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  1. 2

    EV chargers best for install?

    Hi, sorry if this has already been discussed or is in the wrong place. Im wondering if anyone has come across a domestic EV charger where the ct wires in via a cat 5/6 directly into the charge point. So to avoid addition hardware etc? Seems to be a few installs where they want to install a...
  2. S

    UK 1st Fix Install need to install temporary socket

    Hi I have a 1st fix domestic install on the go and need to leave a socket for other trades to use after me. There is no main bonding at the minute as main water & Gas pipes are being removed and repositioned elsewhere in house I understand that I have to certify the socket and will install the...
  3. Tommy10toes

    Best way to install a very tiny light

    Hello, Behind a tiny door in our under stairs cupboard we’d like to build a miniature room in which a little light would come on when the door is opened. The door is about 12cm high No power so needs to be battery operated. I thought about those PIR USB LED lights for cupboards which would...
  4. L

    @electricains who install PV

    Hi All im Luke i have my MCS asssesment tuesday has anyone recently done one have anything to look out for please
  5. tbaine01

    Diy Automatic Transfer Switch install, 194 and 23 wires

    All my life red is positive and black negative. I was under expression the 194 was 12v + and 23 was the ground to complete circuit. This switch is tagged 194 wire black and 23 red, Just like an apinion
  6. L

    How to install a junction on ring circuit spur?

    Hi everyone, I've got an electrical ring circuit that looks somewhat like the drawing below, where the blue sockets are part of the main ring and the red socket is a spur. I need to create a new socket, but the closest socket and the only one I have easy access to is the spur. Is there any...
  7. R

    How do I install this dimmer switch?

    Wrong forum? U.S. here. If yes...my apology. Naively, I thought the number of wires, and the the wire colors, would match. House was built in 1989 in California. Thank you....
  8. mjtefc9

    AM2E Advice on the install

    Good morning all, Got my AM2E coming up and wondered if anyone had any advice for the day? Also what order you thought best to do the install.. Conduit 1st ? Thanks all MJ
  9. Y

    Garage sub main on existing TT install

    Hi there, long time lurker, first time poster here. Straight down to it.. A friend asked me to add some sockets and additional lights to a small outside office they have tacked onto the side of their attached garage, no problem I thought, apparently the garage already has a DB in it with radial...
  10. flabbagasted

    Single oven and ceramic hob install

    Hello hope you can help I have a single oven 2.4kw max and a ceramic hob 6kw max I would like to put then both on the same circuit so i was thinking 10mm cable from consumer unit to a junction box then 6mm from jb to hob via isolation switch then another 6mm from jb to 13amp fused isolation...
  11. R

    Schematic required for solar install

    I have just joined. I have solar company and currently doing level 2 diploma. I need a schematic doing if anyone could help please
  12. B

    Sub panel install on older Crouse Hinds Board

    I have an older Crouse Hinds board with a 200A service. Due to recent rehab on the house, I found I have the need to install a sub panel. I installed a QO 125A panel, installed the PVC 1.5 inch conduit, and a 100A Siemens breaker in the Crouse Hinds. I then ran the 3 #2 wires to the box, wrappng...
  13. A

    2013 Seat Ibiza stereo install query.

    Trying to install an aftermarket pioneer stereo using an ISO Harness Adaptor - CT20VW02. I can't work out what to do with the red (ignition switch) & orange (illumination) wires. I've looked at hardwiring them to the fuse board but can't find the correct fuse adaptor. Is there a different...
  14. D

    PIV851FB1E Bosch Induction Hob Install

    Hello, Looking at changing out my gas hob for the PIV851FB1E Bosch Induction Hob. The Induction hob is 7400W and by my calculations this would be 7400/230=32.2A Was after advice on the best method for install. Can this be powered direct from the CU with appropriate MCB or is it necessary to...
  15. O

    Consumer unit install in a camper van.

    Hi I am converting a Sprinter van. I would like to use RCBOs. I want to run 3 seperat Circuits. 1 and 2 for sockets either side of the van and third to a Truma combi boiler. I will be connecting up a Victron Multiplus 2. So please correct me if I have this wrong. The 230v socket will be close...
  16. R

    UK Old lighting cables in new install

    Hi everyone, newly qualified spark here I went to a job earlier today where the fan was not running on after light had been turned off. Whilst sorting this problem I discovered that the bathroom circuits had been installed on a new rcd db but investigating further in the light and the pull...
  17. JackyBailey

    Does this install need a rewire as suggested?

    Hi. Just about to purchase first home and asked the seller for a EICR as there was a new (ish) consumer unit but no certificate for it. I can see that there is one major issue and that's been disconnected. But apart from that bedroom/circuit does the rest the house need a rewire? Any help...
  18. R

    3 way dimmer install question.

    Hello, Question for the experts since I haven’t had this problem before. Working on my sons house installing a 3 way dimmer. Attached is a photo of the switch that was removed. Installed a Lutron 3 way dimmer and both switches don’t function like the should. Connected as per, black to black...
  19. D

    Nice tray install, Del style

  20. littlespark

    Thoughts on this EV install

    Took this photo from a Facebook group where someone was asking advice about the CT. Regarding using the meter box in the first place and making holes in the side of the meter box.
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