1. T

    anyone changed the mppt board in an Axpert mks 4 5.6 Kw inverter?

    Good afternoon all I have the above inverter and it has over the past year given a number f F12 warnings and recently went off with an F12 fault. I was lead to believe by the original supplier it was an MPPT issue and when I asked about getting it fixed under warranty they wanted to charge a...
  2. S

    Rated Current and Current in mini split AC

    Hello, I am seeing two mini split ACs with the same cooling capacity in two different company. Both 24000 BTU and Inverter. The first one said Rated Current is 9.56 A and didn't write Max current or current. The second one said the Current is 9.9 A and the Rated Current is 16 A. Does it mean...
  3. S

    Why is my air conditioner making sounds?

    Hello, I bought an air conditioner 24000 btu Inverter. The indoor unit makes strange noises/sounds at night. The pattern is as follows: First, wind blowing and cooling are reduced to 80%. (Similar to fan mode) Then the sound (sound in the video) comes a few times and then everything returns to...
  4. N

    Battery and Inverter installation

    Hi folks, I have recently had a 5kW Solis inverter and 15kW/hr of batteries installed. Everything is working fine, but I have some concerns about the quality of the install: I wasn't given any documentation, so no "part P" documentation. Around three metres of new meter tails were added -...
  5. Solark Guy

    ABB (Fimer) Inverter adjustment instructions.

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum so be nice! I have this ABB (now Fimer)PVS-100TL 100kW inverter which cut off if there is too much solar incidence. I am sure there is no fault other than threshold setting on control board. Please help me find these instructions or a service manual. I'd rather...
  6. R

    Solar givenergy inverter

    Hi there, anyone had any experience with the generation 3 inverter I'm having problems connecting to the hotspot feature. Thanks
  7. R

    Solar givenergy inverter

    Hi there, anyone had any experience with the generation 3 inverter I'm having problems connecting to the hotspot feature. Thanks
  8. F

    Problem with Mitsu inverter PI-controller

    Hello everyone. I have a inverter configuration problem I thought someone here might be able to help with. I'm not looking for a specific solution for my inverter in question, but rather if anyone has encountered this problem and has generic parameter advice to give. I'm using a Mitsubishi...
  9. C

    12V truck battery to 2000W Power Inverter to 1700w Microwave

    Hello, So I purchased a Novopal 2000w/4000w(Peak) Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12V to 110V/120V. I purchased this so I can hook it up directly to my truck's 12 volt battery and have it positioned in the flatbed of my truck.. The goal is to have it power my microwave in my flatbed at drop sites. I...
  10. C

    Car battery to Power inverter set up

    So I'm looking to connect my car's battery directly to a Pure Sine Wave 2000w power inverter So I can use it on job sites etc to power a microwave of above 1700 watts. My question would be, Do I need to have a one-way fuse in my wire setup directly from the battery to the inverter? Or can it be...
  11. M

    G99 GSI-3 4.4 kw Victron inverter install

    G99 GSI-3 4.4 kw Victron inverter install with EES and batteries and installer can set the export lint if required by dno As part G99 GSI-3 you required carry out phase to neutral loop impedance and phase to earth loop impedance test not a problem. but the must be 180 m ohms or less for...
  12. W

    Home Lathe with 3 Phase inverter tripping mains

    Hello - hope someone can advise please. I have a recently purchased second hand Myford lathe which has a 3-phase inverter (Siemens Micromaster 410) Lathe all works fine but regularly trips my RCCB 80A 30mA breaker taking out half of the board - usually when first powering on. The inverter is...
  13. S

    1ph to 3 phase inverter

    I have been asked if I can wire a motor for a car lifter in a domestic garage, however the motor is 3 phase and only single phase is available in the property. Is it possible to use a single phase to 3 phase inverter to power this motor? I will attach photos of the motor and its output.
  14. C

    Inverter - TT System issue

    Hope this all makes as much sense as i can make of it and my "problem" can get sorted via some guru on here... Just a quick background on myself, i am fully qualified and have been for 15+ years. I have completed the 18th edition and am a member of the approved and domestic installer schemes on...
  15. baldelectrician

    Recommend a replacement inverter

    We don't normally do PV, however I was called to a PV inverter with no power, 6 years old Found supply OK, however fed through a AC type RCD. PV inverter has power, no display etc, no fuses blown Supply Zs OK, voltage at strings (about 260V in afternoom, east west split) DC and AC isolators...
  16. W

    Which inverter for water powered generator

    Hi there I’ve only seen inverters for solar energy or camper vans …I’m looking for information On buying an inverter using a water power wheel using an alternator. A lot of the videos don’t give the precise instructions needed. Also a question about getting power from an inverter 220v to about...
  17. happysteve

    Omission of fault (and overload) protection for inverter

    I don't "do" solar, but I've been asked to comment on an aspect of a new domestic solar installation by others. There is no overload or fault protection, except for the service cut-out fuse (unknown size, assume 80A). TN-C-S. Installation is as follows (have only seen a photo of part of it...
  18. W

    Proposal for an inverter for a solar system on a balcony

    Hello everyone, I currently have two solar modules left over from an installation and I would like to use them to set up a solar system on the balcony. The system has an output of 800 W. Can you recommend a suitable inverter for me? Thanks for the help.
  19. F

    Is this setup safe when using big inverter with lithium battery bank?

    I have an 5kW inverter and 48V Lithium battery with inbuilt BMS. As you would be aware, when inverter gets battery power, immediately the capacitors in inverter start charging drawing very high current. This causes BMS to trip thinking it is short circuit. Battery company suggests using a...
  20. B

    Overpowering solar inverter

    Hello, My current 2.5kW Solar pv array is in a less than favourable position, but there is plenty of space to expand the array. I have an additional 4kW of solar panels that I wish to add to the array as even during peak production we are lucky if we can achieve 1800W out of the 2.5kW so...


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