1. S

    How to install a Smart Switch

    Pictures of my current 1 way switch are below. I live in the UK and the other side of the small black box didn't have any writing on it. Hi, I am very new to all this and wanted to know how to install a smart switch and which wires go where. Would all three of the neutral cables go into the N...
  2. Matt

    Need a place to rewire

    Hi, I am looking to progress with my NVQ but the current job I am working at does not really have anything else apart from H&S so I would need a job which would involve adding some circuits; rewire; and testing. So is there anyone who needs a small job done that would incorporate those things...
  3. C

    How would you fix the install of this 2 gang socket?

    Hi I noticed a 2 gang socket that was broken in half in one of my Landlord's properties that I was getting ready for the next tenants. I bought a new one and wired it and then attempted to screw it to the back box. It was a tight fit and I couldn't get the front of the socket to sit flush with...
  4. Dartlec

    Nuts lighting install

    Lighting installs are always fun when the client buys the light... This one was the latest effort - and the first time I've seen wire nuts provided as terminals in a light fitting. Not a US company either, but German, so suprised they didn't go with Wagos or similar. Also came with some...
  5. D

    Cargo trailer solar install and questions

    I'm installing renogy 400w solar kit this weekend on a cargo trailer, and renogy's 700w inverter. I have one 79Ah battery, and will buy 3 more, for 12v parallel. I have 4 circuits of lights I want to put up also, parallel. I am new to electricity, can you please check my diagram to confirm fuse...
  6. J

    Meter pack install and service upgrade

    I have a few questions on a service upgrade project. I am working on a ~100 yr old tri-plex in washington state. The existing panels (3) have "edison" type screw in fuses. Two of the panels are co-located and the third remote panel and meter are at the other end of the building. I plan to...
  7. K

    Are further qualifications required to install an EV charger?

    I am a fully qualified electrician with level 3 nvq / 18th edition. Are further qualifications required to install an EV charger?
  8. P

    Do I need to install an RCD for a Hypervolt EV charger

    Hi, Am I correct in saying I can install a single pole Type A 30ma RCBO to feed an Hypervolt EV charger? the supply cable is SWA and the Hypervolt has in built 6ma DC RCD protection. The consumer unit is a Lewden board so would ideally like to install a SP RCBO type A, any issues with this? its...
  9. G

    Is this a legit place to install a DB?

    It just seems like it’s blocking access for maintance. Seems crazy to me to put it there.
  10. Z

    install rosy lights-switch and connect in the box,I have a problem with o

    Hello everyone I hope you all well,, I have a question regarding old method install rosy lights-switch and connect in the box,I have a problem with one fault sort it ,the light doesn’t work,I needed help,I have experi connect in the switch…
  11. G

    Possible to install 32amp socket in residential fuse box?

    I’m looking at renting an office space and I am trying to establish whether I can use my equipment in there. I have a machine that runs on a blue 32amp commando plug. I’ve checked the power requirements for the machine and it’s 25amps with a max consumption of 6000Kw. The office I’m looking at...
  12. vards9

    Washing machine and Tumble dryer in shower room - issue with electrical install

    Hi There, Homeowner here with no electrical knowledge, so go easy on me! We've had our garage converted, and coming to the end of the project. We've had a shower/utility room (2.7m x 1.5m) added as part of the conversion, within which is housed a stacked Tumble Dryer on top of a washing...
  13. W

    RCD for whole install tripping

    Hi, thought I’d ask in here and hopefully someone with more fruit finding experience than me can help. Customer saying Rcd tripping and they believe it was the sockets, as the socket mcb tripped once when it happened. Now I had unplugged everything that I could see, couldn’t see anything else at...
  14. T

    abs and traction control on after 4th brake light install

    I just installed a 4th brake light on my 2014 scion frs wired thru my tail lights. The moment I hit the brakes my abs and traction control lights turn on. I thought of installing 1way diodes to stop reverse flow of curent do you guys think that may work? Or is there something else I should do?
  15. A

    Ring Video Doorbell Wired Install Advice

    Hi All, Apologies, I know this question has been asked a bunch before but as I’ve read in most of the previous threads there is that many different setups and doorbells I wanted to confirm (or not) that I was on the right track. Plan is to power via current chime. Not sure what make/model but...
  16. Z

    Help identify wires - Need help with a light switch install

    Hi, I want to install a smart light switch and when I took the cover off my existing light switch I was very confused by what I saw. New lights switch that I want to install: here is my existing lights switch. I see the white neutral wires in the back (not in use) but what do I do with the...
  17. buzzlightyear

    I was going to install them

    well i have seen it all ,so the story begins a customer ring up asking me to install some cctv for her and husband is mostly bed bound ,so the lady in question said she asked the last spark to price up the job to installing some cctv and which he did, because he had installed some security...
  18. captaincaveman

    How to install a floodlight safely while up ladders

    Hi guys & gals, I'm just curious at how other sparkys install or replace accessories (floodlights, cctv cameras, etc. - domestic work in mind) while working on extension ladders? Supposedly you should be doing it with 1 hand while the other holds on to the ladder but holding a floodlight, for...
  19. B

    price for ev install

    hi all, currently working on my first quote for an ev charge point. just trying to work out labour costs, I know it varies on different installs and where you are based within the country. I,ve read that some installers are charging between £300 -£350 regardless if it takes 4 hours or 8...
  20. J

    Help with LED dimmer install!

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance! So, I installed this LED fixture in my bathroom to replace an old fluorescent fixture that had a bad ballast: It is a dimmable (0-10V) fixture and it is working just fine with the original single...