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  1. baldelectrician

    Dangerous metering and inaction

    I do not normally use twitter but I am at the moment having a battle to have someone attend a let property where someone has left exposed live terminals at the radio teleswitch The EICR failed miserably and the landlord has refused access, Scottish Power declined to attend and have passed it to...
  2. T


    Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineer opportunities! FOR A TIER 1 CONTRACTOR £31,000- 34K basic 18 Duel fuel (or equivalent) meters to be installed on average per week. £10 bonus for the 19 & 20 duel fuel meter installation. £20 bonus for any over 20. £5,000 yearly bonus paid in 4 quarters based...
  3. P

    Schneider Powerpact, NSX MCC & metering

    Hi All, I work in North London (Enfield) I have a project to upgrade a Schneider Powerpact 630A to 800A. The site currently has no metering of their services ( bar main meter) but want to introduce this. I have tried Schneider UK to ask for help but they seem less than interested ! Has anyone...
  4. HLMProject

    High Level Metering

    Currently working on a project regarding work with electrical meters at heights I'm investigating solutions for reading and working on electric meters in local businesses and homes where the meters are too physically high to be read by the utility engineers If possible I would like detail on...
  5. M

    External metering enclosure

    Folks Could you suggest an fused isolator of choice, to install in a recessed external metering cubicle, in a domestic installation, this will be required to terminate a 25mm SWA I am unsure of how much space I can utilise of the standard enclosure, not to encroach on the DNO cut-out and meter...
  6. B

    Ryefield / bno - bs and law

    I'm interested in learning more about ryefield boards as none of my training so far has covered them. Does anyone know the relevant bs/bs en standards and legislation that applies? I've noticed g87, esqcr, iec 61439 and bs7671 seem to apply. I'd like to know about who has responsibility for...
  7. W

    Commercial Adding to an existing PV array - Feed in metering

    We have customers who want to add to an existing PV array. I know they cannot receive FIT generation payments, but what about additional power returned to the grid - can they be paid for any additional power fed back?
  8. O

    Metering electricity usage

    Good afternoon, I hope I am asking this in the correct place and apologies if not. Firstly I am not a sparky but I have a question that will be straight forward for you guys on here. I am going to be renting a small premises and the feed for my unit is coming from a 415v distribution in the...
  9. J

    Usage metering on machines

    We have a complicated site with over 14 electricity and gas meters. We have 4 major machines and would like to start with them and install Kw metering along with an hour meter connected to a running signal from each machine. This would give us Total consumption, hours in actual production and...
  10. spud1

    Requirement for metering

    Hi all, Is there an actual regulatory requirement to install consumer metering (e.g. within the main incoming panel board) of the installation either as a whole, or phase by phase, in a new industrial or commercial 3 phase installation? If so what qualifies the such an installation as requiring...
  11. D

    Faults most likey to occur in instrumentation and metering at the intake

    Hi all i am struggling with this question, i have completed my whole assignements, just need a lil help with this question is some one could help it be much appreciated. Faults most likey to occur in instrumentation and metering at the intake
  12. S

    3 Phase supply

    Hi all, Have been asked to price up job and a little unsure on the following. Currently the property is 1 big unit with a 100amp per phase, 3 phase supply coming in. The owner wants to split the unit in to 3 different units, but without having new supplies added. Can I, install the current 3...
  13. T

    Devices for meter field testing

    What kind of testing devices you use to measure meter accuracy, when you inspecting metering point?
  14. W

    metering submains

    Morning all, I have a first floor office, to be rented out by owners who occupy downstairs, the upstairs is fed by two sub boards, they want metering for the rented up stairs, but only one meter, is there a way anyone knows to run both submains through one meter? Thanks in advance?
  15. R

    Recently in PE, Red fuse carriers with tube not fuses

    Recently more than once in PE and even on here I've heard about sparks finding red main fuse carriers with only an aluminium tube inside, and not the expected fuse. now i come from an electricity company background, but never came across this in the 11 years I worked in that part of the...
  16. Y

    line diagram

    hello everyone. i need help here im now create kind of model of substation for my project .the device and component already given which is put in the panel. now im hope everyone can help me to check whether my single line diagram are correct? sorry the image
  17. J

    What are the 3 docs that have to be on file i know bs7671,dtiguide, and ?????? Help

    WHAT ARE THE 3 DOCS THAT HAVE TO BE ON FILE I KNOW BS7671,DTIGUIDE, AND ?????? HELP could someone be kind enough to take a pic of the last one what ever it is just front cover and send me it asap
  18. Marvo

    Please help, operators manual desparately needed

    I would be very grateful if some kind soul could point me in the direction of a user/operator manual for a three phase CT metering device; Elster A1120 LINK I've scoured the web as well as requested one from the Russian manufacturers but alas no luck as yet :( I can only find a glossy brochure...
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