1. adel romany

    Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?

    Is it possible for Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?
  2. R

    Possible Infinite Electricity Needs Proofing.

    Hello I'm Ronald Alliy, I have current came up with what I believe is a Infinite Electricity source. Attached is my proof. I'm a noob at blender 3d atm this is the best I could come up with. Item's needed, non experienced list. 1 motor 1 gear box 1 drill motor 1 drill battery 2 wind mill...
  3. T

    Other Possible offers in Stockholm

    Hey guys ! first of all thanks for accepting me and letting me join ! Much appreciated ! I hope i am in the right forum and category, if im not, admin please correct me and show me which one. I am a headhunter based in London and I specialise in Telecommunications industry, Have being deploying...
  4. Dave OCD

    Proof that it is possible to install a BG CU tidily.

    Someone commented fairly recently that all pics of BG boards posted up are usually RAF and generally turn up in the 'Dodgy trade pics' thread. Here's a picture I just came across of one I did around 5 or 6 years ago - the old days when dual RCD and no SPD weren't considered naughty. :) Edit -...
  5. D

    Solder corrosion and possible causes?

    Hello all, I'm new and apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum to post this type of situation. Attached are two photos of CPU boards from two different devices. One photo shows a section of the board where the solder points appear to have corroded away. The other photo shows a...
  6. B

    How to run column radiator as efficiently as possible

    Hi, We have recently installed column radiators (stelrad regal) pretty much throughout our house during renovation/extension work. We choose steel radiators for the classic design. I knew they would contain more water than traditional radiators but that information isn’t really advertised and I...
  7. G

    Possible to install 32amp socket in residential fuse box?

    I’m looking at renting an office space and I am trying to establish whether I can use my equipment in there. I have a machine that runs on a blue 32amp commando plug. I’ve checked the power requirements for the machine and it’s 25amps with a max consumption of 6000Kw. The office I’m looking at...
  8. BeeJay2

    Possible Freezer problem?

    Hello all, Our Fridgemaster MTRZ110 freezer is, I think, playing silly bu??gers. Certain foods freeze as expected, ie rock solid, others not so. In all my years I've never known a freezer to fail, (there's always time though) But, as above, it's working fine except on the odd item, ie pre-packed...
  9. P

    Smart electric meter in Los Angeles recording very high reading/ LED lights possible issue?

    Hello, I created this account as I have ran into a huge issue with my electric bill. I have been living at my house for 1 year right now. Every 2 months I have been paying anywhere between $60-$80 for my bill. I opened my bill today and it has jumped for $650 for this cycle. After calling...
  10. J

    Countrywide Repairs Agency - Possible Scam?

    Afternoon, i've just been contacted by Countrywide Repairs, they're offering a contract of 350 EICR's in my area to be completed within a year. My worry is there is a contract fee of £3500. Has anyone had any experience with this company?
  11. G

    Recomendations and possible Causes

    Greetings, I know i have a real problem here but would like others to comment on what could cause this to happen. I have attic wiring that has heated and split. It is old 2/14 wire that is plastic exterior with all wire wrapped in paper. The wire seems to have heated enough to blacken the...
  12. S

    Equestrian lighting possible issues under fault condition.

    Hi all. I’ve been asked to light a menagerie. I will have to take a sub main from a nearby chicken shed to a point near the entrance where I will distribute from. It will be tt’d at this point and I am able to get the rod a good 8 m from where any horsey traffic may pass. My problem is the...
  13. G

    Is this possible to do safely?

    Trying to install a stove in my garage to use only the oven portion for small powder coating projects. I have a Nema 6-30 outlet on a 30amp breaker already in the garage. I know a stove should be on a 40-50Amp breaker but I understand that would be needed if the oven and all elements were...
  14. M

    Latching relay chattering. Is it possible to use a set of NC contacts in series with the it's own coil? Or would the coil drop back out as soon as it

    Can you supply a latching coil through it's own set of NC contacts? Or would it try to drop out as soon as it tries to pull in.
  15. C

    Wiring led light and disconnecting sensor and emergency light if possible?

    Wiring led light straight to switch use only disconnecting sensor switch please? need advise to wire this light as per pictures attached. There are 4 in cables not sure how to do it? Please see other pictures and let me know what I can do please Thanks
  16. telectrix

    Possible Job , Northwich, Cheshire.

    I am in the process of quoting a job - partial rewire of 2 flats. Just awaiting plans. If I get it, will need a sparks cps member preferably) and a mate to work with me . the premises are empty and virtually gutted. anybody up for this pm me some idea of your hourly rates.
  17. needanotherjob

    Is it worth it or even possible to set up as an EV charge point installer?

    Looking for some candid advice. Covid has left my industry in tatters, I'm an Airline pilot. I still have a job, just, but for how much longer? I'm keen to get ahead of being skint and jobless and retrain/refresh my knowledge etc. Before pilot, I spent some time fitting kitchens and...
  18. JayKay70

    Is this possible

    Hi all, I am looking to replace my solar lights with electric lights and was wondering if the following pictures is possible? Basically i want to daisy chain the new lights starting from the far left light and end on the far right light (total of 12 lights) and then into a box that is inside...
  19. N

    IS this legal? Possible rogue tradesmen

    When I first moved into my apartment I had an "electrician" (unsure re his qualifications) add a 2 pronged power outlet to our lounge for our TV (no high wattage items) Instead of running new wiring from the fuse box he used the "old" wires from the socket where we previously had an electric...
  20. M

    Possible causes for these I-V curve's

    Tested 2 strings today (twice) & each time string 1 had poor fill factor. Any ideas what may be the cause of this type of result?
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