICEIC code of practice book for EV Charging and a Rolec...
  19. hey-hey-my-my

    Trouble with charging a large 12v battery

    Hello! I recently upgraded the 110ah battery in my camper van for a 260ah AGM one. My solar panels (200w via MPPT, soon to be doubled) struggle to keep up with my consumption, so once a week I hook up the battery to mains using CTEK's 5A charger, which supports AGM batteries but is not...
  20. Inside the smart electric vehicle EV charger which doesn't need an earth rod

    Inside the smart electric vehicle EV charger which doesn't need an earth rod

    Gary and Joe take a look inside a Myenergi Zappi 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger. The Zappi is approved for use with the latest UK government OLEV charging s...
  21. T

    USB charging port problem

    I've got an issue with my usb charging port in camper. It lit up and when the phone is connected it shows itself as charging but it's not. It's not the lead, it's not the port either as we have tried another. What could it be? Its worked perfectly for 2 months until we charged Kindle on it...
  22. C

    Electrical Car Charging Pointsw

    I have 2 x 11 kw Porsche units to install. I have read through section 722 and couldnt clarify... 1. Anyone aware if theres a min/max distance from the unit the Rods should be installed? 2. Can you use 1 rod for 2 units? If using 2 would need to link the rods to illuminate any difference in...
  23. C

    Wiring for domestic electric vehicle charging point

    Hi there I’m unsure of what wiring I need to run for an EV charging point and have read that there were new requirements launched in January 2019. Please advise. Thanks
  24. sythai

    EV Charging info

    Sorry if this has already been covered..... I’ve tried searching with no luck ! I’m after some info please on what is required to get set up to install EV chargers. Been getting a lot of calls on this lately, x3 this week so far. Any info on it would be handy pros/ cons/ costs etc. Cheers Sy
  25. Electrical2go

    OLEV Grant switching to SMART Charging

    All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative ‘smart’ technology from July 2019, the government announced on 14 December 2018, fulfilling the commitment in the Road to Zero Strategy published in 2018. This means chargepoints must be able to be remotely...
  26. K

    On small jobs charging for cable

    Hi all I was just wondering how every charges for cable on a small job? Let me give you and example, you are asked to replace 4 down lights, but one 1 of them you fined that the cable is to short so you replace that cable back to the next downlight, Normally i would just charge for sundries £20...
  27. happyhippydad

    Electrical car charging point installation

    At some point I'm going to get asked to fit one of the above and I'd like to know a bit more about it from some people that have already fitted them. I've had a look through section 722, am I right in thinking the following: 1. Has to be on a dedicated circuit? 2. Has to have Type A RCD...
  28. S

    2919-01 vehicle charging points course

    Hi have been looking into the city and guilds 2919-01 electric charging point course to become olev registered and approved by ROLEC. I have phoned up to enquire about the course etc, but i’m wanting to know has anyone else done the course and do you get much work through it? I’m qualified, 18th...
  29. Marcus Vaughan

    Type C MCB needed for EV Charging?

    Hi all, I've not a lot of experience with EV but was called to a local job to investigate a loss of power to a 32amp 7.2KW EV charger. It turned out the 32A MCB (Type B) had failed, and would not even operate when completely removed from the board. I happened to have a matching Contactum B32...
  30. L

    EV charging question

    hiya chaps I did a City and Guilds course, practical assessment and exam for the CG2919 on Monday and Tuesday, we were told about the difficulties with ensuring the safety of the charging equipment especially regarding the earthing in domestic properties, lots of discussions were about using...
  31. sparksburnout

    Car charging point needed urgently......

    Good morning fellow electricians. Now, as I am sure you have all been enjoying, I have not been on here much lately, as I am jacking in very shortly, or at least not renewing my scam membership. So, with only 20 days left, it has just occurred to me it might be a good idea to install myself a...
  32. Driverless

    Hello, just joined - Interested in EVs and charging

    Hi there, I have just joined the forum. I have been involved in the electrical and electronics industry for over 40 years. I am now involved with Electrical Vehicles, and run a charge point installation directory. I am here to learn and hopefully give any advice where possible. Cheers Gaz
  33. M

    Solar charging nest box camera & battery

    Hi Apologies if this is dealt with elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything. I'm fitting a new bird nesting box which contains a wireless camera. It will be attached to a battery which will in turn be attached to a solar panel. I'm hoping to avoid the need to constantly bring the battery in to...
  34. J

    EV charger installation.

    Good afternoon ladies and gents. Could someone please tell me if qualifications are required to install the above kit, or they need to be commissioned by someone approved to do so? Thank you.
  35. bigspark17

    Electric vehicle charging qualification

    Looking to get trained/qualified on the EV charging point installations. To those of you who have gone down this route which way did you go about it, is it worth getting training by one of the manufacturers or the training centres like nic?
  36. PhilCumbria

    Fork Lift Charging Point.

    I am currently doing an EICR in a warehouse and one of the circuits is for a Fork Lift Charging point (32A) In Light of the 18th Edition and all circuits being protected by and RCD, should I recommend that the MCB that is feeding that circuit at present be changed to an RCBO ??
  37. J

    Economy 7 heater not charging overnight (but works on day rate)

    I'm having problems with my central storage heater. Its an old 1970s one that does the whole flat. It worked perfectly up to the end of last winter, then just stopped. I woke up one morning to find it was only luke warm from the previous day and hadn't stored any heat so became stone cold over...
  38. C

    EV charging point course?

    Hi all, I have been asked to install an EV charging point for a friend who doesnt have an electric vehicle but would like either a cable ran in or a charging point installing to future proof his home. My local training centre runs a course for EV points and I was wondering if the course is...
  39. Strima

    Battery Charging Room

    OK, we have yet another project on the horizon but this one involves battery charging. We do a fair bit of battery work already with large battery UPS systems but we will have a requirement for charging batteries up before sending them to site for installation. I used to work in battery bays...
  40. D

    Advice for out-of-ordinary battery charging setup

    Hi all, I'm setting up a split dual-battery charging system that appears sound to me, but i haven't seen it done before, and my main concern is how the alternator will react, and thus whether the source of the S wire should be changed.... The original vehicle is a Toyota LandCruiser, 1HZ motor...

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