1. wawyed

    Solar Solar system - Hybrid inverter in a shared RCD

    Greetings, I have a solar 5kw system installed with a hybrid inverter (no batteries yet). My electrician decided to add an extension board for the solar installation as my main CU couldn't fit all the required switch due to lack of space. I have dual rcd consumer unit with no high integrity so...
  2. Porkstone

    How to avoid overloading your inverter?

    I have an 11kw inverter installed at home. If I turned on enough appliances it would be possible overload the inverter. Is there a way to detect this and avoid it?
  3. D

    Domestic Power Jack 12 volt LF inverter

    I bought Power Jack 12 volt LF inverter few years back, Can I modify this inverter to 24 V or better 48 V inverter? Possible???
  4. K

    Inverter generator - manual transfer switch - voltage issues

    Hi Sorry to bring this one up again but have read numerous posts and answers and not got an answer specific to my situation. I have a Loncin LC3500i inverter generator which my electrician has wired via a transfer switch into a secondary consumer unt which covers the garage and office withing...
  5. M

    Solar Solis RHI inverter ignores minimum SOC setting

    Hi All, Kit is Solis RHI 3.6k 5G inverter and two LG Chem RESU 6.5k combined with an LG RESU+ box, which is a CAN comms gateway and busbars. I have my SoC clip set at 20% with a grid top-up at 10%. The inverter ignores the 20% limit and regularly drops the batteries to 10%, which halves their...
  6. J

    Inverter Size for Battery Output

    I thought I had an understanding of how to size an inverter but I think I have become slightly confused after taking to some proposed installers. I am looking at a 15 panel solar array with a proposed output of 6150KWH and was thinking of having two 6.5KWH batteries that would have their charge...
  7. P

    Will a hybrid inverter and lifepo4 battery work as UPS?

    I live in the Philippines where the power is bad, we have constant outages and when it does work the voltage ranges from 160-255v and the hz ranges from 52-65. I had a UPS which I had replaced the battery with a bigger one but it finally blew up and now I have nothing as a backup and before I...
  8. Joules

    My electrician wants to remove the inverter's supply PE and...

    ...Replace it with a connection to a ground spike via the heat sink. The 1.5kW GTI has no off grid capability. This separates the house PE from the inverters but is it the right thing to do? New to the forum, this is my first post.
  9. C

    Sunny boy inverter for wind?

    I have an old sunnyboy 1700 and I'm trying to connect it to a 1kw wind turbine. I've been told that if I can get into the inverter software to change parameters (mppt) then it may well work. Has anyone any experience of this, or does anyone know where I can obtain a usb cable/interface for the job?
  10. M

    Is is possible to connect a used Lithium Ion Battery from a Two Seater Smart car to an inverter?

    The idea of having electrical power from 240volt AC sockets in a sectional building not on the national grid is becoming popular among those who want to live in a tiny house. Is it possible to connect somehow a used lithium ion battery from a Two seater Smart Car to an inverter? Then to connect...
  11. H

    Power Inverter Without a Transformer? Please Help

    Hi, I'm new here and looking at this True Sine Wave Power Inverter from AliExpress, but I have never seen any inverter without a transformer? How do they work without one, and how does this one's build look for a cheapish China one? (£125) As I'm not abele to spend much money as it's to power a...
  12. S

    Give energy or solar edge

    Can you pair a give energy inverter with an immersion tank? Or would I have to get a solar edge inverter
  13. S

    Noise filter in inverter driver circuit

    I have one 1kw single phase and one 5.5kw 3 phase inverter to drive 2 motors. As the installation is in proximity to 2 smart meter, I'm thinking about the installation of a noise filter. Both motor driver will be switched by a 3 phase contactor. Does the filter makes any sense , if a 3 phase...
  14. K

    Solar Panels New Inverter do I have to tell my electricity provider

    Hi I have a solar system on the feed in tarrif, my inverter is playing up, if i get a new one fitted will the FIT people be able to know if I have a new inverter, does a serial number get fed to the generation meter electronicaly. I have heard I have to inform my electricity provider if any work...
  15. L

    Do i need to install a DC isolator if theres already one provided on the hybrid inverter?

    Hi, I have nearly finished installing my first solar system for my brother in law. havent installed a DC isolator on the string lines (none in stock locally and didnt order ahead). The sofar inverter he bought has a rotary isolator fitted already. Can I label that isolator and be compliant...
  16. B

    Overclocking a solar inverter?

    Hi. I am going to have a solar power system installed and it will include a 13kW battery and a Zappi charger to use with my electric vehicle. The Inverter is spec'd at 3.6kW, which I think is consistent with what the grid will allow. I've been looking into now many solar panels to have and...
  17. 1

    installing inverter power boost

    I am working on putting a victron 24/3000/70 inverter/charger in my sprinter conversion van. Output of inverter is 30 amp pass thru with power assist. Power assist uses the battery pack to boost the 30 amp to up to 50 amps if needed for larger loads. They suggest 50 amp ground fault breaker...
  18. C

    Solar Panels Advice on off grid inverter wanted

    I've been asked to fit a Growatt spf 5000 es inverter which will have batteries (not sure what yet) and tied to the 230v domestic mains supply. Although I'm qualified to fit pv systems, I've never actually fitted any battery systems so not sure how they work in relation to connecting to the...
  19. Golwgymynydd

    Campervan Inverter woes

    I have built a campervan and am keen to avoid propane - preferring to use an induction hob. But it is giving me some issues. I have 610w of solar on the roof and use a Victron mppt charger (set to spiral) to charge 2x brand new Leoch 110ah AGM leisure batteries wired in parallel. I bought a...
  20. brixtonia

    Inverter "Device disturbance" Error

    I recently noticed that my array is no longer outputting anything to the meter or grid. Managed to get access to the inverter today and Sunnyboy SMA4000TL is alternating the following messages. "Device Disturbance" and "restart in 300s" [counting down in 10s intervals]. Nothing seems to...
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