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  1. A

    adding extra solar panels to motorhome

    hello guys this is my first post, i hope I am posting this one on the right section. aamseee I am looking for some advise. i have bought a Motorhome which has a solar panel (100w) and a leisure battery 110ah i am thinking of upgrade the solar panel by adding 1 or 2 two 100 Watts panels, my...
  2. O

    Mismatched panels & MPPT sizing

    Hi there, I just purchased a sailboat and its electrical system was put together in questionable ways.. It came with an 815W array of mismatched PV panels, linked to a Xantrex C40 (40A) PWM charge controller, charging a 1030Ah 12V lithium battery bank. First question: can mismatched panels...
  3. N

    Living in an RV, interested in solar panels and electric water heater

    Hello, I'm here to ask a few questions about how an electrician might do something. I might or might not learn to do things myself, depending on how much free time I have in the future. I'm living full time in an RV and reading a book about wiring from Lowe's Hardware. I just noticed this forum...
  4. Zdb

    LED artificial sky panels

    Has anyone on here fitted any of these and do they look any good? Set of 4 Sky / Cloud Scene 1 LED Panels 600mm x 600mm - https://www.ledpanelstore.co.uk/set-of-4-sky-cloud-scene-1-led-panels-600mm-x-600mm.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjb6NrpfQ4QIVAwbTCh2NewPZEAQYASABEgKM1PD_BwE
  5. J

    SSE DNO 4kw Solar Panels with battery storage, zero export

    Hi, I'm looking to expand our current grid-tied solar from 2kw to 4kw, add some battery storage and do zero export. Has anyone done this? Did SSE accept it? Any advice on equipment? Thanks all
  6. T

    LED Panels in a barn... yay or nay?

    Hi all, Been asked to do some work in a block of 8 stables. Owner has provided the materials for what he wants installed - led panels and twin and earth cable. I've suggested that twin and earth isn't the greatest cable type for the application, but I'm unaware of whether there is any reason...
  7. gmax21

    Domestic ProjectSolar, Solar Plants, conflicting advice. One meter 24 panels.

    Hey all, Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer. I thought I posted this earlier but apparently not, apologies if it is a duplicate. On Monday I'm supposed to be having an 8Kw system (24 x PLM-330MB-66/D Series - Evolution Ultramax with Growatt twin tracker inverter) installed with a...
  8. N

    Industrial SPD For Large Panels

    Has anyone got any knowledge of a decent SPD that I can retrofit onto large panels? Preferably I would like it to have its own enclosure and a set of VF contacts so that I can wire an audible alarm and light to them for ease of checking. I am struggling to find anything suitable. The USA...
  9. UKMeterman

    Wanted [South] Wanted: Dimplex CLX 24Kw front panels

    Hi, Does anyone have a spare front panel for a Dimplex CXL 24Kw series C storage heater? I have one that has been pen attacked by a child.
  10. sam400

    For Sale [South]: Enlite LED panels 600 x 600

    For sale, 14x enlite LED 600x600 panels in cool white. They have been fitted for a week then removed so as good as new. £100
  11. M

    Patchy PV panels

    We've recently fitted 14 PV panels (LG 320w mono). Some panels are solid black, most are a lighter grey most of the time. Some cells within the lighter panels are black. Is this cause for concern?
  12. J

    Combined East and South facing panels impact using a bypass diode

    I am new to the forum so Hi to everyone out there! I am also a new DIY Solar PV user and I am looking for some technical advice on an unusual string configuration. So some prelude before the question: I have been looking at Solar on and off bust its always been too expensive and the FIT's keep...
  13. Stephen Tromans

    Photovoltaic panels for park homes

    Has anyone knowledge of PV panels being fitted to a park home? I can find very little on the web. One firm I contacted said they couldn’t but did not give me a reason. Any information appreciated.
  14. Dave Edwards

    Increasing PV panels on a single phase grid connection

    Someone is connected to the grid with single phase supply and they have a 4kW PV array directly connected. They want to increase their PV generation, and add another 4kW. I keep reading that if you generate more than 4kW you need a "3 phase inverter to split the load". But I can't find out...
  15. P

    Siting of solar panels

    I'll be building a shed this year, and want to use solar panels with a leisure battery to provide lighting via 12 volt led lamps. The shed will lie north to south, and I want to know if I fit 2 panels, one on the east facing sloping roof and one one the west side, thy will get different levels...
  16. C

    808mm x 1580mm panels

    Evening all I am after a few of the smaller PV panels to replace some that have been viciously attacked by Rodents! The only ones I can find that are close are Panasonic 245w which are a bit pricey for this situation and I am not sure would work very well. The existing panels are 190w Antaris...
  17. R

    solar panels fitted to static caravan.

    Hi any experts out there that have fitted solar panels to a static caravan connected to site supply via 3 pin 230 volt.Straight forward or complicated.
  18. A

    Need help with control panels.

    Is there anything out there to help me get my head round control panels and control circuits. I was stuck at a job trying to get a metal barrel press to work automatically. Press start button, press comes down, squashes everything, pressure switch activates and it comes back up and hits the...
  19. A

    Help for Led Panels needed

    Hi Everyone Has anyone had any problems with 600x600 panels. I fitted some for a client and after a couple of days they have started tripping the MCB.They are on the same circuit but 2 switches and sometimes they seem to be fine but at times they would trip the Mcb. I have tried to isolate the...
  20. S

    Mcs Sign Off

    So I've just fitted a 12 panel system to my own property in Leicester. I'm 2391 inspection and test qualified but don't really want to go to the expense of doing the course to be mcs as I am already to busy and don't see the market growing now feed in is so low. Is there an independent test...
  21. N

    Commercial lighting arrangements/advice

    ive not really worked too much on commercial installations so i thought id post this and see if i can aquire some useful info. Client wants : -light installed in a multi-suite space rental type deal -there is a suspended ceiling in every suite. It is not the standard 600x600 panels that i am...
  22. HandySparks

    LED Panels, surface mount

    I've not used LED panels before, but thinking of suggesting them for a ladies changing room refurbishment in a golf club, so appearance is important. The room is about 4.5m x 9.5m. Ceiling height is about 2.4m at a guess. The existing lighting is by three LED round ceiling bulkheads, plus LED...
  23. R

    Series parralell ?

    Can anyone confirm my wiring for 4 x 120w panels, my controller is 50 v max, so im going this layout. .
  24. M


    Quick introduction. 28 yr old qualified spark with the boring PAT qualification test and inspect, design and verification, compex 08 and 09. Think That's it. moved into the switchgear side of the industry 3 years back building switchgear parking elsewhere like distribution systems changeover...
  25. beachlover

    How often should PV panels and the inverters be checked or maintained

    I'm only asking out of curiosity I am not an electrician or PV specialist I'm just a consumer and I have panels on my roof and and inverter in the loft and something else in the consumer unit. (Noob) I know nothing about them The landlord got some government funding a few years back and put...
  26. Dan

    Solar Thermal Performance During Winter Months? Solar Thermal Forum

    During the summer months I'm sure solar thermal performances are pretty decent, but what about the winter months?
  27. T

    SunPower E20 with P300 SolarEdge Power Optimizer?

    Hi, I have SunPower E20 panels on my roof. http://www.evoenergy.co.uk/downloads/Sunpower-E20-327W.pdf Rated voltage Vmpp at 54.7 V @ 5.98 A. I noticed that the SolarEdge Power Optimizers on the panels are P300's which are rated to 48 Vmax. I would have expected P350's or P500's. Is it...
  28. Y

    Problems with Series/ Parallel strings not adding ampage.

    Hi Guys, im hoping someone can help me. I have recently installed 3.2kw system for an offgrid job. The problem im getting is that im only ever seeing around 300 watts solar generation for the whole system. We have used 10 x Canadian Solar 320 watt panels Voc for the panel is 44.9 and the ISC IS...
  29. gazdkw82

    Solor PV grants/schemes

    I have made some enquiries about Solor Panel installation on my house. It’s something I know very little about tbh. Anyhow iv been forwarded to a company called project solo. They inform me there is a scheme running (not sure if that’s the right term). There scheme is not based on renting the...
  30. S

    String Voltage

    Hi just about to install my first solar system. Been a commercial electrician for 29 years but no PV experience. After pushed away from Micro inverters by advice from people on here I decieded on Solaredge. Have sized my system on the solar edge designer software. Now thats telling me I need a...
  31. S

    Panel Comparison Any One Got Similar Data To Share?

    Following on from recent discussions about quality of panels I though this may be interesting... We have 3 panels set up on a display roof facing 25 degrees west of South at 45 degree pitch. They are all connected to ABB micro inverters - the screenshots are taken from the Aurora Vision...
  32. Mark Pole

    Help! Solar Pv System Question

    Hello All, I'm seeking some advice about a solar PV system we had installed in November 2014 please. After 18 months, we seem to be consistently short of the predicted generation figures. I tried taking it back to the contractor, but they've ceased trading, and it turns out that they never...
  33. LeeH

    Solar Immersion Options.

    With 4eco gone are there any better systems then the iBoost on the market? Apollo GEM? Solarimmersion? Thanks.
  34. spamwize2

    Industrial voltage labels

    Hi Im in the panel wiring industry at the moment and was asked if I have to put voltage supply label next to isolator on the front of the control panel or will a flash label with danger hazardous voltage do? I cant find anything in the regs. Thanks in advance
  35. S

    Trouble with an existing Pv system Schott Asi 105w panels

    Hi Guy after your best advice, been along to see a customer who is having trouble with his system which has been up and running for just over Four years and the original installers are no longer in business. He has approx a 17kw system of Schott Asi 105 w panels on the roof Appox 162 info...
  36. T

    Cut Solar PV cable

    Hi, A cable from my solar PV panel to the inverter was accidentally cut. The PV panels had some safety mechanism installed and the guy who cut the cable did not get electrocuted. I rang the original installer (***********) and they advised me that the entire system would have to be tested and...
  37. C

    Replacement panels for a defunct manufacturer

    Afternoon all We have a couple of damaged Day4Energy 240w modules to replace and so far as I can tell this company no-longer exists. Well not in the same form as it did a few years ago anyway. A new company has taken up the technology but are not producing these panels. They have suggested...
  38. Leesparkykent

    Best 600x600 led fitting?

    Wondering what others fit for quality and price? Just fitted over 100 ansell and had 7 failures straight out the box.
  39. W

    Larger 6kWp+ domestic install before the FIT cut

    I'm not an electrician, just a householder (though do work in an area given a kick in the family jewels by government decision last year). I am technically minded so want to understand that proposed systems are worth the spend. I have a decent south facing roof space that can take around 25-27...
  40. S

    Building Control Issue

    We've just installed a new 3-phase PV system onto a rebuilt community centre, where the pan is to bring in a new 3-phase supply. The new supply has been delayed, and the clients want to get the building up and running. We can easily use a single phase conversion kit in the DB to provide power...

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