1. Z

    Replacement of old honeywell thermostat with mc6 wifi thermostat

    Hi Guys, Hopefully you can help? I just wanted to get some advice on the wiring of the new MC6 WIFI thermostat? I have attached a picture of what I am replacing and the wiring diagram of the new Thermostat. Please also see recorded voltage readings I have taken. Current Honeywell Stat :=...
  2. GBDamo

    8v, 500mA ac/dc adaptor replacement with batteries

    I have a relatively cheep LCD clock in the kids room (Grow Egg Clock) that is supplied with a ac/dc adaptor, 8V 500mA. As the little moster keeps playing with it I'd like to put it on a shelf but there's no sockets near by. Was considering one of those 9V battery enclosures with the correct...
  3. J

    RCD for boiler replacement? When is an RCD NEEDED?

    When does an installation NEED an RCD? I thought that all new circuits need one but I now believe that I am mistaken. Regulation 411.3.3 for socket outlets up to 32amps and regulation 411.3.4 for lights. Then for special locations like bathrooms. If the cables are less than 50mm deep into the...
  4. A

    DIY Overdrive button replacement for Kia Cerato 2006

    Good day all, I'm looking for some advice about changing my overdrive button in my car. A little backstory into the situation. I had to replace my slider indicator for my automatic shifter and to accomplish this I had to cut the 3 wires of the overdrive button to disassemble the shifter...
  5. S

    Electrolux Rapido 7.2 V battery pack and motor replacement

    Dear experts, I need your kind help for repair my vacuum cleaner, Electrolux ZB 4106 The motor run at very low rpm and I’ve cleaned everything before dismount it. The machine it’s 8 years old so I think that some maintenance is needed Could you let me know if this battery pack can be...
  6. M

    Help with capacitor replacement please

    Hello ive registered for some advice. My extractor for my workshop stopped and hummed When I turn it off and on it worked... Also when I tip it sideways it wont start but tilt it the right way again and it wil start. So I opened it up and I found this.. I guess the capacitor is on its way out...
  7. J

    Replacement CU and no CPC on light cct.

    What is the current position with installing a replacement consumer unit, where there is no c.p.c. Can the existing cable remain according to the regulations, by placing a label at the C.U. warning against fitting metallic fittings?
  8. J

    Car park bollard light replacement

    Hi, I'm a fairly newly qualified electrician and have had a callout to a car park with a number of the bollard LED lights not working. I've looked fairly extensively on the internet I can't find anything in stock, would anyone know where to get replacements for the lights in the pictures, or at...
  9. D

    Looking for a replacement electrical panel cover 12 space its driving me batty

    I have a small condo and the panel cover broke off the load center/box (i think thats what you call it) It looks like this one...
  10. I

    UK Replacement oven power requirements

    I'm replacing our oven, and want to make sure the new oven does not exceed the power requirements of the old one, but I can't find it. Our existing EOS66SS2 shows only the following information: Nominal voltage 220V - 240V ~50Hz Power connection: 13 A automatic bipolar switch with protected...
  11. S

    USA Light switch replacement question

    We have 2 single light switches in a box, they operate a over sink light and a garbage disposal. The disposal stopped working this morning so we went the route of replacing the light switch. My husband got the disposal to work but now the light does not work. He tried replacing the other and now...
  12. J

    Candescent replacement lamp

    We have dusk to dawn Hi-Lo PIR outside lights installed 14 years ago. They use incandescent lamps. These lamps have now failed and of course new ones are no longer available. I've tried an e27 dimmable led lamp but that's not working. Are there any e27 led bulbs we can use? We could replace the...
  13. W

    Halogen replacement bulb suggestion

    Newbie question. I have a 42W Philips E14 SES Halogen small Edison screw fit Dimmable Golf ball bulb. I understand one cannot buy halogen bulbs anymore. What is the best LED replacement option please? Has to be dimmable.
  14. G

    Wylex cat no. 104 - 45 amp switched fuse replacement

    One of these: RS/104 | Wylex 45A Fuse Switch Disconnector, 240V | RS Components - is in my kitchen and recently got smashed by someone dropping a very heavy chopping board. The insides look ok but the housing is now useless. The switched...
  15. M

    Replacement Ballast Advice

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone might be able to help. I'm looking for a replacement Ballast for outdoor lights. I can't seem to find a replacement that looks like the one I need. The one fitted to the light has a live in and a live out, no other connections. The ballasts I see online have...
  16. T

    Microwave HVC replacement...

    Hi, I have a commercial Panasonic Microwave that still sells at around £550 so I would like to fix it if possible. The HVC has died and I'm struggling to find a replacement. The cap is 2300vac and 1.14uf. Now I'm no proffesional so I approach everything with major caution. The closest match I...
  17. T

    USA led replacement issues.

    I am in maintenance at a factory. I have been replacing the mercury vapor lights with 2' by 2' led lights. I replaced one today, on the circuit, there was already an led the mercury vapor and a fluorescent. the led was working. the vapor was not. the fluorescent was flickering. when I plugged it...
  18. I

    Lost transformer for Christmas lights and need help finding a replacement. Thanks :-)

    Hi I'm not an electrician and have no idea when it comes to electrics. I have some Christmas lights at home and have lost their transformer. Here is the information on the wire: lamp type max 6w (334 x 3v/0.048w) transformer: input 220-240v- 50-60Hz Output:24 Vdc 6VA They are the ones that...
  19. N

    Commercial Metal Halide still not working after control gear replacement

    So I've got incoming mains splitting (forking) off into 3 light fittings. They are HID metal halide lamps. The middle one (thats not working) is 70W, and the other 2 are 150W. I've replaced the control gear and bulb. It still just flickers blue and doesnt actaully start. It also buzzes at the...
  20. G

    Electric Fusion Boiler Repair or Replacement

    Hi, I have a 1st floor duplex flat and upstairs in the boiler room is an Electric Fusion Boiler with hot water cylinder tank. The hot water tank is working fine for the water but the boiler / central heating system which is a bit of a beast, (installed in 2006 image attached), is now faulty...
  21. Lister1987

    Fluke C1600 Case - Replacement Tray?

    I've got hold of a Fluke C1600 carry case for my testing gubbins but it appears to be missing the tray insert that should come with it, any ideas where one can get a replacement?
  22. B

    Help needed assessing a light replacement quote for a lift

    Our building has a lift where one of the lights burned out and our building management got a £479 quote from a lift management company for fitting a led replacement.# I took a look at the light bulb and found it's a CFL Philips Master PL-C 18W/830/4P one, available for £3.80. I bought one...
  23. ferg

    Replacement tool bag

    I'm retiring my C.K. Magma ma2634 tool tote after many years of faithful service. So am now looking for a replacement. Any suggestions?
  24. O

    Replacement bulb fails

    Hi, I've "inherited" a light fitting which I believe used to work okay but then stopped. I've tried swapping the "bulb" (it's not a bulb!) but it's still not working. I'm unfamiliar with the fitting so I'm concerned if I've bought the wrong sort of bulb, which I tried to match with the old one...
  25. T

    Help with choosing replacement capacitor

    I recently had the motor on my Delta dust collector stop working. It was setting off the breaker on the side of motor after just a few seconds of turning on. After researching I discovered the problem with this motor is commonly the run capacitor. When I opened the cover to the capacitor I...
  26. naylorpd

    Domestic Finding replacement LED driver

    I have in LED light which has stopped working. It's well-travelled, made in China, bought in Azerbaijan and installed in the UK. I assume the problem is with the LED driver, picture included. Made by Guo Xin, model GX-F36x1W for which an internet search reveals...nothing! So how do I find a...
  27. bigspark17

    Water heater instantaneous

    Does anybody have experience on instantaneous water heaters suitable for domestic situations instead of cylinders. Something like this in the link?
  28. D

    Advice needed please for replacement inverter

    I have 16 245w (declared capacity 3.84kW) panels on a south facing unshaded roof on the south coast of England producing around 4200 kW-h a year for the last 7.5 years; I have had two inverters fail in that time, the first replaced under warranty (both Mastervolt SunMaster). I have no schematic...
  29. rolyberkin

    2D led replacement for bulkhead with emergency option

    Probably a silly question but is there a plug in option for 4 pin 2D emergency/maintained bulkhead using the existing control gear and batteries, if I plug in a 2d 4 pin LED bulb what will happen??:)
  30. M

    Consumer unit replacement

    Hi, we have been asked to relocate a consumer unit however the meter cupboard will be on an outside wall 7m away from the consumer unit, the main switch is under 80amp, im just wanting some opinions on the way to overcome this, am I right in thinking I could run 16mm swa from the consumer unit...
  31. J

    Replacement access door on SECTOR consumer unit

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I managed to smash to smithereens the transparent plastic access door/cover on my sector consumer unit, that's at the top of my stairs. I need to get a new door/cover to replace it. I know all C/U's now are metal, but I was wondering if anyone has an old one, or...
  32. John Turner

    ES replacement for BC Lampholder

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy an ES (E27) Lampholder to replace the BC one in this photo?
  33. P

    Replacement capacitor required

    Hi I need to replace a capacitor from a fan but I can't seem to find the exact one online. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of where I might be able to get hold of one? Details say cbb60 450vac 50/60hz 40/85/21, please see attached photo. Many thanks
  34. rolyberkin

    Double batten school type flourescent replacement

    Any suggestions as to a good looking (in a modern building) retrofit for a double flourescent light fitting, the current lights are similar to a Knightsbridge 2 as below. Have converted some of the below to LED which I think is the most cost effective solution but interested if anyone has...
  35. N

    Need electrical advice failed part and need replacement but unsure of part name pic included

    Alternative choc block failure cannot seem to find the one in the photo attached in common b and q Screwfix shops, can anyone give me the correct name of part? as it is not a normal choc block, or can anyone link me to the part for ease of purchase . Thank you
  36. M

    Wilo Pump Capacitor Replacement

    Hi All, new member here. I have a Wilo Gold RS50 pump fitted to a solar thermal system. I suspect the capacitor is faulty and wish to replace it. However, I cannot see the method to disconnect one of the capacitor leads (sited between the L & N connections). It is very tight and I don't want to...
  37. G

    Replacement Switches for Memera 3 Board

    Good afternoon all I have a friend whose flat has a Memera 3 consumer board, which has the push-button test MCBs. One of them does not trip when when the button is pressed, so obviously I wish to replace this for her. However, it seems to be difficult to get hold of these now. I wonder if...
  38. rolyberkin

    Replacement for Storage Heaters

    After some recommendations for a replacement for a 2.5kw storage heater, was thinking along the lines of an oil filled rad, any recommendations?
  39. M

    HAUS Dishwasher (WQP12-9250G) Power Switch Replacement

    Hello all. I really hope this is the right place for something like this as I would love some assistance. Long story short: I have a dishwasher with a faulty power switch that needed a little pressure to keep it working right. Found a compatible part and ordered it. It has arrived and I was...
  40. K

    Domestic Replacement cable for a 240v circular saw

    Hi, I have a (very) old Black & decker circular saw that is still going strong. However the power cable is well past its best and needs replacing. The current cable is constructed with 2 cores (Looks like 1.5mm) and a combination of hessian string and finer threads all woven together, and...
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