1. Lou

    Possible New Idea For Forum?

    So, I had a random idea last night about something new on the forum. It is more of a brainstorm at the moment but I wanted to ask you guys about it and see whether you thought it had legs. So, I was thinking of reviewing hotels that are used by contractors and creating a bit of a review forum...
  2. R

    Possible to tell which Murray replacement to get without removing the breakers (w/pics)?

    I need to replace two AFCI breakers on our main circuit panel. I have replaced and added breakers to our sub-panel several years ago. When I did so, it was convenient to leave that panel unpowered for more than a few minutes, so I was able to take an existing Murray breaker with me to ensure...
  3. adel romany

    Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?

    Is it possible for Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?
  4. R

    Possible Infinite Electricity Needs Proofing.

    Hello I'm Ronald Alliy, I have current came up with what I believe is a Infinite Electricity source. Attached is my proof. I'm a noob at blender 3d atm this is the best I could come up with. Item's needed, non experienced list. 1 motor 1 gear box 1 drill motor 1 drill battery 2 wind mill...
  5. J

    Older Garden RGB LEDS, upgrading driver / Zigbee possible?

    Hello, I’ve have some ten year old Collingwood SL020 RGB led garden spike lights which I’d like to keep using but wondering if I can use them with a more modern LED driver/with some Zigbee remote possibilities. Collingwood don't make a replacement driver/reciever unit for these so looking 3rd...
  6. H

    Possible electric fault following rewire

    Hello all, We've had a rewire and our electrican is currently away on holiday so we're unable to ask them for advice. Please can I ask for your help with the fault. We had a full rewire including new consumer unit in the property and LED downlights installed (integrated slim line led variant)...
  7. Q

    Possible to run a 3 phase 30hp 230/460 90 amp Dual rotary screw air compressor on 220 single phase?

    I have a small mechanics shop in a rural area with no access to 3 phase. I picked up a air compressor cheap and knowing at a min. I will need a phase converter. I don't think a VFD or a static converter can do it. Is it even possible to run a 3 phase 30hp 230/460 90 amp Dual rotary screw air...
  8. T

    Electrician Jobs Possible offers in Stockholm

    Hey guys ! first of all thanks for accepting me and letting me join ! Much appreciated ! I hope i am in the right forum and category, if im not, admin please correct me and show me which one. I am a headhunter based in London and I specialise in Telecommunications industry, Have being deploying...
  9. Dave OCD

    Proof that it is possible to install a BG CU tidily.

    Someone commented fairly recently that all pics of BG boards posted up are usually RAF and generally turn up in the 'Dodgy trade pics' thread. Here's a picture I just came across of one I did around 5 or 6 years ago - the old days when dual RCD and no SPD weren't considered naughty. :) Edit -...
  10. N

    Want to replace old light/fan switch with new one but not sure if possible. Canopy module?

    Recently moved into a new home. My bedroom has an old Lutron light/fan switch combo that I want to replace with a smart one (it's adjacent to another switch that just controls an outlet). I had thought replacing a switch would be a pretty simple task but after starting to look at the manuals im...
  11. TTtttt

    Is it possible for many more if not all electricians to be trained up regarding solar PV

    Is it possible for all or at least most electricians to be trained up in the wiring of solar PV installations, particularly the iBoost or Eddy or similar boxes? I have had two iBoost and I still have no hot water ability as iBoost boxes seem to be a disaster and absolutely impossible to find any...
  12. E

    2 bell/pendant lights in 1 junction box possible?

    Hello, Currently, I have a chandelier in my dining room. I want replace the lighting with 2 pendant lights in a single 120 volts junction box. Is this possible? Your help and advice is much appreciated.
  13. M

    Is is possible to connect a used Lithium Ion Battery from a Two Seater Smart car to an inverter?

    The idea of having electrical power from 240volt AC sockets in a sectional building not on the national grid is becoming popular among those who want to live in a tiny house. Is it possible to connect somehow a used lithium ion battery from a Two seater Smart Car to an inverter? Then to connect...
  14. M

    UK Smart meter installation possible - main fuse?

    Hi, I have a flat in a rather old building in London. Its subdivided into a few individual flats, and there is a meter board with a gas and electric meter in each flat. My electricity supplier sent someone out a few days ago to fit a smart meter, but the fitter said he was unable to do so...
  15. H

    How far from the house can I install a 7kw EV charger? Would 40m be possible?

    How far from the house can I install a 7kw EV charger? Would 40m be possible?
  16. A

    Question about a coaxial cable electromagnetic field / possible interference with monitor / PC

    First I will pose the question so you don't need to read the rest if you don't want to: What if any are the possibilities that a pretty long RG6 coaxial cable (cable TV - about 11 meters inside apartment ) would interfere in any way with a PC + 144Hz monitor that is in very close proximity(1.5-2...
  17. C

    Heavy duty DIY next door possible cause of oven tripping circuit?

    Hello, new here! Would greatly appreciate some input. I'll first say I intend to get an Indesit technician to take a proper look tomorrow, but I'm curious. A couple of hours ago I tried to switch the main oven on as usual - the oven is only 2-3 yrs old - and a spark came from behind the...
  18. D

    Solder corrosion and possible causes?

    Hello all, I'm new and apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum to post this type of situation. Attached are two photos of CPU boards from two different devices. One photo shows a section of the board where the solder points appear to have corroded away. The other photo shows a...
  19. B

    I want to install a Solar IBoost+ on my Megaflow 300I cylinder, is it possible?

    Hi I want to install a Solar IBoost+ on my Megaflow 300I cylinder, is it possible on this cylinder?
  20. B

    How to run column radiator as efficiently as possible

    Hi, We have recently installed column radiators (stelrad regal) pretty much throughout our house during renovation/extension work. We choose steel radiators for the classic design. I knew they would contain more water than traditional radiators but that information isn’t really advertised and I...


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