1. Spiff1

    Good afternoon from an overcast Mullion Cove. I am a retired Radio TV radio telephone engineer.

    I spend a lot of time renovating vintage broadcast radios, military radio and test equipment. At present adding panels to our off grid installation. The balcony railings are now full of panels : ) so the state roof is next. Alanna and I replace the flat roof with EPDM and re-slated the remains...
  2. D

    Low Amperage From 4-100w Renogy Panels

    Hello all. I had 4 renogy 100w panels running to a 30amp renogy charge controller. I started noticing a low battery situation so I started doing some tests. If I completely disconnect the panels from the system and check each panel individually I get between 19.5-20.5v on all 4 panels, but I am...
  3. T

    Location for main electrical panels in new construction

    Hi, I have a general question about main panel locations. The house is 120' long so I was contemplating running 2x 200amp panels located on the exterior of the house as marked in the attached photo. The main service and meter is on a pole outside. I had planned on running a trench from the main...
  4. S

    Linking 2 wire & conventional fire panels

    Hi, Has anyone linked a 2 wire fire panel with a conventional, fire twin pro to haes tpca01-4? Use to linking fire panels but have not previously used haes, need both panels to enter fire condition, have a spare zone in the haes if this can be used.
  5. L

    Canada Color code for wiring

    We have UL 508A for US and C22.2 No. 286 and No.14 code books for Canada. I have seen TEW, THHN wires etc., being used for wiring inside the panel. We have 480V 3 phase and other derived single phase voltages from transformer like 208/120 and 24VDC. We have been using Black TEW for all high AC...
  6. M

    fault on solar panels

    I'm in need of help with my SMA Sunny-Boy solar panels. Model-SB4000TL-20. Fault code-35 Isolation resistance. Only happens when both DC lines are running at once. Left DC running on its own works fine. Right DC running on its own works fine. Both DC running together doesn't work - isolation...
  7. K

    difference between semi flush and flush service panels?

    I am upgrading an old 100A semi flush outdoor overhead panel to 200A solar ready, panel. Was looking at Square D SC2040M200PF, but this appears to be designed for bottom feed- with option for top feed. Does not appear ideal, and my installer says might be a real PITA. I am not seeing many...
  8. R

    Solar StecaGrid 2010+ stays on sleep mode ? No fault messages and all panels generating. Any idea's

    StecaGrid 2010 remains on sleep mode, fuses good, panels generating and no fault messages. Any suggestions
  9. kropaske

    Solar panels installation advice

    Given recent energy prices and further increases on the way i've been think about PV install to reduce costs a bit. I've got flat roof on my shed i can use which does not have much shading so in summer I get around 11hr of sun. I could probably squeeze 9 panels there possibly 3.6kW. Wife...
  10. S

    Do you think I could have more than 3 panels installed?

    Hello, basically I applied to a grant via my loacl council, and to my supprised I was accepted. But the company who installing it are saying I only have space for 3 panels? On each West and East side of the house. Do you think I could fit more on? Seeing its being paid for by somone else I...
  11. R

    Venture 25W LED Panels

    We have recently completed the installation of around 85 600x600 LED 25w Panels in a school, the panels are sited within ceiling grid which is fixed to timber framed walls and concrete slab (No Steelwork). We have today been called back due to another trade saying they have had an electric shock...
  12. R

    Solar Panels How many panels on this space?

    So I've looked at the dimensions of certain panels and they vary depending on cells but whenever I speak to a company about how many panels I can fit on my roof they always reduce it down to the point where I'm wondering is there some sort of rule about how close to the edge of your roof or...
  13. Sparkylock

    Linking 2 x Conventional Fire alarm Panels

    Hi all, I`m hoping someone can give advice how the following will work: I have 1 x C-Tec CFP 4 zone conventional panel i need to link to the existing Surveyor Excel-K 4 zone conventional panel which is in the opposite building. There already is an FP 4-core which is fed from the existing FAP to...
  14. T

    Using solar panels to power swimspa on a separate fuse box

    Hi, Hoping for some help. We have existing solar panels on our roof and recently had batteries installed to charge from the panels. They are both connected to an indoor fuse box. The main purpose of the batteries was to store solar energy captured and then use it for heating our outdoor...
  15. C

    Hi all, my name is Darren and i am the owner of control 101. we build control panels.

    Hi all, my name is Darren and i am the owner of control 101. we build small to medium control panels and are always looking for new customers, so if you have a control panel that needs building feel free to get in touch.
  16. AVTeckie

    New LED panels in 1975 home

    I helped my parents update their basement lights as a Christmas gift. Replaced very old flourecent fixtures with new LED panels. I later discovered that the panels are still glowing even when the switch is off. Google suggested a couple options, but I thought I should check to see how much...
  17. B

    Control panels schematics reading

    Hi are there any courses available for fault finding on control panels,reading, following schematics
  18. J

    Seperation of circuit breakers in panels?

    I have a question around equipment & electrical separation of circuit breaker grouping that I want to reference against the Regs book. Initially believed this could be covered off by using 528.1 Proximity to electrical services (BAND 1 & 2 cables etc) Client has mixed circuits of 230V, 110V...
  19. stidge

    Led panels off multi occupancy sensors

    Hi all , I’m looking at installing 17 led 600x600 panels into suspended ceiling in changing rooms . There are 2 x entrances and showers so I’m thinking 3 x pir 360 ( occupancy sensors ) to control all lighting . Anyone have any experience with connecting all s/l together in sensors to turn on...
  20. johnbufton

    Solar Panels - What are best?

    I have an electric car and an air source heat pump (so we use quite a bit of electricity). We have a house with south-facing roof. I've had a few quotes but feel confused about the variety of advice we are getting. All agree that a battery is good. People have quoted between a 4kw unit to a...
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