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  1. I

    UK EV Charging metering

    Good morning all, I am currently working on a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) consisting of 10 flats, with three parking spots equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities. Our building has a single incoming supply (UKPN 200A cut out), which feeds into a Ryefield board. From...
  2. G

    over charging 65 jaguar s type

    hi all, i have a problem of over charging on my 65 s type jag. i changed the voltage regulator for a new after market one same as what was on the car and also tried a friends genuine lucas one and they all read the same. i get 18.3 volts at the battery at 1500 revs and 19.3 volts at 2000 revs...
  3. J

    Porsche 11 kw 3ph charging unit

    Hi all, Has anyone here had any experiance of installing a Porsche 11kw 3ph EV wall charge unit ? We've not done many EV installs to date but the ones we have done have all had O-PEN protection built in to the units, (Easee) The Porsche unit is basically a fancy looking empty box that comes...
  4. researchstudent123

    Research interview questions - advice on Wireless Charging

    Hello, I need to conduct interviews with experts in the relevant field for my university project. The topic and product that I’m developing a business plan for is a device that charges household appliances wirelessly – a Wireless Multi-Device Charging product. Could you provide me with your...
  5. W

    What should I be charging as a domestic job?

    Hi guys. It would be really useful to run this past you and get a consensus/input from you for what would be a realistic amount to charge for an upcoming job I've been offered. I've been asked to quote for a private job, and I'm stuck with what to charge. Most of the stock will be supplied and...
  6. N

    What is everyone charging for EICRs

    Hi all. Just trying to get a feel for what everyone is charging for a commercial or industrial EICR with or without the previous report. Seems to be a bit of a minefield! Any serious advice greatly appreciated 👍
  7. J

    Upgrading Panel for EV Charging

    I have an interesting scenario that could use some feedback. I have 200A service in my home with a sub panel running to a detached garage (actually an old barn). The breaker running to that sub panel in my home is a 60A breaker but the main breaker in that sub panel is a 100A breaker. I was...
  8. S

    EV charging cable type

    Hi All, Im quoting to install an EV charger (Dont worry - fully registered, but only been 2 weeks so i'm still picking bits up). Consumer unit in the Garage which is soon to be converted, all cables to be conceiled at some point. EV charger to be installed at front of converted garage (approx...
  9. C

    Charging user for socket

    Does anyone know of a way to replace standard 13a double plug sockets with a version that would connect to a user and charge the user’s account? The sockets are in a communal area and could be used for various activities including car charging or vacuuming etc? I’ve seen pubs use a key fob to...
  10. sparks234

    Tips on EV charging instal

    looking at getting started with ev charger installs, wondering if this is worth doing? do you get many requests? do I need qualifications and any tips to get started. cheers
  11. H

    EV Charging - Using DC chargers to charge a fleet

    Assuming a large company needed a large EV charging infrastructure for its fleet to be electrified. Would it be best to just go straight for 150kW chargers? And if so, what would be the ideal setup (cable sizes for 150kW, connection to grid, load balancing, other equipment that might be needed)...
  12. D

    Solar PV, diverter & car charging issue

    Hi, I have a 6kw PV with a 6kw Growatt battery and invertor. I have a solar iboost going to the hotwater tank. Recently I had a Ohme Home Pro installed. My issue is the iboost and Ohme don't appear to work in sync with each other. The iboost previously sent all excess energy to the hot...
  13. U

    Combined Charging Source

    Is it possible to charge my battery bank from one combined source coming from solar panels (via Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller), Victron battery charger (via shore power when connected) and an alternator (via Victron Orion-TR Smart DC-DC)? All sources lead to one common busbar which then...
  14. S

    Podpoint charging at varying rate

    Could i get some thoughts pls Podpoint 7KW untethered installed 2 yrs ago, working fine with EQC mercedes. Solar panel installed 3 yrs ago. Last weeks installed growatt solar battery with ac coupled inverter. First 2 nights on Octopus Go Tariff 00.30 to 4.30 both EV and Growat battery charged...
  15. B

    Car battery charging, how high should voltage go?

    Hi, I bought a car battery charger and plugged it on my car battery to test it (normal battery not AGM). my battery was probably already fully charged because I drove with my car just before using the charger. So this happened: the voltage on the charger started at around 12v? (not sure...
  16. ms2857

    installing an EV CHARGING POINTS

    Hi all and thanks for letting me join your forum. I am an old school electrician who has now retired. So I need some advice, please. I have just moved into a new build house. It has a 6mm swa cable that terminates in a waterproof box at the side of the house, which then feeds the garage. it s on...
  17. westward10

    On car battery charging.

    Now I haven't charged a car battery since my teen days but it seems our two year old car like many now are dependant on a good charge for all the functions to operate, the stop/start rarely works and the dealer who we know told me what I already knew it does not go far enough each day. They have...
  18. Marty92

    EV Charging post AMD2

    Hi all, Looking at this again… As most now know the industry is spit on EV Charging and Pen fault detection! Given there is no standard for O-PEN devices and I am yet to see one which is sold legally, i.e. CE or UKCA certified with an appropriate deceleration of conformity why do some...
  19. B

    Trailer Charging Circuit - Relay

    Thanks for looking at my question I have a vehicle that I charge my trailer battery with. The charge circuit is 10 metres via an andeson plug rear of vehicle. The cable size is 25mm2 and I'm wanting to fit an ignition fired relay to the circuit. Trouble is the standard 80a relay is a spade...
  20. R

    EV charging installation paperwork resources

    Hi to all, I would like to get into EV charging equipment installation sector. I would like to obtain example of OZEV grand paperwork and practical installation/theory problems in real life. Could someone experienced with that area point me to some examples and materials please? Any help...
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