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  1. L

    UK How much do electricians charge?

    Hi guys. i'm a young electrician just starting out in the south east of England (not London) and I've just finished a job and not sure what to charge. I've spent around 30/35 hours there, testing and inspecting wiring before altering an existed ring, fitting new dado trunking, pulled in several...
  2. L

    UK Cabling for future EV charge point

    Hi all, I am currently tidying up our front garden and want to bury some underground conduit to provide a cable route for an ev charge point sometime in the future (don't fancy digging up the lawn and path again). My electrician has suggested 6mm swa cable should allow for a decent powered...
  3. A

    UK dispute over unexplained "extra work" charge

    Hi, hoping to seek advice from this forum re a potential dispute between me as private individual homeowner and my electrician. We agreed a £45+VAT charge per point system for a total refub of a 2 bed flat London. I have the points/work list fully itimised and that has been verified by the...
  4. H

    Ev charge point

    Hi all. Just a quickly. I've had a charge point fitted and was told my bonding is small to gas and no existing to water. The engineer made a call to his office and informed me that the install can still go ahead but the charge point will be set to out of service until I send photos of the...
  5. P

    Installing multiple USB charge ports in a vehicle

    Hi guys I'm interested in installing usb charge ports in a 14 seater passenger vehicle, Please understand I'm not a auto electrician but I'm keen on learning... my queries are : (1) How many ports can I safely install? (2) Is there enough power from the vehicle, it uses a 12V battery...
  6. B

    How much do I charge for this new build?

    Big 4 bedroom house with built on garage All gear is supplied, just want to know how much it should cost to do 40 sockets 8 tv points 15 switches 4 fans 3 smokes/heats 8 external up/down lights 80 spotlights 4 4ft garage lights 1 cooker 1 Boiler Main board+testing
  7. happyhippydad

    Are there any electric vehicle Charge points that can be used with PME?

    I am looking to fit a EVCP in the customers garage. The earthing system is PME although it would not be too hard to change the garage to TT. I have 3 questions. 1. Can the PME be used as long as the EVCP is located in the garage so that the car cannot be charged outside? 2. I believe there...
  8. P

    Solar Panels Do solar charge controllers regulate voltage to batteries?

    This is probably the most stupid question ever..... I have ''inherited'' some PV panels from the previous owner of a property... There are 7 PV panels wired in parallel, actually 8 but one is broken... Wired through a rather basic charge controller, to charge a 12 volt car battery. The systems...
  9. A

    Charge controller question...

    Hi all. I'm after some help and probably a quote. I posted a while ago but no response so hopefully this time I might get an answer or two. I have a 4kw solar system running through a solax hybrid inverter into the house and I have a 48v lead acid battery bank (8×6v leisure batteries) giving...
  10. hey-hey-my-my

    Trouble with charging a large 12v battery

    Hello! I recently upgraded the 110ah battery in my camper van for a 260ah AGM one. My solar panels (200w via MPPT, soon to be doubled) struggle to keep up with my consumption, so once a week I hook up the battery to mains using CTEK's 5A charger, which supports AGM batteries but is not...
  11. O

    Current limited charge relay

    Hi there, I am looking to charge an auxiliary windlass battery (130Ah lithium) that is located 35 feet away from my main bank (1030Ah lithium). My charging input will range from to 40 to 100 Amps, but I need to keep the wire size to a maximum of 6AWG. Do you know of any current limited charging...
  12. T

    Solar charge controller

    Hi, in my campervan I have a roof solar panel, two 100AH UK-UKG110 leisure batteries and a LS1024B solar charge controller. In the daytime the controller is on and all is well. However as soon as it becomes dark outside, the charge controller switches off completely and none of the lights and...
  13. Javadali

    MPPT Solar Charge Controller Sizing for 1200 Watt solar Array

    Hey everyone! I am drafting out my first solar power off grid system for my back yard shed and came here in hope to get some good recommendations from you guys on trusted a charge controller which will support my current specs but also give me room to grow as I improve on this system. Below are...
  14. O

    Lithium reverse drain

    Hi all, diy newb here trying to clean up the electrical on my sailboat. Current power storage consists of 8x 130Ah lithium batteries, which are charged by the alternator and/or an 815W PV solar array via Xantrex C40 charge controller. In rewiring my house branch breaker panel, I accidentally...
  15. Midwest

    Admin charge for copy of MEIWC

    As above, I've been asked by a solicitors for a copy of a MEIWC I did back in 2016. As some may know, I closed my business down a year ago, but I don't see why I should provide this for free, especially having paid out in solicitors fees for a recent house move. Their fees aint cheap. If it had...
  16. B

    Battery charge counter

    Hi guys, I hope someone could help with my problem. First of all i am zero when it comes to electric. So my issue, i have a rental company for little underwater scooters here in spain. I work with beach rentals who rent out my scooters to their clients. I charge the beach rentals per 30 min...
  17. B

    Career change/sideline in EV Charge Point installation or PV Installation

    I'm considering a career change or trying to implement a 50/50 split between my current work in IT - largely working in a technical capacity as a 3rd line support analyst and re-training to get into the green sector and do part-time work (or potentially a full career change) either fitting PV...
  18. H

    Can I charge this li ion battery in led lamp with 7.4V new charger? pics inside

    I really wanted to keep using my led lamp for my plants. So I bought a new charger. Altough I couldnt find a 8.4V charger, so I bought a universal charger. I tryed the setting on 7.5 Volt and I tested it for 5 min. But now I read on the internet that li ion batteries can explode and catch flames...
  19. sparksburnout

    How much should a window cleaner charge?

    Young bloke round my way is starting up window cleaning Monday, he looks rough as chuff but he's OK I always pass the time of day when I see him, he gave me a lift out the Van with an old heater once. Anyway he collared me and said did I want a window cleaner, and having never had one before...
  20. Edtwozeronine

    How fast should a capacitor lose it's charge?

    I've been testing some capacitors off a treadmills PCB using a 9 volt battery to charge them up, then taking voltage readings with a multimeter and watching as they discharge. Most seemed to release the 9v very slowly but one 25v 470uF capacitor leaked it away considerably faster than the rest...
  21. S

    Battery discharging over night WITH charge controller

    Hello, hope someone can shed some light on my problem. I have a simple solar powered gate opener setup at home. I am having trouble with the battery seemingly discharging over night. I have 2 x 20w panels wired in series making 24v. These are then wired to a charge controller, which is then...
  22. P

    How to earth SWA to external EV charge point

    I am looking at section 722 of 18th edition for EV charge points. Section 722.411.4 imposes restrictions on the earthing arrangements for TN systems. For an external chargepoint connected to a domestic PME supply the accepted solution to avoiding the restrictions of 722.411.4.1 seems to be to...
  23. J

    Domestic Battery Discharging/Charging sporadically.

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased an '04 L200 Warrior from a private seller, and it has a peculiar electric problem that I hope you all might be able to help me get to the bottom of; Within a day or 2 of the acquiring the truck I noticed the battery was losing power while driving, and the warning...
  24. James Kinrosd

    Earthing solutions for EV charge points on lampposts.

    Hi guys, Does anybody have experience of installing EV charge points on lampposts- I am unsure how often the lampposts' earth can be used especially if TN-C-S and how the 18th edition might indeed rule this out. If the earth cannot be used is it a realistic solution to install just one copper...
  25. M

    How much would you charge to install RGB LED strip lighting?

    Hi all, I have two rooms with suspended ceilings in which I need to run 25 metres of RGBW strip lighting in (RGB plus Cool White) plus another 15 metres of the same in another room (please see pictures). Both circuits will include 2 drivers, 1 controller and 1 amplifier. This will all be...
  26. Loki

    Electric car battery 200 miles with 6 mins charge time

    Just seen this Electric car breakthrough - Battery with 200 miles of range can be recharged in MINUTES -
  27. J

    Looking for electrician for EV charge points

    Established company looking for electrician for EV charge point installations. Must be willing to travel. Based between London and Oxford ideally.
  28. Lexlee

    Split Charge system fitting help badly needed

    Hi , I have aquired a split charge system believe it to be from a Network Rail van. I'd like to fit it to my Landrover Defender (1995). Unsure as to what main wires go where as in starter battery and leisure battery, I've posted a pic of whole system and some of individual parts . I have...
  29. T

    starting out, what should I charge?

    Hi All, I've been asked to do a small electrical job today, removal of a double socket and spur from a cupboard that they want to make into an En-suite, and an additional socket in the understair cupboard, where the CU is. (iwas planning to spur from the MCB for this) and a minor works cert. I...
  30. W

    split charge relay to charge two 6v 4.5ah batteries

    I have two maplin 6v 4.5ah batteries wired in series to power my dashcam while parked. The batteries are similar to this one : Will this split charge relay be ok to re-charge the batteries while driving? Maypole 292 20A Caravan Dual Charge Relay Kit: Car & Motorbike -...
  31. T

    How much to charge for an EICR

    I have a new neighbour who asked me to look at a few cables sticking out of the wall and ceiling in her lounge, in the house she's just moved into. I have tested them and they are dead, but i told her that I cannot find any switches and without further investigation cant guarantee that they...
  32. D

    Spark safe

    Hi this is one of my first posts so bare with me, I see a lot of jobs in Northern Ireland are now looking for you to be registered with spark safe. It seems to me to be exactly like JIB only they don't actually send you out a plastic card and charge you £170 to register compared to £50 for JIB...
  33. Drifter106

    Battery / Alternator tester

    Hi, trying battery/alternator tester. It has 3 LEDs for battery that indicate battery charge ( with car switched off). 3 other LEDs light up when car has engine running to indicate alternator output. My problem is that with car switched OFF, the battery LEDs light up, but one of the alternator...
  34. GMES

    Anybody got one of these I bought the above yesterday from Amazon, purely because my phone runs out of charge...
  35. R

    Maintenance - claiming VAT back?

    Hi all, I have just started my first electrical maintenance job employed full time. Am I allowed/is there a way I can claim back the VAT on my future tool purchases? As it's my first job I will need to build up the tool list. Many thanks!
  36. bigspark17

    Advice on small pv system

    hi guys looking for some inspiration/advice on an upcoming project. Been asked to install a small pv system on a mobile hut glamping sort of experience. Now clients wants some panels on the roof to run some 12v lighting and socket chargers for mobile phones. Now i haven't done anything with pv...
  37. PLW

    What is the difference between Electric Charge and Electric Current

    I understand that electric current is the flow of charge or electrons. would I be right in saying that electric charge is the ability of matter to experience force, such as attract and repulsion.
  38. V

    Price for test certificate

    How much is the going rate for a certificate for a four bedroom house and if it doesn't pass and work is fixed how much is charged to retest, thanks
  39. D

    One price range for all

    I'm from Birmingham and back in the days I used to repair phones and computers for a living. I normally get my parts in the city centre. On that road you have many shops selling the same items, literally almost ever store. The shop I go to, because I was lucky, I asked the owner "how do you...
  40. L


    Evening everyone, What is everyones thoughts on labour rates that you would charge out if you were a business? I have recently started a company quoting for small jobs and charging myself out at £25ph. I live 20miles north of london. Would you agree that this is an acceptable rate? Thanks Liam
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