1. A

    2013 Seat Ibiza stereo install query.

    Trying to install an aftermarket pioneer stereo using an ISO Harness Adaptor - CT20VW02. I can't work out what to do with the red (ignition switch) & orange (illumination) wires. I've looked at hardwiring them to the fuse board but can't find the correct fuse adaptor. Is there a different...
  2. D

    PIV851FB1E Bosch Induction Hob Install

    Hello, Looking at changing out my gas hob for the PIV851FB1E Bosch Induction Hob. The Induction hob is 7400W and by my calculations this would be 7400/230=32.2A Was after advice on the best method for install. Can this be powered direct from the CU with appropriate MCB or is it necessary to...
  3. O

    Consumer unit install in a camper van.

    Hi I am converting a Sprinter van. I would like to use RCBOs. I want to run 3 seperat Circuits. 1 and 2 for sockets either side of the van and third to a Truma combi boiler. I will be connecting up a Victron Multiplus 2. So please correct me if I have this wrong. The 230v socket will be close...
  4. R

    UK Old lighting cables in new install

    Hi everyone, newly qualified spark here I went to a job earlier today where the fan was not running on after light had been turned off. Whilst sorting this problem I discovered that the bathroom circuits had been installed on a new rcd db but investigating further in the light and the pull...
  5. JackyBailey

    Does this install need a rewire as suggested?

    Hi. Just about to purchase first home and asked the seller for a EICR as there was a new (ish) consumer unit but no certificate for it. I can see that there is one major issue and that's been disconnected. But apart from that bedroom/circuit does the rest the house need a rewire? Any help...
  6. R

    3 way dimmer install question.

    Hello, Question for the experts since I haven’t had this problem before. Working on my sons house installing a 3 way dimmer. Attached is a photo of the switch that was removed. Installed a Lutron 3 way dimmer and both switches don’t function like the should. Connected as per, black to black...
  7. D

    Nice tray install, Del style

  8. littlespark

    Thoughts on this EV install

    Took this photo from a Facebook group where someone was asking advice about the CT. Regarding using the meter box in the first place and making holes in the side of the meter box.
  9. timhoward

    Bad emergency lighting install

    Two lighting circuits covering various communal areas on two floors of a HMO. The non-maintained emergency lighting that covers those areas is on a separate circuit (actually with the fire alarm). So either of the lighting breakers could trip and the relevant lighting wouldn't come on. Who...
  10. D

    Hager High integrity board + RCBO’s + solar install.

    Hi, I have a dual RCD board made by Hager installed a couple of months ago. It is high integrity, which I understand to mean RCBO’s can be fitted as well. (I got an EICR and let’s just say it was awful. The electrician who did the EICR even wrote a report for me but that’s another story)...
  11. Dave OCD

    Proof that it is possible to install a BG CU tidily.

    Someone commented fairly recently that all pics of BG boards posted up are usually RAF and generally turn up in the 'Dodgy trade pics' thread. Here's a picture I just came across of one I did around 5 or 6 years ago - the old days when dual RCD and no SPD weren't considered naughty. :) Edit -...
  12. J

    Can't install Pushmatic breaker

    I am having difficulty installing a Pushmatic twin 15 amp circuit breaker, part number P1515. The breaker has a tab on the back which bumps into the panel opening preventing insertion of the breaker. I wondering: 1) what is the purpose of the tab? 2) should I not try to use the breaker? and...
  13. C

    Can you help me install a fixture using a screw terminal block?

    I have never installed a fixture that uses a screw terminal block before and could use some guidance. Since the earth wire is connected to I screw the grounding wire in the same terminal and then connect the blue wire to the white and the brown to the black?
  14. S

    How to install downlights in this room

    Hi all, Getting the utility room redone at this project house and the misses is absolutely adamant she wants downlights. Couple of reasons for this, firstly better light spread across the room since its long and narrow, secondly ceiling is very low (only around 2m) so I actually hit the existing...
  15. littlespark

    Overheating EV install

    Had a call from a parent of one of my daughters friends… ” Do you do electric car charge points” “Well, no. Not installation, but I can diagnose faults…. Tell you what’s needed. “ “I’ve already phoned the supplier. Not interested. 3 weeks out of the warranty period. “ So here’s the charge...
  16. O

    Advice on new home EV charge point install.

    Hi all, New ill ( not used yet) of 7.5kw EV charge point. New house consumer unit fitted 6months ago and fitted with 16mm tails as the main fuse was 80amp. Electric company then come to visit to see if the...
  17. bananamonkey

    Troubleshooting Smart Switch Install

    Hello! I'm installing an Aqara smart light switch (with neutral) but nothing is powering on after getting everything wired up. I've attached pictures of the original switch (working) and the smart switch (not working). I've confirmed power was restored at the panel and voltage tester confirms...
  18. G

    Can LSF and grey household T&E be mixed together in a install

    As the question above states can I mix white LSF and standard grey domestic twin and earth together in a new installation. The property is a domestic property being rewired so wouldn’t be any need for the lsf I just have a few drums of 1.5mm on the van and thought of using them instead of...
  19. C

    How to install wiring for recessed lights?

    Hello, I have installed 6 recessed lights in my living room as well as wall boxes. I’m now at a point where to need to run the wiring. I plan to tap in to a 15 amp circuit that’s tied to my master bedroom lighting. I would have a junction box in the attic to split the power. I want these...
  20. W

    What cert is best for a new spd install?

    Brand new spd installed new tails, saying minor works is ok, I don’t believe so as tails are coming from metering supply via Henley blocks
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