1. Fitzy

    Domestic EIC completion on consumer unit upgrade

    Just want to pick your brains. When your completing the EIC on a consumer unit upgrade,what do you guys put on these parts of the schedule of inspections. Section 8.3, 8.7. My accessor said I should put “LIM”, but you can’t put “LIM” on a EIC! Obviously for section 8.7 you can’t possibly...
  2. Prime Design

    Commercial Looking for site work in London/Watford for completion of NVQ L3 Portfolio

    Hi all, I have enrolled on to the NVQ level 3 course with the AM2 assessment and I'm eager to complete my portfolio in order to further my career. I've worked on various sites, worked for various reactive maintenance firms and now I work for myself. I've focused on been a self employed domestic...
  3. L

    Domestic Testing Certification

    Hi there Just had some new electrical installation done for an extension i have had built and am led to beleive that i will need a certificate of installation etc for a building regs completion certificate to be issued. The builder has told me that the electrician he uses is experiencing...
  4. M

    megger 1552 or 1553 help needed

    I wonder if any one can help me,I'm just finshing my level 3 2330 & already have 2392,I am going to join napit and as far its I can see the software that comes with the mergers does not support napit certifications,can anyone please give me some & advice on the best way forward. Kind regards...
  5. L

    Domestic Customer terminated contract before completion - any obligations re certification?

    A customer has terminated a job before completion. No disputes have been raised over the nature or quality of the work. The installation is not complete and has not been tested or certified. Do we ahve any further obligations in this respect? Thanks
  6. R


    Im just about to qualify and could do with some advice. I intend on working with my current employer to gain more vauable experience. However iv been approached to do some private jobs, House and garage rewire etc in my own time. I wanna do this above board. Do i have to be part p with...
  7. R

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa registration?

    hi could any1 tell me if it would be ok to complete a rewire then notify it after getting reggisterd with elecsa?
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