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  1. P

    Install downlights - No CPC

    I have been asked to give a quote to install some downlights in a kitchen, but there is no cpc in the light circuit. I appreciate the response by some is the world would end if I did that, but the circuit is RCD protected and the last IR readings on the ciruit were good when the board was...
  2. bigspark17

    Ec7 meter install DNO

    Just had a customer been refused by dno to change to an ec7 meter/tariff they said they dont do it. Is this right? Cant see how this can be the case?
  3. J

    Outside lighting

    I have 1 external light in my garden and would like to install 5 more, what’s steps would I need to take to do this? Could I spur off my existing light? Would I need junction boxes for each light?
  4. J

    electrical back box install in a kitchen cabinet

    Hello Can please someone tell me if that (see pictures) is safe to do? That will be for the electrical hub. Thank you
  5. K

    Non-standard install advice

    Hello, I am currently in the process of trying to get a charging point fitted to a detached double garage and it is proving to be a bit of nightmare. The existing wiring can only support 16amp and there is also a powered roller shutter door so the one EV charge point installer that has been...
  6. C

    Not So Simple Timer Install Question(s)

    So I am needing some assistance, and hope someone here can help me out. I will do my best to explain what I have and what I am wanting to do. I have a water pump (to my well) which comes on when pressures in my holding tank reach a certain level, that is pretty simple. In addition to this, I...
  7. J

    Smart meter install failed

    I had arranged for a Smart Meter to be installed today. It would not fit due to the size of the isolation switch currently fitted. See photo of the inside of the meter box located outside. Is it necessary to fit such a large fused isolation switch? The SWA cable at the bottom runs to a consumer...
  8. L

    Where to install 32a socket

    I need to install a 32a single phase socket next to a water outlet. I am thinking of putting it roughly 2 foot above and a foot to the left of the outlet. I haven’t got access to my regs to can’t check if this is enough distance? Any help appreciated. Lewis
  9. Z

    Trainee Ring doorbell pro install

    Just trying to research installing the ring doorbell pro. There's a vid on youtube of someone installing it. My question is the way he installed it was it okay? how would you do it? I found some micro trunking for the doorbell wire, but it's pretty expensive, what would you use? Here's the vid:
  10. S

    Hot tub install

    Hey guys This may have being touched on before. I have got to install a 32amp Hot tub for a customer. The installation is a dual RCD board TNCS All bonding in place. I am going to install a 6mm 3core armoured surface cleated to garage wall and the hot tub will be installed behind the garage...
  11. J

    Quality new install

    Fed up with finding rubbish like this in new builds. By a NICEIC Approved Contractor
  12. Hellengeek

    Domestic How to install external wiring for AC ducts

    Hi all i am trying to install AC in my house but i want to supply the power directly from the main supply. but i don't know how to connect the AC breaker with my main switchboard.
  13. B

    Crabtree starbreaker (shower install)

    So further on from my last post regarding shower, not been there yet, it’s for my nan, these star breakers as you can see in picture, the RCD protecting 4 circuits, to protect the shower can I just take the 40A out already and move everything over 1 including RCD I’m sure there the ones that...
  14. 0

    Domestic New exposed brick wall

    Hi, We are in the middle of building our kitchen extension, we have decided to have an exposed internal brick wall constructed as we have some excellent brick spare. The external block wall is up and before we put up the internal brick wall we were going to install the cables for...
  15. PJH2903

    Domestic Recording SPD install on EIC

    Going to be doing my first SPD board next week, single module SPD and 32 amp MCB before the RCD protected circuits. Can I ask how and where you are recording these on the EIC? I would probably record the mcb as a circuit as usual labeled spd but unsure what I need to record about the actual spd...
  16. J

    Domestic install 10 electric shower (8.5kw) in one hotel

    Hi i would like to know if is possible to install 10 electric shower (8.5kw) in one hotel if is possible what changes do I have to make to the general electrical distribution board Thank you
  17. M

    Critical Feedback recent Consumer unit install Please.

    Hi, I would like to know how I could improve on this board. All opinions welcome.
  18. R

    Electrical Install in a Small Office Building

    Morning all, I'm new to the forum but just after some advice. I've been asked to price for an install on a small Office (12 desks over 3 floors of a 150 old building). Its for a firm i've done electrical work for for years so i'm happy to take it on. Its been a while since I did an office...
  19. I

    Refused to install metal light fitting

    Today I had a quick job on the way home which was swap a pendant for. Fancy light fitting , but when I removed the pendant there was a pre 1966 2core twin cable And a separate 2.5 single earth cable fairly new , it looks like someone has gone around every light with the earth from the board to...
  20. Ruairi Hansen

    Flex used in domestic install

    Hi I have been asked to carry out a second fix on a house another spark wired and now hasn't time to do. When looking at the job I noticed he had used 1.5 t&e from the consumer unit to the first smoke detector then looped around in 4 core flex. Them same was doe on the 2 way Switching extractor...
  21. Z

    I never install ring circuits, the potential for danger is unacceptable

    I’d like to know if anyone else here refuses to install ring circuits in domestic premises. For me it’s either a 20a radial / tree circuit with 2.5mm, or a 32 radial / tree circuit with 4.0mm. Frankly I’m tired of finding broken ring circuits on 32a CB’s, as well as mismatches on end to end...
  22. Gary Tollison

    DNO-CU isolator switch install

    greetings :) I’m looking at getting an isolator switch put in just before the consumer unit. DNO has quoted £138 incl VAT for the job. Now, I have lvl 3 domestic electrical installer diploma in the bag, and am not far from going for AM2. Is there anything I can do on the consumer side to help...
  23. L

    Hi there guys, my name is Keith. I am now a retired electrician.

    I am going to do some work for a friend,on a new buid building, just 4 rooms and a utility room, for contractors or holiday, on his land at the rear of his pub. Solar panels on the roof and a supply from the pub, which has just had solar fitted. I see now as well as the new regs dist boards, I...
  24. S

    Install new oven & induction hob to existing circuit

    Hi All. Just a little help I need connecting a electric oven and induction hob. The existing is a 32 amp MCB in the consumer unit. A 4m run of 6mm sq t&e cable from mcb going to a 45A cooker control switch. From here a 6mm sq t&e going into cooker connection unit. I have removed the old electric...
  25. J

    Commercial Need advice for commercial install - conduit

    Hi All, I need some advice if you don't mind please. Not an electrician and have just moved into a workshop and electrics were relatively ok but now we need to install some new lighting as cheaply as possible but safely. We had some LED battens from our old workshop and we've hung them in...
  26. R

    Vent-Axia install from fCU

    Hi all I need your help my old vent Axia went busted and i needed a new one . I bought the same model VA100 and wire it up . That where the problem begin, on the terminal block on the vent got L. N SL so I conect the blue cable to the N terminal the Brown to the L terminal and the black to the...
  27. B

    Domestic Ring Doorbell Pro Install

    Hi, We live in a new build property which is nearly two years old. Currently have a mains powered Doorbell Deta C3501 with built in transformer. Have purchased the above Ring Doorbell Pro and need some help installing it. The current setup has power brown/blue going into a connector block on...
  28. C

    Poor install EICR 12 year old hotel

    Carrying out an eicr. Thoughts on these DBs installed in each room. Around 20 have been installed in this manner with no gland on the supply SWA and the top surface of the DB completely removed. Note the plasterboard hole is small in this image compared to some. What do you think other than...
  29. sam400

    Electrician Data install (south east)

    Can anyone carry out a data install or recommend someone to do it, it’s in Hayward’s Heath(south east) Job is 32 data outlets and a cab/switch etc to run local network and IP phones Building is a 2 storey new build office. Please PM for more details Thanks Sam
  30. J

    Electrician Three Phase Rotary Converter Install with Sockets

    Not a 'commercial' job as such but given that three phase is involved I feel it belongs in this section. In my semi-professional cabinet making workshop I have a 32A consumer unit. For a range of three phase machinery I have acquired a Transwave Rotary Converter (RT4) which requires a 25A...
  31. D

    Currys refused to install my daughter's cooker, but....

    Today my daughter received her replacement built-in oven from Currys. She'd paid for connection and disposal. I got a call from her saying that the Currys guys had refused to install it because they had measured the voltage at the connector block at the rear of the old oven at 117V. This is the...
  32. R

    NEST install on Heatmiser

    Hi. Customer has a Heatmiser UH8 with only 4 heating zones been used. Controlled by the slimline thermostat. looking at replacing the thermostat for 4 NEST and I’m an after a wiring diagram for the installation or guidance on installing the heat links to the UH8. Each zone has + A1 A2 - Y and B
  33. FoxyT

    Spotlight install advice

    Hi I am doing a spotlight install in a hallway of a 2 story house but obviously there is studs inbwetween the location of where the spotlights are wanted , has anyone got any tips or tricks of how to get the cable across or through the studs ? Also Cleanest way possible as she has just had...
  34. D

    Install one gang Sonoff to fused socket

    Hello I have a few of these installed around the house and work absolutely brilliantly. Just wondering if below is feasible and how I would achieve it. I have a fused switch that controls the outside lights wired as per below: I would like to replace with a one gang Sonoff switch: Is...
  35. W

    Emergency! Help needed - 3-phase meter install

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with a bit of an urgent situation I'm in! I've just opened a new bar/restaurant after a lengthy refurb. Previously, the venue ran of a single-phase meter. The refurbishments have been extensive and with all the equipment we've installed (ventilation, air...
  36. sparks55

    Ev chargers cost how much to install

    How much do you charge to install Seen 1 company doing installs for £149.00
  37. J

    Hive install with Mainslink pro installed

    Have had the Mainslink Pro installed with the timer now out of action (communication cables were cut, so used the mainslink to RF the signal from boiler to airing cuboard, where all other equipment is stored (pump/tank ect.) Hive chap is coming in 2 days and I wondered if the hive would work...
  38. Steven Welon

    AV/Security installer adding electrical install to skillset

    Hi all, I've been doing aerial/satellite/CCTV/intruder alarm/voice & data networks (wired & wireless) installs for a long time. I run a small company, sub work out & in depending on job size. Mainly new builds & refurbs. I can first & second fix bog standard small domestic houses but not much...
  39. P

    Summer house to house installation help!

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice . I have a summer house in my garden that has the following setup. 50amp breaker from house consumer unit from this is 18m (3core) armoured cable. This is fixed externally to the house wall and goes underground for approx 2m. Inside the summer house is a...
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