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  1. M

    DNO UK power networks changed incoming overhead and now have PME TN-C-S but ccu connection to TT

    Hi all. I'm currently training as an electrician so would like your views on this for clarity and if I need to get someone in? I have just moved in to a new (very old) house and on inspection of the CCU I noticed the incoming service cable from the overhead was chard at the top of the dno head...
  2. M

    I have a lamona hja2450 this morning the lights on the hob fan blew, I have changed the bulbs and no look, the extractor fan is still working fine

    Does anybody no what else I can do to help rectify the lighting issues. I have tried moving the contacts for the bulbs but no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. S

    No heating , changed Solenoid valve

    Hey , new to forum so not sure how it all works but here goes Last week the heating wouldn't come on when called for from Programmer, went into storage and opened the solenoid valve manually and the heating fired up so i assumed the motor was done, ordered a new one. It came yesterday and i...
  4. Pete999

    How times and practices have changed

    During the later days of my apprenticeship and early days as an Electrician, I was sent to report to the Electrical Foreman on the site of the now Hilton Hotel in Bath, my task "Bond all the Bathrooms on the site H to C to Bath with no testing in those days, got quite fast at it towards the end...
  5. T

    I changed ceiling light and it won’t light up!

    I decided to change my ceiling light for a new one. A simple x4 bulb horizontal fixture. I didn’t look at the previous wiring on old light and then realised there were X4 black wires X4 red Wires Earth coming out the cieling. I assumed I put all black to neutral and red to live and Earth to...
  6. D

    Recently changed a light switch which controlled 2 lights. Now only 1 light works. Pictures included

    There are 2 sets of lights surrounding my house outside. One set is a single light next to the door, a standard outdoor lamp. The second is a series of spot lights under the roof to the house. There was previously a single light switch in the living room which controlled both sets of lights...
  7. P

    Changed a switch, and now there's no power to other rooms.

    I installed a motion sensor switch in our laundry room. It works. But, now the lights in the next room won't work, and a couple power outlets down the hall don't have power. Posting a photo of the box. Please let me know what other useful info I can provide? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dan

    Forum Themes: Christmas (Green and Red), 'Frozen' (Blues), Nighttime Reading, and Standard - All changed

    (TLDR Version Available - Bottom of the first post) :D Hi people. :) As some of you know I've been playing around with some forum themes / styles. (The colour schemes) So if you scroll right to the bottom of the forum, all the way down, past all the content, and past the footer, you'll see a...
  9. D

    Hoping somebody can help my electric has gone to a £1 a hour I’ve gone through a elimination process unplugging things one by one nothing has changed

    My tumble dryer blew up and since then my electric charge has gone to £1 a hour I’ve unplugged everything in my house but to no avail any advice other than seeing a electrician which I’m doing is it possible for the blow up and trip to have caused this electric bill increase
  10. Dan

    ElectriciansForums.net Homepage Changed! AAAhhhhh!

    Alright, now you've gotten used to the forum, I thought I'd change it to screw with your heads a bit. I'm joking. I'm changing bits of the forum a little at a time so that I don't blag your heads! - We are nearly done now. I promise. The homepage of the forum doesn't house the forum...
  11. S

    UK Should I get the main earth changed by the DNO?

    I have been asked to upgrade a fuse board, however, when I did an initial visual inspection, I noticed the main earth from the DNO is unsheathed (TN-S), it’s strands that are clearly ancient! I haven’t yet carried out any tests. Should I get the DNO to change the earth? Will they actually bother...
  12. Dan

    Forum Trophies changed - now based on 'likes' you've received

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/members/?key=most_points You now get thousands of points for thousands of likes. :) I need to add some more really. It's very weighted towards members who have been here the longest. Not sure how to give newbies a chance on there to be honest. I think it's...
  13. D

    How times have changed...

    Back when I started out a simple board swap to a nice new plastic 16th Ed split board would set you back £400 all in including labour , maybe even a bit less. I have just seen a quote from a well know utility provider for a consumer unit change for £1656.82 WOW
  14. J

    I have the 2394 Qualification but then it changed to the 2391

    Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on whether i am exempt from going through all the motions of initial verification again when i take my 2391 course and exams? Basically bagged the 2394 course for free just before it changed back to the combined 2391 and can't do the previous 2395...
  15. Electrical2go

    Industrial 18th Edition - How has it changed what boards you buy?

    We're interested in what changes you've made to become 18th edition compliant. We want to ensure we're stocking what you need most at Electrical2Go. So Overload and Surge Protection... Are you buying fully populated 18th Edition boards? Or buying cheaper boards and adapting? Cheers...
  16. J

    Domestic Changed socket but still no power

    My Fridge Freezer power was lost so I first changed the fuse, then I tried plugging it into another circuit which worked. I bought a new electrical socket, but still no power from that socket? Any ideas? There's been no tripping of RCD or any other electrical issues.
  17. janthehulaman

    Heating changed from gas to electric - overloading or safe???

    In this large community center they decided to replace the gas central heating with electric. Upstairs some 19 new panel heaters were connected to about 4 ring main circuits, some were spurred, others just with 13a sockets. The heaters are 1 Kw but 2 are 1.5Kw. Upstairs everything runs off a...
  18. J

    Circuit breaker for new belling oven incorrect. Should it be changed to 20Amps or 32Amps?

    Dear all, I recently bought a new under counter belling bi70fp oven. 4.5kw at 240v. I have a circuit breaker on the main switchboard for the oven at 40Amps. I was told this needs changing to a 20Amps. The specification on the oven stated 32Amps. I am confused to the advice. What is the...
  19. T

    How do I get my meter with 2 related meters changed to a single meter with 1 MPAN?

    I have 2 related MPAN's which I'm being charged for but I only have the 1 meter, how do I go about getting this changed to a single meter with a single MPAN. I've been told an electrician needs to check that the one supply is enough to supply my property? Thanks!
  20. Pete999

    Workwear how times have changed, what do you wear to work?

    Just harping back to when I started, herringbone jacket, flannel shirt with matching tie, bib and brace overalls an polished shoes, bits of bog paper stuck to your face where you cut yourself shaving in cold water, catch the bus, get to the office to find out what your next job was, none of this...
  21. A

    MR16 replacement not working

    Hello, I am simply trying to replace an MR16 LED spotlight that has stopped working. However when I put the bulb in and turn on the light it simply flashes and turns off and won't turn on. Is anybody able to help me with why this might be happening? The old bulb has the following: Sainsburys...
  22. 247 handyman


    Hi guys. Thanks for the add. I'm a handyman and general foyer so please be gentle with me.
  23. B

    Uploading Pictures (problems)

    Most pictutes I upload are hosted on photobucket but have in the past used the upload button but now it just asks for a url . Has something changed since the forum upgrade?
  24. GMES

    What Job Haven't You Done ......

    So has Electricians is there any electrical job that you haven't been able to do during your careers that you would love to have a go at. I think Iwould like to have a crack at something like a castle or possibly a large theatre. What about everyone else........
  25. F

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit

    Just a quick one what's the cost of approved contractor with napit and what's your thoughts experiences with them thanks in advance
  26. H

    Gday from Australia

    Hi, emigrated to OZ 15yrs ago was a JIB sparky in uk before that for 17yrs. We are heading back to uk next year around the Salisbury area and wanted to know how the work situation was like.? plenty going on or quiet? Got the usual experiance, domestic commercial and a few years mining. Over here...
  27. B

    has anyone ever worked with luxtronic AISLELUX lighting before ?

    hello there , a few years a go me and my late father put up some high bay and racking aisle light from luxtronic. now these lights are fitted with PIRS so they stay on full power when presence is detected if presences isn't detected they begin to drop there percentage of output to save energy...
  28. F

    fixed wire testing

    quick question has there been any change in the new bs7671 in regard to fixed wire testing now i no there hasnt. But someone i was talking to is adament there has, ive not invested in the new book yet waiting till end of febuary when the on site guide and gn3 is published
  29. M

    Part P For Solar?

    A friend of mine is starting up his own solar panel installation company. He has asked me to wire up the installs for him. I am not part P registered but am a time served maintenance electrician with 17th edition. I would like to get my part P in order to do this job and hopefully more. As I...
  30. M

    Domestic 2006 Mazda3 Remote Locking works intermittently.

    Hi, Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. I have a 2006 Mazda3. I have had it about 3 months and have found the remote central locking only works sometimes. When I get out the car and close the door and press the fob lock button, sometimes the car locks, often it doesn't. Locking...
  31. Les Macaulay

    Nominal Voltage

    Why has nominal voltage gone from 250Volts back in the good old days, to 240Volts, several years ago, to 230Volts more recently? What is the legal max and min tolerance in the 230Volt level?
  32. D

    phone probs

    A friend of mine's phone broke (started to only ring once before cutting out) he put the upstairs one in same problem he then bought a new one same thing. He phoned bt they said because he called them no problem with the line call an electrician. Nothing has changed electrically in his house...
  33. Pete999


    Afternoon chaps and chapettes, got a tricky one for discussions, firstly let me explain I am an Electrician (retired some six years now) my neighbour has just changed his consumers unit, or had it changed by someone and asked me to check it out as it keeps tripping without any load connected, I...
  34. H

    Qualifications required to work on HV

    What, if any, qualifications are required to work on High Voltages. For example 25,000 plus?
  35. M

    RCD not tripping on test.

    Hi all. Changed a board the other day and the RCD's not tripping on test.Changed the RCD and still not tripping.Did a ramp test and still no luck.Tested the RCBO's and they don't trip either. There's no MET at the incoming supply just a 10mm earth bond going down into the wall, so has to be a...
  36. R

    Socket near sink

    Came across this whilst doing PAT in a women's refuge, and not a single RCD in the house. Whoever installed the worktop and sink never gave a thought to splashes from the sink. The socket front has apparently been changed once due to it smoking (I wonder why?), But they didn't think to change...
  37. sythai

    NICEIC.... change of trading title

    Just want to see if anyone else has changed from a sole trader to ltd whilst with the niceic. Sure they said it was £60 when I phoned up. But reading through this it states '...change of trading title (not involving change of ownership)' Would that mean my ownership has now changed as there...
  38. S

    Old Gemini Home Alarm

    Hi, I have an old home alarm that has stopped working correctly, and I don't have the manual. It says 'Gemini Advanced Microprocessor Control' on it, and it's a basic keypad with no display. Buttons with numbers 0-9 on it and then buttons underneath saying: 'mem' 'omit' 'reset' 'prog' 'set'...
  39. i=p/u

    have i got correct testing forms

    the house im working on at moment has had a conversion to attic, i had to change the board for extra ways.. do i use eic for new circuits and eicr for existing circuits or can i put on one eic and comment on what happened , i.e changed board for extra ways
  40. S

    CU change & wooden switch boxes.

    Chaps, Just doing a cu change today. All bar two light switches have metal knockout back boxes. The remaining two have the original wooden back boxes and the client does NOT want them changed due to decoration (cant say i blame them). I cant think of any regs off the top of my head that says...
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