1. H

    How far from the house can I install a 7kw EV charger? Would 40m be possible?

    How far from the house can I install a 7kw EV charger? Would 40m be possible?
  2. L

    Do i need to install a DC isolator if theres already one provided on the hybrid inverter?

    Hi, I have nearly finished installing my first solar system for my brother in law. havent installed a DC isolator on the string lines (none in stock locally and didnt order ahead). The sofar inverter he bought has a rotary isolator fitted already. Can I label that isolator and be compliant...
  3. S

    Large electrical ufh install

    Hi all any advice welcome. Long story but at the last moment I have been asked to advise on the possibility of installing electric ufh in a large yoga room as bums are cold on the floor. Room is 90sqm but my thinking for easy install supplier does 12sqm mats so perimeter left out that is 2x...
  4. D

    Install LV Network Switch and Patch panel in outdoor non IP rated enclosure

    Grateful for a kick in the right direction on the following: a telecomms engineer stated out that an outdoor metal cabinet (earthed & bonded) was an unsuitable enclosure for a network switch and patch panel to be installed into, as it was not IP rated. As it happened, the size of the cabinet...
  5. V

    230v install into a caravan

    I've been given a really interesting job to do, and that's to retrofit a vintage caravan with 230v. Another company is doing the renovation work, I'm just tasked with the electrical work. Now, there's a lot in section 7 of BS7671 to do with caravans, but it is vague on the earthing. My...
  6. I

    Can I Install Subpanel From Here

    So I have this mess here in the picture. I have never seen a meter like this and don't know why the buss for spare breakers are before the the disconnect breaker. This is in a mobile home I just bought and the 2 breakers that someone put in, go to an outlet and the 30a 240v goes to a water...
  7. K

    Ideas on how to install SELV LED on wireless switch?

    Hi everyone I am going to install LED lightstrips in the garden which would be on the SELV and obviously it needs to be installed using stepping down transformer however the lights needs to be on wireless switch technology which would require another transformer to feed the stepdown...
  8. J

    Whole House Backup Generator Install

    Getting ready to install a 22KW Generac on my home and just had a question to clear up. I have 400A service running to two 200A main panels. I will be installing two 200A transfer switches, mainly because I had 1 already and the 400A is like $2900.00 vs $700.00 for another 200A one. I know that...
  9. S

    Swa install to hot tub

    Hi, looking for some advice, 6mm swa allready installed to a hot tub Client now wants additions and my calcs say the original swa is allready too small. 26a but its120m run, im advising 16mm 2core. However the swa installed is 4 core so was thinking of doubling cores together to save on time/...
  10. J

    Level 3 NVQ maintenance to install

    Hi guys just wanted abit of advice I currently have my 18th edition, 2391/2 testing and inspection and a Level 3 NVQ in engineering maintenance (electrical). I’m also one year through doing a HNC in electrical and electronic engineering. I’m a bit stuck as from what I understand if I’d completed...
  11. S

    Solar Install developed fault

    I have a 12 panel array … BenQ 330W panels, Solar Edge Micro-controllers and Inverter. On Solar Edge App, shows 1 panel as not generating any output. Panels & Solar Edge kit all under warranty but installation company has ceased trading … what’s my best approach, get an experienced PV...
  12. S

    UK Contractor to install manual transfer switch for 6.5kva generator (residential)

    Hi, I'm not sure if this correct sub-forum so apologies in advance if not. I'm looking for an electrician to install a manual transfer switch for 6.5kva diesel generator (Warrior LDG6500SVWRC) for a residential property with a 32A CEE male socket at the external rear of the property. I'm...
  13. D

    Does this carbon monoxide install meet regs

    HI I have just had a carbon monoxide allarm fitted by the local Housing Association and he has wired it to the back of a light switch and trunked it up the wall. The house has a dedicated smoke alarm circuit and a alarm the other side of that wall but he has chosen to bodged it on the back of a...
  14. bigspark17

    Checklist for first solar install

    Hi guys/gals Directing this question at you that have transitioned already from sparky to pv insatller. I have my first pv install after getting so many queries since the energy price rise and looking to get one under my belt. I want to go in properly and that it is being installed to a high...
  15. J

    Solar Solar Install Guidence

    Hi. I have a UK customer that has an agricultural building that will have a Diesel TPN generator supplying a corn dryer electrical installation. He also wants a solar array (2kw) off grid battery backed system to supply local lights, small power, trickle charge the generator batteries (from...
  16. HappyHippyDad

    Feed in tariff and exporting back to the grid - solar install question.

    I'm a little confused about whether I need to be MCS accredited or not. A few questions... 1. Can the customer still export back to the grid and get paid for this if I am not MCS? 2. Is there actually still any kind of FIT or smart export guarantee being offered anyway? 3. Plus, I'm not...
  17. HappyHippyDad

    What does 'Check CT grid' mean on zappi EVCP install?

    Afternoon all. I've just installed my first Zappi. The customer just wants to plug in the vehicle and is not fussed about WiFi connection. I have checked with Myenergi and the Zappi can run without the need to be connected to the net. However, when I plug the car in it comes up with 'Check CT...
  18. S

    How to install a Smart Switch

    Pictures of my current 1 way switch are below. I live in the UK and the other side of the small black box didn't have any writing on it. Hi, I am very new to all this and wanted to know how to install a smart switch and which wires go where. Would all three of the neutral cables go into the N...
  19. Matt

    Need a place to rewire

    Hi, I am looking to progress with my NVQ but the current job I am working at does not really have anything else apart from H&S so I would need a job which would involve adding some circuits; rewire; and testing. So is there anyone who needs a small job done that would incorporate those things...
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