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  1. J

    Installed a bathroom vent/light and it trips!

    Hey friends Installed the vent/light on 2 switches to function separately. The first switch operates the light and works fine. The second switch has 2 on/off switches. The bottom operates the vent/fan fine but the top operates nothing and trips the circuit when switched!! Maybe I wired wrong or...
  2. A

    UK is twin and eath aloud in hot tub installs

    hi, just a quick question for installing a 32 amp hot tub a friend told me it HAS to be in SWA but I have seen lots of 32 amp tubs installed with 6mm twin and earth in conduit, Is he correct? and is there anything in regulations not allowing me to use twin and earth in conduit? many thanks
  3. DaveW4

    UK Wiring in soundproofing.

    Hi, I hope you are all well. I want to ask if there are any considerations to wiring if installed in a cavity wall with soundproofing? Also, do sockets, etc. need to be incased with putty or sealed with sealant?
  4. I

    Who am I and why in EF

    Hello everyone ,Attention pls:handpointright: It's a great honor to be here:handwaving: Here is Ivian from :lightbulb:lamp factory P.R.C. If you have any question of lighting installation that I'll reply ASAP try my best. Not only is me yep we have support engineer be professional. That...
  5. D

    Consumer unit installed on it's side.

    Hi All..thoughts on this please, is it acceptable or failed 'as not installed to manufactures instructions'? Thanks in advance
  6. B

    UK Seeking some advice from qualified electricians or someone in the know

    My partners ex husband installed a trunking strip in the office of the house. There are x4 double sockets x1 single socket and multiple data connections. This is all ran off 1 outlet from and existing double socket. The plug is rated at 10A. Just curious what legal requirements are for this. She...
  7. S

    Could anyone Tell me the legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please my housing association says 12 inches , is this wrong ?

    Can anyone tell me the Legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please, my housing association say they are going to install one 12 inches from my sink and I said this is wrong, also it is to be installed under my window which I have to lean over the hob to open the window...
  8. J

    I'm considering having 3 phase installed

    Hi I currently have a 100A single phase supply ( forgive the pun ) & I am considering asking for 3 phases to be installed. I have some workshop equipment that I want to install which are 3 phase and total about 30kW. My property is fed by 2 cables overground on 7 telegraph type poles. My...
  9. T

    Can a remote control ceiling fan operate have a wall installed light/ fan switch too?

    Can a remote controlled ceiling fan have a wall mounted light / fan switch installed to operate the ceiling fan too?
  10. D

    UK 3 Phase PME to domestic building?

    Good evening all.. I have recently installed a new 100amp 3 phase supply for a domestic premises with outhouses. The incoming 100 amp supply is PME and approx 30 metres from the main dwelling, a new metering cupboard was built for the new head and meter. I installed a small sub board and two...
  11. P


    Dear Friends, I hope i will find some solution with you. I have installed a system with Goodwe inverter GW10k-ET, hybrid it has 9.3 kwp modules and 6.4 High voltage BYD battery box. This is the situation: We turn on the whole system, everything works perfectly, now we want to simulate a...
  12. D

    Has this consumer unit been installed correctly?

    Hello, Had a sparky install a new consumer unit, has it been done correctly. Bare in mind the chap cut corners on other bits of work he was contracted to do.
  13. littlespark

    Anyone installed a supply for a domestic sauna?

    One of my neighbours asked me to price a supply out to a sauna they are putting in their garden. Wants it done by the 16th when its getting delivered, and im on holiday for a week... So this is my job for the 15th when I come back. Not had time to get BBB out and do the calcs, 4 - 5 Person...
  14. M

    Solar Edge inverter installed along with pvdc monitor & growatt voltage optimiser?

    Bit out of my area but hopefully a quick one for someone with the right experience. Central Oxford domestic installation done by reputable company for elderly lady. Single property has installed: Solar Edge single phase inverter Growatt voltage optimiser VO60 PVDC Voltage monitor? 3kw battery...
  15. Jacky

    Advice please on why recently installed cooker is sometimes tripping the tripswitch

    Hello all. recently bought a secondhand dual fuel cooker. Range Master Leisure.. Serial No. 5407003589. When it was first put in it worked fine. Then the following day, when the fan oven was switched on it would trip out. Got in touch with guy we bought cooker from and he said he never had...
  16. D

    Industrial Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building

    Do somone know requirements for Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building ?
  17. T

    Aritect CS350 Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms - Engineer Code

    Hi All I have a Aritech Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms who have ceased trading. Can someone please PM me the Engineer Codes? Thanks
  18. cprfenom

    How are fuses installed in this isolator

    Hi All, Probably an obvious and stupid question, but how do the HRC BS88 Fuses get mounted in this Isolator
  19. J

    Wiring advice for multi room extractor fan

    Hi all I have installed the 92430AW XPLUS 2 MULTI POINT VENTILATION UNIT I wired it in like for like with an old unit. The fan stays constantly on. Do I just wire in the switch lines into the L1, L2, L3? Or is there a way to wire this in. It's probably very simple but it's confusing me.
  20. S

    Problem with newly installed light

    Hi guys just wondered if anyone had any ideas about this problem. Installed new chandelier (with 12 SES type lamps) type light that they bought themselves in customers lounge the other day, tested afterwards, working fine. Customer calls, apparently after an hour the light goes off and stops...
  21. J

    Hive install with Mainslink pro installed

    Have had the Mainslink Pro installed with the timer now out of action (communication cables were cut, so used the mainslink to RF the signal from boiler to airing cuboard, where all other equipment is stored (pump/tank ect.) Hive chap is coming in 2 days and I wondered if the hive would work...
  22. S

    Twin&earth and SWA installed loose on floor

    Hi All, The contractor working for Magnet Kitchens at my brother's house has run the sockets ring in 2.5 T&E, plus an SWA for the cooker supply, by laying these cables on the floor under the units. I'm fairly sure this isn't acceptable - at least these cables should be clipped up against the...
  23. T

    So I may be buying a house with P.V. installed....

    It looks suspiciously like I am buying a house soon. It has a 2kw PV array and sunny boy inverter install about four years ago. I know little about PV from an installation viewpoint and even less as a potential end user. Anyone know any crash courses for dummies in PV? For instance the vendor...
  24. C

    DB installed connected & tested

    Just your thoughts on this DB,it’s a Lewden type,I personally don’t like them. Bus bar,not ideal,main switch on right,space very tight to make connections,hate the rcbo’s,screws in front of each other,making it hard to retighten .
  25. C

    HIVE - UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat wiring issues

    I have a British Gas installed Worcester 28i boiler with a UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat and trying to replace the UT1 and ES1 with Hive. ES1 The wiring for the ES1 is 4 wires Brown, Blue, Black and Green/Yellow. the black and yellow/green wires have red sleeves near the end. (All 4 wires...
  26. J

    As Installed drawings

    Hi guys I need to produce a set of as installed drawings for an install we recently completed It's nothing fancy, a storage facility with approximately 10 circuits Is there any software/programmes out there which would be able to produce pdf's without breaking the bank?
  27. Andy-1960

    Sizing power cables part installed in ducts

    Anybody help with the sizing of power cables when the cable is part run in a duct. The supply in question is 630A, so it makes a big difference! If the cable run is 40m where 8m is in a duct, do you have to rate the cable as if it was in a duct for its entire length? The supply in question is...
  28. S

    Help with commercial PV install

    I have installed several domestic 3 and 4kW PV systems over the last five or six years and a few 10KW systems but i dont have experience with larger commercial installs. I have now been asked by a previous customer to provide an estimate to install a 30kW system on his factory. He has already...
  29. T

    SELV Outdoor Recessed Brick Lights

    I have a customer who wants two brick lights installing in a wall either side of his electric gates. The Electric gate installer has installed flex from the control box to roughly where the lights would go, part of which is buried. Obviously I'm not comfortable about sending 240v down this...
  30. C

    double pole switch on a bathroom selv fan

    Just bought a xpelair 12v humidistat 100mm fan to go in zone 1 and reading instructions it asks for a d/p switch. Is that the regs ? I assumed it could be wired as normal i.e. live from light switch and perm live etc .. having looked into it a bit more it seems i could go 230 v if rcd protected...
  31. D

    Another "exporting PME post"...

    I have a situation whereby a new build property has had a green electrical cabinet installed at its boundary, and a new 3ph PME supply installed. There is a 4c 25mm SWA from here to the detached garage, which will house the plant room (3ph ground source heat pump, 3ph PV inverter), and then...
  32. yellowvanman

    Inverter on earth stake?

    Been asked to replace an old consumer unit, PV installed so bonding etc up to scratch. House supply is TNCS, however with the PV wiring the inverter (Fronius) is on its own earth stake! So that makes 2 earthing systems in close proximity! Why would they want to earth stake the inverter?
  33. Stuart Houghton

    Export Limitation

    I received a call from a person who was not a customer of mine asking to connect up his 8 kW PV system. Its a new build and the modules were installed when the scaffolding was up, this was several months ago. System is 2 x ABB PVI 3.6-TL-OUTD inverters connected to 32 x 250 watt modules. The...
  34. plodder1

    Hi People, I am new to the forum and I am looking for price advice.

    We have a convenience store and are having a new suspended ceiling installed but we are also having 16 light fittings installed. I believe the wiring is okay and I think we will be going for LED fittings. I just wondered if anyone can advise on the price roughly just so I have an idea.
  35. L

    Reference Methods??

    Hi there, I was just looking to find out what would be the most appropriate reference method to use. the distribution circuits leave the fuse board in 3 meters of trunking, then onto basket most of the ciruicts at lower lever then come down the wall in conduit which has been pre installed in...
  36. Marvo

    Come up and camp at my place for a few days...he says

    Yeah, a buddy of mine sold his house and bought himself a few hundred hectares in the middle of nowhere about 6 months ago. I haven't heard a peep out of him for 6 months then out of the blue he's Captain Hospitable. Come for a ride up on your bike he says, spend a few days he says, don't worry...
  37. G

    Load and heat

    Hello. New to this forum stuff so hopefully this makes sense. I've recently installed a 10mm 3core cable (H07FN-R) to power a 12kw electric boiler. On full power the boiler is drawing 46Amps. I'm a bit concerned as the cable is omitting a slight heat when drawing this load, was just wondering if...
  38. D

    Cable tray

    Hi guys Could someone please tell me what distance apart the threaded rod supports should be on a 150mm tray. Thanks
  39. Stuart Houghton

    PV Plus / PV+ - any good?

    Not sure myself ! PV Plus (PV+) Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit (Fully Installed) | The Renewable Energy Hub - https://www.renewableenergyhub.co.uk/product/pv-plus-grid-voltage-optimiser-monitor-unit-fully-installed.html PV Plus (PV+) Voltage Solar Panel System Generation Optimiser...
  40. T

    Domestic Wires under no floorboards ?

    How would you approach laying in ring downstairs with no floorboards or joists just bare ground, the property is being refurbished ? Bit puzzled by this one !
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