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hi guys / girls , any advice would be appreciated, So the situation is a domestic property has a 3 phase supply , from the service head we have 3 phase supply to henley blocks , from here there is a 3 phase supply to remote outbuilding and a single phase supply to the house consumer unit ,the customer wants a 3 phase charger in the outbuilding which is over a paved courtyard about 30m away , going to have to use a harvi as cant get cable over for ct clamps and hopefully distance wont be an issue, with regards to the existing supply would it be better to convince him to have a single phase charger on the non house phase or do you think we would have no problems connecting in a 3 phase charger,
Realistically what would be the advantages of having a 3 phase charger instead of a single phase in a domestic setting , Not sure what the max demand for house is yet as not visited property , just want to go armed with as much info as possible so can answer any potential questions,
If he had single phase charger on separate phase to house then filling in the "ena" form would be simple as max demand would be less than the 60A per phase , just really want to know if the 3 phase charger is really needed instead of single phase , any help appreciated and if i,m missing anything important , Thanks
Given that a lot of EV's only charge from one phase when connected to a 3 phase chargepoint does the customer really need a 3 phase chargepoint for the vehicle they have.
One chargepoint manufacturers course I attended a while ago said they get many calls from customers who have had a 22Kw 3 phase chargepoint fitted and it is not working properly as their EV is only taking a much smaller charge when asked about their vehicle it was pointed out to them that 11Kw single phase is the maximum charge their vehicle can take
What the future of EV charging is going to be with what is a developing technology is anyboy's guess will more vehicles be able to utilise 3 phase charging.
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