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  1. H

    Hello Everyone

    Hi. New member. I joined as I found the forum looking for some electrical help online. In my spare time I rebuild cars and do some auto mechanic work so having a resource to ask electrical questions when I need will be handy. Thanks to anyone who may help me out in the future.
  2. J

    Saying a big Hello to everyone

    Saying hello to everyone.
  3. K

    Hi everyone (new member)

    Hi all, I'm new here - thought I'll say hello before asking any questions. I'm Kuba, 30 and I live in London. I’m doing a City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 course and hopefully going straight to work after I complete my training. I've been a pub manager for last 5 years and decided for a career...
  4. Anthony Norman

    Commercial Yoohooooo to everyone

    Hi all, been a member here already but not been on for years so just setup a new account (don't know why old account removed)? Anyways I'm a JIB approved sparky from Boro and hope to enjoy a bit of banter on here as well as giving/getting any help/advice as ive had off helpful folk on here before.
  5. Paul Cole

    Hello everyone - 3-phase German wiring needs

    Hello everyone, I've recently moved to east Germany into an old terrace house that requires updating. A German forum has helped me upto a point with understanding what we have, but the language has become a strain. Can anyone here comment on the configuration we have and on my ideas for...
  6. S

    Hello fellow sparks/mates/improvers etc :)

    Hope I will find some answers on this forum, it looks quite good ;) Thanks
  7. Mark clarke

    Hello Everyone- Greetings to the community

    Hey folks! I'm here to explore knowledge on DIY jobs in home related to electric appliances. Thanks!
  8. M

    Hello everyone......

    Hi im matt, be a working alongside electricians for a hell of a long time and am confident with all aspects of installation. I am trying to gain as much info as poss to help gain qualifications as poss. cheers matt
  9. J

    Just joined Hello . Need some advise.

    Hello Everyone, Need some advise. My fuse meter switch tripped . Upon inspection I realized that it trips the 'wall sockets' part only as the ceiling lights work fine on their own. I removed all the plugs from the appliance and reset the fuse box but after a minute or so it trips the socket...
  10. S

    Domestic Hi everyone, just moved

    I just moved to a new place, there's so much to sort out. Looking for ideas from the pros and hope to find them
  11. H

    Just joined and like some advice

    Just joined, I’m self employed electrician, and would like some advice on going limited, vat etc Where would I post such questions please, many thanks in advance
  12. R

    Hello everyone! New and looking for some advice

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice. Im 23 and come from Scotland. Currently just finished my HND in Electrical Engineering. Due to age and circumstances, I would really love to get a job however, I am wondering the best way to go about this. The few questions I have are: Can I become an...
  13. J

    Good afternoon everyone.

    New boy in the house. Be gentle. :D
  14. O

    Anyone know anything about Super Subbie?

    Hi, I'm new to here, but just wondering if anyone knows anything about Super Subbie? Saw their advert on TV the other night and I'd like some new way to look for work without the bad rep of checkatrade etc. Any thoughts?
  15. telectrix

    i'll start a new topic.a story... i post 1st, then everyone chip in to continue....

    A funny thing happened on the way to the forum today.......
  16. alexander jackson

    Hi to everyone ,from Manannins Isle

    Greeting to all , hoping to hear ideas and glean info from the site. Always learning never an expert.................
  17. S

    Hello everyone from a newcomer!!

    Just wanted to say hello to all, before I start posting on the forums. Im an electrician with 2330 level 2/3 & 17th edition. Looking to get back in the game after a few years off. cheers
  18. P

    Hello everyone my 1st post

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here. I live in the UK and I like to DIY as many jobs that I can as long as I'm capable of it. I trained as a car mechanic many years ago and this is where I first started to get my hand into some form of electronics, unfortunately I was never able to find a...
  19. S

    hello everyone help for a new starter

    Hi all. Just joined the forum I'm 27 and a class 1 HGV driver and transport manager I'm looking for a career change and have decided to do the level 2 and 3 diploma (9 month course) while still in my current job I will then look to get experience and move on to do the NVQ 3 and AM2 while lorry...
  20. TonyJohnson

    Hi Folks, everyone has a first day.. Today is mine

    A newbie to the site but been in the game for 13 years... hopefully i can help others as well as them help me... Cheers Tj.
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