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distribution board

  1. Simon-0116

    spd on 3ph distribution board

    Priced a job to change old 3ph board from pictures alone. No the firm so jobs good. Get there and situation is no spd fitted on existing. So I was going to fit one to my new db in trunking at side of board fed of 32a breaker. Will this act / cover / work for the whole site. Layout is main...
  2. L

    Distribution board question

    hi guys Question for the knowledgeable on here, I went to look at a possible board change last night after the couple had experienced the ring final circuit going down when the fuse wire burnt out due to s faulty socket outlet had burnt out The socket face had been replaced by the customers...
  3. soms

    RCBO for old Square D distribution board

    Hi, A relative has moved into a flat with a mid-80's Square D QO1 12F distribution board, which has MCBs on all outgoing ways. There are proposals to update the kitchen with a desire for some additional socket outlets. To meet the requirements of Part P and by extension, BS 7671, RCD protection...
  4. J

    3 or 4 Pole main incomer?

    When ordering a 3 phase + Neutral DB, I forgot to specify that I wanted a 4 pole switch for the main incomer. What came was a 3 pole main switch with neutral link. My question is why would you opt to use a 3 pole and neutral link instead of a 4 pole switch? Surely a 4 pole switch is always...
  5. J

    Confused about the terminal numbers in a distribution board

    Recently I’ve started my level 3 electrical course but get confused with what the numbers mean for the earth and neutral terminals .
  6. I

    Help needed to review quality of distributer box installation

    Hi everyone, I just had my distributer box upgraded to an RCD box, and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the quality of the work done here. I know that changing these boxes is a nightmare to do, and truth be told our wiring was a mess before, but for the price we payed I don't...
  7. R

    Stupid question re: moving distribution board

    Firstly, I am not going to do any of this myself as I know my limitations! I have got costs for my distributor and supplier to move my feed/meter positions and need the tails moving (obviously) and distribution board moving as well. My question is does the electrician, generally, simply put...
  8. M

    Need some help/guidance on 400A distribution board

    Morning! Trying to decide on the most appropriate/cost effective distribution board? Supply: 3 phase 400A Circuits: 7 x single phase (16 - 60A) 1 x 3 phase (80A) + 6 single for future proofing Setup: Main supply comes into pump house where fuse...
  9. ye oldie sparks

    Distribution board tails

    Just a quickie, if the cut out fuse and head is rated at 63amp can you still use 16mm tails for a 6way board. The reason for asking is, I have to change a board in a old flush internal metal cabinet and there is next to no room inside due to the meter and cut out taking up most of the space, its...
  10. M

    Glanding 3 phase into metal distribution board.

    Quick question, have a small caravan site to wire up. Have 3 phase supply and TT earthing, 30ma RCD in each individual pods. Was planning on using a 100ma type S incomer in the main DB to protect the sub feeds. ( this should stop a dodgy caravan tripping the whole site being 100ma time...
  11. A

    Low level distribution board located in toilet.

    Hi Guys I need your thoughts on a job which I’ve been asked to quote for. This is a commercial shop and I’ve being asked to install a toilet and hand basin right next to the distribution board. There is a cupboard around the distribution board however this is low-level. Would this meet...
  12. L

    Distribution board question

    Hi I've been looking at a drawing of an installation. It says it's a 4 way 32A HRC fuse distribution board. Way one is a three phase load and has 40A fuses on each of the phases. The second way has 3 single phase circuits fused at 16A Each, the others are spare. Is it me missing something or...
  13. K

    Query - Distribution Board to Isolator

    Hello! Im an AC/Fridge Engineer just gone Sole Trader. So Im trying to price up an AC install package for Domestic and Commercial Customers and im scratching my head when in comes to the cost of wiring some Twin & Earth from the Distribution Board to an Isolator on the Outdoor unit. First of...
  14. S

    Maximum breaker size for DB (solar PV)

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of the regulation / code for the max solar MCB size when connecting into a spare way of a local distribution board ? Eg. Is it possible to connect a 100A breaker into a 100A board ?
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