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Hi All,

Im quoting to install an EV charger (Dont worry - fully registered, but only been 2 weeks so i'm still picking bits up).

Consumer unit in the Garage which is soon to be converted, all cables to be conceiled at some point. EV charger to be installed at front of converted garage (approx 4m away from the board location). EV charger not yet specified.

I personally would have run H07/heavy duty rubber from the board to the charger but Ive spoken to a few mates in the trade and they have told me its always SWA. I don't see why you would use SWA over H07/heavy duty rubber unless youre going to install everything in SWA and it's actually needed, there are socket and lighting circuits run in t+e all the house.

Am I right in thinking H07/heavy duty rubber is more than adequate for a domestic EV supply or am I missing something?

Thanks all,
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Forget about what’s going on the end of the circuit for now…. You are running a cable for a radial circuit…. What does the situation call for?

Does it need mechanical protection? Is it a corrosive or damp environment?

Then think of the fact it is an EV point.
Are you needing to run a data cable back the same route for internet access or CT coil for load management device?
If so, then there’s some swa and H07 with a cat6 included inside the cable.
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