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  1. B

    Help needed assessing a light replacement quote for a lift

    Our building has a lift where one of the lights burned out and our building management got a £479 quote from a lift management company for fitting a led replacement.# I took a look at the light bulb and found it's a CFL Philips Master PL-C 18W/830/4P one, available for £3.80. I bought one...
  2. ferg

    Replacement tool bag

    I'm retiring my C.K. Magma ma2634 tool tote after many years of faithful service. So am now looking for a replacement. Any suggestions?
  3. O

    Replacement bulb fails

    Hi, I've "inherited" a light fitting which I believe used to work okay but then stopped. I've tried swapping the "bulb" (it's not a bulb!) but it's still not working. I'm unfamiliar with the fitting so I'm concerned if I've bought the wrong sort of bulb, which I tried to match with the old one...
  4. T

    Help with choosing replacement capacitor

    I recently had the motor on my Delta dust collector stop working. It was setting off the breaker on the side of motor after just a few seconds of turning on. After researching I discovered the problem with this motor is commonly the run capacitor. When I opened the cover to the capacitor I...
  5. naylorpd

    Domestic Finding replacement LED driver

    I have in LED light which has stopped working. It's well-travelled, made in China, bought in Azerbaijan and installed in the UK. I assume the problem is with the LED driver, picture included. Made by Guo Xin, model GX-F36x1W for which an internet search reveals...nothing! So how do I find a...
  6. bigspark17

    Water heater instantaneous

    Does anybody have experience on instantaneous water heaters suitable for domestic situations instead of cylinders. Something like this in the link?
  7. D

    Advice needed please for replacement inverter

    I have 16 245w (declared capacity 3.84kW) panels on a south facing unshaded roof on the south coast of England producing around 4200 kW-h a year for the last 7.5 years; I have had two inverters fail in that time, the first replaced under warranty (both Mastervolt SunMaster). I have no schematic...
  8. rolyberkin

    2D led replacement for bulkhead with emergency option

    Probably a silly question but is there a plug in option for 4 pin 2D emergency/maintained bulkhead using the existing control gear and batteries, if I plug in a 2d 4 pin LED bulb what will happen??:)
  9. M

    Consumer unit replacement

    Hi, we have been asked to relocate a consumer unit however the meter cupboard will be on an outside wall 7m away from the consumer unit, the main switch is under 80amp, im just wanting some opinions on the way to overcome this, am I right in thinking I could run 16mm swa from the consumer unit...
  10. J

    Replacement access door on SECTOR consumer unit

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I managed to smash to smithereens the transparent plastic access door/cover on my sector consumer unit, that's at the top of my stairs. I need to get a new door/cover to replace it. I know all C/U's now are metal, but I was wondering if anyone has an old one, or...
  11. John Turner

    ES replacement for BC Lampholder

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy an ES (E27) Lampholder to replace the BC one in this photo?
  12. P

    Replacement capacitor required

    Hi I need to replace a capacitor from a fan but I can't seem to find the exact one online. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of where I might be able to get hold of one? Details say cbb60 450vac 50/60hz 40/85/21, please see attached photo. Many thanks
  13. rolyberkin

    Double batten school type flourescent replacement

    Any suggestions as to a good looking (in a modern building) retrofit for a double flourescent light fitting, the current lights are similar to a Knightsbridge 2 as below. Have converted some of the below to LED which I think is the most cost effective solution but interested if anyone has...
  14. N

    Need electrical advice failed part and need replacement but unsure of part name pic included

    Alternative choc block failure cannot seem to find the one in the photo attached in common b and q Screwfix shops, can anyone give me the correct name of part? as it is not a normal choc block, or can anyone link me to the part for ease of purchase . Thank you
  15. M

    Wilo Pump Capacitor Replacement

    Hi All, new member here. I have a Wilo Gold RS50 pump fitted to a solar thermal system. I suspect the capacitor is faulty and wish to replace it. However, I cannot see the method to disconnect one of the capacitor leads (sited between the L & N connections). It is very tight and I don't want to...
  16. G

    Replacement Switches for Memera 3 Board

    Good afternoon all I have a friend whose flat has a Memera 3 consumer board, which has the push-button test MCBs. One of them does not trip when when the button is pressed, so obviously I wish to replace this for her. However, it seems to be difficult to get hold of these now. I wonder if...
  17. rolyberkin

    Replacement for Storage Heaters

    After some recommendations for a replacement for a 2.5kw storage heater, was thinking along the lines of an oil filled rad, any recommendations?
  18. M

    HAUS Dishwasher (WQP12-9250G) Power Switch Replacement

    Hello all. I really hope this is the right place for something like this as I would love some assistance. Long story short: I have a dishwasher with a faulty power switch that needed a little pressure to keep it working right. Found a compatible part and ordered it. It has arrived and I was...
  19. K

    Domestic Replacement cable for a 240v circular saw

    Hi, I have a (very) old Black & decker circular saw that is still going strong. However the power cable is well past its best and needs replacing. The current cable is constructed with 2 cores (Looks like 1.5mm) and a combination of hessian string and finer threads all woven together, and...
  20. P

    Domestic Replacement Singer oven element

    Hi there, I am trying to find a replacement element for a built in Singer oven. This is the bottom element to the oven as per the details in the picture. I would appreciate someones help on this.kind regards Pippa
  21. E

    Fluorescent to LED replacement tubes

    Got a few 4'(1200mm) fluorescent tubes with ballast and starters. Although the lumen will be lower using LED, I assume the ballast and starter is by-passed. Also assume to use the SMD range of LED tubes. thanks
  22. D

    Domestic Replacement Oven & Hob on same 32 amp connection

    Hoping to get some advice as i like to understand what work will be carried out and what actually needs doing etc. Looking at replacing the hob & oven as they are on their way out and in my research I've found out the following. Oven & hob are both connected to an isolating switch just above...
  23. M

    smart light switch replacement

    Hi, apologies in advance, you must get a tonne of these questions. I wanted to replace my current dimmer switch with a smart dimmer switch, kids cant reach light socket so thought it would be fun for them. current wiring in the dimmer is yellow to L1 and I have a blue wire with a brown sleeve...
  24. toplightco

    Electrician Replacement Track Lighting Charing Cross Road Shop

    Installation of new suspended lighting track in established gentleman’s outfitters in Charing Cross Road. installation contractor required. Potentially two other shops as well. Contact me for details.
  25. B

    Like for like replacement test or not

    Been to a job replacing 4 X boxes which consist of 2 X 16 amp socket outlets on front and individual RCBO protection for each socket inside the water proof box, now the 4 boxes are on one circuit with the last box being 20m away from panel and is fed in 25mm 2 core, the panel which the boxes are...
  26. D

    Domestic Bathroom downlight insulation coverable + exisiting CPC cut

    Pleased to find this forum, my 1st post! I will get an electrician in for this to make sure it's safe and tested but I want to understand what's right before getting a quote/posting a job. Previous owners had downlights installed in the bathroom but a later test certificate identified the CPCs...
  27. B

    Accenta 6 replacement RKP problem

    Just replaced one of 2 RKPs within Accenta 6 system with ADE Gen4 keypad without trouble. Both lights are on, all buttons produce a beep and the existing code both sets and unsets the system. Twin button SOS feature also works. However cannot get into the program functions using either the...
  28. littlespark

    Replacement electric hob.

    I've been asked to replace a hob for an elderly customer of mine. The current hob is a museum piece, straight out of 1986. One ring doesn't work at all, and another doesn't turn off... at all. I've looked on AO, and Curry's websites, but I need something pretty specific. Does anyone have an...
  29. B

    RCBO Replacement under 18th Edition

    Hi, Complete laymen to the electrical world so need some advice. We had a complete rewire done in 2016 and as part of this we had an RCBO unit put in. Today we have had an issue where there has been a loose connection and the board needs replacing. This is being done under our house cover but...
  30. D

    Which certificate for RCD replacement

    Hi Guys sorry if this has already been discussed at some point but recently carried out a condition report and gave it unsatisfactory as the rcd was not tripping. I was asked to rectify this so changed the rcd now. Now there are a king for a cert to say this has been done to I issue a new...
  31. wsoppitt

    Immersion heater element replacement.

    Evening guys and girls, just a quick question. When asked to look at a faulty immersion heater , do you suggest a plumber ( likely to be faulty element) or do you take a look, test then advise that they need a plumber when it is a faulty element and charge a call out for testing or do you take...
  32. Gakure

    Halogen to LED downlight replacement.

    Hi all, I have been asked to quote to replace existing Halogen 12V with LED downlights. Do you guys have any recommendation, there are 37 of them. I have seen some at Scewfix for £89 park of 10 and kews they have H2 for approximate £12 + VAT. *would you charge per light or on hourly rates.
  33. C

    GEC M9 MCBs Replacement

    Hello all, I know i can still get these on ebay, but does anybody know which other brand will fit in these boards as want to buy new if possible? Will need mcbs and rcbos too if a brand fits.
  34. S

    VAT - Solar inverter replacement

    Hi. Should i be charging the reduced rate VAT 5% when replacing a faulty inverter or standard 20%. can't find any clear info on line specifically about this. thanks
  35. O

    Old Crabtree RCCB replacement?

    Hi, does anyone know off hand if any of the newer Crabtree RCDs will fit this board? Need to replace it & can only find the 100ma ones. Thanks
  36. K

    transformer replacement needed

    Stratus LVT4502 transformer used for illumaTRAC12 with 5 x G4 , 20 W, HALOGEN CAPSULE small spotlight (TL103) fittings.(Total 100W) 240/12 volt. This transformer needs replacing and is about 18 yrs old. Please could you advise whether there is a replacement ?
  37. littlespark

    Replacement DeWalt Battery

    My little yellow friend, Dewalt 18v combi drill has a broken battery. It wont charge. Its been going for a good 5 or 6 years now, but neither battery holds charge well. A quick look online gives prices of round about £100 per battery for a genuine replacement. I'm going to look at the sources...
  38. M

    LED driver replacement advice

    Morning! Im wondering if anyone can offer me some advice relating to a John Lewis Cormack light fitting with a faulty Hytec LED driver (pic attached). I've tried replacing with a similar 24v 24w LED driver...
  39. E

    120W LED Corn lamp replacement

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to change Metal halide lamps for LED E40 Lamps in Floodlight fittings. The manufacturer recommends not to fit lamps above 60watt to enclosed fittings, due to overheating. Is there a fan or a way around this. These lights are used all over the garage warehouse & outside...
  40. E

    120W LED Corn Lamp Replacement

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to change Metal halide lamps for LED E40 Lamps in Floodlight fittings. The manufacturer recommends not to fit lamps above 60watt to enclosed fittings, due to overheating. Is there a fan or a way around this. These lights are used all over the garage warehouse & outside...
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