1. Andiman

    Legal obligations to a property

    I repaired a house that requires a rewire. People don't have the money. Are there legal obligations or not to insist on complete rewire?
  2. S

    Does this look like a good install, is it legal ,

    Hi Just want to ask is this legal for an electric car charging point? Is it safe? Its just that this is my driveway the neighbours wall, they have to walk up my driveway to access the point
  3. R

    Is this legal to install in the UK?

    Hi, plumber here so please be gentle (or take the p-ss ;) ), I am supposed to be installing a UV water steriliser for a customer. I have some concerns about the suitability of the product that the filter company (a UK manufacturer) has supplied me with. Essentially it's a UV tube inside a...
  4. ionionascu

    UK Is an SPD required for a loft conversion?

    Hi. We live in an older house and we are doing a loft conversion. We do not have an SPD on the connection to the grid and the builder's electricians insist that we must have one, otherwise he can't sign the certificate, but he doesn't want to give me a reason. We have a few consumer units under...
  5. R

    Is TRS electrical wire legal

    Is TRS legal now if you have an electrical inspection of a property?
  6. fourtytwo

    unprotected cable on outside wall, legal ?

    Hi I have just moved house and inherited a lot of problems...... One of them is this run of 2.5mm along an outside wall past some dustbins & under a doorstep only four brick courses above ground level. It feeds a whole host of double sockets in the garage and is fed by its own 16A MCB in the...
  7. Mistergee

    Is this legal, safe, nightmare or normal?

    Just been to view a house that I'm thinking of buying and I looked at the fuse box there seems to be three or four different fuse boxes I don't know what this even means?? 'Looks' a nightmare, it's a rental investment so before I put an offer in I was hoping someone knowledgeable could offer an...
  8. B

    Is this council wiring legal?

  9. B

    Is it legal to convert old oven circuit into a 1off double socket circuit?

    Hi All I am new to this forum. Hope you are all well during these tough times. I need some help regarding the modification to electrical wiring in my house. Please see a pic of the existing DB. I removed the old electrical oven and installed a new one 2.99kW on the opposite wall. It will be...
  10. N

    IS this legal? Possible rogue tradesmen

    When I first moved into my apartment I had an "electrician" (unsure re his qualifications) add a 2 pronged power outlet to our lounge for our TV (no high wattage items) Instead of running new wiring from the fuse box he used the "old" wires from the socket where we previously had an electric...
  11. L

    Legal completion of a EICR ??

    For a long term tenancy .I was understanding a EICR had to be completed by the 1.April 2021 ? As All landlords have been made aware of the tests for some years etc . Friend who is renting tells me their landlord has not arranged to have one carried out yet .
  12. W

    UK Legal Details - Sockets - Where is the requirement for separate socket earths to be linked?

    I have come across a double socket where the earth terminations aren't linked together - Is this illegal (and what regulation do i look at?) or is it allowed, and I just put the loop-earth in one termination and join the unearthed socket with a length of Earth conductor?
  13. T

    Is it legal for a master electrician to pull a permit for someone else?

    Hi, Is it legal for a master electrician to pull a permit for someone and not doing the project in Texas?
  14. E

    Is this Aircon wiring install legal?

    Hi I asked this on my own forum, but someone pointed me here as a better bet. I had a new 3.5kW aircon installed and was very surprised to find that it was just wired into the existing house 20A power point breaker. We have 3 other aircons that share two dedicated aircon circuit breakers, so I...
  15. Y

    Legal requirement for certificate in 12v home?

    Thanks for the add. I'm writing about a friend living in a part-tent, part-shed home with young children who has devised her own 12v set up with advice from pals and online info. I don't doubt her ability but am concerned she should get it checked by a real live electrician. Is she supposed to...
  16. D

    UK BS88 fuse board on a new installations

    I was wondering, are BS88 fuse boards still used on some new installations especially industrial and even commercial. And if so would that be ok with the regulations or not because its not retrospective. I know they are quite outdated and its hard to find a electrical wholesaler selling BS88...
  17. D

    UK Are blue through crimps allowed on ring circuit.

    I'm a trainee electrician and I was working with a qualified electrician extending a 32A ring circuit and we were using 2.5mm single conductors (CPC was 2.5mm aswell) going through PVC conduit and then going through steel trucking. And to connect the old ring conductors with the new extended...
  18. M

    Legal advice Testing and Inspection

    Is it permitted to carry out a schedule of test results and sign EIC after completing all tasks of 2391 but not the online exam. I am working on a job 100 properties and testing them but have not passed final exam of course. Is this illegal ?
  19. S

    Tell me the legal distance a induction Hob from a sink

    Can anyone tell me the Legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please, my housing association say they are going to install one 12 inches from my sink and I said this is wrong, also it is to be installed under my window which I have to lean over the hob to open the window...
  20. J

    Legal to drill a hole?

    I want to replace an oyster light in my kitchen ceiling with an LED downlight. I have engaged an electrician to do the job. While waiting for him to arrive, out of curiosity I unscrewed the light housing from the ceiling and drew it down a short way, (I don't intend to detach the wires from the...


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