1. timhoward

    First Zappi Install

    I've finally found a customer rich enough to want a Zappi, and by heck it's so much nicer to install than the budget brands! But I wonder if anyone has installed one with recent firmware? All of the documentation and training videos talk about Device Limit and Grid Limit which make sense. The...
  2. Mworks89

    How many Downlights can an electrician install in a day?

    Hi I have an electrician over and he took over from an incompetent builder. The builder already installed the wiring but the electrician told me that he will need to test the electrical wiring that was done in my extension, which I thought was fair. I wanted to know how long would it take to...
  3. wsoppitt

    remote 3 phase charger install

    hi guys / girls , any advice would be appreciated, So the situation is a domestic property has a 3 phase supply , from the service head we have 3 phase supply to henley blocks , from here there is a 3 phase supply to remote outbuilding and a single phase supply to the house consumer unit ,the...
  4. B

    EV charger install

    Can the wiring go from the fuse box to a certain distance in the roof space, then exit the roof space via the eaves, then travel in conduit along the outside wall, to an EV charger? Or does the wiring need to go from roof space to wall cavity? It's an odd arrangement, and traveling outside will...
  5. M

    EV charge points.

    Hi What the Maximum number of EV charge points that you can install in a Domestic system.
  6. B

    Home generator inlet box install with two 200 amp electrical panels.

    I am interested in having a home generator that would provide power to my home when the power is out during hurricane season, etc. I have 2 electrical panels in my garage that are 200 amps each. I purchased a 13,000/10,000 watt predator generator. I would like to use an interlock rather than a...
  7. S

    Does this look like a good install, is it legal ,

    Hi Just want to ask is this legal for an electric car charging point? Is it safe? Its just that this is my driveway the neighbours wall, they have to walk up my driveway to access the point
  8. T

    Transformer tripping

    I installed a transformer for 5 smart thermostats, 1 of the thermostats trips the transformer fuse button right when I turn on the power. There is no call for heat, the c wire isn't connected at the thermostat, just the white and red and the c wire and red to the transformer. It is a 150VA...
  9. C

    Install a 3-way toggle switch and outlet at top of the staircase...

    Hello everyone... There are a total of 4 cables entering the junction box at the top of the staircase. Two 12/2 cables are coming in through the top of the box. One 12/2 cable is coming through the bottom of the box, with a 12/3 cable coming through beside it. The three 12/2 cables have...
  10. L

    What supporting equipment is needed to install a balcony photovoltaic system?

    Hi everyone, I am new to photovoltaic system installation, can you guys give me some advice. Currently I plan to purchase a Maysun Solar 800W balcony photovoltaic system. By understanding the accessories information, I found that there is currently a lack of special input sockets matching the...
  11. tony9i9i9i

    EV charger installation

    I have a client who wants an EV charger installed, charger TBC, but about 7KW, installed about 20m away from this installation. I've not done one before, but I understand I need to split the tails and main earth and add blocks so I can add an EV CU. CU is in a cupboard and the tails and earth...
  12. D

    Wallbox pulsar max Install

    Hi I’m installing a wallbox pulsar max in a few weeks and they don’t come with a CT is it even allowed to fit a EVCP without a CT clamp? Thanks
  13. H

    Large Solar Install on Asbestos Roof

    Hi wondering if you could help with some advice Been running an Essex/suffolk based electrical firm for last 20 years, mainly light commercial, new build sites. due to a lot of sites needed renewables I recently did my solar courses but not MCS registered to date. One of my other customer owns a...
  14. R

    Is this legal to install in the UK?

    Hi, plumber here so please be gentle (or take the p-ss ;) ), I am supposed to be installing a UV water steriliser for a customer. I have some concerns about the suitability of the product that the filter company (a UK manufacturer) has supplied me with. Essentially it's a UV tube inside a...
  15. A

    First install of EV charger

    Hi all, Merry Christmas to everyone, and apologies for talking work during the holidays😅 I have my first EV charger install job early in the New Year, and I might be able to enjoy the holidays a bit better if I could ask your advice please. I'm going to install a 7kw Zappi charger with built...
  16. W

    UK 3 Phase Smart Meter EDMI ES -30 B Install

    3 Phase Smart Meter EDMI ES -30 B Install I have a question regarding the potential replacement of my existing EON supplied ELSTER A1140 3 phase meter which is currently providing E10 switching times for our all electric home. The house has an old electric storage boiler and the system is...
  17. I

    TT Install with Solar - RCD question

    Hello Need to replace a distribution board in the next few weeks to allow for more circuits to be installed in January. Existing is a TT system with a solar installation fitted. Current install has a 100A TP incomer, meter, C63 TP MCB, solar install, 100ma RCD, distribution board fitted with...
  18. C

    2 core armoured to lamp posts

    What's peoples thoughts on this? 2 core armoured to lamp posts via Lucy switches
  19. M

    G99 GSI-3 4.4 kw Victron inverter install

    G99 GSI-3 4.4 kw Victron inverter install with EES and batteries and installer can set the export lint if required by dno As part G99 GSI-3 you required carry out phase to neutral loop impedance and phase to earth loop impedance test not a problem. but the must be 180 m ohms or less for...


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