1. S

    Suitable RCBO for EESS install

    Hi Doing my first Inverter and Battery install on a domestic property having just completed my EESS course with LCL. Question is how do I install a bi directional RCD/RCBO at the distribution board to supply and feed back power from the the inverter? I think I need an RCBO to the standard...
  2. S

    FRONIUS IG Plus inverter very noisy.

    Hi. Our local Primary School has a couple of these inverters, installed what must be around 15 years ago. Visiting the school recently, I was surprised at how noisy they were - with the sun out, they can be heard clearly in the next corridor, through double doors. I think, pretty clearly...
  3. I

    Solar New Solis inverter trips house electrics

    Hello there I have just installed a new Solis S6-GR1P3.6K-M-DC Inverter - this replaced a 10 year old+ Sungrow inverter that failed/out of warranty! None of the wiring set up has changed other than a new AC plug for the Solis inverter. I have a 16-panel 4kw system. It seems, when the inverter...
  4. G

    Diode CL04-12 110v 60HZ inverter

    This is for DIY connecting a 110v 60HZ solard inverter from 12v DC battery to 110v AC 60HZ output. Using a CL04-12 Microwave diode that I already own. I want to know if this diode is right for this. I want to protect my inverter while I use the electric power from electrical power Co. And what...
  5. LeeH

    Solar Inverter Go Boom Boom

    This happened on the works array over they weekend. Lost most of the magic smoke from it, don’t think l’ll get it all back in again. Also fried the DC isolation so couldn’t isolate, had to crack open the emergency rubber gloves and matt. Enjoy!
  6. L

    Solar Inverter tripping occasionally at startup

    Hi all, My 3 month old grid tie inverter has tripped on 3 occasions at startup. Have read plenty of threads here about similar issues but unclear as to the fix. So for my setup the inverter goes to a separate mcb on a separate secondary consumer unit. There is rcd protection here and it does...
  7. V

    Q for installers... do you tend to direct customers toward 3.7kw inverter for g98?

    on a standard size property, as a installer do you tend to advise / direct customers to a 3.7k inverter and stick to the g98 / notification after install? saving the cost and time of a g99 process. Where the installation may benefit from a larger setup, but for ease and cost , just to go with...
  8. W

    Kindly asking for Advice on DIY inverter setup

    Hi everyone. The owner of the business I work for along with myself have created a DIY inverter setup that is giving us some issues. We bought all the equipment new about a year ago and have been using the system in the office to supply uninterrupted power to a few devices. The setup is made...
  9. V

    solax x1-hybrid-3.7-d inverter , dc switch?

    hi on the solax x1-hybrid-3.7-d inverter, trying to find out the purpose of the rotary dc switch, underneath the inverter. does this isolate the battery storage or the strings? thank you
  10. R

    Outdoor Housing of Battery and Inverter - advice

    I have run out of viable space (that Mrs will let me use) to house my inverter and battery for when my solar arrives next month (GivEnergy). So have been looking at alternatives. Originally looked at stainless steel and GRP kiosks but that was going to cost me nearly £1500. So now i am...
  11. L

    Inverter over 3kw what am i doing wrong

    Hi I would like to install an 8kw inverter with a battery in parallel with a 3kw inverter with a battery and about 1kw of solar I have 3kw solar installed on a 3kw inverter already. I was hoping to use an export limiter grid side. Dose anyone see any problems with this. I have been told it's not...
  12. E

    3ph solar inverter fault code - bus voltage unbalanced

    So my friend's inverter is not working and fault code says - bus voltage unbalanced. Has anyone come across with something like that? Inverter is 10 years old and install company doesn't exist anymore.
  13. T

    Why does my main house consumer unit trip when the inverter switched to AC backup?

    Hello All Can I say to start with I am not an electrician but used to be a heating engineer (yes I can hear the groans). I have wired the installation myself using the correct wiring and isolators, racking and trunking and it is not grid tied it is purely off grid with a separate input for a...
  14. T

    A headache getting clarification re Solis inverter

    Hi all. Having a real headache trying to find out further details in regard to connecting a MODBUS smart meter to a Solis 5kW S6 inverter, Model S6-GR1P5K. Apparently, there are a couple of different versions - a 'Meter' version and a 'CT' version. The manual states that you must get the...
  15. wawyed

    DC Isolation between inverter and battery

    Greetings, I have a 5kwh solis hybrid inverter (S5-EH1P5K-L) with 12 (390W) JA solar panels . I was wondering if there's any requirement to install any DC isolation between the battery and the inverter or they can they just be simply connected to each other?
  16. wawyed

    Solar Solar system - Hybrid inverter in a shared RCD

    Greetings, I have a solar 5kw system installed with a hybrid inverter (no batteries yet). My electrician decided to add an extension board for the solar installation as my main CU couldn't fit all the required switch due to lack of space. I have dual rcd consumer unit with no high integrity so...
  17. Porkstone

    How to avoid overloading your inverter?

    I have an 11kw inverter installed at home. If I turned on enough appliances it would be possible overload the inverter. Is there a way to detect this and avoid it?
  18. D

    Domestic Power Jack 12 volt LF inverter

    I bought Power Jack 12 volt LF inverter few years back, Can I modify this inverter to 24 V or better 48 V inverter? Possible???
  19. K

    Inverter generator - manual transfer switch - voltage issues

    Hi Sorry to bring this one up again but have read numerous posts and answers and not got an answer specific to my situation. I have a Loncin LC3500i inverter generator which my electrician has wired via a transfer switch into a secondary consumer unt which covers the garage and office withing...
  20. M

    Solar Solis RHI inverter ignores minimum SOC setting

    Hi All, Kit is Solis RHI 3.6k 5G inverter and two LG Chem RESU 6.5k combined with an LG RESU+ box, which is a CAN comms gateway and busbars. I have my SoC clip set at 20% with a grid top-up at 10%. The inverter ignores the 20% limit and regularly drops the batteries to 10%, which halves their...
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