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  1. Paul228

    Got an ex council house to rewire

    Got an ex council house to rewire. Sockets are straight forward and will be doing it in T&E But the lighting is done in singles 6241y. And I want to do the same. I have rolls of conduit wiring on the van, but not sure if this is suitable for slotting down plasterboard soothing walls or popping...
  2. O

    Electrical Safety Council - Best Practice Guides

    For the use of lots of people on here who aren't aware of these: Best Practice Guides | Electrical Safety First - https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/professional-resources/best-practice-guides/ Look in particular at No 1 as it covers lots of useful information such as regarding changing...
  3. T

    Electrician Help needed testing for small industrial unit (electrical check)

    I am thinking of going self employed in the next few months so I have been doing a bit of advertising before. I have been contacted to do some testing for someone who I know. The testing involves a industrial testing of a small unit, which has been asked for by the owner of the unit, the local...
  4. R

    What is this and is it normal? Council electrics

    It's been almost 4 years since the council updated all the electrics in the house, at the time they moved the fuse box to the back wall rather than the side wall. Today curiosity got the better of me and I'm just wondering what this is, as it doesn't look normal. At the time a council inspector...
  5. S

    Old Council Controlled Central Heating Contactor

    Hi, a friend of mine has moved to what once was a council house, and has a contactor that was apparently used by the council to control the heating. He wants to change over to an economy 7 type meter. The DNO won’t do anything until the contactor is gone, but won’t touch it themselves. It’s not...
  6. WillWX

    Help with pricing for council wetrooms..

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me on a pricing issue, if that's allowed. I'm looking at taking on some work wiring council wetrooms (shower, light, extractor fan, etc). The price list I've been given is pretty poor, the prices are seriously low in my opinion. I wondered if there was someone on...
  7. leep82

    Testing somebody elses work

    As the title suggests this is somthing that i have recieved a phone call about today. Basically the customer has had ' a friend ' to install a double socket for them. The property is council let, and the local council are now asking that the work be certified. Ive got no idea what the...
  8. Lou

    Vanda Electrical

    Vanda Electrical are family run business founded by Chris Jones. Chris has over ten years of experience working for Cardiff Council on planned electrical maintenance and testing. Using the skills acquired with the Council, Chris decided to start his own company. We value old school values and...
  9. Andy78

    Smoke alarms in HMO requirements

    Hi, just looking for a bit of advice for those who do more of this sort of work than myself, which is hardly ever. I have had a customer today ask me for advice about a house she is preparing to rent as a HMO. 3 bed house, not overly large, over two floors, so not a licenced HMO. The council...
  10. gutterball

    wrong EICR form

    Just been told by the letting agent that the last lot of EICR's I've done have been rejected by the council, because it's not on the official NIC form. Been using PIRForm for the last 3 years, not a problem until now.
  11. S

    Domestic Live pipework in flat no power

    Called out to a 1st floor flat in 3 storey 9 flat council block. Leaseholder was getting shocks of the shower and the shower room floor. Suspected either static or insulation fault. Lifted saniflo cable and got a shock (just a nip but definitely not static!) when my hand brushed against the...
  12. L

    Commercial Quoting for works - How do I challenge NIC/EIC stipulated on requirements

    I'm NAPIT registered FULL SCOPE which states - and is therefore approved to undertake the design, construction, maintenance, verification and/or inspection and testing of electrical installations up to 1 kV within the work SCOPE OF APPROVAL Work Category Date of Approval Date of Expiry...
  13. K

    Working in Schools?

    Any advise for Quoting & working in a Primary School? Registration with the Local Council; Payment terms, conditions & methods etc Cheers, Kev
  14. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic test

    Hi all, just joined this great forum im looking to start an electrical (domestic only ) conpany with my partner. I have 22 year experience as an electrician in a steel works but have bsc electrial &electronic engineering and my 17th edition. I have the ability to wire houses to the regs. My...
  15. G

    Work From Planning Applications?

    Has anyone won work from approved planning applications that are posted on local council websites? If you did who did you write your letter of introduction to - was it the architect/agent or the applicant directly? I'm thinking of using it as a good source of lead generation and including a...
  16. E

    Building Control BS7671 Certification

    Hi Guys , Haven't posted for a while. I carry out commercial, industrial Electrical works mainly & on occasions I have carried out Domestic Rewires, probably 1 or 2 a Year. I usually submit relevant certs etc through Building Control of at least 2 Council Authorities without a problem,pay around...
  17. M

    New sockets or not?

    Been to a customer today. 3 bedroom ex council house. The guy has bought from the council the bedsit next door with plans to knock through. But in the mean time the council have told him he needs to add the bedsit electrics to his own house creating one circuit. Easy enough.. Then I thought...
  18. B

    Light switch over stairs

    I have been asked by a customer who doesnt want a ceiling switch in a bathroom to move the exisiting plate switch to the other side of the wall - about a 5 min job. however this will put the plate switch for the bathroom above the second step on the stairs going downstairs. It doesnt come out to...
  19. S

    council - work advice

    hi there, just wondering if any of you know how to get a council works contract or at least get into sub contracting for them? any info would be of help thanks
  20. A

    Domestic very strange board set up

    my mum has an ex council house shes had for years, the tennant has finally gone and its time to sort the gaf out and she asked me to check out t'lectrix. im really unsure about this one. there is a very short spur from the 3036 board to a single socket outlet ( 3inches below board) and pluged...
  21. D

    Niceic v's the rest

    Deos anybody find or have noticed other contractors that get more work by being NICEIC as a pose to the rest ?
  22. H

    Job Interview

    Managed to get passed the first stage of the job interview for a council spark. Got the main interview on Wednesday, not sure I'm doing the right thing as it will be a less money than i making now as im doing ok on the sole trader front, but will be job security with a regular wage. Just...
  23. W

    Permission to remove lop trees ? to have PV installed south face roof

    Guys, Any one came across this problem, Two trees with preservation orders would the council Renfrewshire allow lopping of the trees on the basis of installing PV on a south face roof ?? ( currently trying to get an answer from the council no joy so far) Regards wiggly
  24. B

    Cutting seals and pulling fuses, REALLY SORRY TO START THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I work at a local council and our NIC assesment has brought up the age old problem. I know what should be done and what i have done thousands of times in the past, but some of our operatives are being funny about it. They are refusing to pull fuses as its "ILLEGAL" I want to put out a...
  25. C

    EICR in HMO

    Evening all, I'm doing an EICR next week in a HMO/emergency accommodation facility/drug den (don't all be jealous). My main query is regarding the showers as they are all 32A/45A rewirable fuses with no RCD. On a domestic property this would just be a C3 recommendation so I'm just wondering if...
  26. H

    Lost Customer - council

    Customer needed an "NIC Certificate" for his property in order for him to recieve a grant. Phoned me today and asked if I could do it. Said yes but it's not an NIC certificate. I'm with Napit and it's an EIC. He said, oh I'll phone them back and tell them I've found someone. Rings back...
  27. J

    New MCS Form

    I see Building Regs are included on the MCS Cert now. Does this mean that the local Council have to be contacted before each installation?
  28. S

    HELP, testing near Slough.

    Hi all, I have recently completed an Installation near Slough that requires a cert, before I get a barrage of abuse I am a qualified electrician, I work on trains so I'm a bit out of touch with regs. I did have someone lined up but let me down :-( If anyone would be interested in testing the...
  29. R

    Rewire work duration

    For the sake of clarification from experienced Installers, I was just wondering if it is possible a rewire of a 4 bedroom house can be done in one week or more, by just one loan electrician. The Installation involves running all cables in PVC (surface) trunking and feeding every accessories...
  30. kingeri

    Domestic Eh? RCD protecting tails

    Some may remember that I've got an upcoming job to move 87 CUs about a meter in council sheltered accommodation. Just found out that they also want all the installations protecting with RCDs. I found this odd cos as far as i remember they all had split load boards with dual RCDs. I queried...
  31. D

    No RCD in place..

    Hi all, I have a question for you regarding UK law and RCD protection on radial circuits in a domestic property. My mother lives in a council owned house which was converted from an old TB hospital in the 1960s. All circuits in the property are radial not ring. The property wiring is pre...
  32. T

    Advise regarding a shower.

    Hi, I'm after some advise really. I'm looking at exchanging house's from South Cambs DC to Cambridge City council and a house that we looked at and liked the homeowner is putting in his own power shower in the upstairs bathroom. I did ask him who was installing it and he said he was, I then...
  33. K

    Emergency lighting and smoke alarms in a shared house

    Hi there, Iam new to this so please bare with me. Iam just about to start a full rewire. The property is a 6 bed, three storey house, which the owner is turning into shared living. 6 bedrooms with a communal lounge, bathroom and kitchen. Iam not sure if I need to fit smoke detectors in each...
  34. N

    EICR Foster carer

    Hi I qualified back in July this year. Have been unable to find a job so have started up on my own. I have done many EICR and always used the free downloadable forms as I am not a member of NIC or Elecsa yet. My work has mainly been for landlords and I get advice/help off a retired spark when...
  35. V

    building inspectors

    Been having trouble with our own house here are some of the things you would never believe First day we had water running down the walls contacted the council and the inspector said " we have had a lot of rain and wind the last few days I am not surprised " Is it not a requirement these days...
  36. P

    Testing and inspecting my own home?

    I Thought this was the most appropriate place to post this thread. Heres abit of background about myself, qualified electrician working in the railway industry for the past 5-6years. i hold the 2330 level 3, 2356 nvq, and 17th. My query is I've just bought my first home and currently renovating...
  37. D

    8.5 kw shower on 6mm ?

    I know this has been talked about somewhere before but what are your thoughts? I have seen the run that a re-wire would need and it isn't good!! It is not a long run and the cable comes out of the wall in the loft and staright into the 45A pull switch so not running through loads of insulation.
  38. sparks55

    What certificate for EICR

    Did a EICR for a customer recently sent certificate Napit edition as member Now his local council says that it must be NICEiC since when have they been the only acceptable certs as never had this problem before?
  39. L

    Domestic Rewire with no cpc on lighting circuit???????

    Morning all been ask to change some light fittings & switch's in a bungalow as the lady said it had just been rewired by the local council and she would like some nice chrome fittings. But the lighting circuit has been done in d/insulated singles with no cpc. The power circuits are done in t+e...
  40. N

    niceic registration

    Hi everybody I want to register with niceic domestic installer scheme. They advised me to do two jobs (fully installed, inspected tested and certified) under the name of my business. I am fully qualified to do insp/testing (2391) but for certification i have to go through council. When i...
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